Tails, Amy, and Knuckles were all riding in the Tornado, with Tails being able to install two extra seats. Amy sat in the middle, while Knuckles was in the back, with Tails obviously in the front. The three humanoid mammals didn't have their hands above their heads anymore, allowing their heads to get wet from the pouring rain as they were deterimed to get the yellow balloon.

"We gotta make sure to get dat dere balloon, guys!" Knuckles shouted.

Amy nodded. "Tails, be sure not to get us zapped or anything, okay?"

Tails shuddered as he turned to Amy and Knuckles briefly. "You're not making me feel better about this, guys!"

As the Tornado got close to the yellow balloon, a blast of lightning zapped the blue colored plane, causing it to head down towards the sea. Tails, Amy, and Knuckles screamed as they held onto the plane, with Knuckles grabbing the yellow balloon as they sunk beneath the waves.

Several moments later, the three humanoid mammals emerged from the sea, completely soaked. Knuckles had the yellow balloon in his grasp, holding onto it tightly.

"Well, at least we survived that crash, huh guys?" Tails asked as he chuckled, pushing his hair upward.

Amy nodded as he giggled. "Yeah, and plus, we have the balloon!"

Knuckles laughed as he poked at it. "Yeah. It's nice and still in great shape!"

Suddenly, the yellow balloon popped. Amy, Tails, and Knuckles all gasped in horror as their eyes widened. Within seconds, Amy and Tails cuddled each other as they cried together in sorrow, with Knuckles pulling his hair as he screamed in rage. Suddenly, another yellow balloon arrived, this time having red and blue stripes across it.

Tails noticed it as he pointed at it, a smile across his face. "Look, guys! A new balloon!"

Amy clasped her hands together as she squealed. "Ooooh! And it looks even better than the old one!"

Knuckles pounded his fists together as he laughed. "I call hot shots!"

The three humanoid mammals went after the new yellow balloon, chasing it into the tropical foliage. Sonic, Shadow, and Silver were all watching from the bushes, laughing heartily as they were the ones who made the old and new balloons.