A little drabble that suddenly struck me, from Tenebrae's perspective. Not sure about the angsty part, but I still went for that one. Setting is somewhere after the Temple of Ice, after Sheena saved Marta. I dismiss the little lovey-dovey talk between them right after that as Emil simply confusing a crush for the fear of losing a friend. I didn't quite get the flow I was aiming for, if you get what I mean, but nevertheless, I like how it turned out. I apologize for any spelling or grammar errors. Chemistry does that too my brain. Point out those that you may come across, and I'll fix them. For now, enjoy.


A human's mind is so complicated, much more so than us centurions or any Summon spirit. While I am able to understand and predict how most humans would interact and respond in certain situations, there are also those who even surprise me.

Lord Emil, is definitely one of those people.

The boy himself however, seems to be, at least partly, oblivious to his own mind. I seem to see what he has yet to realize. I see, but I do not understand. Not all of it. It was not hard to understand he found himself interested in anyone else than Lady Marta. While she is most charming, she is also too assertive for someone like him. A shy boy who has yet to find himself is unsuited for a lady such as herself. What I find unable to understand however, is how he can be interested in him.I was not there when lord Emil met him, but I can only assume that little mantra of his has something to do with that man. Lady Marta seems oblivious to it, but I can hear the sheer respect and adoration in his voice whenever he talks about the man. Which is way too often for my comfort. Apart from his charms, I fail to see what it is that has Lord Emil so interested. We have encountered the man as our enemy multiple times now, and if it wasn't for the fact that we were fortunate enough to encounter some very useful comrades, Lady Marta would surely have been dead by now. All because of Lord Emil's incapacity to see the older man as such.

Richter Abend, the man who essentially killed him.

The man Lord Emil is slowly but surely, falling in love with. One of these days Lord Emil will find out who he is, what he is, what he has done, and what has happened to him because of that fact. And I fear, that if Lord Emil gets too deep into this, it may very well be impossible for him to take responsibility as Lord Ratatosk. He is too much of a fragile boy to sever the strong bonds that will surely have been made by then, and that his feelings, will thus lead to his own demise.

Lord Emil, what are you doing to yourself?