Wow those first three episodes were intense. Cannot wait to see what the final ten are going to bring us.

Sorry I haven't written anything sooner. So far I've only had little drabbley inspirations.

Disclaimers- I don't own Eureka or the characters no matter how much I wish it were true.

Oh and spoilers through "Force Quit"

Lying in bed that first night back Zane stared at the ceiling. He had tried to sleep and his body was exhausted, but every time he closed his eyes he felt himself being sucked back into that damned alternate reality.

It wasn't real. It wasn't real. He chants this over and over in his head, hoping that eventually he can make himself believe it.

A month, they were gone a month, not four years. Barley four week, not four years. Not real. This right here this was real.

Jo with Carter, he shuddered, not real.

Jo lying curled up next to him, naked, very real. Very Very real.

The heartbreak of seeing her with someone else was real. Either way that was real. Was that how she had felt when they came back from 1947? One minute they were together, engaged, more or less. The next nothing, just him being an ass to her, hating her. Had she been as crushed as he had felt?

No it must have been worse for her. When he boarded the Astreaus they weren't even dating. She hadn't even promised to wait for him.

It had felt so real. It had felt like Carter had stolen his girlfriens. He had missed Jo so much when he though she had moved on. Had wanted nothing more then to feel her in his arms again, to kiss her. To… well to do many of the things that they had just done, naked and sweaty in his bed.

She shifted in arms, making herself more comfortable. This was real. It had to be. Because he didn't hant to think about the alternative.

He wasn't sure that he would ever believe that anything was real ever again.

But Holly Martin dead, that was real. All because she figured it out first, poor sweet Holly.

He took a deep breath and shuddered. What if Jo hadn't backed out of the mission? What if she was put through this whole mess too? What if Jo had met the same fate that Holly had?

What if he had been the one that figured it out first? What if he had died and had never told Jo just how much he…

"Penny for your thoughts?" A sleepy voice whispered in his ear. Her warm breath sent shivers up his spine. This had to be real.

A small smile graced his lips. "Just hoping that this isn't a dream too. You know hoping that I'm really here. And that you are too."

She snuggled closer to his bare chest; her hair was tickling his nose. "Me too."

She tried to stifle a yawn but failed miserably. He knew she hadn't slept much from the time she got back to Eureka. She had been worried. He knew her better than she thought he did. Knew that she would have been worried and not just for him.

But he would never know that her heart had stopped beating when Beverly said that someone had died. Never would she tell him that as immensely tragic Holly's death had been, she was just relieved that it hadn't been him.

Wrapping his arms more tightly around her, he pressed a kiss into her hair. For a long time they were both silent and eventually her breathing steadied and she was asleep again.

"I hope you find the answers you are looking for soon Jo-Jo." He whispered. "Because as long as this is real I have everything I need right here."

A dreamy smile ghosted her mouth.

"I love you." Zane said as sleep finally caught up with him.

In her sleep she echoed his feelings. "Love you too"

This had to be real. It just had to be.