Unknown POV

I was walking around when I saw a city in the distance. I noticed a sign with the city's name: Station Square. "Hmm, an interesting name for a city like this. This kind of environment will have lots of energy I can then absorb," I said to myself. I then continued walking and entered Station Square. I walked around the city, looking for any ripe sources of energy. I noticed four boys playing football and made my way over to them. One of the boys saw me and tried to warn his friend. "Dude, behind you. Look out," he said before running off. "What's the matter, man? Is there...," the other boy started before I put my hand on his shoulder. I started draining the life from him and released my grip when he was empty. I then grabbed another of the boys and started to drain his energy. "Who are you," he asked as I drained him of his strength. "I am Spirit Sucker," I said before releasing my grip on my second victim.

Rocket's POV

"Man, that was some sleep," I said while stretching my arms. I walked over to the living room of my apartment, turned on the TV, and flipped through the channels until seeing an interesting news report. I flipped back and watched the report. "It seems two boys were found with absolutely no life in their eyes. We were able to get answers from two others who were with them," the reporter said. "Just some guy in a robe. We couldn't see his face," one of the boys said. "That's right. We couldn't see his face, but he did drain the life out of Ben and Robbie," the other boy said. "We were lucky to get away so fast." "Interesting. What is going on," I asked myself. I then decided to tell the others about this development.

"So two guys were found with no life whatsoever," Sally asked after I finished explaining what was on the news. "That's right. Two guys named Ben and Robbie. There could be more, but this stranger obviously had the power to drain any life he or she found," I replied. "He or she? You're not sure," Vector asked. "Not in the least. The guy was wearing a robe that blocked his face from being shown. At least, that's the other guys said." "Interesting. So we have a robed stranger walking through town stealing any life. I say this is worth looking into," Sally said. "It definitely is, Sal. We need to get to the bottom of this. And I know just the way," I said. "How," Espio asked. "It's easy. All we need is someone willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and draw the guy in. And I nominate myself as the one that will lay his life on the line." "No, you don't get to do it. I will," Sally said. "And the first step to the plan is getting someone else to be the scapegoat," I said. "Wait a second. You'll be the one to do it." "No way, princess. I heard you nominate yourself. We all did." Agreeing murmurs were heard and Sally was steamed. "Hey, you're the one who said you'll do it. I can't be held accountable for your screw-up," I said. "Fine. But the next time something like this happens, you are the one who'll be up to bat," Sally said, giving in. "All right. We're all in agreement, so here's the plan." The others listened very intently while I described the plan I had devised.