April was 29. And okay, up until two months ago she had been a virgin, but it wasn't like she had never heard the safe sex lecture. She'd had the same health classes that everyone else had. She'd put the condom on the banana and giggled about it with her friends. Then she'd gone to college and med school and she'd learnt how babies were made in great technical detail. She'd learnt all about hormones and cycles and what the difference between an embryo and a foetus was. She'd also learnt all about contraception. Pills, patches, implants, injections, coils, condoms; she could reel off a list of facts about all of them. Which was why she couldn't understand the situation she was in now.

Two months ago she had spent, what she could now admit to herself, was the most incredible night of her life with her best friend. She had lost her virginity and it had been incredible. Then she had repeated the experience the in the men's room the next day and she had suddenly understood why all those women chose not to wait for marriage. Except that after that it had all gone wrong, she had failed her boards, and let her brain run ahead of her heart and got crazy about breaking her promise to Jesus. She still felt bad about that, she really did and she had been to church more in the last two months that she had in the last two years so she couldn't really understand why when she had asked for forgiveness the man or woman upstairs had decided to upend her life again.

So April blamed her inexperience for her fumble with the condom that had led to the slip. She blamed failing the boards and not speaking to her best friend for two months for distracting her so much that she forgot about the morning after pill and then didn't notice that she had missed two periods. But mostly she blamed god, because when it came down to it, she believed that conception was a miracle and he or she knew what he or she was doing. It was that belief that meant in seven months' time she was going to be holding her son or daughter in her arms. She just had to work out how she was going to tell the man she loved, her family and the rest of the world that she was going to be a mother.

April really hoped that god had a plan because she couldn't see how her life could get anymore screwed up at this point.

Just a little ficlet that came to me after the last episode!