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A/N: I thought that I would do something different and write a story about Clark Kent (along with the few other characters from 'Smallville') reading the life of another one of Clark's alternate universe selves; the universe being one of my favourite fanfiction series known as "Smallville: The 'Lost' Son of Krypton" written by SmallvilleAU50, who has given me their permission to write this story. Hope you enjoy it!

Time Period: Set just after the events of 'Finale Part 2'.

Clark Kent, a tall 6'3" broad-shouldered and muscular male with slightly wavy dark black hair, was currently relaxing with his one-true love, Lois Lane, who stood at 5'8" with long dark brunette hair and hazel eyes, on the couch as both of them contemplated about the recent events such as Darkseid's defeat, Apokolips, but most importantly about Clark's new superhero identity as well as a new date for their wedding.

"Hey, Smallville," Lois said.

"What is it?" Clark asked, looking into Lois' beautiful hazel eyes that had always seemed to be able to reassure him in times when Clark felt as if everything was hopeless.

"I was just thinking about your new superhero name, 'cause I think that 'The Blur' isn't exactly suitable for your new tights," Lois explained and smirked, when she saw Clark's somewhat offended face expression at calling his new outfit his 'tights'.

"They are NOT tights," Clark told her in as much of a serious voice as he could muster, shaking his head while Lois just laughed, when a book suddenly appeared on the table right in front of them.

"What the hell?" Lois remarked, surprised that a random book had just randomly appeared on the table in front of them, as was Clark, who cautiously picked up the book with his right hand and examined it with his x-ray vision.

"The book's safe, although I'm confused why it suddenly appeared out of nowhere," Clark reassured Lois, who was also curious at what the book contained, since the title on it read - "Smallville: The 'Lost' Son of Krypton Season 1" in big red letters and had the front cover of a muscular, broad-shouldered teenage boy, no older than fifteen by the looks of it with short black hair and brown eyes, who seemed to be jumping high into the air with a look of pure freedom and bliss on his face.

"What do you think is inside it?" Lois asked, taking the book from Clark's hand and started to read the back of it out loud:

"Fifteen-year-old Daniel Li seems like an ordinary human teenager; however, after a disastrous meteor shower hits the innocent town of Smallville, Daniel learns of his true heritage and his true destiny."

"Do you think we should read it?" Lois wondered out loud, causing Clark to think, until after a few minutes of thinking, nodded his head at the thought of reading a book about this kid called Daniel.

"Okay then, let's start reading," Lois announced happily and was about to start reading, when Clark realized something.

"Do you think we should head over to Watchtower, so that the others can read the story too?"

"Sounds like a plan," Lois shrugged, closing the book as both Clark and Lois stood up from the couch.

"Hold on," Clark warned with a smile, as Lois climbed onto his back, before Clark ran over to Watchtower using his super speed.


Chloe Sullivan, who stood at 5'5" with mid-length blond hair and blue-green eyes, was surveying the multiple computer screens for any trouble, unaware of a 6'3" man with short blonde hair creeping silently towards her from behind.

"Hey, Chlo," Oliver greeted lovingly to his wife, wrapping his arms around Chloe and kissed her neck.

"Hello to you too," Chloe grinned, turning around so that she could passionately kiss him on the lips.

Just then, Clark and Lois appeared, snapping both Oliver and Chloe from their kiss, which would have most likely resulted in a make-out session.

"Clark, Lois," Chloe said, shocked to see her best friend and cousin at Watchtower, especially only after a few hours of defeating Darkseid and saving the world. "What are you guys doing here?"

"We found this book," Lois explained, tossing the book into Chloe's hands. "We thought that you might like to read it with us."

"Why would we-?" Chloe was about to ask in a confused manner, when she began to properly examine the book, which caused her eyes to widen in shock.

"Chloe, what is it?" Oliver asked in concern, taking the book from his wife's hand and examined it himself, only to then look at it with interest and curiousity once he finished doing so.

"Weird, huh?" Clark asked to which both Chloe and Oliver nodded simultaneously at him. "So, do you wanna read it?"

Both Oliver and Chloe glanced at each other for moment, silently contemplating whether or not they should, before Oliver shrugged and said:

"Why not?"

"It does sound quite interesting," Chloe commented, her high school curiousity about weird things rising up in her again.

"Alright then, let's read," Lois said. "But first, we got to get ourselves comfortable."

Everyone agreed to this and moved around a couple of the couches conviently placed around Watchtower, before all of them sat down on them and got themselves comfortable.

"Okay, now that we've got that sorted out. Who wants read first?"

"I will," Clark volunteered, accepting the book when Lois gave it to him and cleared his throat, before reading out: "Chapter 1x0: Prologue..."

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