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Also I might be changing something's from canon, such as the color of James's eyes, which I have changed from hazel to blue and have given those eyes to Audrey. Why? Well because I have always seen James, canon!Audrey, and girl!Harry as having those eye color's so it made sense to do it.

This was written for the girl!Harry challenge in the HPFC.

The first time that Audrey Jill Potter met Percy Ignatius Weasley was in Diagon Alley the summer before her first year, and the summer before his fifth. Audrey had been walking with Hagrid, asking him about the Houses and their personalities. Percy had been trying to read a book while walking. Neither one of them saw the other before they crashed. But Percy was up before she even realized that she was down and when he helped her up he gave her a crooked little grin that she would eventually come to love, but that he rarely ever gave. Hagrid knew him and asked about his family, especially his brother Charlie, talked to him about being a Prefect at Hogwarts, and then introduced him to her. Percy was interested in her and her scar for a minute before he had to go find his Mum. Audrey didn't know what to think, except she couldn't stop thinking of him.

And she was glad that they had met, because when she was between Platform's nine and ten, she couldn't figure out how to get onto Platform Nine and Three Quarters. She saw him come with his family. She yelled his name and went over, apologizing for it, but she was just so glad to see someone that she recognized. When she introduced herself to his family, they all gaped at her scar. Except for his mother, who just started fussing about her saying, "And this dear is how you get to the Platform. And I am so glad that you already know Percy, and I will make sure that he will watch out for you during your years at Hogwarts." Audrey couldn't help be glad when Mrs. Weasley said that.

(Percy was annoyed with Hagrid asking about his family, though he was glad with Hagrid asking about how it was being a Prefect. While he knew that Hagrid was only being polite with his questions, Percy was thankful for it. And he was curious about the small red haired, blue eyed girl that Hagrid was showing around. But he didn't think that it would Audrey Potter. Who would? But he must admit that he was a little glad on Platform Nine and Three Quarters when she came up to him, that she viewed him as someone that could help her, which none of his siblings ever did. And he was happy to see the admiring looks from his family when she did. He didn't even mind Mum saying that he would look after her at Hogwarts. He was already planning to anyway.)

Audrey had never been more shocked than in third year when she, Hermione, and Ron were under the Shrieking Shack and learned that Percy had been helping Sirius Black. That he had been helping the mass murderer who wanted to kill her, and that must mean that he wanted her dead too. And even after Percy, and Black, and Professor Lupin tried to explain, Audrey still didn't know if she believed. But after the incident with Scabbers, after Professor Lupin turned into a werewolf, and after Percy determined everyone was safe and fine; he grabbed her wrist and ran into the forest. They were running after Pettigrew, Sirius, and Remus. He led her into the forest, where they dodged behind trees until they got to the Dementors. Until her mum saved their life.

(Percy hated the look on Audrey, Ron, and Hermione's faces when he told them that he had been working with Sirius. He had been, in fact, the entire year ever since Sirius had broken into the Burrow looking for Wormtail. He understood their frustration and anger when he told them that, and he understood when they asked what proof he had that Sirius was good besides the memories that Percy took from his mind with Legilimency. But he believed Sirius and he knew that Sirius was a good guy. So he was thrilled when they believed him. Not Sirius, not Remus. Him. But he still didn't know why he pulled Audrey with him to look for Pettigrew. Probably because he could tell she needed to find Pettigrew. He never meant for the Dementors to come though. And he thanked God for whoever saved them.)

Audrey understood how hard it was for Ron and Hermione not to tell anyone about Percy. Not to tell them that Percy wasn't betraying them, he was in fact helping them. But for him to help them they couldn't let anyone know. There were only four other people that did. Dumbledore, Snape, Remus, and Sirius. But everyone else was in the dark. And she felt so guilty for that.

So one day she snuck out and went to Percy's apartment. She knew that she wasn't supposed to and she was certain that Mad-Eye saw her. But she didn't know if he knew and she didn't want to risk it if he didn't. And when she got there, she just pulled him outside and told him to lock the door as she was going to show him around Muggle London. Despite the fact that the only times she had been in London were in Diagon Alley, and he knew it. But he let her pull him outside and they had an amazing day together. And when she finally broke about Cedric and Cho and Ron and Voldemort and just everything, Percy just held her as she'd cry. And Audrey is not even sure why, but when she was done, she kissed Percy. And it was the most amazing kiss. Fireworks exploded, violins began to sound, all the clich├ęs started at once. But after it was over she ran until she got back to Grimmauld Place and let Mrs. Weasley yell at her for sneaking out and why had she even snuck out in the first place. She didn't care though. She just thought of the kiss.

(Percy didn't know how hard it would be to cut himself from his family. He hadn't thought it would easy by any means, but hadn't thought that it would be this hard. To pretend that he hated them and knowing that they weren't pretending to hate them. He knew that Ron, Hermione, and Audrey knew, but they weren't supposed to have contact with him, especially Audrey. So it was a surprise when she came to his apartment one day saying that she was going to show him around Muggle London, even though she probably knew less than he did about it, he still let her. And when she broke down and started crying about Cedric and Ron and some girl name Cho who he supposed was Cedric's beard, he just held her. And when she kissed him, he honestly thought it was the best moment of his life. Even better than when he had first kissed Penelope. But then when she realized exactly what had happened and she ran back to Grimmauld Place, he just watched her go, wishing he could follow.)

They were all crowded around George, looking at his ear, wondering how to help. And then they heard the pop. Percy was standing there and Audrey just stared. What was he doing here? True, there was no Order to report to anymore but there was still a lot to spy on the Ministry for. But honestly she didn't care. And just like their last kiss was instigated by her, this one was instigated by him. He walked right up to her and pulled her up in one of those sweeping, dashing kisses that she secretly loved watching in the movies and always wanted to have. He heard the Weasleys and the Order gasp and murmur around them, but she honestly didn't care.

(Percy thought long and hard about why he loved Audrey so much. And he finally came up with an answer. She didn't have any expectations for him. She just accepted him for who he was.)

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