101 Reasons

In which Lucy doesn't think she and Natsu can make it, and he gives a reason right back as to why they will.

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1. Human

"I'm a human, and you're part dragon."

"You're skipping over the human part of me."

2. Father

"I don't think I'll be able to come with you to look for Igneel."

"Why not? I'll be there to protect you."

3. Trouble

"I always cause you so much trouble; I nearly destroyed the Guild!"

"If you weren't so much trouble, then you wouldn't be Lucy; key word there being nearly."

4. Attitude

"You know I can have a horrible attitude."

"I'll call it a fair trade for when Dragon Season comes."

5. Motion Sickness

"You can't ride in anything that moves, do you really expect me to walk everywhere with you?"

"The way I see it, we have two options; a) I could carry you, b) you'll just have to help me overcome my sickness."

6. Annoying

"Frankly, you annoy the hell out of me."

"At least you won't go to Hell then."

7. Happy-go-Lucky

"You're always so happy-go-lucky; it's too much."

"Would you prefer that I was a Debbie Downer?"

8. Lisanna

"I was a replacement for Lisanna; now she's back."

"Lisanna is Lisanna and Lucy is Luigi; you're both different."

9. Love-struck

"You're not exactly the person I saw myself falling in love with."

"That's because you read those dumb Fairy Tales; and I don't mean our Guild."

10. Clumsy

"I'm supper clumsy and will just get in the way in missions."

"You do that anyways and we still make it out fine, don't we?"

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