"Hey Kevin" Benjamin Tennyson called as he walked into his best friends garage. He paused when there was no answer. "Kevin?"

He walked in and circled the car, grinning when he spotted Kevin's legs sticking out from under the previously green car.

"Hey" he said again, this time catching Kevin's attention. There was a loud yelp, the sound of a forehead hitting the underside of a car, and then a loud curse. Kevin slid out from under the car, and raised an eyebrow at Ben.

"Benji" he stated "What's up?"

Ben held a hand out to the ruffian, whom gratefully grasped it and allowed Ben to help him up.

"I came to see how the car is coming" Ben replied, glancing at the newly dubbed 'scrap heap' and chuckled "Need any help?"

Kevin eyed him warily for a moment

"Actually, you could come to the store with me. I need to get a new can of paint for her"

Ben snickered softly

"Alright, let's go then"

After an hour of aimlessly wandering through the store while Kevin stood in front of rows upon rows of green paint, Ben was starting to grow bored.

"Kevin" he whined "Hurry up, we've been here forever"

Kevin flicked his gaze over to the other boy.

"Tennyson. Come here"

Ben curiously stepped closer. Before he could ask why Kevin grasped his face and stared into his eyes. His eyebrows furrowed in concentration briefly, before he finally nodded and released the boy. Ben stumbled back, pink cheeked and confused as Kevin reached out, plucked a can of paint from the shelf, and lead Ben from the store after paying for the selection.

When they arrived back at Kevins house, Ben silently watched as Kevin opened the paint and grabbed a paint brush. He knew Kevin would never let him help, so he remained silent as the ruffian began applying the paint with such precision Ben briefly felt guilty.

It was because of him Kevin's car frequently got destroyed. He sighed guiltily and Kevin straightened up, raising an eyebrow at the emerald eyed teen.

"You okay?"

"Fine" Ben lied. He watched as Kevin painted, the garage once again silent, and then he realized that the coat of green looked familiar, and not because it was the same green that was always on the car. He had seen it somewhere else, and didn't know where/

"Hey, Kevin?"


"Why is your car this colour?"

Kevin choked on the soda he had been taking a sip of

"Uh... well..."

"The truth, please" Ben clarified before Kevin could form a coherent word

"Listen Benji" Kevin sighed, resuming his painting "Look at your sweater" Ben glanced over to the sweater that was draped over the back of a chair. Before he could say a word Kevin added "Now, Look at the omnitrix" Ben looked at his wrist "and finally" Kevin added "Look at your eyes"

Ben didn't even have to get up and look to clue in.

"Really?" he squeaked

Kevin nodded

"Really really" he paused "I would have added shoes, but I thought you would get it without that"

Ben smiled warmly at him, then his brows furrowed in thought

"Hey Kevin?"

"Yes, Ben?"

"Why is your car painted the same colour as my eyes?"

Kevin groaned, smacking his palm to his forehead. He set the paintbrush down and walked over to Ben, and Ben cringed back, unsure what was coming to him.

Kevin gripped the front of Ben's black shirt, and leaned down, sealing their lips together. He moved away and walked back to the car, picking up the paintbrush and resuming his painting.

"That answer your question?" the ruffian asked

Ben could only nod, rendered shocked and completely speechless.