Chapter 1


Hogwarts Express


Hermione glared at the people in front of her. Draco Malfoy, the most despicable person she had ever met, had come through more than just a little. Daphne Greengrass had shown up only a half hour after Draco had sent his goons. What made her even angrier was the fact that somehow, the pureblooded bitch had been able to at least recognize some of the cluster as of the Elven variety. But that was AFTER Hermione herself had insisted to have a chance at looking at the clusters. She had regretfully been unable to figure even as much as Alicia had been able to do. Running forward, however, she ran at the door and threw up a heavy unlocking spell, only for it to rebound and hit her causing her to be thrown off her feet, and causing her to land in a still in pain George's arms.

"I thought we said not to do that again, Granger." Draco's voice called out. "I know for a fact that I saw three women who are OLDER than you, more EXPERIENCED then you, and in more ways might I add." He said with a growl, holding up his hands as he looked at the three suddenly angry chasers. "I didn't mean it like that." He pleaded.

"Whatever seed of a Death Eater." Hermione growled as she tried to stare him down. "You know nothing!"

"And yet you think you do?" Draco asked. "I don't have to explain a THING to you." he snarled. "If you wanna throw my fucked up family into an argument, why don't you work things out for yourself instead of making Potter do it?" he snarled, holding up a burnt up thick strand of hair. "Do you know what this is, Granger?" he asked, tossing it in front of her. "You and your red-headed boyfriend are pathetic." He said before walking away, nodding to the three chasers, then to the two Weasleys. "Talk to you guys sometime."

"Everyone back to your compartments," Fred called out as he watched everyone starting to become restless.

Cedric Diggory suddenly arrived from the back of the crowded hall, looking stunned as he looked at the now glowing door. As everyone seemed to disperse, he smiled as he saw Cho walking away. "Fred, George." He called out, causing the twins to look away from the door. "We have an issue." He whispered. "Some of the sixths years was scared up at the front of the first compartment, they were scared and worried so yeah." He said with a frown.

"Get on with it." George growled. "We didn't do anything."

"I know you goofballs." Cedric said as he face-palmed. "Ginny rushed in and was hit by like seven stunners." He said. "They're up there thinking because its your sister, you two are gonna make their lives hell or something."

Fred smiled as he looked at the older Hufflepuff. Putting his hand on his shoulder, he looked him in the eye. "Tell them not to worry." He said with a smile. "Get them to watch over her until she wakes up and get back to the station and they can consider us even."

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Scabbers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Peter Pettigrew instantly hid in an empty compartment as he waited for everyone to depart before walking into the last compartment. Stupid children. He squeaked to himself. Always getting in my way. He thought as he looked at the mass of people walking by. I swear if I had a wand I would kill every single one of these children.

His thoughts however, were not to be finished as someone accidentally stepped on his tail, causing him to nearly change back to kill them with his bare hands. He quickly powered through the hallway, only to pass out in fright as a rather large pair of cats meowed and began to stalk him.


Headmasters Office - Two hours later


Albus Dumbledore immediately began cursing as he appeared through the floo connection in his office. He had just spent the last two and a half hours trying to get in touch with the Hogwarts Express and find out what was going on, only to find out that every method of communication with the train had been cut off. Not even the tracks were visible! Then he had had to get Aurors from the Ministry to go with him to the Platform and inform the agitated parents that there was a problem with the train. An unfortunate Auror had even been attacked by a flying purse somehow, before Albus had sent the man through the barrier to look for any of the Muggleborn parents. Albus himself had had to go through and bring every single parent through to the platform, assigning several more Aurors just to protect the parents! Rubbing his forehead as he reached his chair, he let loose a loud sigh before bring a bottle of Whiskey out of his desk drawer.

An unexpected visitor however, caused him to look up from his bottle. "What can I do for you, Severus?" Albus asked before downing another swig of the drink.

"You know that something is going on with the Express. Why aren't you fixing this? I am being assaulted by floo calls by the families of my snakes and I have no idea what to do." Severus explained.

"I don't know what is going on with the train. There is a complete blackout over the skies above it, no portkeys are able to get there and the floo network is disconnected somehow." Albus began. "And I have tried already to get to the Express through Apparating, and came up dead nowhere." He said with a growl.

"I'll bet it has something to do with that POTTER brat." Severus snarled, causing Albus to sigh and shake his head.

"When are you going to get over your pathetic little grudge?" the Headmaster asked. "I cannot protect you from the Aurors if you continue to do as you are."

"You do NOT threaten me, Headmaster." Severus snarled. "Now I have to go deal with angry parents." He said with a growl before leaving with a flourish of his robes.


Somewhere in the forests of Britain ~ Two hours later


Eight Elves in robes converged on a small table. At the center of the table, was a small scroll, encased in a black wooded box. "Are you sure of this, Atrigun?" one of the smaller elves asked, his brown skin shining with concern. "The Legacy is just a legend."

"Vestus you and I both know that any legend has a beginning." Atrigun began, drawing back their hood revealing a black haired elf with green eyes. "Sirius Black is one of my many old friends." She said with worry. "He completed the Vasgus Romeen ritual of manhood." She began as they looked amongst them. "And you all know what that means for the Drow."

"I can't believe that you think that a mere human can be anywhere near an elves lineage." A deep masculine voice called from one of the wider robed figures. "It's a HUMAN!"

"He is a half elf," Vestus began angrily. "You have no right to even be here much less talking about someone's purity of their life." He explained. "Now, shut up or leave. We will discover everything on our own."

The man in question however, could only growl before turning away from them yet standing in place. "This human will NOT be our savior." He explained angrily. "The Lost Ones are not returning, and that family left us for exile decades ago!"

"Who said that they ever left?" a feminine voice called out, causing everyone to turn to the source of the voice.

"Vegaria Belastria," Atrigun said with wonder. "Care to explain what you mean by that statement?"

Vegaria simply frowned before looking at the table. "The Legend says that the Lost Ones had such abilities and powers that caused everyone to lose their will to fight." He began. "I happen to keep my pointed ears up and hear that there are creatures that actually feature those such powers."

"So why do you have all this negativity towards the legendary elven warrior." Atrigun sneered, looking away from the elf.

"Because I happen to believe that it is an ELF that is meant to stop the Great Evil and not some half-wit human mortal!" Vegaria snarled.

"Then you should shut up." A new yet female voice called out from the other side of the clearing, nearing the table quickly. "My messenger it seems got here too late." The voice of Celene called out, pulling back her own hood, shocking the assembled elves. "Lower cowels, NOW!" she demanded.


Hogwarts Express


"So you think your better then the rest of us?" a female voice called out, causing Hermione to jump. Turning to look to the door, she only frowned as she looked at the three Crimson Vixens as they were called.

"I don't know what you're talking about, much less do I care." She said before turning to her book that she had been reading. "Now please leave I am studying."

"Now see, Katie?" Alicia said happily. "She's 'studying' again." She said, holding her fingers up in quotations. "Do you even realize that all the studying isn't going to do you a damn lick of good?" she asked.

"How would you know?" Hermione growled, accidentally throwing her book at the door, only for Angelina to catch it. "You purebloods have no idea what I have to go through."

Her statement however, was interrupted by laughter and by more than just three people. Looking to the door again, she growled as she looked at several more people not even looking at her, but at the book she had been reading: Wizarding Laws. "What are you laughing about!" she demanded.

"For one thing, Tinkerbell." Katie laughed as she held her chest. "We are not purebloods." She smiled, looking at her friends. "In fact, we all use to be orphans, until some lovely mundane families took us in, even though they were sworn to the Statute of Secrecy."

Angelina stepped forward a little bit, holding the book out to Hermione. "One thing you should realize, Granger," she began. "Is that some people, us included, have to CLAW our way out of the gutter." She growled, looking at Alicia. "Some of us more than others." She said as she sat down, the other chasers following her example. "So when you hold yourself as you are, do you really look at what people think of you, or are you content on being a bookworm for Harry to ask for help, even though he doesn't need it?" she asked. "You make yourself act like your going to be Head Girl, and that no matter what, you are going to jump straight to Minister of Magic." She growled. "Do you remember Penelope Clearwater? Muggleborn much like the rest of us."

"Yes I remember her."

"That's good." Katie said anxiously. "Do you want to know what that precious Head Girl is doing now? Angelina just got an Owl from her the other day." She said as she looked out at the now slowly moving train.

"Last I heard she was wanting to get into the Muggle Relationships Department at the Ministry." Hermione said with conviction as she slowly retrieved her book from the dark skinned Chaser.

"She's working for the Floo Department." Angelina growled.

"And if she hadn't gotten a Floo CLEANING position she would have had to work as an apprenticeship program at the TAILORS!" Alicia snarled.

"But that is something I want to help!" Hermione shouted, standing up in anger as she felt the three were ganging up on her.

"Sit down, Granger." Katie snapped. "We know what you want."

"But after so long in the Magical World, you still are head over heels into the idea of a surreal world." Angelina sighed, crossing her legs. Holding out her hand, revealing a silver watch that seemed to shimmer. "Do you know how all three of us got these?" she asked.

"No, I don't."Hermione whimpered as she looked at the three, now realizing that there was nothing that could save her.

"Great now she cows down to us, instead of getting in our way when examining that damn rune cluster." Alicia snarled, holding out her own hand, revealing an identical watch to the two that were now revealed to her.

"We got this from our lovely teammate, one Harry Potter." Katie smiled as she kissed the watch band. Shaking her head suddenly, Katie held up something else that Hermione realized that she hadn't noticed. "These were also given to us. By Harry." She smiled before opening up her bag.

"Harry came to us about two weeks after that broom incident, sighting that out of all of his teammates, that we were the most likely to make something of ourselves, so he asked us" Alicia began only to be supported by Katie.

"What all three of us wanted to do with our lives after school let out." Katie once again smiled.

"So we told him." Angelina said hastily. "I ended up with a full set of charms books, with an intermediate Rune carving kit, same with Katie."

"And I ended up receiving the bulk of it in a full set of beginner all the way to master grade rune and ward tools complete with books." Alicia smiled.

"But your Quidditch players!" Hermione shouted, only to be on the receiving end of a slap by Angelina.

"You know, for someone who believes in equal rights for everybody," the dark skinned chaser began.

"You just sounded an awful lot like a Pureblood Slytherin." Alicia said with a small frown. "Come on girls." She began, standing up. "This little wanna-be is just riding coat tails."

"We shouldn't have tried to help you." Katie growled. "Hell I feel dirty." She said as she pretended to wipe her clothes free of imaginary dirt.

"When you get your head out of the clouds and feel up to being a big girl, and away from stupid people putting idiotic thoughts in your head, come find us." Angelina sniped. "We'll be the ones working for a mastery and THEN being Quidditch players. Ever hear of the term, 'Work hard, play hard'?"

Hermione was left to her own devices once again. But she could not seem to get her mind wrapped around what the trio had been saying. What does it matter? She thought as she looked outside at the slightly lighter sky. Soon I'll have my way paved. She thought as her imagination went onward to after she was through with school, becoming Minister and then changing the way the Magical World saw the Muggleborn and Squibs.


Draco's Compartment


Draco Malfoy smiled as he looked at his hands. In one hand, was the twine of burned hair that he had picked up off of the floor. In the other, was a potions vial. Lucius thinks that this will help me? He wondered before shrugging his shoulders, quickly opening the window and throwing the vial out of the window. "I'll become what I am meant to be on my own merits." He growled to himself. "And now that Potter realized that the Weasley is not his friend, then I can do what I was supposed to do, and NOT what my father thought I should." He thought as he tucked the band into his robes pocket. His mind immediately calmed as he thought of something. "Goyle, Crabbe, go and ask Daphne to come here, I need to ask her something."


Back of the train


At the glowing door, several loud clicks were heard, only to be silenced by a mysterious hiss. Several minutes later, the door returned to its original appearance. Inside the room, however, was a totally different story. Pictures were mending, a single queen sized bed was rearranging into the separate benches, and the walls seemed to shift and moan in anger as they were once again forced to move. Unfortunately for the two inside the room, silent screams were heard as they were pulled apart on the bed, their bodies seeming to be moving and shifting as well before a loud groan and shriek was heard from the two, and a green and blue dome appeared around each of them, only to break seconds later. On one bench, sat a girl of Asian or Chinese descent, about five foot six, with an hourglass figure that would make most think that she was a run-way model. Covered barely in a pair of torn and ripped robes bearing Ravenclaw colors, with obvious areas where she had grown, her hair was different than how it was left however, a single streak of almost silver green hair now complimented her now bowl-cut like hair and her flawless skin continued to make her even more beautiful to the common eye.

On the other bench was something different altogether. A boy that looked to be sixteen years old lay there, his outfit other than his boxers ruined, his body seeming to bulge with power and strength before it quieted down and morphed back into a smaller frame, a more tightly packed and streamline frame that seemed to compliment the man far better. Long black hair seemed to flow down onto the end of the bench, seeming to shroud his head. He is the first however, to awaken from his slumber, even if he was awoken by pain as he stretched, bones and joints popping as he moved. Damn Marcel. He thought angrily as he felt his back pop for the seventh time. Should have told us it would be that painful. He grumbled before looking at his side, finding it empty. "Su?" he asked out loud, worry evident. Look at the other side of the room as he heard a groan, he sighed as he felt relief upon seeing the woman that had become so important to him. Thank Merlin. He thought, only to chuckle. I still say I can't be his descendant. He thought, pulling his hand through through his hair, he frowned. "Okay, still a half elf." He muttered as he felt a pair of elongated ears.

"It still makes you look cute and much more intelligent." Su's voice called out from the bench, only then making him realize that she was staring at him. "Besides, at least we still look somewhat older." She smiled as she sat up, more sounds of popping resulting as she winced at the sounds. "I would have hated to wait." She growled as she stood up. "Harry, we waited a year with Marcel and the others." She said before pulling him to his feet. As soon as he stood up , he was greeted with a pair of lips crashing into his, causing the both of them to push into a neighboring cupboard, causing it to break open, contents spilling out on top of them even as they fell, still kissing.

For Harry, the wood splinters that were digging into his back was nothing as he felt the woman he loved kissing him heavily. Something however, stopped him. As he opened his eyes so he could look at her, he saw something that made him stop kissing her. "Honey, did you grow a wand out of your ass?" he asked, looking over her shoulder to where she was laying on him.

"What are you talking about!" she snarled before sitting up, straddling him.

"Get up and I will show you." he ordered as he grabbed her hips. "We'll continue after we get done with Gringotts, I promise." He said pleadingly as he felt his lower half awakening from Su's close proximity.

She glared at him before standing up, feeling things falling off of her as she looked at the now ruined cupboard. "You'd better." She growled before pulling herself off of him fully.

Harry on the other hand, smiled as he picked himself up off the floor, his hand reaching out to pick something up off the floor. "This is an interesting thing," He laughed, holding upa a white wand with a weird wand holster. "I have only seen a wand like this," he began. "When I was one year old." He said with a sigh, causing her eyes to widen.

"That's…" she gasped as he handled the wand.

"Yes dear," Harry smiled. "This is what Voldemort's wand looked like." He smiled, before giving her a sinister smile. "It's time we got the only revenge that I would need, revenge on the thing that killed my family." He said, and with a loud snap, the wand that looked like Voldemort's wand was snapped into three pieces. Su watched as Harry's face seemed to lighten ever so slightly.

"Feel better?" she asked.

"You have no idea." Harry smiled before sniffing the air. A grin popped on his face however, as he pulled out a piece of fallen parchment. Transfiguring a quill, Harry immediately wrote a note. "Dobby?" he called out, hoping that his friend would answer his call.

After only a second, Harry was greeted with the pop of a House Elf. "Harry Potter sir calls…" the elf began, before his eyes widened as he saw the two of them. "Who are you and what have you done with Harry Potter!" the elf demanded, a ball of energy in each of his small hands.

"Dobby," Harry sighed. "It's me, Harry Potter, the boy who manipulated Lucius Malfoy to release you with my Uncle's dirty ass sock." He smiled again before looking down at the floor. "You tried to save me by closing the portal at Kings Cross in my second year."

"But… Harry Potter sir you've gotten so tall." Dobby gulped before looking at Harry's face as he pulled up the fringe of his hair.

"It's faded my friend," Harry smiled. "The Horcrux that was in my scar is now gone, and my scar has healed." He said as he watched his friend come to the conclusion that it was in fact him.

"Harry Potter Sir!" Dobby shouted, wincing when Harry held his finger in front of his lips to quiet the Elf. "What can Dobby do for Harry Potter?"

"For one thing, would you accept me as your Master?" he asked. "I know of the House Elf debt and I know that a House Elf must be bound to a family." He explained, only to smile as Dobby proceeded to start crying while clutching at Harry's legs. "I'll take that as a yes." He laughed.

"Of course it's a yes, dear." Su piped up with a giggle. "From what I see here, Dobby was just waiting for his 'Harry Potter sir' to call him." She said with a smile. "Dobby we need you to do something for us." She began as she kneeled in front of the elf, catching his attention. "Can you take care of some things for me my friend?" She said as Dobby retracted himself from Harry's legs to stare into her eyes.

"You are part elven?" Dobby asked, feeling something wrong with the air suddenly.

"Yes Dobby," Su smiled, holding out her hands to the elf. "We have both endured the Elven rituals."

"Dobby, I would be honored to share my magic with you, even if some of it would be your own." Harry smiled.

It took several minutes to complete the bond, and in a flash of light, Dobby was changed. Instead of his small frail body, now stood a four foot tall house elf with small yet muscular arms reaching out to grasp anything. Instead of the sock and pillowcase, Dobby now bore a pair of green and brown dress pants and a tank top being covered with a thigh length sleeveless trench coat with a nose height color.

"Looking good, Dobby." Harry smiled, drawing the House Elf to look into a mirror. "Now would you look at all that, brought on by a happy house elf bond."

Dobby popped with a smile several minutes later, tasks set before him. "Now, lets see if Marcel was right about our wands?" Su smiled anxiously, holding up her wand.

"First lets get our clothes back on." Harry chuckled, frowning slightly. "Do you think we should go with glamours or not?" he asked.

"I think honestly that we should definitely stay the way we are." Su sighed. "I think that not only will it hide us, since you look NOTHING like a fourteen year old and I know I don't." she giggled.

"Yeah, surprise, surprise, all that training and time, and I STILL look like I'm sixteen." He sighed. "So, go with what we want to look? Got it." He laughed at the thought before looking out at the slowing down train. "We only have a few minutes." He said happily. "Time to get this done, and then get our stuff, then we have to deal with all of the people at the station." He explained, casting a repair spell as the cupboard repaired itself even as the wand landed in its pieces together, looking like it had never been snapped. Smiling at the thought, he had no second thought before his clothes changed. "Time to go." He said with a loud sigh as they exited the compartment.


Ron's Compartment


Ron woke with a start, his head fuzzy as he tried to wipe at his eyes to clear them. Looking around for his friends, he could only frown as he felt several things out of place. One of them was that there were only one trunk in the rack, making him realize that he was the only one staying in the compartment. "Where is she?" he grumbled to himself as he felt the stiffness in his body. "Damn Half Bloods, causing me to get hurt." He growled as he felt more of his joints protesting his movement. "Where are we?" he asked. "What happened and why is it so damn dark out?"

As he stood, he caught sight of someone that he didn't want to see. A taller boy maybe a sixth year or a seventh walked by the compartment, too fast to see anything other than longer hair and a finer set of robes, and a gorgeous girl on his arm, the two of them giggling as they sped by, not even stopping to stare at him.




Ginny Weasley was not having a good day. First she had been forced to stay in a room while her brother and his future slave bickered, even as her fiancée left the room, but even now, as she groaned loudly as she felt the headache from the multiple stunners she had received! Looking around she could see through blurred vision that there was something going on. Great, she thought angrily as she stood up. First Harry doesn't want to talk to me, then the train stops!

"Attention all Students, we are fifteen minutes out from the station. Please have all of your belongings with you as you exit the train." Came the sound of the Conductor as Ginny began to walk slowly to the back of the train car. Opening her door she was mildly curious because as soon as she opened the door to her compartment, she was assaulted by the sight of three Slytherins standing there, and NONE of them were any good.

"What do you three pea-brains want?" she demanded, her wand sliding into her hand.

"Listen to the little girl!" Theodore Nott laughed as he looked at her from next to the window. "Trying to act all tough even though her 'mighty savior' isn't anywhere near her."

His two lackeys, on the other hand, could only chuckle dumbly as they seemed to mentally poke at her. "You can't even stop from getting into trouble." Came the voice of a stupid water-buffalo like creature that went by the name of Millicent Bulstrode. "Or is that just trying to suck up to your precious boy-who-lived?" she taunted.

Ginny snarled instantly at the taunt. "You don't even know what your talking about!" she shouted as she went for her wand. "Harry and I belong together!" she screamed.

A series of chuckling and laughter greeted this comment, causing Ginny to redden in anger before she whirled on the offender. What greeted her however, made her eyes widen and her mouth open in a gasp as she stared at the two in front of her. The man, as she looked at him, stood upright as he stopped laughing. And it was an impressive height in itself. He stood at maybe five foot eight, if not slightly taller, had what could only be a wiry frame on his body, covered by some kind of sleeveless robe, one that had a higher collar, extended about just below his nose but was opened. The rest of the outfit seemed to be a black silk and leather outfit.

The girl however, made her want to slap someone. She stood at about the same height as her companion if not a little bit smaller, but she wore a sleeveless robe set with a short skirt and vest shirt, but her long dark hair and near perfect complexion caused Ginny to growl. Oriental hussy. She thought angrily, not even caring that she was growling at the two. When I'm Lady Potter, she snarled to herself. Sluts like her and Chang will be gone when my husband is Minister.

"What is so funny, milord?" Millicent asked with a small curtsey, Theodore and his nameless goon giving a small bow.

"Well this little girl thinks she is going to be an Heir's Wife." The woman smiled. "Especially, since the Heir's of each family, well each of the Families, I'm not talking about the Weasleys, or the Nott Family, hell we're not even getting into the Bulstrode Bylaws." She laughed. "There are bylaws, for every, and I mean EVERY Ancient Family on up."

"And if you don't conform to the Bylaw, no matter if there's a supposed 'foolproof' Marriage Contract, it is nullified by the Bylaws." The man said with a smirk. "My family Bylaws for example," he said, pointing to a crest tattooed on his arm, one that Ginny didn't recognize. "State that I choose who I want, and that above everything, I have in no way, to choose a Pureblood." He said with a shrug. "Gotta love the Bylaws." He said with a smile, draping his arm over the girls shoulders. As they turned away, the man seemed to stop for a second before looking back at Millicent. "Oh, and before I forget, Miss Bulstrode, can you pass a message to your father, stating that after we get off at Kings Cross, I will be going to Gringotts. I would have him aware that I would like to 'rekindle' my families former business associates." He said with a small wink.

"Oh my Merlin." Millicent gulped, closing the Compartment door with a blush, effectively cutting everyone else out of the Compartment, including Nott and his friend.

"Good day gentlemen" the man smiled, before looking at Ginny. "Good day, crazy stalker lady." He said before the two seemed to disappear.




Su could barely restrain her laughter as Harry and her quickly left the area of the compartments. "I can't believe you did that!" she laughed as she held onto Harry's muscled arm. "Best prank EVER!" she laughed.

"Well what do you expect?" he smiled, standing her back up as he moved to hold her from behind. "The Bulstrode Family may have been considered dark, but the Elven people weren't always Light." He explained.

"And since you've been saddled with the position of the Drow and Wood Elf Blood Heir, and have to go to Gringotts, which will make all kinds of things happen," Su said with a frown. "Love, I know that you are in need of multiple wives, but why Millicent?" she asked. "Not that there's anything wrong with her, but she doesn't exactly strike me as a family woman."

"Millicent is not going to be one of my wives." Harry smiled. "Besides, Scales is making it difficult as it is."

"Scales is talking to you?" she asked, startled. "I thought you would need the potion…"

"My forms have come back, same as with the two of us, my love." He sighed. "All bloody five of them." He groaned. "Faedrin is wanting to tell you to bend over so I can tame you again." He said with a slight twitch of anger in his face. "Great." He growled.

"What is it?" she asked, looking away from his face.

"Dealing with five immature Animagus forms that are all Magical and all horny as hell." Harry snarled, leaning against the window before rearing back and slamming his head on the window.

"Damnit, Love!" Su snarled, looking around for other people in the area, finding nobody she quickly pushed herself against him and whispered to him. "You tell those damn animals of yours, that we will take as much time as we want, and then we will tame them again." She smiled excitedly.

"Oh I'm sure we will." Harry chuckled. "Don't forget that we will still have to fulfill our promise to Azkoria." He smiled at her blush before he kissed her gently.

Only for her to attack his lips with an excited snarl.

"Excuse me." A snide voice called out from the end of the train car, causing the two to stop kissing and look at the origin, only to have them growl at him. "But you two need to stop kissing in such a public forum.

"Excuse us, Weasley." Harry growled. "But the last time we checked, this was the Express, NOT Hogwarts." He snarled, holding Su from behind. "And as such, you have no right to call anyone out on the return trip."

"And seeing as how you graduated from school," Su snarled. "You don't even belong on this train, much less in THIS cart." She said with a growl.

"You're not even students." Percy Weasley said with a snobbish huff, causing Harry to bristle as he felt barbs emerge. Percy quickly drew his wand, holding it up and pointing it at Su.

"I wouldn't point a wand, at her, Weasley." Harry growled. "You have the only best bet would be for you to hold that wand on me. Point it at my Mate again Weasley, and I will seriously call a blood feud against you, your little brother and anyone of those who side with you. Are we understood Weasley?"

"You are not a student!" Percy shouted anxiously as he looked at them. "You should not be here!" he said, pointing the wand at the both of them, making Harry bristle more.

"And that is where you are wrong, BOY!" Su snarled angrily. "Put down the wand, BOY, or my mate will have your head and those of your family." She advised angrily.

"Leave now." Harry snarled, his eyes now glowing green. "You have three seconds." He snarled as he felt claws breaking his skin.


Hermione's Compartment


Hermione sighed as she looked around the compartment, putting the book that she had almost finished away and slowly getting dressed, for the Muggle world. I hope Mum has those books ready for me. She thought as she looked outside the window at the approaching town of London. I will need to get everything ready for when I visit the Weasleys. She thought with slight disgust. "I swear I need to get Harry ready for me before long or I think that idiot Ronald is going to keep thinking I'm his property." She thought with a growl as she got everything ready for when she met her family.


Malfoy Manor


Lucius Malfoy sneered as he looked across the forest where his mansion dwelled. Soon he turned around again, looking at a man he had met and served with under the Dark Lord. "Jameson," he began. "I called you here because I need some help." He explained with a sigh. "My wife is now a barren cow and so loose that I can't fit my dick into her." He growled. "Find a way for me to be rid of her."

"Lucius, are you sure about this?" Jameson asked, looking to his partner. "I mean, don't they have potions and charms to ensure Pregnancy?" he asked.

His partner on the other hand, lifted his hand up. "Mr. Malfoy," Francis Delahov said angrily. "You already HAVE and heir." He explained. "I don't think the board of ANY country would allow you a divorce ALONG with a new wife."

"My partner brings up a good point, old friend." Jameson said with a frown. "The only way that you would be able to do that would be to say AND prove that your son is not your son." He said. "And then the board would try to ensure that you get her pregnant. They would sooner force her to get pregnant than allow a divorce."

"Your wanting us to circumvent the legislature, and lie to the powers that be that your son is not your son and that you have a barren wife, don't you?" Francis said with a hint of more anger then even before.

"I am in need of a new wife." Lucius snarled. "Make it happen." He demanded. "I don't care what you want me to do about her, but I want Narcissa out of my life. And I want someone younger, and for Merlin's sake, make her with lesser boobs. I can't stand the sight of that woman's utters anymore." He said with a snarl.

With a single nod, the two were gone, leaving Lucius Malfoy to his dreams of splendor. Or maybe I'll just make her disappear. He thought, fingering his wand.




Sirius Black grumbled as he drew himself upright in his chair as he looked at the goblin in front of him. "So," he began, rubbing his hand over his face. "Your Healers have everything they need, and are able to help."

"That is correct, Sirius." Nipstrike sighed. "However, there is a problem my friend." He said, holding his hand up with a sheet of parchment. At Sirius' nod, the goblin continued. "Too much exposure to the Dementors has caused you to be infertile."

"Your telling me because I was set up," Sirius gulped.

"Your little soldiers are dead." Nipstrike frowned. "You are in need of a new Lord Black." He said worriedly. "I'm sorry my friend."

"Its okay." Sirius said with a watery smile. "I know what I have to do, my dear Goblin." He said before a chuckle. "Is everything I asked for back then finished?" he asked.

Nipstrike immediately chuckled with the idea that hit him. Pulling out some paperwork, Nipstrike handed it to the young man in front of him. "I believe the plans were completed yes." He said with a smile.

"Good." He said with a smile. "And I know that Harry is going to be on his way here after he gets through with the Express." Sirius said happily with a bark of laughter as he handled the parchment, giving a quick view.

"So you still want to continue with this?" Nipstrike asked worriedly.

"Of course." Sirius laughed before looking at the goblin. "The Bylaws have pretty much removed me as Lord Black. And since my last Will was done before I went after the Rat, Harry is my heir." He said with a chuckle. "And there's nothing that Dumbledore can do about it." He said with a maniacal chuckle before ending it with a bark of laughter. "And since Celene has disappeared again, after she woke up, we don't know what happened."

"Well she did say that she needed to get out of here before she started hurting others." Nipstrike said with a frown. "Then again with you hitting on her like you were."

"Hitting on her?" Sirius growled. "By Elven law she is my lifemate." He said with a heavy sigh.
"Oh crap." He said before fainting himself.

"Figures." Nipstrike sighed before nodding to the door. "Please bring in the healers." He said with a sigh. "Lets get some potions in him so that we can get him started on his treatment." He explained as the goblins rushed into the room, multiple vials and bottles of potions that they quickly spelled into Sirius' mouth.

Nipstrike could only smile before looking into the pile of paperwork at his desk. "I sure hope we don't have too many problems with the accounts." He sighed angrily, then as if realizing who he would be dealing with, he could only groan as he rubbed his forehead. "And get me some pain potion, I have a feeling I'm going to be needing it soon." He called out.




Deep in the bowels of Hogwarts, something seemed to stir, as if something was calling someone, someone nobody would expect. A blue and green light seemed to glow ever so gently from a room that had never before been seen, one even deeper then the Chamber of Secrets. As if by some kind of command, a whisp-like voice called out from the darkness, only to become louder as the glow did, only for the words to be in an unknown language, unwitnessed.


Hogwarts Express


At the far end of the train, several different conversations were taking place, some about the people that they were going to see as they cleared most of London and began to unload their trunks from the overheads. At the room next to the farthest room however, was something else entirely. A balding man shifted out of his Animagus form, instantly frowning as he moved out of the compartment. "I never thought I would get out of that compartment." He whispered as he moved to the door of the back room. Entering the room slowly, he smiled when he realized that the door was no longer locked like it had been several hours ago. Quickly moving to the nearby cabinet, Peter Pettigrew quickly pulled out a small yet thin box laying on the middle cabinet. Opening it, he smiled in pleasure as he picked up the ivory wand, only for it to fall to pieces. Noticing a piece of parchment in the box, he picked it up and was instantly cursing in his mind.

I smell a rat, Mr. Pettigrew. I spared your life once.

I will not do so again. Say hello to the DMLE, bitch.

And with that, Peter Pettigrew grew afraid as he felt the full signs of a portkey transporting him to the Ministry Of Magic.


Kings Cross Station


Molly Weasley could only frown as she saw the people around her as she waited for the train to arrive. I still can't believe that the train is so late. She thought as she tried to remember a time it was late in the past. Wait a minute. She frowned again. The train has runes and wards PREVENTING it from being late. She thought as she began to pace. Maybe something bad happened? She fretted wordlessly as she looked around at other parents as they waited. She nearly walked over to a stranger couple that seemed to be huddling over a medallion in the corner. She instantly thought otherwise as she saw that they were a 'foreign' couple, and then as she turned away again, she heard the loud noises of the Hogwarts Entering the station.

As the train settled however, she felt a sense of foreboding as she that the back end of the train seemed like it had been damaged then repaired badly. As she moved closer to the train where she knew her kids would be getting off the train, she was almost knocked over by people. It nearly caused her to forget her way to where her babies would be coming off the train.

But she did NOT expect however, a red blur flying out of a now broken side of the front train cart and go skidding across the floor some feet in a heap. A scream however caused her to pay more attention to the heap to find that it was her recently graduated son, Percy. Looking closer as she ran to him, she saw that his robes were torn and that he looked worse for wear. A loud and thunderous howl stopped her advance on her son to care for him. Looking to where she thought all the noise was coming from, she frowned as she saw several people seem to run away from the train. Looking between the bodies she saw that there was in fact a rather large wolf now crouching as if it had landed on the Platform. It seemed to have a cross between yellow and light blue fur though it seemed impossible. Looking at the train cart revealed something else entirely. A rather tall looking woman was standing there, a burn mark on her shoulder, and her clothes seemed a little more torn. It didn't even occur to her that the woman standing there looking at the Wolf in concern had any kind of clothes on in fact. "HARLOT!" she shouted, pointing her wand at the woman, hoping to set her clothes right before she corrupted her children.

It was a bad mistake. The wolf immediately pounced on her and ripped her wand out of her hand, making Mrs. Weasley pass out in fright.

The only thing she could see was the wolf snarling at her, green eyes boring into her own as they closed, even as they heard the pops of apparition.

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