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The wind wisped through Harukas hair, the night had come over the city of Tokyo. Setsuna and Hotaru were out and Michiru had gone shopping to get he blond girl some medicine.

Lately, Haruka had felt like shit. She had been in bed for the past three days, she was getting some fresh was better than being locked up in a room. She felt some freedom after her flu had lifted and now she stood outside.

She had changed into a white shirt and baggy black pants. "The wind feels cool," she said as another part of the amazing, strong yet soft wind pierced her face. "No danger is lurking..waiting the shadows. The princess is fine for the moment."

"Aw, the princess again?" said a voice making Haruka stare attention new girl. It was Michiru, she had a box of pills and a nurse outfit on.

"She's the girl of the Silver Mellinum, Princess Serenity, Neo Queen Serenity, Tskunio Usagi and Sailor Moon. But overall, for now...she's our only princess," Haruka said walking over to Michiru. "She's one of my princesses, Michi."

Michiru smiled a faint laugh leaving her mouth as she drew Haruka into the house. "Who's the other princess? What is she like?" Michiru opened the door to her and Haruka's room and to the bed.

"She has blue eyes, petal soft skin, beautiful aqua hair," Haruka said looking somewhat dazed. "All of her shirts, pants and dresses look perfect on her and fit her curves perfectly. Do you know who she is...?"

"Hmmm...I wonder," Michiru said. She put Haruka on the bed under the. Over. "Want to here about my princess while I take care of you?" Haruka smiled.

"Go ahead," Haruka said as Michiru rubbed her lovers head. "Nurse Michiru."

"She has sand blond hair, tall, kind of masculine but beautiful in every aspect. She loves baggy shirts and pants but I know she is feminine while with me. She'd never admit she's girly but people probably know."

"Can you guess who my princess is?" Haruka said with a huge smile as Michiru put a small smile on.

"The girl off the weather channel?" Michiru asked sarcastically.

"," Haruka answered. "Who's you're princess?"

Michiru kissed Harukas hand. "You of course." The two shared a kiss.

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