Hogwarts Express


Harry Potter, the Boy-who-lived, looked at his permission slip that his godfather had left him and smiled. 'Why did you do this for me?' he thought. 'You should be worried about yourself. Not me.'

"Harry are you okay?" Hermione asked as she looked at him worriedly. "You've been awful quiet ever since we got on the train."

"Yeah." Harry sighed, looking at his red-haired friend as the ginger watched Sirius' gift, the owl he had named Pigwidgeon. Suddenly however, a throbbing twinge occurred in his chest, causing him to bend over, the slip falling on the bench he sat on, sweat forming on his forehead as the throbbing increased.

Before he nearly fell over, Hermione caught him, causing him to look up at her in thanks, only to have her face looking none-too-happy. "What happened?" she asked as she sat him upright.

"I don't know. Just got some kind of pain in my chest." He said unhappily, feeling the throbbing pinch in his chest subside as he puts the slip away finally.

"Well you should be glad its only a pain in your chest." Ron grumbled as he looked at him. "I had my leg mauled while you guys came out right as rain."

"What are you talking about?" Harry snarled. "You got to go to the Hospital Wing while I had to fight Dementors." He explained as he looked at him with barely held contempt. "You think you could have cast a Patronus that would drive off as many as there was?" he asked.

"I don't even believe that you were able to do that." Ron laughed. "It must have been Professor Snape who did that." He said as he caught the owl and held it gently. "I mean, the Patronus charm is something that is not easily conjured, according to Lupin."

"Ron, that is not something that you should kid about." Hermione said angrily as she looked the boy over. "What is wrong with you that you can't think that Harry, the one person who would surprise everyone, could cast something like that. Not only did I hear him cast it, I saw the Patronus!" she snarled.

"Its okay, Hermione." Ron smiled, patting her on the knee. "As soon as we get home, you'll be okay."

Hermione simply looked at the man like he was a complete lunatic. "What are you talking about, Ron?" she asked. "I am going home with my parents and going on holiday." She explained as he continued to look at him. "You have no right to tell me what to do."

"Yes I do." Ron smirked before patting her again. "Dumbledore already told me…" he began, before being stopped by Ginny entering the compartment.

"So what does everyone have planned for the summer?" she asked.

"Dad said that he would be trying to get the family tickets to the world cup." Ron smiled dreamily now before holding Pig up again.

Harry looked at Ron again before looking away, his eyes locking on someone passing past the doorway. 'What the?' he thought before standing up, removing his robes.


In another compartment, up closer to the front of the train, four women were sitting and talking about things that had happened during the last year. These four were: Cho Chang, Parvati Patil, Padma Patil and Su Li a pureblood witch from Ravenclaw in the same year as Harry.

"I'm telling you, Cho." Parvati began again after a small silence. "You should forget Cedric Diggory and go after Potter." She explained with mirth. "You keep talking about how badly you and your dad want you to marry well."

"Doesn't matter." Cho said with a scowl. "You have to remember that Harry Potter isn't a pureblooded wizard and shouldn't even be considered up for marriage." She explained to her own misfortune. "Besides, I had my mum and dad check some things out." She sighed. "Potter has three marriage contracts. Ones that can't be changed." She said. "And there's a 'no concubine' by-law in each of them." She frowned.

"I can't believe the three of you." Su growled angrily. "Its bad enough that you all parade around the damn school. You don't even realize what is happening in the world much less this shit."

"What are you talking about?" Padma finally spoke up. "We're talking about Cho's future here."

"What future?" Su asked. "What future does someone have if they are unable to finish school because they wont stop picking on and bullying someone just because their different?"

"How dare you." Cho growled. "Next year when I am prefect you will…"

"How would you know you're even going to be Prefect?" Su asked, interrupting the soon-to-be tirade. "How do you even figure you could get away with bullying?" she asked.

"Who are you even talking about?" Parvati asked.

"I'm talking about Luna Lovegood, that's who the hell I'm talking about!" Su shouted angrily, fingering her locket.

"There she goes again," Cho sneered. "Fingering her damned necklace."

"Don't disrespect me." Parvati growled as she narrowed in on Su.

"If I hear about you three bullying or having someone bully Luna again, I will have every single one of you expelled by Professor flitwick." Su warned. "And don't think he already doesn't know about it."

"Get out of this compartment." Cho growled. "Get out now." She demanded.

Su simply shook her head and walked out of the compartment. But not before leaving behind a charm for the three that would make them realize what they were doing.

Now walking down the corridor of the Express, Su fished out her necklace and fingered the design. Looking down she frowned as she saw that it had changed its shape again. 'Bloody thing.' She thought as she walked through several people. 'Can't it keep its shape for once?' she wondered as she looked at the new design. 'Is that a Stag and a Dragon?' she asked it. Suddenly realizing what she was doing, Su tucked the necklace back into her shirt and fingered her wand that was tucked neatly into the back of her skirt. She was instantly glad that she hadn't lapsed for too long because as soon as she looked back she saw Ginny Weasley slamming past her.

Watching Ginny Weasley walking happily into a compartment, she frowned as her mind instantly began being filled with thoughts of gold, treasure and parties. Shaking her head angrily, she pushed past the little fangirl and walked away, not even realizing that Harry Potter had spotted her.

Unaware of things going on, she remembered when her mother had given her the very necklace that was around her neck, or at least the blank slate of the artifact. Her mother was a half- elf witch who had forsaken many of her former heritages. Namely staying within the clan that had been around her father's home when it moved away to another location. But she did not however, forsake the magic that sang through both her and her newborn daughter. She had told her last summer that there was many thing s that her mother had to teach her, but most of it involved the necklace that she had given her. Aimlessly walking to the end of the train, Su sighed realizing that she suddenly felt a severe pinch in her chest, something that she had never felt before. Rubbing the area in an attempt to get rid of the pain, she ended up walking into an empty compartment.




Harry sighed as once again, Ginny Weasley could be found trying to be friendly and get a conversation going with him, mostly dealing with Quidditch, which to Harry was a sport he was quickly realizing that he could live without. Sighing angrily as now Harry was having to ignore the ginger female, he had to also resist punching Ron for how he was acting around Hermione. 'Who the hell sticks up for Snape?' he wondered. Feeling even more annoyed, Harry stood up again and walked to the door.

"Harry where are you going?" Ginny asked, looking to Ron for help. 'Why won't he talk to me?' she wondered. 'When will he realize that we should be together?'

"Nowhere." Harry growled as he turned to stare at Hermione as she looked out the window now. "I'm going for a walk." He explained before he was gone.

"Wait let me come with you!" Ginny shouted, quickly getting to her feet and trying to follow, only to be stuck to the bench cushion. "Harry wait!" she cried out as she tried to fight back against the cushion.

She seemed to suddenly be staring at a now closed door, with no Harry to drool over. "Thanks for the help Ron." She grumbled.

Ron on the other hand, was trying to scoot over to Hermione and it wasn't working. "Come on Hermione, why won't you go to the World Cup with me?" he asked. "I'm sure Harry'll be there." He said anxiously, as if that would change everything.

Hermione immediately whirled around at him. "You think I care?" she shouted. "Harry is our friend. And you have been continuously insulting him ever since we got everything dealt with about Sirius!" she shouted.

"Why do I care about what that half-blood thinks!" he snarled.




Sirius Black walked into the bank worriedly as he watched the guards at the outside of the bank. He had been coming here to talk with some of the Goblins but had come under a cloak in an attempt to get passed them. Fortunately for him the Aurors outside in the alley didn't seem to care as they let him walk right past them. As soon as he walked into the Goblin Bank he pulled the hood back, smiling at the lack of people in the lobby.

Smiling further, he watched as three Goblin Guards and a small banker appeared through the end of the Lobby. Walking close to the four, Sirius' grin grew even more as he saw that it was one of his friends from the days before he attacked Peter that Halloween. "Hello Nipstrike." He said as he bowed to the Goblin banker. "I assume your gold has flourished my friend?" he asked.

Nipstrike, a Goblin with far too little time on his hands, smiled as he looked at the man. "Hello, Lord Black. How is everything feeling after being imprisoned for so long?" the Goblin asked.

"Well, I haven't really tried everything as it were since I've been on the run," Sirius chuckled. "But I was able to find Pettigrew, and was able to see Harry." He smiled at the good memory.

"That is good news, Lord Black." Nipstrike smiled before looking and nodding to the guards who backed off marginally. "As soon as we have him we can force the Ministry to give you a fair trial like we discussed." He smiled a toothy grin. "But I would think that there was something here that you wanted to take care of other than just your health, my friend."

"Obviously." Sirius barked a laugh as he looked at the guards. "Is that you, Rustward?" he asked the older of the guards as he looked worriedly.

"Lord Black." The Goblin muttered as he bowed his head.

"Don't bow to me, Rustward." Sirius demanded. "You saved my life on more than one occasion." He explained. "I should be bowing to you, not the other way around." He said aggressively as he did just that to the guard. "But if you and yours ever need me, Rustward, you had better believe that I will be there to help in any way I can." He vowed as he held out his hand, their eyes locked together in silence.

Suddenly looking at the hand, the goblin known as Rustward looked at Nipstrike who only gave the Goblin a nod before he clasped hands with the black haired lord. "Thank you, Lord Black." Rustward said, his voice as steely as one would expect.

Sirius smiled as he stood back up. "Now, Nipstrike." He smiled. "How about we go talk business? I need to get a new Will made up along with a few other things." He said as he held up several familiar scraps of clothe.

It was just as Sirius and the Goblins turned to move toward his office that a door was slammed open from where Nipstrike and the Guards had appeared. Loud gasps were heard as Sirius looked on as a rather tall Drow Elf female proceeded to move quickly through the small crowd, her face showing very little even through her silver mane of hair. Sirius looked the woman over, only to realize that there was something familiar about her. Excusing himself momentarily, Sirius moved closer to the woman, only to come up short as he recognized a pair of emerald green eyes looking around angrily, as well as a large lock of hair hanging down with a long series of hair beads clutching the hair. Several of them were ones he had given the woman. "Celeste?" he asked loudly, not even realizing that he had spoken loudly.

With a whirl, the woman seemed to look him up and down. "How do you know that name? Who are you!" the woman demanded in a much deeper voice than what Sirius remembered. Even though she was now standing right in front of him grabbing his collar, he couldn't help but feel happiness at seeing her.

"Celeste, I'm hurt." He began as he tried to get her off of his collar only to have her tighten her grip. "You don't remember me?"

"Why would I remember you, human?" she asked angrily.

"Oh, so we're back to Human and Elf now huh?" he whispered. "I would think that you would remember someone who was your great grandchild's blood brother." He growled. "Has it been too long that I as one of your special lovers have faded from your memory?" he demanded. "Or is it that your great granddaughter that you loved more than most dying has changed you? After all, you were supposed to be there for Harry, your great great grandson, if I was unable to provide for him? Where were you, Elder of the Drow Clan?" he snarled. Of all the responses he was thinking would happen, the large pressure on his windpipe as well as the punch to his nose knocking him out was not one of them.

"You know nothing about my family, Human." Celeste growled as she moved away from the downed human, only to have sharp pointed weapons pointed at her neck. "What is the meaning of this!" she snarled.

"I would ask you the same thing, Elder." Nipstrike began as he moved to Sirius to help revive him. "You just assaulted the latest Lord of the House of Black."

Celeste seemed to start as she looked Sirius in the face before she was assaulted with suppressed memories that she had kept hidden. Memories of the only real chance she had at normality since her husband died. "Regulas?" she asked, looking down at the goblin, only to have him shake his head no. Celeste immediately began to cry out in anger as she saw Sirius again. "Sirius." She gulped as she got a nod from the Goblin. She immediately tried to get to him but was stopped from the Goblins. "Please, I have to be sure its him!" she screamed out.

"Come with us."


Unknown Location


Eight dark clocked figures sat around a small wooden stump, a small dagger on each of the points on the stump itself. But as the figures stood there, another walked into the area, a large bow on its back as it kneeled on a knee and pulled its hood up, revealing a dark skinned woman with dark blue eyes and long silver hair with blue highlights. "Honored Elders of the Wood Elf and High Elf clans." The woman began as she looked each of them in their hooded faces. "We of the Drow are aware of a prophecy that will cause great pride for the Elves in all entirety." She said worriedly. "We are only concerned about the one we suspect to be the one who will bring about the change." She said as she looked back the way she had come.

"What do you mean, Drow Messenger?" One of the male sounding Elder asked, one of the taller ones that is, looked at her oddly. "How do the Drow know of this Prophecy?" he asked.

"High Elf Elder," the Drow began as she pulled her hand slowly into her robe and pulled out a rather sizeable scroll out of them. "This is a letter from out Leader, asking for information. That is all. We have discovered that there is a male of Elf descent, even though we do not know who, and that he is even now attending that wretched school of Hogwarts." She said with contempt as she looked at them again.

One of the shorter Elven Elders stood forth and pulled his hood up, revealing a man who bore many scars on his elven face, with brown skin and a small amount of black in his otherwise green hair. "You say that there is someone of elven ancestry in a human school?" he asked.

"Yes, Wood Elf Elder." The Drow said worriedly. "I would think that this would have been found sooner, if things were not so forbidden to talk to others about. As such the only reason my own Elders asked for me to attend such a highly esteemed gathering much less ask for one is to warn the Elders of this council that there is a need to watch the humans and their dealings, even if it is distasteful." The Drow sighed, knowing that there would be an argument.

"Let us see this scroll." Another voice called out from the two who originally talked. "When we see this information we will make our decision." The voice explained. It was then the Drow looked upon the person and was greeted with the sight of two very long blades at the figures hips. Suddenly, catching the Drow unaware, the figure pulled their hood back as well, showing a High Elf woman with piercings along each of her elongated ears. "I am Eirschell Vasinta. What is your name, Drow Messenger?" she asked.

"I am Valenka, daughter of Elbonai." Valenka said as she bowed to the woman.

"The Daughter of a Cave Hunter?" Eirschell asked as she looked aback slightly.

"Yes, my Elder." She said as she bowed, handing a much smaller Elf the scroll.

As soon as the Elder took the scroll and read even a little bit of it, looking back at her with shock in her eyes. "This is going to be an interesting thing."




Sirius' head hung low as he looked through the office that he had been pulled into. "I can't believe that she would react like that." He whispered to himself as he looked to the goblin behind him. "I just can't believe it Nipstrike." He said. "I mean," he said as a sigh, before he turned away again to lean against the wall, a blush on his face. "If an Elf of ANY kind could be the Matriarch of a family, I would have asked her when James and I went to see her with Lily."

"I still would have refused, Sirius Black." The familiar voice called to him from the other side of the door. "You were too much of a hot head back then." Her voice this time brought with it a smile. "Just like now."

"Celeste, why did you attack me?" Sirius demanded, throwing the heavy door open suddenly.

"I thought you were another human." Celeste began before she ran forward and hugged the escaped convict. "You haven't been to see me in over two decades, Siri." She explained, or tried to.

As if at the flip of a switch, the Drow Elf pulled back and slapped the convict hard. "What is the meaning of this, Madame?" Nipstrike demanded as he watched his friend fall to the ground.

"Why did you never come back, Siri?" Celeste ordered. "Why have I not heard from you in so long?"

"We don't get many uses of the prison owls, Celeste." Sirius groaned as he picked himself back up. "I was stupid, and fucked up in my protection of Harry."

"Harry is dead!" Celeste screamed out as she felt the forbidden tears fall on her cheeks. "He has been dead for twelve years!"

Sirius looked at her once again, this time with anger on his face and rage in his eyes. "Celeste you might want to talk more with the representatives. Harry has been alive, is still alive, and just last week saved me from Dementors."


Hogwarts Express ~ Harry


Harry stilled as he heard everything that Ron had said. Taking a look at a small braid he had around his wrist, he found the red hair attached to four other strands. The hair looked frayed and broken in places, causing him to ever regret being involved with those two Weasleys. Ripping the hand-made bracelet from his wrist, he growled as the entire thing ignited. 'I guess Hermione isn't a good enough friend.' He thought as he felt the pain in his chest spring forth again, this time more like a pulse. It made him very tired. Throwing the charred bracelet to the ground, he sneered as he walked down the train carts. 'They ask me if I'm alright.' He sighed as he trailed his fingers over both sides of the wall, not noticing the small crackling that appeared in blue magic along the walls from his fingertips. 'I doubt I'll ever be alright.'

Looking at several people now cowering from him, something that now made him even more angrier, Harry saw that there was a lone compartment at the end of the train, and from the way things look when he kicked the door open slightly, there wasn't anyone inside. But there was a bed on the inside of the compartment. As soon as he saw the bed, he was hit with an intense wave of exhaustion the likes of which he could only think that it made him feel like he had just had another fight with the Basilisk. Thinking of the Basilisk however, brought up memories of his 'supposed' friends. Or at least Hermione. Shaking his head, Harry walked numbly to the bed and laid down, not even realizing how the blankets and sheet moved back for him. He was asleep before he could even breathe out.


Hermione ~ 3 Hours later


"I am only going to tell you this one more time, Ronald Weasley." Hermione snarled as she got up from the bench, watching the male Weasley. She wasn't even shocked when she saw Ginny getting up to leave the compartment over an hour ago. "I am not going to go to the World Cup with you." she began. "I do not like Quidditch. I do not like the idea of spending my entire summer laying around when I could be studying." She snarled.

"But Hermione why do you want to study all the time?" Ron asked. "It's not like you need it."

"Shut up." Hermione growled. "My family and I are going on vacation to France and I am going to have fun."

"Why do you wanna spend so much time with those Muggles anyways?" he asked, getting a slap from Hermione.

"Those 'Muggles' as you so call them? Their my family. My PARENTS!" she shouted.

"I STILL don't understand why you are taking so much time with them." Ron growled.

A sudden explosion from the rear of the train caused the entire compartment to rock angrily, causing Hermione to fall off her feet, while Ron instantly pitched forward, his head smacking into the wall behind her, knocking him out. As she looked at him in worry, she saw that he was still breathing, and from the way that his nose looked, it seemed like it may actually broken and bleeding. Turning left and right, Hermione frowned as she saw people literally begin to flow out of their compartments. Opening her own door, she was awarded with a very powerful lurch as the train stopped at a quicker than needed rate, which caused Hermione to pitch to the side a little.




Ginny Weasley looked on in confusion of what was going on. Pulling her wand, she walked slowly from the front of the Express, watching how many were leaving their compartments. "Head to the front of the train." She said as several older students looked at her in confusion. "I was going to go back there and find out what was going on. Someone should go talk to the Conductor and find out what is going on and why he stopped the train." She explained, not looking them in the eye before moving further down to the back of the train. Looking out the train window, Ginny was shocked to see the entire area darkening, as if by some darker energy, there was a green like light from the back of the train, at least by the way the glare was coming from the back. Staring wide-eyed, she moved quicker, trying to dodge through people. She was instantly stalled by several people who didn't seem to want to move. Growling in frustration, Ginny snarled and walked back to the front of the train. Reaching the front compartment, she walked in without knocking and was instantly knocked out by several spells hitting her in the chest.




Hermione snarled before she saw Cho running past her as though she could only stand there. "Cho!" she shouted, causing the Ravenclaw to stop and look at her. "Whats going on?" Hermione asked as the woman looked her up and down.

"There's been some kind of explosion at the back of the train and the Conductor said something about being unable to move the train." The woman explained, causing Hermione to frown. "Some of us are going to go find out what is going on."

"Okay I'm going with you." Hermione said as she grabbed her wand and looked down the train.

"I don't think that there's some kind of monster or anything that is waiting on the end of the train." Cho said as she pointed at Hermione's wand. "What are you intending to do with that?"

"Three years of having adventures with Harry Potter will make you wary of anyone or anything that is able to stop a magical object such as the Hogwarts Express." Hermione explained with a blush.

Cho simply laughed at her before walking down the hall, shaking her head, a now grumbling Hermione Granger following her after not even a second thought.


Rear of the Train


Fred scowled as he and George tried to enter the last of the compartments. "I don't know what this means, George." He said as he punched the door, trying to get into the room. "I mean, something is literally rattling the door! Whoever is behind this door, it's ridiculous." He gulped.

"Whoever it is, we best not get on their bad side I would think, my dear Fred." George said wryly as he cast a charm on the door, only to have it rebound on him, knocking him back into the other wall. "Ouchie." He groaned before he fell to the floor.

"George!" Fred shouted as he looked down the hall to see the Gryffindor Chasers arriving at the compartment. "What bloody spell did you try?" he demanded as he picked him up slightly.

"It…" George groaned, rubbing his head. "It was just the Alohamora spell." He said angrily as he pushed his brother away and standing up, only to be caught by Angelina and Katie.

"Easy you bloody woman." Katie laughed as she looked at the door. "If you two can't see the serious magic going over that door, I am sorry but your pranks must have been done by someone else."

"I am not a bloody woman!" George shouted as he leaned against the wall.

"Sometimes I wonder." Fred snickered, only to get smacked upside the head by Angelina. "Bloody hell!" he shouted.

"Stop insulting your twin." Angelina growled as she looked at the door.

"Fred, George!" came the voice of Hermione Granger as she seemed to stampeded over other students just to get to them. "Whats going on!" she seemed to demand. "Have you seen Harry?" she asked, not even looking at the triplets next to her.

"For one thing." Katie sighed. "We have other things going on then trying to find Harry." She said as she tried to move the handle on the door. "You guys need to stand back." She frowned before removing her robes, causing some of the new students that were still coming down the train as it revealed her in a muscle shirt and a pair of jeans. Looking over, she saw her two female friends taking their sweet time doing the same. Back at the door, she wound up and proceeded to kick the crap out of the door, making several people sweet drop before trying to move closer. Hermione on the other hand, was trying to restrain herself from being a bitch and chewing the girl out for being unladylike or anything like that.

"Go away, little girl." Angelina snarled as she looked at the younger Muggleborn. "You think you're so damn intelligent, yet you don't see a powerful barrier with a warding scheme to deflect most anything used against it." She explained as she seen Katie fall back against the wall. "Katie, would you try listening to someone first before you try using your damn Jiu Jutsu on a door?" she frowned. "Alicia, see what you can find out from that door." She ordered, watching as everyone seemed to fawn over her and the other girls. Oh give me a break. She thought to herself as she turned to watch Alicia at work.

Alicia on the other hand, could only frown as she could not even begin to understand what was going on with the door. What LANGUAGE is this? She asked herself. "Girls we have a problem." She sighed.

"What is it?" Katie asked as she looked back at the twins, nearly fighting herself not to hurt them.

"I don't know this language of warding." Alicia frowned with a shake of her head. "I think I can see several rune clusters but their connected to the Ley Line underneath the train, so whatever it is, is rigged with the power running this train, and there's some kind of different rune scheme that looks like it is running with a countdown system." She explained worriedly. "And without me knowing the language, I can't tell how much longer it's going to be running."

"Well why don't you let someone else take a look?" Hermione said with a snide sneer as she tried to push her way through the girls.

"Because I know thirty seven written languages, numerical and alphabetic, little girl." Alicia said with a sneer. "Now, be a good little fourteen year old, and shut up. Go play Exploding Snap or something."

Hermione immediately looked scandalized as she looked around her for someone to go on her side of the debate. "Just shut up Granger." The voice of an oily blonde called up from the back of the group. "Potter's not here to fluff your ego and protect you so why don't you go sit down somewhere." Draco Malfoy snapped as everyone seemed to part his way.

"Hey, Malfoy." Katie smiled slightly before giving the blonde Slytherin a nod. "Is Daphne able to get up here? I heard from Millie that she was able to read Goblin text." She explained as the Slytherin turned to Crabbe and Goyle.

"What does that have to do with this Rune scheme?" Hermione growled unhappily.

"Because this isn't a human language, Granger." Draco groaned as he turned back around, his stooges gone for the moment. "If these three are asking for help, then there is a reason."

"Thank you Draco." Alicia smiled before turning back to the door and its puzzle.




Albus Dumbledore sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose in frustration. Looking to a desk on the side of his office, he smiled as he watched several silver and blue instruments shined brightly. "Good, he is doing good." He whispered, not even noticing that several of them were not moving. One of them, however, he did notice. "What is happening with the Express?" he wondered when he didn't see that the tracking charm device he had set up for the Hogwarts Express was no longer moving. Standing up slowly as he watched the object, he walked over to find that there was a green glow at the end of the object, causing him some small amount of worry. Stepping up to his floo, he disappeared with a silent flush of green flame.


Hogwarts Express === Ron


Ronald Weasley woke up with a start before he fell back down, clutching his head in pain. Drawing a hand over his wound, he frowned as he saw something crawl out of his pack. A brown and balding rat crawled out of where he had put all of his travel clothes, as if it had never left. A sudden burst of pain however, caused him to pass out again before he could do anything about the suspected rat.




Peter Pettigrew frowned as he looked around in his form as Scabbers. He had came back to the Hogwarts Express because of a demand from his master. I can't believe this. He thought angrily as he looked at the boy he had stayed with. I wish Master would have sent someone else to do this mission. He thought with worry.




Sirius Black had to stop himself from calling out to the unconscious Elf. "Nipstrike," he began, worry evident on his face and in his eyes as he looked to the goblins next to the Celeste's unconscious body. "Is she okay?"

"Sirius," Nipstrike said with slightly awed concern. "That spell should not have done that." He began. "She's alive," he frowned. "But drained."

"What do you mean it shouldn't have done that?" Sirius growled, not even looking at the guards rushing into the room, only to be stopped by Nipstrike.

"That spell uses the ambient energy of any nearby Ley Lines to finish the spell." He explained. "It should have been nothing more than a bee sting to any Drow Elf."

"Great." Sirius growled as he looked around the room. "I'm sorry you guys." He sighed. "I just found her again. I thought she was dead." He whimpered.

"We'll find out what happened when she wakes up." Nipstrike said with a pat on the shoulder. "Until then you said you had other things to do?" he asked, getting a sad nod from the man.


A/N: Adopted this from Dragon Master. Added some more content, making it where Draco isn't such a douche and other people can get along with him. Hermione is still AU along with Ron, and no, those two will NOT be in a relationship. I am giving her a relationship with one of the twins. The Harem will not feature more than two girls his own age. Right now the Harem for Harry is looking to being the following:

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