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Katie Bell was pretty sure that, as far as stupid, suicidal ideas went, this one was definitely one of the more stupid ones.

On most dates, the worst risk that she faced was a disappointing time. Occasionally she had to discourage some of the more persistent boys with a threateningly placed wand. But agreeing to go on a date with Sanguini represented an altogether more threatening prospect of not leaving ever again.

Technically she didn't really have anything to fear. Sanguini was technically a reformed vampire. Technically he wasn't supposed to feed on human blood anymore.

But it was one thing to know that and another to be sitting opposite him across a table, eating a private dinner for two.

Sanguini was looking at her with thinly veiled interest and Katie gave a little shiver.

"Are you cold my dear?" he asked, ever the gentleman. Katie gave him a smile.

"I'm fine," she said as she looked into his beautiful eyes, which disturbingly reminded her of a cat surveying a mouse. Any sane person would probably be too scared to enjoy themselves. But Katie enjoyed the taste of danger in their relationship.

"I must admit, I thought that inviting you to have a private meal with me to celebrate my two-hundred and fiftieth birthday was futile," he said with an aristocratic flair that vampires seemed to maintain effortlessly. "Most humans feel…uneasy in my presence."

Katie laughed and Sanguini allowed himself a small smile. Laughter was an unusual sound in the imposing room they sat. Most people shivered with fear, sat there intimidated by the black, gothic decorations and their host. His friend Eldred Worple was one of the few people not intimidated by him in his own house. Katie was the first girl to be the same.

"I wouldn't have you any other way," she said with a smile. "Besides, if you wanted to kill me, you'd have done so during the Battle of Hogwarts. Who'd have noticed another drained body in there?"

Sanguini laughed as he remembered what happened. Katie had been knocked down and her leg was broken. It was an empty classroom and one of Voldemort's vampires had cornered her with a bloodfirsty look in his eyes. Sanguini had killed him before he could kill Katie, but even then she'd stared at him with wide-eyed terror. "Besides," she continued, "I like my men a little dangerous."

"I must admit, I never expected to fall in love again," he confessed. "After one hundred years, I was sure that my heart was behind a locked door, one to which I had lost the key."

He gave her a smile and raised his glass. "I'm glad I was wrong."

"So am I," she replied and leaned forward to kiss him. But just before their lips could meet, there was a sudden crashing noise and they both stood up sharply. Suddenly the door slammed open and Oliver Wood was standing there.

"Katie! I'm here to rescue you!" he shouted and Katie glared at him angrily.

"You're here to save me?" she asked in a dangerously low voice as she drew her wand. Oliver however didn't seem to notice. "I'm here on a DATE! I don't NEED rescuing! But you do."

"I do?" he asked in surprise.

"Yes, you do," she said and with a flick of her wand, she threw several hexes in his direction and chased him all the way out of the castle.

"I should really consider getting something smaller," Sanguini mused as he watched his girlfriend chase her ex-captain away. "It might stop any more of these…misunderstandings," then he chuckled. "Although I must admit, it IS fun."