"Give me a strong enough reason why I shouldn't sack you straight on the spot," Hanssen said angrily. Greg Douglas gets up and goes to walk out.

"Wait stop!" Hanssen yelled.

"What?" Greg asked.

"It's your final warning one more chance!" Hanssen said, "Now, get out of my office!" Greg leaves the office wondering why Hanssen had a change of heart, he never even liked Greg. Maybe Hanssen was keeping him on to remind him of Sahira, he seemed to like her, like a pet. Greg sauntered back up to the ward. Everyone stared at him.

Jac was the one to speak first, "So..."

"I have one more chance!" Greg said, "Hanssen had a random change of heart."

"Strange," Jac said.

"Yes very!" Greg said as he walked back to the locker room. He walked up to his locker, but before he unlocked it he glanced to Sahira's old locker. She had broken his heart and a bit of his happy, cheeky spirit and he would find it really hard to get over her. He unlocked his locker and pulled out his bag. An envelope fell on the floor. It had Greg's name written on it in Sahira's writing. He slowly and cautiously opened the envelope to see as card. Inside she had written, "I'm sorry it had to end like this. Sahira x." Greg put the card back into the locker, pulled his bag on to his shoulder slammed his locker shut and walked out of the locker room, glad his shift was over.