If you are just coming from Pleasurable Dreams, I have to apologize for the repeated subplot of a tired Bella. I wrote them six months apart and didn't realize I had them back to back until after I had stuck it in my timeline and put it out. She doesn't stay sleepy for long... I promise.

So anyhoo, I've been asked to write a little something about school for our favorite newlyweds... Hope you all enjoy.

"I am not going to be scolded for leaving you sleep."

Edward's voice was firm but patient, the way someone might speak with a toddler on the verge of a tantrum.

"Scolded?" I hissed back the arcane word, though in the back of my mind I knew I had been a little snarky… just a little.

"Yes, scolded, reproached, rebuked, admonished…" He continued, indulgently amused. "You didn't even get past your third trig problem before you went face down on the kitchen table."

"I don't like being treated like child." I snapped.

"Then stop behaving like one."

"Excuse me?" I glared at him.

Edward had stepped over the line and he knew it. His eyes widened in alarm, almost like he was afraid. If I hadn't been so pissed at him, I probably would have found that amusing.

There was no two ways about it. We were having a fight… well to be accurate, I was having a fight.

Edward took a deep breath. "You're human," he said too soothingly, irritating me to no end. "You need to sleep."

I cut off my yawn half way through. "I'll sleep when I'm dead."

His tawny eyes narrowed. "Not funny." He growled, finally provoked.

I was going to say that I was tired and to leave me alone, but that would only be a point for his side of the scoreboard. The worst part of it was knowing he was right. I was human and I did need to sleep. It was just so damn irritating knowing that every night the man that loved you beyond reason parked himself wide awake in your bed just because you wanted him there.

He removed two halves of a Kaiser role from the toaster, added mayo, lettuce and tomato to the top, and then slid the cheeseburger he made for me from the frying pan onto the bottom and handed me the plate.

"Dinner." He announced stiffly, still annoyed.

I took the plate and sat it on the kitchen counter so I didn't have to face him. Guilty and embarrassed, I stared out into trees through the window above the sink wishing for one with a hollowed out knot big enough to hide in. In the bright sun most of the leaves were still green, but many had paled, some yellow, others orange. In spite of the warm weather today, you could tell that fall was here.

I felt my husband move in behind me wrapping his strong arms around my waist and kissing the top of my shoulder. I leaned back against his chest so exhausted that I wanted to cry.

"I just hate missing stuff." I said more to myself than him and took a big bite of the burger to prove that I appreciated his efforts.

Edward turned me around to face him. "Now what possibly could you have missed?"

"You." I mumbled as I chewed, blushing and not looking him in the eye. "Plus now we're late."

He sighed and kissed my forehead. "Sit down… please. We're really not that far behind." He took his place at the kitchen table, no doubt hoping I would follow suit.

"You're just looking for an excuse to try to break the sound barrier with the Vanquish." I muttered.

"Hmm… that did not even cross my mind." He smiled, clearly intrigued with the idea.

I would have liked to blame my irritable mood on PMS, on being ill, on anything other than the fact that I had averaged only five hours of sleep every night this week.

I couldn't help it. There had just been so much to do... that I wanted to do. When we came back from our honeymoon to the cottage the family had prepared for us, everything was already in place, from the furniture to my silverware. But as my mother-in-law asked for my opinions and likes when she ordered the furniture for this house, I found myself caught up in the fun of it. I had always been ambivalent to whatever Renee did with the houses we moved into, but I was grown up now and finally out on my own. I wanted to participate in making a home for not just me, but Edward as well.

Edward seemed to understand… more than understand, he embraced the idea. For the last two weeks, when we weren't doing schoolwork, he and I played house. Though he could have easily finished anything I started in about a tenth of the time, he paced himself with me. Together, we unpacked our things from Forks, arrange furniture and organized the kitchen. Side by side, we bought paint, washed windows and did yard work, planting daffodils and tulips bulbs around the big maple trees in the front yard.

Granted, it wasn't just my slow human pace that caused chores to take so long. Try as we might, we were both often distracted.

A regular pattern emerged almost instantly. It was hours after I stared hungrily at the back pockets of the jeans hung low on his hips while he cleaned brushes at the sink…

...came up behind him...

...pressed my lips against his bare shoulder blade

...ran my hand between him and the counter to unzip his fly…

...that we remembered to close our paint cans and fold up the furniture tarps.

Last Sunday, already on my hands and knees digging in the dirt, Edward lost his focus. He had been sitting on his heels, no doubt patiently, chatting as I crawled around the big oak in the front yard laying out my daffodil bulbs. Suddenly he was behind me, rubbing the back of my neck with his nose. He claimed he couldn't help himself, that I just smelled too good. The warm September afternoon wore wonderfully on as our clothes were strewn in the yard and we made love in the soft grass beside a bag of bulbs and the garden trowel.

My foggy mind continued to drift as I lifted the burger again to my mouth. There was just not enough waking hours in the day to be near him… to touch him. I hated missing even one second in sleep….

My unfocused gaze wandered back to the object of my obsessive affection sitting at the table. He looked oddly concerned, like there was something wrong with me.

Crap! How long had I been standing here?

This was ridiculous. I shook my head to clear it and gobbled another bite.

"At least you don't have to finish the rest of your homework," he spoke as if he was continuing a conversation that I may or may not have been a part of.

"That doesn't make it any better." I muttered concentrating on stuffing the last bite into my mouth as I hurried over to the frig to grab the carton of milk."

"I can erase the ones I did for you if you'd like." He offered smiling, rising up from his seat to get me a glass.

"No time for it." I answered to both the glass and the homework. "We have a quiz and you know what that crabby professor's like. I don't want to be late."

I didn't even have time to feel guilty about him doing my homework for me, wasted too much of it as it was preoccupied. I grabbed the milk and took a big swig straight from the carton. Besides, I reasoned, it wasn't like I didn't know how to do them.

Edward sighed and I could sense him rolling his eyes at me. "Honestly Love, we are not that late."

He probably would have saved me from the disaster had he not had his back to me returning the glass to the cupboard. Rather than put the carton back on to the top shelf, in my clumsy haste I glanced it off the edge, knocking it out of my hand. The plastic cracked as it bounce on to the floor, exploding milk all over the frig, the floor… and my jeans.

"Damn it!"

He was at my side in a flash, his lips pressed firmly together.

"Don't you dare say a word." I growled.

I took one step and began to slide. Edward snorted as he caught me about six inches from the floor.

He stared at a kitchen cabinet above my head as the grin he tried so hard to suppress escaped onto his face.

"Does my speaking ban include offering to clean this up while you go change your clothes?" He said standing me upright.


He chuckled, finally looking down. Brushing his lips lightly over mine, he lifted me out and over the white puddle.

"…and thank you for not letting me land on my butt."

"You're welcome."

I assessed the situation quickly, pulling off my socks and my last clean pair of jeans in the kitchen so I wouldn't leave a trail of milk following me up the stairs.

This was all I needed, I snarled to myself as I ran into the bathroom, stripping off the rest of my clothes and hopped into the shower to rinse my legs off.

Earlier in the week, this mishap would have been no problem. However, it was Friday and the one thing neglected since our arrival in New Hampshire was the laundry. I had thrown our jeans in the washer after lunch, planning on getting to put them in the dryer before we left for school... then I dozed off, leaving me with none that weren't wet and no time to dry them.

I stumbled out of the bathroom and over to our bedroom closet resigned to a future already laid out for me two weeks ago by my sister in law.

"Why couldn't she just send me a pair of jeans?" I moaned.

Naturally, Alice wouldn't warn me to be careful with the milk, nor would she bother herself by informing me to have spare clothes available. It was too late in the year to get away with shorts so therefore, that left me with two options: sweats or this… dress.

When we departed our plane, it had been lying in the long white box, gift wrapped and leaning against a wall at the airport beside a middle-aged man holding a sign that read "CULLEN" on a sheet of poster board.

The only part of it I looked at that morning was the attached note.

You're going to need this in a couple weeks,

Love, Alice.

I finally got around to dealing with Alice's package late that afternoon. Apparently, it was a birthday present from not just Alice, but Rosalie and Esme as well.

I couldn't deny it was pretty, deep periwinkle linen, princess neckline and sleeveless with a full skirt and a coordinating denim jacket. Of course it came with a compliment of accessories, a gold chain, red flats and a little leather clutch purse.

It was sophisticated yet casual, something that a person would see in a fashion magazine worn by a supermodel pretending to hail a cab, or perhaps a celebrity in large "Jackie O." sunglasses, caught by the paparazzi going to lunch in an expensive cafe... at the very least someone graceful that didn't have black and blue marks on their knees, lacked scars on their forearms and a vampire hickey on her wrist.

In other words, someone other than me.

"The floor's all cleaned up" Edward called up from the kitchen.

"Just give me another minute." I yelled down yanking the thing off the hanger and throwing it over my head.

Hmm... I had barely touched it when I hung it up. As I pulled my arms through the armholes I was surprised by the softness of the lightweight fabric. It seemed to almost float over my skin. This was definitely not something you'd find at your average big box store.

In to much of a hurry to go to the mirror, I could tell without looking it fit like a glove. It felt like it had been custom made for me… probably was, I thought wryly. The only problem was that it closed up the back and after a couple of seconds twisting and turning to get it zipped, I gave up, grabbing the shoes… I would not lower myself to take the handbag… and hurried barefoot down the loft stairs.

"Edward, can you finish zipping this for me?" I asked as I held on to a kitchen chair and stuck a shoe on.

He turned around from the sink and froze.

"I look ridiculous, don't I?"

An strange grin broke out on his face as he walked behind me.

"I am going to have to reprimand Alice." Edward murmured, breathing into my hair.

"Why?" I shivered as his hands, warm from the dish water in the sink, slowly slid up my bare arms. The other shoe I still held on to clattered to the floor.

He brushed my hair off to one shoulder and as I felt the slider inch up my back, his head dipped and his cool lips pressed against the side of my neck. I exhaled loudly, tilting my head slightly aside to give him more room.

"Very naughty of her," he continued whispering into my ear, his arms now around my waist. "How can I be expected to get you to school dressed like this?"

Fingers trembling, I drew the gold chain that came in the box with the dress out from underneath it. I hadn't taken the present from Carlisle and Esme off since I opened it. At the bottom pulling the delicate necklace into a V hung the diamond I know longer lied to myself about that he gave me for graduation.

"So, you like it?" I asked breathlessly, flushing with satisfaction.

"Enormously, Mrs. Cullen."

Turning back to face him, Edward lifted me up and sat me on the kitchen table. He stepped in close, the flowing blue fabric of my skirt yielding and rippling around him like water in a stream as he sandwiched himself between my swinging feet.

The shoe I had managed to get on joined its mate on the floor. With his face a half inch from mine I could taste his sweet breath on my tongue through my parted lips. Edward closed in for the kill. His nose rubbed against the side of mine. My hand reached back, palm bracing against the table as he leaned forward against me.

The heck with school, I thought, my free hand locking into his hair as my lips moved against his. Legs opened and exposed, but still draped in linen at my hips, there was just something extremely sexy about kissing him here in this dress. Edward's soft seductive growl reverberated in my lungs. Eyes bright and excited, his hand glided smoothly up the fabric from my waist to my breast. The rough texture of his jeans, such a startling contrast to the soft linen, rubbed against the insides of my naked thighs. My muscles in my belly tightened as my knees spread wider to invite him closer.

Oh how I wanted him... ached for him.

My hand gave way under his pursuit. I was flat on the table now and Edward's body hovered above me, my heart thundering joyfully in my chest. I moaned as his lips move lower to my throat. His hands were under the skirt now, fingers curled around the waistband of of my panties. I rocked from side to side on the table, the elastic strained as he began to pull them past my bottom. But as my eager fingers moved from his hair to unbutton his shirt, behavior I recognized, but had not seen in a long time reared its ugly head. Edward's breath caught and his lips froze. My underwear sat crooked where he abandoned it in full retreat, taking my hands in his and pulling back.

"I promised myself this would not happen during school hours." He said, closing his eyes still burning with need as he struggled to control his breathing.

My heels clung to the backs of his thighs not wanting to give up.

"Didn't you just say we weren't that late?" I gasped, squirming beneath him.

With a wistful smile on his face, Edward kissed my wrists before laying them gently on my stomach and stood up. He opened his eyes and looked down at me thoughtful. "Classes would probably be over for the night by time I was done with you."

My heart stuttered at his words, and my lip went out in protest… and defeat. I knew he was right, knew we couldn't do this… not right now.

"You realize…" I paused resigned, sitting up and kissing his forehead. He closed his eyes again and stroked my bare arm with the tips of his fingers. "…that kind of sentence is not particularly helpful."

"I know, believe me, I know."

"I suppose you'll feel guilty if I flunk out," Straightening out my undies myself, I sighed and hopped off the table still pouting a little. "and then I'll feel guilty for making you feel guilty."

Edward smiled taking my hand again, brought our entwined fingers to his mouth to kiss my wedding ring. His still hungry look made it clear to me that it would not take much to convince him to drop out completely, let alone skip class for the evening. But I could be good for him. This was what he wanted...

I would wait… at least for a little while.

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