Title: Atreian Adventures

A.N: I just love Aion. Don't you?

K, so I have three parts to a prologue. They're like diary entries, kind of. The second is the main character's story and it's longer than the first

Prologue Part 2: How it began
I can safely assume that you humans know how babies are made, right? Yes? Fantastic.

We creatures of Altreia reproduce exactly as you do. But with wings. Our journeys involve doing certain things until our gods (yes, we are religous) decide that we may ascend. It's... A bit difficult to describe. But there's a ceremony at the Sanctuary and the leader of the Elyos uses the power of the gods to give you your wings. Nothing fancy.

Did I mention the parade? It's pretty awesome.

I was born to a mom and a dad, like everyone else. But my dad was gone most of my childhood due to the war. Last I checked, my dad was dead. But it wasn't because of the war. This is what I'm told.

To be honest, I can't remember what happened for most of my life.

It started a while back when I woke up on the ground and couldn't remember anything. I reported for duty anyway... A bad idea since I couldn't remember how to fight.

Regardless, I nearly died a few times.

Once I regained enough memory to fight effectively, I started doing tasks for the natives of Poeta. It was cool. I got to kill things.

Shortly after the basics of farm work and good doing, I had a very important mission dealing with Odium.

No, not Opium, as some of you idiots like to use. Odium. With a d.

I had to deal with a bunch of Dukaki creatures up in a mine as I (with the help of others) attempted to destroy the source of Odium. It was a grand adventure, the kind where you're taunting the monsters as you run.

I still think wings would have made the whole thing worlds better.

After destroying the source of Odium in Poeta (there's more. There's always more!), I talked to an old hermit named Pernos, who walked me through a ritual which enabled me to talk to a tree. It was fascinating. I got to relive some of my memories! Did you know that I fought an ancient Balaur demon named Orissa?

The battle was awesome. But then I faced Orissa's ultimate smack-down. Apparently, it's how I lost my memories.

After I awoke from the trip down memory lane, I was transported to the Sanctuary where I faced our leader and got Ascended! Now I spend most of my time in Verteron. Most of my activity there is in skydiving. I'm not kidding.

The only thing that bothers me is my actions aren't my own any more. My actions affect the Daeva and, to a greater extent, the Elyos. Sometimes I miss being able to do things of my own free will.

But then again, everything comes with a price.

The other thing that bothers me is I haven't recovered all of my memories yet.