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Chapter Four

Somewhat predictably, by the time the kid had reached his lower back he was so hard he could have pounded nails. Twitching and wrigglin' in his seat with restless arousal until he felt like Merle coming down from a week long coke bender only a day before his next court hearing.

He was still wracking his brains, desperately trying to find a way out of his current predicament with his dignity still attached when Glenn suddenly shifted. Coming around to face him without even a word of warning, catching him off guard and completely unprepared as the younger man leaned right in.

Because before he could even so much as squawk in surprise, the kid was nearly straddling him, balancing on his tiptoes in order to reach a jumble of particularly sensitive muscles that crowned the base of his neck and chest. And just like that, before he could even so much open his mouth to warn him off, it was all over. There was no way the kid hadn't noticed.

He closed his eyes, tasting raw iron and the bitterness of partially corroded metal as he bit down on the inside of his cheek. - Life just wasn't fucking fair sometimes.

"Daryl what is tha-.. oh.."

He was up and moving like a shot. Face burning underneath the smudged layer of sweat and grime as he busied himself with shoving the bottles and first aid supplies back into their packs. Batting the kid away and forcing himself to ignore the dull burn as the aching muscles in his wounded shoulder bunched and released. Shoulder screaming bloody murder as he snatched up the bottle of Russian Standard and shoved it into his backpack.

He gnawed on his lower lip, holding back a pained hiss as he shook off the worst of it. Wound throbbing in time with his pulse as he swallowed thickly. Skin still haunted by the ghost of the man's hands, as Glenn fought to get his attention.

"No, wait! Daryl..I-"

The kid was babbling now, but hell if he was listening. He didn't want to hear it. Instead, he readied himself to leave, biting his lip at the way his cock strained against the hard line of his jeans, still throbbing hotly as he turned away. Letting his fingers curl around the stock of his crossbow as he resoundly cursed both himself and his traitorous cock as he zipped up his pack and slung it over his uninjured shoulder.


He was four steps away from the table before Glenn streaked across the length of the room and blocked his way. Almost faster than he could blink, the kid was suddenly just there. Standing far too close and crowding him back towards the chair he'd been sitting in as Glenn slowly but surely boxed him into a corner.

He fell more than sat as the back of his legs hit the lip of the dining room chair, nearly sprawling across the length of the table itself as his pack hit the floor with a muted clank. Hip clipping the corner of the table as he collapsed into the chair. But barely noticing the fallout as the action sent supplies and bloodied rags crashing to the floor in a tangled mess of bent suture picks and used bandages.

"Daryl, it's okay! I-"

It wasn't. Hell, how could it be? The kid had only been tryin' to do him a favor, maybe even trying to make good on him getting injured saving his life and all. And what did he give the kid in return? …An up close and personal view of his Johnson? Christ.

But Glenn just wouldn't fuckin' quit, getting all up in his businesses as he advanced on him. Face twisting in an expression he didn't recognize as he reached out, laying a single, maddening hand on his shoulder, thumb rubbing back and forth almost unconsciously, like he didn't even mind at all.

He looked away, purposely not meeting the kid's eyes as his vision blurred. Momentarily blinded by the way the sun was glinting off the photographs on the sill. Painting the walls with prism shattered rainbows and impossible bursts of color that was rapidly mixing with the acrid burn of a feverish sweat that was slowly trickling down from his hairline. Burning as it went.

It was all over. Whatever they'd had, if they'd had anything at all, was gone. He was sure of it. Whatever fledgling feelings or good opinions the kid might have harbored for him were sure to have evaporated the moment the kid had discovered him.

He had no idea where to go from here, and the last thing he wanted was pity. Hell, he'd gank himself right then and there if he caught even so much as a hint of that PR bullshit, "its okay to be different" stare on the kid's face. Or even the opening lines of some well meaning lecture on the effects that adrenaline and post apocalyptic situations had on the male libido.

"Jaegil, jom bwa! Try to understand, Daryl… Would you just- Ya, geuman! Igeoseun geokjeong anhaedo dwae… It's alright, okay? I wasn't being fair… Igeon geunyang… I just wanted to show you that I-"

A frustrated noise issued from the man's throat as words appeared to fail him. It wasn't like he was paying attention or nothing; it was more like the kid's flailing and yelling in Korean was pretty damn hard to miss. But either way, it gave him the opportunity he'd been looking for. Because before Glenn could even so much as blink, he lurched up from his chair, looming over the younger man despite their closeness. Figuring he could at least intimidate the kid into temporarily forgetting about this entire cluster fuck of a situation long enough to get them on their way and back to where the others had set up camp.

But just when he figured he had him at an impasse, the kid went and did it. Dark brown eyes meeting his as the man stood his ground and leaned in, letting his hand trail down the length of his chest all the way down to the waist band. The action soothing, yet achingly deliberate as eager nails raked gently down his skin.

He sucked in a breath and choked on it. Body and brain freezing in place as the air stalled above their heads. And like a sucker punch to the gut, all the air he'd been holding back left his lungs in a single progressive rush. Evaporating into thin air as the kid looked up at him from behind the dark fan of his criminally long lashes, lips slack and spit slick as he panted hotly against the crown of his chest.


And for a long moment all he could really think about was that this felt like a terribly inconvenient moment to been having an epiphany. But at the same time, he really couldn't care less.

A punch of heat curled low in his guts, behind his balls, and sharp against the base of his spine as he shifted. Matching Glenn's movements and leaning in himself as the man's hands wrapped around his shoulders. Pushing him down, back towards the chair until he had no choice but to sit. Cock aching something fierce as he hissed in response to the growing pressure. The sensation leading him to spread his legs out to the sides, mindless of how it must look as the kid pressed right in.

Glenn wanted this? He wanted to- …Oh Christ…

He wasn't exactly sure what the kid had in mind until he sunk down to his knees in front of him. Sneaker soles rasping across the blood smudged carpeting as Glenn settled himself in between his spread legs without even a moments hesitation. - And for a long, rather worrisome moment he was halfway certain that his brain had just shorted out.

Fucking Christ…

Sweat slicked the back of his neck as a burst of heat coursed down his skin. He stared, and the kid just stared right back, waiting. He swallowed thickly, chair creaking at his back as he slumped against it. Tongue tracing the curve of his lower lip as he foundered like a fish out of water, nearly choking on his own god damned spit as he struggled to drag air back into his oxygen-starved lungs.

"Yeah…" He murmured. Words slurring as he tasted each and every syllable that slipped from between his red-bitten lips. Tongue thick in his mouth as he finally reached out, letting a few crooked, callous-roughened fingers trail along the curve of the younger man's cheek. Heat rising up from his gut as Glenn leaned into the press, letting him know the answer to everything he didn't know how to ask in that single, almost instinctive little gesture.

"Christ.. Yeah kid, com'on.." he urged, throat aching as he gasped for air. Finding himself utterly unable to catch his breath as his chest rose and fell, pulse thudding frantically. Caught up in a sudden sense of urgency he could neither figure nor define.

He didn't know if it was arousal, the situation, or the fact that he just wasn't good at this kind of shit. At the stuff that really mattered, like emotions and feelings. Because he didn't know what the kid wanted to hear. Hell, he didn't even know what the younger man even wanted. Or if that want might still exist after all was said and done. - But then again, maybe all his worrying about the future wasn't really the point of the matter at all.

Either way Glenn didn't seem to need anymore encouragement then that. Because suddenly those talented hands were trembling as they curled around the waistband of his jeans. Awkwardly jerking down his zipper and parting his fly as the kid's head dipped greedily into his navel, smooth skin rubbing across the hard jut of his hips and the scarred expanse of his belly before sliding inexorably downwards.

The kid's hands were inquisitive, wanton, inexperienced, but undeniably eager as they fell across his skin. Curious and exploratory as they owned the expanse of him, tracing the circumference of every scar, sussing out every far flung freckle, and partially faded bruise. In fact, it was almost as though the man was trying to learn him from the outside in. Mapping him out with bold fingers and the occasional, flighty press of what he swore could have been the man's lips ghosting across his flesh.

It was hard to tell, especially considering the fact that he had his eyes slitted. Not trusting himself to finish before the fun had even started as Glenn continued on his mission to drive him absolutely mental with nothing more then his fuckin' fingers.

By the time the younger man hooked his thumbs around the waistband of his boxers he was already flying two sheets to the wind. Conscious mind blown right out the fucking window as he started thrusting up into empty air, hips rolling, desperate for any source of stimulation as a flood of half formed curses and shoddy endearments slipped from his lips without censure.

Pre-cum dewed the tip of his cock as he bit down his lower lip. Prick throbbing, high and proud as Glenn's hands inched a few tantalizing inches closer. – Fuck! He was going to kill that kid when this was over. Kill him dead for baiting him like this.

And as if he sensed his thoughts, Glenn only chuckled in response. Dark eyes smouldering as he thumbed the tip almost experimentally, smearing the thick dollop of pearly liquid clear across the head in retaliation. And after that he was too stuck on the hot press of the man's hand curling around his length to care about anything else.

"Geogjeongma, naega dolbwajulge." Glenn hummed, lips quirking when he only groaned in response. Letting his head slump back against the wall with a hollow thud as the man began to make good on all his teasing. Because somewhat predictably the man's words only made it ten times worse. Because he'd be god damned if there wasn't something… alluring about the kid nattering on at him in Korean.

He clenched his fists at his sides. He had no idea what to do with his hands, but it seemed as though Glenn did. Because without missing a beat he grabbed his hands and placed them firmly on his shoulders, even going so far as to give him an encouraging hum when he ran a hand through the kid's hair on reflex.

But when the kid wrapped his mouth around him, he hadn't even hesitated. He'd just dug his fingers in Glenn's hair and hung on. Because just-fuck…

He tipped his head back, boneless. Hitching his hips in time with the way the kid was sucking. It was slippery, sloppy, enthusiastic, and just the smallest bit of desperate that the whole thing had him nearly ten seconds away from completely embarrassing himself.

Lord, it'd been way too long since he'd been tended to like this. And he'd wanted this, him, for far too long to be able to make this last. He was going to have to-…

But the moment he knew he was really done for, was when the kid seemed to hit his stride. Sucking him down like a pro as his tongue swirled around from base to head. One hand sneaking down to massage his sack with a suspiciously slick thumb and forefinger the same time as Glenn let the head of his cock slip down the back of his throat.

There were words. He knew that much at least, words that were slipping from his lips like molasses trickling around the rim of a jar. But when he strings them together, he realizes that he doesn't have any consonant sounds to make. Just low, whining conflations of pleading tones and pulsing syllables he hopes to Christ that the kid can decode by now. He knows it's pathetic, but he just doesn't care. Because this was too much, and it was too good, and he was going to have to-oh!

"Ki-…Glenn… Glenn, I'm gonna.. I'm gonna-fuck!"

That was all he managed to get out before he suddenly froze, hips slamming up into the kid's hot little grip as he spurted right down the length of that eager throat. Greedy muscles milking him dry as his vision faded off into static.

When he came back to himself he was still panting, splayed out on the chair like an exhausted, fifty dollar whore on a busy Friday night. And funnily enough, he wasn't the only one. Because Glenn was still resting his face against his naked thigh, flushed, sweaty, panting, and lips still shining from where he'd licked them clean only seconds before.

His head was buzzing pleasantly, still riding the lingering waves of pleasure when he reached down, hooking the kid up by the armpits as he nibbled a lazy stripe down the curve of the kid's neck. Hand's gradually wandering south with the intention of returning the favor as Glenn leaned into the curve of his lips with sluggish interest, cheek brushing against his skin as he turned into the curve of his chest.

But when his fingers hooked around the man's belt loops, Glenn just shook his head. Twisting in place and squirming around a bit as he rearranged himself so that he was leaning against the bruised, cut up expanse of his naked calves, cheeks flushing as he grinned sheepishly, and pointed down at the spreading wet spot that was slowly seeping through his blood stained jeans.

He blinked. Realization hitting home with all the subtly of a god damned freight train. Oh. …Oh.

The kid had come in his fucking pants.

Christ on a crutch that was hot…

He'd never really understood the concept of the so called 'afterglow.' He'd always been either raring to go for another round, or itching to get on with other things after he and some sweet southern thing had gotten their happy ending. There was only so many hours in the day after all. But now, hell, he couldn't imagine doing anything else but just sitting here, skin to skin with the kid as they simply enjoyed the moment.

Because weirdly enough, as fucked up as it might have sounded, he couldn't help but feel as though everything had suddenly come full circle.

He cocked his head as he took the kid in, eyes lingering as he looked him over from head to toe. Tongue peeking out to wet his lips as the moment stretched, comfortable and easy this time, as he played with the taste of raw copper and the mineral rich tang of fresh crimson as it seeped down from where he'd bitten through his lower lip only a few minutes before.

Fuck, that'd been good..

Eventually, Glenn caught him at it. Only this time, heat simmered deep in his belly as he watched his eyes sharpen in response, blown pupils watching his every move as he ran a hand through his sweat slicked hair. - Curious to see what the kid would do, he remained where he was. Jeans and boxer briefs still splayed around his ankles, his bare thighs spit slick and bruised from the kid's over eager fingers as his dick twitched hopefully amidst his short tangle of honey brown curls.

Glenn just grinned.

It was sometime later, much later in fact, as they rode the ass-end of the sunset out of town and angled their feet back towards camp that he decided that his new rule about minding his own business was rather overrated.

The kid gave good massages after all…

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*Jaegil, jom bwa!: "Damn it, look!"

*Ya, geuman!: "Hey, stop!"

*Igeon geunyang…: "It's just…"

*Igeoseun geokjeong anhaedo dwae: "Don't worry about it."

* Igeon geunyang: "It's just.."

*Geogjeongma, naega dolbwajulge: "Don't worry; I'll take care of you."

"…Never mind. The self is the least of it. Let our scars fall in love." - Galway Kinnell