It all started one day at D.O.G. HQ.

"Hey, Catherine," said Diggs as he saw the Russian Blue.

"Hey there, Diggs. What's up?" she greeted back.

"Oh, nothin' much. I was just wondering if you would..." he blushed a little bit and he looked away, shy.

"If I would what, Diggs?" Catherine asked.

"If... you would like to, um..."

"What is it, Diggs?" Catherine asked, getting a little anxious.

"Uh, you know what? I'll talk to you at lunchtime, okay? Bye," said Diggs and he took off.

Catherine was wondering what Diggs wanted to say to her, but she had to wait until lunchtime.

Later, it was lunchtime. All the agents at D.O.G. HQ all sat down at a large table eating their lunch, which were in their paper sacks. Diggs was eating his lunch, then Catherine comes in with her lunch bag and sets it down, and then she takes a seat next to Diggs.

"Hey, Diggs," the female cat said to the German Shepherd.

Diggs turned, upon noticing Catherine, and said, "Oh. Yeah. H- hello, Catherine."

"So are you ready to tell me what you wanted to say earlier?" Catherine asked.

"Oh, yeah. Um, Catherine, I just wanted to ask you if you..."

"If I what?" asked Catherine. "Come on, Diggs. Just spit it out."

"...If you would like to share your lunch with mine."

Catherine was flattered by this and she said, "Okay. Here you go," as she gave him a little of her own lunch.

"Thank you," Diggs smiled and he ate some of her lunch as well as his own. But what Diggs really wanted to ask Catherine was if she would like to go out with him.

Will he ever say it? What will Catherine think of it? Stay tuned for the next chapter!