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After the war Katara and Aang had three children. There was Kya, the oldest at age twelve, named after Katara's mother she was a water bender and she looked remarkably like her mother, then there was Bumi, named after Aang's childhood friend, he was ten and was a non bender much to his sisters amusement but his uncle Sokka had given him a boomerang on his 8th birthday which he referred to as his 'bumi-raang', and finally, Tenzin, he was nine and he was an air bender, he was very calm unlike his brother and sister, he enjoyed meditating with his father and was un-amused when Aang used air bending to make marbles fly around in his hand.

Toph met an earthbender and they had gotten along quite well, but unfortunately, Toph got pregnant and he couldn't deal a baby, so he left. A few months after her daughter Lin was born she and Sokka, much to everyone's surprise, started hanging out more and more and eventually they started dating and then got married. Suki met a fire bender and had ended it with Sokka, they had agreed to remain friends (But they weren't. Sokka thought she a was a doo-doo head) Lin she was currently one year younger than Tenzin and was like her mother in every single way. She and Tenzin often argued on who had the better element.

Zuko and Mai remained together and had two children, Ursa, a nine year old fire bender who had unfortunately inherited her father's temper and her aunts… for lack of a better word craziness (Fortunately she wasn't as crazy as Azula) and Iroh, a four year old fire bender who just like his namesake, loved tea.

And today, Kya and Bumi wanted to go on an epic awesome adventure.
"Brother!" Kya yelled in Tenzins ear.
"I am trying to meditate Kya. Please leave me alone
"You're very boring for a nine year old you know?" Bumi said.
"I'm trying to concentrate Bumi. Would you two please leave?"
"No, and you know why? Because we're going on" Kya paused for effect "An EPIC ADVENTURE of AWESOMENESS!" She yelled and Bumi cheered. Tenzin stared at them for awhile before answering a simple 'no' and he turned around.
"I'm afraid you don't have a choice little brother" Bumi said
"If you don't come we're gonna have to just kidnap you"
"I'll tell mom and dad" He said
"Oh you mean the same mom and dad who left to do some important avatar and wife thing and left me in charge?" Kya said
"That mom and dad?" Bumi said wiggling his eyebrows.
"Uh... Were not allowed to leave air temple Island!"
'They won't need to know!"
"We can't go out to republic city alone!"
"We won't be alone! We're taking Lin and Ursa with us! First we gotta collect them though"
"What about Iroh?"
"He's too young to go on an epic adventure of awesomeness. When he's older he'll come"
"How do you expect to leave air temple island if mom and dad took appa?" Tenzin asked and Kya smirked.
"Water bending" She said.
"Water. Bending"

"I can't believe we're actually doing this" Tenzin said.
Kya had bended a path in the water into ice and they were now walking on it, well, Kya and Tenzin were walking, Bumi kept slipping and falling into the water.
"How are we supposed to get Ursa? She lives all the way in the Fire Nation, Are you going to waterbend us there too?"
"Of course not dum-dum. Don't you ever listen to mom and dad? Uncle Zuko and auntie Mai are staying in their vacation home here in Republic City!" Kya said.
"Yeah dum-dum" Bumi repeated.
"So you really want to just go barging in on the Fire Lord during his vacation?"
"Um… This is why we're getting Lin first" Bumi said.
"She's not scared to do stuff like that" Kya continued. Tenzin sighed and followed his siblings to Lin's house. When they got there Kya stared up and the window of Lin's bedroom and started yelling.
"Lin! Lin! Lin! Lin! Lin! Lin! Lin!" Lin stuck her head out the window and shouted back.
"Kya! Kya! Kya! Kya! Kya! Kya! Kya!"
"Come down! Come down! Come down! Come down!" Lin disappeared and a few seconds later she reappeared at the front door.
"You're going to drag me somewhere so we can do something crazy aren't you?" Lin said to Kya.
"I love how you know me so well! We're going on an epic adventure of awesomeness!"
"I love epic adventures of awesomeness!"
"Who doesn't?" Bumi asked.
"Tenzin" Kya answered.
"Tenzin doesn't like anything" Lin said and rubbed his bald head. Even though she was younger than him, she was still taller, even If it was just by one inch.
"I like things!"
"Oh really? Things like that girl you met at the park the other day? Hmm?" Kya inquired. Tenzin's face went scarlet.
"N-no… I meant like…"
"Aw! Baldy's got a crush!" Lin yelled.
"Don't worry little brother, I happen to know the secret of picking up chicks! Now listen closely, this is an ancient secret told to me by dad who was told by the monks. If you want a girl to like you… You have to take her penguin sledding, and you have to take out on a giant flying bison" Bumi said while patting Tenzin's back
"There are no penguins here"
"But there are giant bisons! That can fly!"
"Is that what you're planning on doing with Ursa?" Lin said to Bumi and his cheeks reddened.
"I don't know what you're talking about…"
"Oh come on Bumi, we all know you like her!" Kya said.
"I do not! …Shut up!" Bumi said and started walking toward the Fire Lord's vacation home.
"He totally likes her" Kya murmured to Lin and she snickered.
"Oh shut it both of you!"
When they got there the children stood in front of the door and hesitated, he was the Fire Lord after all…
"So Lin… you can go first" Bumi said and pushed her towards the door.
"Are you guys actually afraid of uncle Zuko?" She asked.
"What? No! No of course not! It's just… you know how those Fire Lords get… you know, what with wanting to take over the world and kill the Avatar and what not…" Kya said while rubbing the back of her head.
"They're not like that anymore. We've started an era of love and peace" Tenzin said calmly.
"Of course we did. So… should we knock?" Kya asked. Bumi and Tenzin nodded, but Lin disagreed, instead of knocking she kicked down the door and walked straight inside, leaving the others to stare in shock.
"Hi uncle Zuko and aunt Mai!" She said cheerfully to the couple sitting on the couch. Zuko and Mai looked shocked but happy nonetheless to see the young earthbender.
"Hello Lin. What are you doing here? Did your parents come too?" Zuko asked.
"Nope, just me and those three" Lin said pointing to the children cowering behind the door "We've come to collect your daughter" Zuko laughed.
"Really? And where are you going?"
"On an adventure"
"Well alright. I'll go get her" Zuko stepped outside and called Ursa in.
"Hi guys!" She said happily.
"Guess what!" Kya yelled in her ear.
"What!" Ursa yelled back.
"We're going on" Yet again Kya paused for the dramatic effect "AN EPIC ADVENTURE OF AWESOMENESS!"

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