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Angels and Monsters

Chapter One

I'm bored. I'm tired of my existence. I've been stuck in this perfect body for nearly fifty years. Unable to remember anything of my past, I drift from city to city, hunting the measly, smelly humans. The burn in my throat tells me that I'm thirsty. I could crack at any moment, but I need to maintain my composure.

With an unnecessary sigh, I head into a local bar in Chicago. I can usually find a drunk or high bastard who falls for my innocent look. I wandered toward the bathroom of the bar to pop in some contact lenses to mask my bright red eyes. Nothing scares my prey like seeing blood red orbs staring at you. I chose a bright blue. With the red irises, my eyes appear to be violet and ethereal. I personally can't stand the damn contact lenses. They hinder my vision but I need to look 'pretty' for my next meal.

Flipping my hair over my shoulders, I sashay to the bar and slid a twenty to the bartender. "Can I get a beer?" I purred.

"I'll get you anything you want, beautiful," the bartender smiled. "How about me?" His brown eyes were dilated and his heart was stammering. Unfortunately, I heard a slight murmur. He was probably going to die of a heart attack in a few months.

"Tempting, baby," I winked. "Just a beer for now."

His shoulders dropped and he fetched me a beer. "I'm Eric if you need anything, beautiful," he said dejectedly.

"Thanks, Eric," I replied. I caught a slight glint on his left hand. Married and he's flirting with a vampire. I bet his wife is an old hag that can't get him hard. Turning on my stool, I crossed my legs and surveyed the bar. It was early yet. The bar was barely filled. The patrons that were there were mainly leftovers from happy hour. Opening my mind, I listened to their conversations, mental and otherwise.

Yeah, I can read minds. Don't ask me to explain that shit.

However, the nice thing is that I can turn it on and off. That is definitely helpful when I'm searching for my prey. I love drinking human blood, but honestly, I don't want to be a complete monster. I tend to focus my attention on the men and women who are the dregs of society. The have-nots. The fucktards who diddle little boys and rape their girlfriends.

I hate my job. My boss is a fucking moron. I can so do a better job…what an ass on that girl!

Beer. Beer. Beer. Cat. Beer.

I need to get fucking laid. I wonder if that hottie at the bar would ride me like a thorough-bred stallion. Her pussy must be hot and wet.

"Not so much, sailor. Wet? Yes. Hot, not really," I answered to his mental musings. "I'm a cold, frigid bitch. And you have a comb-over." Mr. Bad Hair looked at me longingly, pleading me with his gray eyes. With a slow shake of my head, I dismissed his mental plea for me to fuck him. He heaved a sigh and turned back to his companions, searching for a next object of his affection.

I spend a few hours sitting on my stool. The bar fills up to capacity and soon the burn in my throat is unbearable. The mental voices are giving me a fucking headache. I dropped my mental block and headed outside to clear my head. This bar is turning into a fruitless stop. I pull out a pack of cigarettes and light one up, blending in with the rest of the folks outside of the bar.

"Got a light?" asked a pretty blonde girl.

"Sure," I replied, handing the girl my lighter. I notice faint bruising on her cheeks. They were marred with tear-stains. "You okay?"

"My boyfriend is being a dick," she said. "He thinks it's okay to smack me around. He's in the bathroom. I used the time to sneak out and grab a smoke."

I nodded and opened my mind up, focusing on the men's bathroom. I find the girl's face in this douche's mind. Fucking bitch. She's going to pay for denying me sex. If I have to, I'll take it. His mind's eye flickers of a violent rape scene of what he plans to do this girl. I growl lowly, too lowly for the petite blonde to hear.

"Hey, do you have a place to stay?" I asked.

"Are you asking?" she giggled coyly. "I've never been with a woman."

"Ha, me neither," I said, arching a brow. "No, I'm asking since of the bruising on your cheeks. Your boyfriend sounds like a first class douche. You don't deserve that shit. No guy should hit a girl."

"He was pissed because I said that I didn't want to fuck," she shrugged. "So, he smacked me."

"You have the right to say no," I implored her. My own mind blinked as something passed through my hazy memory from before I was a monster. No! Please don't. You're hurting me! I shook it off.

"Well, it's time to go, Lauren," the guy sneered. "You have something to give me and I fully intend on enjoying myself." His mind is filled of his pleasure that he wants to take from Lauren. "You want to join us, sexy?"

"Sure, handsome," I said as I stubbed out my cigarette. "Let me talk to my new friend Lauren before we go."

"Really?" he asked, raising his brows to his hairline. His thoughts are still vicious but now they include me. I sauntered over to him and ran my finger down his jaw. His dark brown eyes darkened in lust and his arousal rose in his jeans. I bit my lip and nodded. "I'll be, um, right back…" He turned to go back into the bar. I could hear him mentally cheer that he was going to have a threesome.

I looked at Lauren. "Lauren, do you trust your boyfriend?" I asked.

"No. He's an ass. This isn't the first time he's done this," she replied in a small voice.

"Okay. Listen to me. I know you don't even know me, but I want you to go to your home and pack a bag. Leave for a few days and find a new place to live. Your douchetastic boyfriend won't be bothering you anymore," I said.

"What do you know? What are you doing?" she asked.

"Ridding the world of another rapist," I snarled, my face grimacing to display the predator that I am. "Trust me. Please!"

"I do," Lauren murmurs. "Though, you're kind of scary but you're smaller than me. How are you…going to…?"

"Self defense," I quipped. "Go! He's coming back."

"What's your name?" Lauren asked.

"Bella," I answered. Lauren smiled shakily and darted away from me, hopping into a cab down the street. Her boyfriend comes out from the bar and finds me. "Lauren went back to your apartment to make it special."

"Good, that bitch is thinking ahead," he said as he wrapped his arm around my waist. "Damn, girl. You're strong."

"I work out," I said as I fell into step with him. "I'm Marie. What's your name, baby?"

"Tyler," he said as he looked at me. "You have beautiful eyes, Marie. I would love seeing those eyes while you suck my cock."

"I bet you're big," I cooed as I led him to a darkened alley near the bar. I turned him, pressing him against the wall. I cupped his meager manly bits and massaged them. "Hmmm, huge." I nuzzled his neck, smelling his blood. It was tangy and probably would taste like ass. But the burn in my throat was driving me up the wall. I needed to feed. I kissed his neck, feeling his pulse against my lips.

"Shit, baby. You're cold," he shuddered.

"It's chilly out," I purred. "You'll warm me up just fine." I pulled away and looked into Tyler's eyes. I knew my contacts had disintegrated. My eyes were blood red and probably hungrily staring at him. "You'll never hurt Lauren again, fucker."

"What?" he squeaked.

"I know what you wanted to do," I said. I pushed my mind open and showed him what I saw in his memory. "Do you see that?" He nodded. "Obviously, so did I and you will pay, Tyler." He let out a girlish scream, but it ended quickly as my razor sharp teeth dug into his pliant flesh. His warm blood filled my mouth, dousing the burning in my throat. His body is heavily leaning against mine and his heart stops. I suck out the last drop of his life's blood and drop his body on the ground. Swiping his wallet, I stuff it into my purse. Using my nails, I slice his neck open and stage his body as it was a mugging gone wrong. I called the police, explaining that I heard someone yelling from my apartment and disclosed the location of the small apartment building near where Tyler's body is located.

I ran away from the scene of the crime, feeling completely sated. I eventually slowed down once I got closer to my condo on Huron. I passed by my doorman, giving him a cursory wave. Once inside the sanctuary of my condo, I went to my bedroom and stripped off my clothes, tossing them into the hamper. I darted into my shower and washed off the stench of Tyler from my diamond-hard skin. I could go two weeks without feeding again and I intended to just wait until I absolutely had to drink someone.

This is where I'm bored.

I've been alive in this existence for roughly fifty years. I woke up from whatever happened and was this monster. My sire was a man who found me. He explained that I was brutally attacked, but I remembered nothing of it save for a few flashes. He taught me the ways of being a vampire and then left me. Hunt at night. Don't play with your food. Hide the evidence. Never go out in the sunlight. Blah, blah, blah.

When he told me never to go out in sunlight, I snickered. "Do we die or burst into flames?"

"No. We, um, sparkle," he choked out. His red eyes flicked to mine and if he could blush, he would have. I didn't believe him and on the next sunny day, we went to a secluded part of the woods where he kept me until I could control my thirst. I was a fucking diamond. I squealed like a maniac as I danced and frolicked in the sun. My sire just rolled his eyes at my stupidity. I dragged his ass into the sun and I noticed he sparkled too. But, it also accentuated his scars. He was covered with scars. I was very scared when I woke up and first saw him. I wanted to attack. I think I did. But, he explained that he worked with newborns before and his scars were the result.

A year after I was 'created,' my sire left me. Or rather, I left him. He was a good guy but damn he was an emo fucker. Even before emo was popular. I was in control of my thirst and decided to use my feminine wiles to gain my prey at first. I had yet to discover my mind reading gift. The only time I was able to channel it was when I was overly emotional. Pissed off. The first time I heard a mental voice, I thought I lost my mind.

Hi, I'm immortal and I can hear voices. I'm a fucking LUNATIC!

Once I realized that it was the inner voices of the humans, I found it intriguing to hear their inner-most thoughts. In a small setting, I could hear about dreams, nightmares and erotic mental utterings. I was also able to hear the evilness of the world. Then, I realized how I would hunt. Focus my thoughts on the wrong-doers of the world.

I honed my mind-reading. However, I was in a crowded subway train car one night and I was becoming inundated with all of the minds during the late seventies. I grasped my head in agony, wanting them to stop. Then, they did. I looked up and saw all of the humans around me but their voices in my mind were silent. It was weird to hear the speaking voices, but the mental voices were silent. It was blissful, too.

However, I was close to needing to feed and I was very reliant on my mind-reading to capture my prey. I couldn't figure out how to turn my telepathy back on. Apparently, it was extreme thirst. I was dying for something and I heard the quiet voices of the humans in my apartment building. Knowing that my mind-reading was on, I strolled the streets for my next victim. It didn't take long. A mother who hadn't fed her children in nearly two weeks was walking to go out on a date with a rich guy. She was mentally counting the millions he had while her babies were starving in her shithole apartment.

I drained her and dismembered her body, placing it in dumpsters along the way back to her apartment. I stopped at the store and picked up a ton of food for her children. I brought it to her apartment and handed it over to the oldest boy who was no older than nine. He thanked me and called me an angel. I smiled and left them with their food. I called Child Protective Services to inform them of the kids. Watching from a nearby tree, I saw as the social worker took them away. Her mind was shocked at the squalor that the children were living in and she was pissed at the deceased mother.

I periodically checked on those kids and found out that their grandmother took them in. They lived happy and productive lives. The boy, David Weber, who called me an angel married a woman who looked very much like me and their first daughter was named Angela.

The next week was spent wandering around my condo. It was sunny and I couldn't venture out during the day. I watched television, listened to the trivial nonsense of my neighbors through the walls and in my head. I was getting thirsty. Tyler didn't sate me as long as I had hoped. Then again, he was a skinny guy. I decided that I would go out tonight to get a fix. However, I'd need to go to someplace swankier. As odd as it sounds, the nicer the place, the more cruel and sadistic the minds.

Around nine at night, I left my condo in a sexy red dress. I decided on brown eyes for my contacts today. That matches my dark brunette curls that tumbled over my shoulders. I wore some simple silver jewelry: a ring and bracelet. This was in addition to an eternity pendant I wore when I woke up. It was my only connection to my human life. I never understood why it survived my transition, but it pained me to remove from my body. I never understood why. My sire tried to explain it but he had no answers for me.


I decided to take a cab to a club that I had pinpointed. It was right in the hotbed of some nasty rape and murder investigations. The very soft-spoken Indian cab driver urged me to be careful at the club. He said that he'd hate to see me on the news as the latest victim. I thanked him for his kindness and paid him with a hundred dollar bill, telling him to keep the change.

I was ushered into the dark club. Inside the lights were pulsating and the music was deafening to my sensitive ears. I weaved in and out of the hot humans' bodies. I could smell the drugs and alcohol in their blood. However, what was the most overwhelming was the smell of sex and lust. The arousal that saturated the air was too much. Humans smelt it as pheromones, but I could smell each individual fragrance being emanated from each person the club. Some people were more floral while others were more musky and earthy.

I eventually make it to a bar and bought a beer. I personally hated beer. The smell was nauseating but it was easy to hide the fact that I wasn't drinking it in the dark bottle. I leaned against the bar and listened to the minds of the dancers and club-goers. While I casually watched the drunken humans, my nose picked up another vampire. The scent was too sweet and cloying. My eyes searched for another one like me. I saw a flash of red hair and a wicked smile.

"Another vampire in Chicago?" she purred in a child-like voice. "I thought I was the only one."

"Nope," I said tersely. Her mind was appraising my abilities and trying to understand why I was on her turf. Now, I know why there is so many crimes in this part of the city. It's her. "I'm Marie."

"Victoria," she said in her sugary tone. "Now that the pleasantries are done, you can leave. I'm on the prowl and I don't want to be interrupted."

"Huh, I never knew that we had 'territories,' Victoria," I said as I gripped my bottle. "But you did solve a mystery for me."

She rolled her eyes and beckoned the bartender. I noticed that her eye were not covered in contact lenses. Her red eyes were on display for all to see. "What's that, Marie?" she asked.

"Why this part of the city is riddled with crime," I snorted. "Now, I've got some hunting to do. I promise not to kill on your turf."

"Good," she spat as she sipped her cosmopolitan.

I left her at the bar and headed up to the VIP area of the club. My temper was out of control and I needed to stop obsessing about Victoria. I sat down in a booth and watched the patrons in the VIP room. Two guys caught my eye. Not because they were fucktards, but because they were both gorgeous. Like vampire gorgeous.

"Emmett, I don't want to get drunk," the one guy with coppery hair grumbled. "Yes, I was just royally dumped by girlfriend but I refuse to get shitfaced."

"Edward, Tanya broke your damn heart, man. She wasn't just your girlfriend. You were going to get married to her. In a month, idiot," Emmett said as he shook his friend. "She was the skanky ho who fucked around with one of your groomsmen at your bachelor party."

In Edward's mind, visions of a pretty strawberry blonde woman swirled. There were pictures of them laughing, kissing and then more disturbing and heart-breaking visions of Edward finding her in the limo with her mouth on an African American man. She had torn out his heart and shattered his faith in love. He was afraid of even having a one-night stand in fear of getting burned.

"Emmett, just no. I don't know what the fuck I was thinking in coming out with you tonight," Edward growled.

"You were supposed to get married today, Eddie," Emmett chortled.

"Don't call me Eddie."

"Fine. But, you needed to get the hell out of that house and into clean clothes. You were pretty disgusting, Edward," Emmett said as his mind flicked through a disgusting townhouse filled with garbage and a stinky, unshowered Edward.

"I know I was gross. I think my mom is going to torch my townhouse," Edward chuckled.

"That would be best. That place should be condemned, Edward," Emmett said dryly. "What are you going to do with it?"

"Sell it," he shrugged. "Too many memories with Tanya there."

"Dude, what did you see in that vapid bitch?"

"When we first got together, she was everything I had ever hoped for in a partner, a girlfriend, a wife," Edward said dreamily. "She was smart, funny, endearing and unselfish."

"Unselfish?" Emmett snorted.

"When we first got together, moron. It was only after we moved in together that her true colors came out," Edward said with a frown. "It started off slowly at first. She'd ask to borrow money, flirt with my friends and be out at all hours of the night."

"Why in God's name did you propose?" Emmett wailed.

"She told me she was pregnant," Edward said in a small voice. "I proposed but it was an elaborate scheme to get a ring on her finger. I should have called it off when I found out that she conveniently had a miscarriage, but I was a fool. A total fool. I let the charade carry on until the bachelor party and, yeah, now you know."

"You should be celebrating, Edward. Screaming it from the rooftops that you're free of the wicked witch of the northwest suburbs. She only wanted you for your money, moron," Emmett bellowed. "You're a fucking savant at computers and you've made millions."

"Shut up, Emmett," Edward hissed.

I chuckled and crossed my legs. These two were interesting but I felt badly for Edward. I wanted to run off and make this Tanya pay for the damage she did to this handsome man. However, their conversation was cut short by Victoria approaching them. She sauntered up to Edward and Emmett. "Hi, boys," she said in her sickly, sweet voice. "Buy a girl a drink?"

Emmett's mind was dumbfounded by her beauty. However, Edward's mind registered her eyes. That's not normal. Red eyes? They must be contacts. Victoria leaned forward and inhaled deeply. She registered their scents and smiled. "Delicious. You want to dance?"

"No, thanks," Edward said, shifting uncomfortably on his feet.

"Hells yeah!" Emmett boomed. "I'll buy you a drink when we get back from tearing it up on the dance floor."

"Come on, handsome," Victoria wheedled from Edward. "It'll be fun. A good-looking guy like you shouldn't be on your own. Please?"

I growl lowly. The only thought that crosses my mind is 'mine.' Victoria sees me and winks, dragging both men down to the dance floor. My dead heart fell to my feet as I watched them leave the VIP. However, my nostrils were filled with the most gloriously fragrant blood I'd ever smelled. It was the most delectable ambrosia. Sunflowers, chocolate, fresh air and sandalwood. The smell wasn't coming from Emmett. He was slightly tangy with a musky overtone.

However, the scent of Edward caused my throat to burn uncontrollably.

There will be a point in time where you will find your 'singer,' Bella. One person who's blood calls to you. Be aware of this and do not succumb if in a public place.

What should I do?

Resist, if you can. After you drink from your singer, all other blood tastes bland.

Edward was my singer. I needed him to be mine. Not Victoria's. I couldn't drain him, though. I just needed to lure him away from her. Emmett, too. The guilt filling my mind at the possible demise of these two innocent men was too much. I turned off the mental voices and steeled myself to save them. Leaving my beer on the table, I walked down to the crowded dance floor. Emmett, Edward and Victoria were in the middle of the dance floor. Emmett and Victoria were dancing closely while Edward was standing uncomfortably. I opened my mind to just Victoria and heard her plan.

Get them out of the club. Get a quick fuck from the big guy. The skinny dude looks too uptight but he smells sooooooo good. I'll drink him last after I drain his friend. Make it look like a mugging.

I shoved her mind out of mine and I wiggled to the center of the dance floor. I looked up at Edward and widened my eyes innocently. "Hi," I said shyly. "You looked lonely. You want to dance?" Edward's green eyes dilated and his breath quickened up. I focused my mind on his thoughts.

Holy mother fuck, she's an angel. The most beautiful woman. Such perfect lips.

"Um, sure," he said, his velvety voice squeaking up a few octaves. I grabbed his hand and pulled him closer to my body. The flames in my throat were unbearable, but I needed to get him away. I snaked my arms up to his neck, feeling his pulse race through his paper-thin skin. He's tall, about 6'2". His hair is varying shades of red, brown, copper, golden honey and blonde. His skin is fair with some freckles along his nose and hairline. Edward's body is muscular but not like his friend, who was built like a linebacker. Edward had more of a runner's build.

Our dance was sensual and completely in sync. His hips moved with mine perfectly. His hot hands gripped my waist as he stared into my contact covered eyes. "What's your name?" he asked.

I bit my lip, not wanting to admit my real name in front of Victoria. "It's Bella," I said, leaning up to say it in his ear.

"I'm Edward. Edward Masen," he said with a crooked grin gracing his handsome features. "The guy dancing with the red-head is Emmett McCarty. Though, I don't trust her."

Victoria growled lowly. Emmett and Edward couldn't hear it but I could. "But you trust me, right?" I asked, fluttering my eyelids sweetly.

"Oddly enough, I do," he chuckled. "Can I buy you a drink?"

"Sure, Edward," I replied, tucking my hand into the crook of his elbow.

"What do you want?"

"Miller Lite," I said. Edward smiled again and got our drinks from the bar. His scent was overwhelming. But, I had to stay inside of the bar to get Emmett and Edward away. We eventually find a quiet corner. I can still see Victoria dancing with Emmett, but glaring at me. "What do you do, Edward?"

"I'm a computer programmer, graphic artist and entrepeneur," he said, sipping his own beer. "I own my own business. I design websites for web-based businesses. I've also created several computer games and online social networking sites as well. How about you, Bella?"

"I work in the stock market and investments," I answered, smiling at him. "I dabble in a ton of things, though. Are you here alone? Meaning, no girlfriend? Wife? Boyfriend?"

He laughed. Full-out belly laughs. "Nope. None of those. Boyfriend? Do I look gay?" he snorted.

"Emmett could be your secret lover, Edward," I shrugged. He cringed and shot me a sardonic look.

This Victoria chick is starting to freak me out. She's like staring at me like I'm a steak. Where in the hell is Edward?

"Your friend is looking for you," I said.

"He is?"

"Yeah. I'll go get him and get you another beer," I said as I pointed to his empty Amstel bottle. He blushed, filling my nose with more of his sweet fragrance. "I'll be right back. Don't move."

"Okay," he said.

I darted to the center of the dance floor and turned Emmett around. I leaned up on my toes. "Play along," I hissed in his ear. He nodded once and danced with me. I dragged him to the spot where I left Edward. Victoria was standing in the middle of the dance floor, fuming to say the least. "Hey, guys, can you walk me out?" I asked both of them. "Single woman. Don't want to get attacked. Two strapping guys like yourselves would fend off any would-be attackers."

"Sure, beautiful," Emmett smirked. "I'm Emmett McCarty and you're gorgeous."

"Why thank you, Emmett McCarty," I said as I shook his hand. We headed out of the club and walked down the street a few blocks. It was chilly. I folded my arms over my chest, pretending to be affected by the temperature. Edward slipped off his coat and put around my shoulders. "Thank you."

"I never caught your name, gorgeous," Emmett said.

"Oh, sorry. I'm Bella. Bella Swan," I replied.

"So beautiful," Edward muttered his breath. I looked at him and smiled. He blushed. Again.

"We should get together and get drunk and silly. Edward is recently single and could use a new girlfriend," Emmett boomed.

"Shut. Up. Fucker," Edward spat.

"Am I not girlfriend material?" I pouted.

"What? Yes. I mean. No. I mean…fuck," Edward said as he ran his hand through his hair. "Ignore him. He has a chronic case of verbal vomit."

"I'll try but you never answered my question. Am I not girlfriend material?" I teased, poking Edward with my finger.

"I'm guessing you're perfect girlfriend material," Edward whispered. "But, in order to make an educated decision, I'll need to take you on a date."

"A date," I smirked. Edward blushed and nodded. The best way to keep him safe from Victoria was to keep him close. A date it is. "Are you asking me on a date?"

"Fuck yeah, he is. If he doesn't, I will!" Emmett chuckled.

"Go play in traffic, douchenozzle," Edward snarled.

"Edward, I'd love to go out on a date with you," I said as I put my hand on his shoulder. "Let's exchange phone numbers and work from there. That way you don't have to deal with the over-grown man child doing the Roger Rabbit."

"God, what an idiot," Edward sighed. "But he's my best friend. Gotta love him." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out an iPhone. "What's your number?"

I gave him my cell phone number and handed him back his coat. He was shivering. The teeth chattering was almost too much to bear. My phone rang from my purse and I saw a new number. "Is this you?"

"Yep," Edward said with his adorable crooked smirk. Waving down a cab, we stand and stare at each other awkwardly. "Would it be too much to ask for a hug, Bella? I know we just met and I don't want to come across as being some creeper."

A hug? I haven't been hugged in years. Decades. What will he think of my skin? Will he react?

"Sure," I said as eyed skeptically. A cab pulled up to the curb and waited for me. Edward held open his arms. I took a slow, tentative step into his embrace and listened to his heart beat. It was strong, steady and calling me. Don't drink. Don't drink. Don't drink. With a tight squeeze, Edward released me and gave me another parting smile. I slid into the cab and waved as the taxi pulled away. Halfway between my condo and the club, I pay the driver. I find some wayward soul who was homeless and drained him, squashing the scent of Edward that was ingrained in my brain and nostrils.

Once I get back to my condo, my cell phone pings.

I'm really happy that I met you, Bella. I can't wait to get to know you better. Sleep well! – Edward

Oh, sweetie. I don't sleep. I feel the same way, Edward. I'm available any time. Talk to you soon! – Bella

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