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"We're going on an adventure, we're going on an adventure, we're going on an adventure!"
"Yes Bumi! I am aware that we're going on an adventure! You don't have to keep saying it!" Lin yelled.
"Where exactly are we going on this so called 'epic adventure of awesomeness?" Tenzin asked with a bored look on his face.
"That' Kya started 'is an excellent question'"
"Let's go... To the library!" Bumi yelled. Now, to most kids going to the library is never fun, however, to these five, it was fantastic. After hearing about their parent's adventure in Wan Shi Tons library, they explored all libraries hoping to find some hidden underground chamber with a giant all knowing spirit owl.

"Well... This sucks" Ursa said. When they got to the library Kya burst through the doors and yelled "COME FRIENDS! ADVENTURE AWAITS US!" The librarian sent them all out because of Kya's loudness and now they all stood on the steps of the library.
"Good job Kya. Good job" Bumi said. Lin looked around and noticed that someone was missing.
"Hey, where's Tenzin?"
"He's over-" Kya stopped speaking when she too noticed Tenzin wasn't anywhere to be found. "Um… Oh great, we lost our brother!"
"You're parents are gonna kill you!" Ursa said.
"Oh no, if we go down, we're taking all of you with us!" Kya yelled
"He was with us when we were in the library wasn't he?" Lin asked.
"Well, then he must still be in there!"
"The librarian won't let us in Kya" Lin said.
"Guys, guys" Ursa started and put her hands up "I got this" She walked through the doors of the library followed by the others and immediately the librarian, a thin irritating woman who resembled an elephant rat, came rushing towards them.
"I thought I told you little brats to stay out!" She yelled. Ursa walked up to her.
"Listen lady, I don't think my father, the Fire Lord, would like it very much to know that you didn't let his daughter in here"
"Threats won't help you here. OUT!"
"My father will hear of this!"
"OUT!" The kids ran out as fast as possible and sat back down on the stairs.
"Does she not know who I am? I am Princess Ursa of the Fire Nation! How could she not know-"
"Threats never work Ursa. Let me handle this. My mom taught me some stuff…" Kya walked in the library alone. A few minutes later she came back and told them it was safe to come in, when they walked in they saw the librarian frozen against the wall, Bumi walked up to her, waved his arms around and whispered 'Water Tribe'
"I thought you said threats never work"
"They don't, and I didn't threaten her, I forced her! Big difference"
"I don't see Tenzin anywhere" Lin said while looking around.
"Where is that little twerp!" Kya yelled.
"Let's split up, we'll find him faster" Bumi said.
"Great idea! I'll go with Lin, and you go with Ursa" Kya said while both Bumi and Ursa blushed.
"E-ew, gross. I don't wanna go with her! She's a girl!"
"…As opposed to us who are obviously turtle ducks" Lin said to Kya.
"Duh. Quack"
"Uh… let's just go" Ursa said and pulled Bumi with her. Bumi turned his head around to look back at the other two, Lin gave him two thumbs up and Kya mouthed 'Kiss her!' When he turned his head around Ursa turned hers two look at them, Lin mouthed at her to flirt him and Kya did a whole bunch of weird hand movements that no one, not even Kya herself, understood.
"…What was that?"
"I don't even know" Kya pulled Lin to the other side of the library and they went on their search for Tenzin.

Ursa and Bumi were walking in an awkward silence before Ursa decided to take Lin's advice and flirt with him.
"So uh… That's a sharp outfit Bumi. Careful! You could puncture the hull of an empire class Fire Nation battleship, leaving thousands to die at sea! …Because… it's so sharp"
"It is pretty sharp isn't it?" Ursa laughed awkwardly and they continued walking until they found a door.
"Wonder what's through here…" Bumi said and opened the door, there were steps leading down so they started walking, well, Ursa did, Bumi ran. When he got down he gasped.
"What is i-"
"SHHHH!" Bumi yelled and covered Ursa's mouth with his hands. Her eyes widened when she saw why he gasped. Asleep in front of them lay a giant boarcupine.
"Who keeps a boarcupine in a library!" Ursa whispered.
"A crazy person!" Bumi whispered back. Bumi's eyes traveled to a single shoe that laid next to the boarcupine's mouth.
"A... shoe? It looks like Tenzin's shoe! The boarcupine ate my little brother!" Bumi yelled and ran to the animal.
"Bumi no!" The shoe was big enough for a grown man, there was no way it was Tenzin's.
"GIMME MY BROTHER BACK YOU BOARCUPINE!" Bumi yelled and tried to pry open it's mouth. The boarcupine woke up and started screeching and jumping around. Ursa grabbed Bumi, who was yelling at the boarcupine to give him his brother back, and ran away as fast as she could. The boarcupine followed them up the stairs and Ursa closed the door, but it broke through.

Meanwhile on the other side of the library Lin and Kya were looking under tables, under chairs, behind bookcases, behind books (For some reason Lin thought Tenzin could fit behind a book) they even looked under the floorboards. But they had no such luck.
"We're never gonna find him!" Kya groaned.
"I know something that'll bring him here. Hey Tenzin! Airbending sucks! Air is a stupid element! Earth is the bestest element ever!"
"Don't push it kid"
"Right. Airbending is stupid! Earth and water are way better!" Silence. "Huh… that usually works"
"I know what to do… Tenzin is a total mama's boy" Kya cleared her throat "How do I sound?" Lin's mouth dropped.
"Like your mom…"
"I'm good at impersonations. Now then… Tenzin! Yoohoo Tenzin! It's mommy!" Again, nothing.
"Well Kya, I pretty sure the twerp is dead. Let's go get some icecream"
"I could really go for some icecream right now but-" Suddenly nearly everyone in the library screamed and ran around then they heard Bumi yelling.
"Doesn't matter! Just run!" Ursa screamed. The four of them ran out of the building when they heard the librarian speaking.
"Oh shnoodlepoopookins! Who woke my baby up?"She cooed.
"…Shnoodlepoopookins…?" They all said in unison.
"…Let's just go. Like, now" Kya said. As they went outside they noticed a little bald boy sitting on the stairs
"TENZIN!" They all yelled, minus Lin who yelled 'TWINKLETOES!'. Kya grabbed him and pulled him into a hug, then she slapped him.
"…I went to the bathroom! When I came back no one was here so I thought I'd just wait and-"
"…The bathroom. He. Was in. The bathroom" Ursa said through clenched teeth.
"Okay. Let's just forget about dum-dum over there and continue the epic adventure of epicness" Kya said
"I thought it was the epic adventure of awesomeness?" Bumi asked.
"Same thing!"

Well, If Zutara didn't happen we just have to do the next best thing! Katara and Zuko's kids! BURSA!