After Diggs, Catherine, Butch, and Seamus left D.O.G. HQ to go stop Mr. Tinkles, it got dark. At Sophie's house, Mr. Tinkles and Calico are standing out the door after having a hot day at the beach.

"Hey boss, are we gonna work on the plan now?" Calico asked the Persian, who answered and said, "In a minute, okay? We just got back from that hot beach! We have to rest and cool down first! Then we get to work!"

"Oh. Okay. Let's go then," said Calico and he and his boss walked into the house.

Back at D.O.G. HQ...

Right before the agents left the place, Diggs stopped them.

"Wait! I forgot something" he suddenly realized and ran back to Lou's office. As well, Lou walked out of his office and yelled, "Diggs! I forgot to tell you something!"

"So did I!" said Diggs.

"There's one last thing I must tell you where Mr. Tinkles is."

"Oh, yeah, that's what I was gonna ask you."

"Tinkles is located at his mansion. You must stop him!" Lou said.

"Okay, thanks! Bye!" Diggs said as he ran back to where the agents were.

Butch and the others saw Diggs running back.

"What took you?" asked Butch.

"Oh, sorry. I- I just went to ask Lou where Tinkles was located and he said at his mansion."

"Oh. Okay, good. Let's go then!" Butch said and they jumped into a roller coaster-like vehicle and the seatbelts were locked onto the agents, then Butch pulled down the lever to take it back to Diggs' home, and the vehicle sped away.