I thought I was done with this story... really, I was. Then an idea popped into my head. It was brief little blurb and I considered just adding it on to chapter four. But I really liked the idea and I knew no one would know it was there. I fleshed it out a bit and added citrus and here it is.

A dream of making love to Edward on top of the Vanquish's glass sunroof faded away as I felt my mind pull toward consciousness.

"Good morning Mrs. Cullen," Edward breathed into my hair.

"Is it still?" I mumbled groggily, inhaling the sweet scent coming from his throat.


I swallowed, tasting the long night of sleep in my mouth. "I feel like I've been out cold for three days."

"Ten hours." I could hear the satisfied smile in his voice.

"You sound pleased Mr. Cullen." Tucked against his side, my eyes fluttered open as my naked leg, already curled around his thigh, rubbed like a satisfied cat against his bare skin.

"Very." His granite arms constricted gently.

"Happy to hear it."

We laid together quiet for a moment, gazing out the sunny window.

"It's Saturday," he crooned against my forehead. "We have nothing to do and nowhere to go."

"Laundry…" I grumbled yawning, shaking the last remnants of sleep away.


"I never said I wanted to do it now."

I inhaled deeply into collar bone as I stretched inside his embrace. "Do you know how much I love waking up with you?"

"I know how much I love watching you wake up with me."

I sighed happily, wiggling up higher onto his chest to attempt to give him my standard pre-toothbrush smooch on the corner of his mouth. Fully aware of this morning ritual, Edward thwarted my evasiveness, shifting just at the right second. Heat rose into my cheeks as I planted my sour mouth against his straight on. I turned quickly away self-conscious and buried myself in his pillow.

"You're being absurd, Love."

"I don't care." I muttered into the cotton and down. "No one wants to kiss someone with morning breath."

Edward took my face firmly into his hands turning it back toward him. He stared ardently into my eyes, bringing my tightly closed lips to his. It was so unfair. My heart began to stutter. I had to concentrate to breathe through my nose. Trapped and staggered he softly brushed his lips against my tight mouth as he spoke.

"I love your morning breath." It was just a feather light vibration against them, but it sent shock waves straight into my soul.

"Edward…" My heart now thumping wildly, I tried to admonish him out of the corner of my mouth, powerless to look away from his molten gaze, let alone turn my caged head.

"I love your afternoon breath… your evening breath…" his velvet voice continued, weaving its magic spell.

He paused for a moment rubbing his nose against mine. Gritting my teeth, I began to tremble against him, slightly angry and ridiculously thrilled at the same time.

"…your extra onions on your hot dog breath."

His golden eyes… his smell… the anticipated taste… the memory of my dream…

To hell with my toothbrush…

Dizzy, my lips parted, surrendering to his delicious torture. The relief was sublime. The tip of his cool moist tongue swept back and forth between my teeth, teasing them further open. Sweet breath blew down my throat settling deep in the muscles of my stomach as his tongue played inside my mouth. My capitulation complete, his hands released my face, sliding down my arms to my waist.

Straddling him between my knees I began to bear down, tugging on his lower lip with my teeth. "You win." I panted, tearing myself from his flavor only to suck in a lungful of necessary air.

"I like to win."

Eager and wanting from the dream still fresh in my mind, my knees shifted higher up his torso curling my pelvis into his full on erection. "Is this your victory flag, or are you just happy to see me?"

"I couldn't help it." His eyes were soft and amused. "You sounded like you were having a very interesting time before you woke."

"I was." I gave him a little satisfied smile. He had listen to my erotic dreams one time too many for me to be embarrassed by them any more. "The roof of the car is very accommodating."

"Hmm..." His stone shaft pressed demanding against the outside of my womb.

"Kinda disappointed though," I stuck my lip out pretending to pout. "Woke up before the best part."

"Would you like to like to go for a ride now?" He said grinning as he rocked his hips.

"A ride on your joy stick?" I giggled as I pulled myself up on my spread knees, taking him in hand. "You are so cheesy."

Edward rolled me beneath me. "Oh Love, you know how much a enjoy driving." a hungry smiled darkened his eyes as his mischievous fingers slid down my body and between my legs.

My back arched off the bed. "Yes, you are quite skilled behind the wheel."

He was out of bed so fast that I gasped, his comforting weight vanishing from atop me. My mouth hung open stunned as in another blurred movement, his jeans from last night were back on.

"Someone's coming up the road." He murmured, throwing me his shirt.

"Who?" I whispered back, clutching it, panic twisting my stomach.

"I can't tell…"

We lived in the middle of nowhere. My worst nightmares deluged my brain. Edward... ash at my feet, a dark purple cloud engulfing me as monsters tore into my flesh.

Edward cocked is head to the side. "He's listening to the radio."

the radio? Monsters don't listen to the radio.

He concentrated a second longer and then his tense body moderately relaxed.

"Human." Edward looked down and tried to give me a reassuring smile. It did not reach his eyes.

"What does he want?" I asked as I sat up and swung my legs over the bed still shocked and terrified, sticking my arms through the sleeves of his button down.

"I don't..." He answered distracted, walking slowly over to the dresser to get a sweatshirt and pulled it over his head. "I'm pretty sure he's in some kind of truck."

Edward's eyes shifted slightly from side to side. It looked almost as if he was trying to see past the outer edges of the thoughts he was reading.

"He's driving at a snail's pace… not sure if he's on the right road… looking at directions on a manifest… ah, there we go… Fed Ex."

Hands still trembling, I began to button Edward's shirt, my heart finally getting back to its normal rhythm. False alarm… false alarm, I chanted in my mind determined to at least appear calm.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you." Edward took me into his arms and caressed my hair. "I over reacted."

"I wasn't frightened." I lied.

"It's okay, I'm sorry." He rocked us gently, apologizing again, still clearly stressed. "I was just being… well, me."

"Don't worry," Standing up on my toes and kissing the edge of his taunt jaw, I tried to distract both of us from our all too scary thoughts. "I'll keep you anyway."

It seemed to work. His fingers traced slowly down my spine, past the hem of my borrowed shirt, cupping my bare backside.

"You might want to put a little more on, Love." His face bent toward mine and he kissed my nose.

"Huh?" Edward's breath washed over my face erasing the terror that had gripped me only moments ago.

"It's sunny out." He glanced pointedly out the bright window. The slightly sad and bitter edge of his velvet voice brought me back into the here and now. "You're going to have to get the door."

I held him tight wishing not that he were human, but that he would just be okay with who he was. It was rare anymore that I saw this hidden side of him, but our imagined crisis had brought down his defenses.

"Do I have time to pee?"

"Yes." He smiled weakly. "I'll get you a pair of sweats.

"Shorts are fine." I said tearing myself away from him and headed to the bathroom.

Shades drawn, Edward looked on to quietly from living room while I answered the door. His face appeared calm, but I knew better. Even from that distance, I could feel his tension, remnants of the fear that was now creeping back into my mind again as well. Making small talk with the driver, I took my time signing the invoice so we could both pull it together. The fit man in his black and silver uniform wheeled in two boxes, one smaller than the other just inside the house. He glanced over at Edward surprised to see him there, then bid us both a good afternoon. As soon as the door closed behind him, Edward was at my side and carrying the cardboard containers into the kitchen.

"Alice." We said together, both looking down at the packing slip at the same time and ignoring the elephant in the room.

Edward's thumbnail sliced through the wide brown tape of the larger box with one swift motion. I opened it and looked in. On the top of a pile of tissue was a note

A day late… C'est la vie

Love, Your favorite sister-in-law.

I removed the first sheet of tissue to reveal a pair of perfectly ordinary Levis hearing her snickering in my head but unable to find any humor myself.

There was much more below the jeans. Between each layer of tissue laid a dress. Edward sat stone still and watched as I removed a red one, a violet one, and two in different shades of deep blue holding them against my body, then flopping them over the nearby chair. Some slightly shorter than the others, two had cap sleeves and one had an asymmetrical neckline. The purple one had a coordinating jacket.

Hmm, I speculated as I considered the growing pile. They were all different, yet still the same, all variations of the one I wore last night, expensive linen, tight bodices and flared skirts. It must be what I look best in, or perhaps she just knows what he likes.

"She must have decided you finally capitulated." He said wryly.

Had I capitulated… succumbed to her evil plan to get me out of my jeans and tee shirts and into dresses on a regular basis? Already in an extremely foul mood from our false alarm, I found the idea annoying.

Then I thought about the look in Edward's eyes yesterday in this very kitchen

…and in the dark stairwell at school…

…and last night on his car.

Yes, yes I had.

At the very bottom was short black one, silky, sleek and missing its back, totally different from the rest and completely inappropriate for school. It looked like something a grownup... oops, I am a grown up... a person would wear to a night club or maybe a cocktail party... and another note.

Une jeune fille peut espérer…

What the heck does that mean?

"A girl can hope…" A true smile finally broke through his calm mask as he answered my unspoken thoughts.

I carefully folded everything and put it back into the box then walked over to Edward and sat on his lap.

"Aren't you going to open the other one?"

"In a bit." I already knew what was in it: shoes, bags, maybe a couple of matching hair things. "I think we have unfinished business to attend to Mr. Cullen."


I was on my feet instantly with her in my arms, flying up to the sanctuary of our bedroom. I was frantic for the calming effect of her touch, desperate to be inside her, just to prove that we were both still alive.

For the last forty three minutes, I could not shake the image out of my head… the terror in her brown eyes as she stood surrounded by monsters… me helpless, pinned down by Jane… her silent scream as Aro smiled widely, then tore into her throat.

Her chocolate eyes were wide with concern, brimming with questions she would not ask. I sat her down on her feet at the side of the bed.

"You have no idea…" I choked out unable to finish.

"Yes I do."

As if I was a child, she kissed my cheek and began to undress me. In so many ways, she was stronger than I was. I reached out to her soft fragile body, taking one button at a time, mesmerized by the sight of my shirt descending off her shoulder and the sound of it fluttering to the floor. Captured in her steady gaze, my fingers slipped between the elastic waistband of her little cotton shorts and her warm skin, sliding them to her ankles then lifting her out of them.

Oh, this was what I needed, my reassurance… her live heart beating against my own. Her legs lifted and embraced my waist. I turned back the rumpled comforter and laid us both down on to the bed.

Side by side, our limbs tangled together inside the trapped heat of the blankets. Her mouth was fierce and urgent on my stone lips. Was it only this morning that we had begun this so playfully?

We were not playing now. This was a healing balm. She pushed at my shoulder and I rolled onto my back, dragging her along for the ride.

She moved against me with a passion that was disarming, her scorching lips glued to mine. Back and forth over my stone shaft, the outside of her womb rocked slowly, lovingly, ministering to me. Then she lifted her hips and positioned herself on the tip. I took her by the waist and pushed my erection up into her wet folds. We both moaned with relief.

We made love as one, moving together in tandem. But as her body began to sweat and her needs grew stronger, she went to lift off my chest.

"No." I pleaded. I could not endure her heart that far away. Still inside her, I rolled us over. Cocooned in her arms and legs, I thrust my self over and over. She clung to me as if I held her onto the planet, trembling and shaking as tears began to run down her face.

"I love you so much." I whispered once more against her mouth. Sobs rupture from her as her body began to convulse beneath me as she came. Wrenching my hands away, I would have cried too if I could as my own orgasm seized control of me, blinding me in both pleasure and pain.

We held each other in our own little world under the blankets watching the shadows move across the room.

"Laundry…" she murmured finally and tried to get up.

"What about it?" I smiled slyly, tucking her safely back against me.

"I have to get jeans started."

"No you don't." I grinned wider, kissing her forehead.

"Just because Alice sent me a new pair doesn't mean…"

I pulled her impossibly closer. "They're already out on the line."

"Edward," I pursed my lips as she scowled at me. She didn't like when I washed clothes.

I began to snicker. I don't know why. I just couldn't keep it in any longer.

"Stop that." She growled.

I began to laugh in earnest now, and then she started to laugh too. We went on like that for I don't know how long, But as the heady feeling eventually began to fade, my thoughts turned back to my waking nightmare.

"I was scared." I confessed.

"So was I."

She took my hand in hers and kissed my palm. I closed my eyes as she placed it over her heart.

"It will be alright." She whispered fervently. "I know it will."

Thank you for reading. My original idea was just to get the clothes from Alice, but it evolved. Edward never stops worrying, but I think Bella lives in denial. I figured a small dose of reality was good for her.

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