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Chapter Thirteen


"I'm not ready, Bella," Edward said, a panicked look in his scarlet orbs. "I'm going eat someone."

"No, you're not," Alice said calmly from her seat in the living room. Her mind filled with visions of Edward ignoring humans left and right as we strolled down the street in Chicago. However, it did nothing to assuage his growing panic. If anything, it made it worse. My poor hubby…

"Edward, you have amazing restraint," Carlisle soothed. "You managed to get close to town without going into bloodlust. That's fantastic."

"But you won't let me into town," he snarled, frustration evident in my husband's tone. His temper was quickly unraveling and he wanted some positive reinforcement regarding his boundaries with humans. Carlisle was scrambling to calm down my very upset mate.

"Two reasons," Carlisle said as he sat down. "Number one, your eyes would scare most people. Red is not a natural hue for eyes. Number two, while you have restraint, you're still a newborn and you have extremely volatile emotions. You're tame in the newborn sense, but you could still explode and murder the whole town." It looks like Edward's going to explode on me. Shit!

Edward did look very irate and Carlisle's reasoning behind it was weak at best. I had to go to bat for my husband. "Can I make a suggestion?" I asked. "I think Edward would feel more at ease if he was able to interact with humans and actually go into town. I have some contacts from my time when I posed as a human. Granted, they're brown, but they'll mask Edward's red eyes. Additionally, I'll go with him. If he gets out of control, I'll shield him from the scent and pull him out." Edward looked at me, giving me a loving and appreciative grin.

Thank you for believing in me, angel. I love you, he said in my head.

Love you more, Edward.

"Alice?" Carlisle asked. "Will this work?"

"Yes, Carlisle," she chimed, smiling excitedly. "I want to go with them, too. I saw this really cute boutique with some funky clothes and sexy lingerie. I need some new things."

"Alice, this is a working trip. Not a shopping spree," Esme chided.

"No, I want to go into a store," Edward said determinedly, lacing his fingers with mine. "If it's too much, Bella can shield me. We're going to Milwaukee, or just outside of Milwaukee, in three days. I need to feel successful with this. Please?" I have to do this, Bella. You understand, right?

"I do, baby," I replied as I sat down in his lap. You'll get this. I just know it. I'll be right next to you. Though, it will be weird to see you with brown eyes.

I'll look like you when I first met you, angel, he purred mentally. "But not really since I'm 6'2" with copper hair." Not a hot brunette with sexy grin and a killer body.

I've got a sexy grin?

Oh yeah, Bella. Among many other sexy things.

You just exude sexiness, Edward. But… "I miss your green eyes," I frowned. "They were so pretty."

"Ugh, make me barf," Jasper teased. "You two are the epitome of lovey-dovey." The lusty vibes are killing me. I'm in a permanent state of arousal because of you two. Blah!

"Shut it, ass," Edward laughed. "Newly mated. HELLO! Be thankful that the house is still standing."

"This is true," I smirked. "Alice told me about your now ruined cabin near Denver from when you got together with the fairy."

"You both suck," Jasper scowled. Alice giggled as she flipped through a magazine. "When are you doing this run into town?"

"I want to hunt," Edward said. "Tomorrow?" We all agreed to another venture into town after Edward hunted. We left in the early evening along with Kate and Garrett to get some 'food.' We also worked on some more fighting techniques after we satiated our thirst. Our fighting technique had improved greatly and once we got it together, Edward and I were practically unstoppable because of our connection. Though, we needed all of the practice we could get. It had been nearly a month since our wedding and we were getting ready to attack the city of Chicago to end Victoria and, shudder¸ James.

A few vampire acquaintances that knew the Cullen's have been running reconnaissance for us. We needed to know what we were up against with the army of newborn vampires. Alice's visions were useless. She couldn't pinpoint any locations, numbers or anything. We surmised that it was one of the vampires that were created was another blocker or 'black hole,' a vampire with that power can negate any other powers within his or her vicinity. You'd have to rely on your physical strengths and not your supernatural powers.

We got back to the cabin late in the morning. Edward and I showered together, washing off the muck from our hunt and war games. We also made love in the shower. My leg was on his shoulder as he eased inside of my body. He was totally shocked at my flexibility. I just smirked as he gave me lots of orgasms. Unfortunately, Alice's mental screams broke us apart and we managed to get dressed.

Once this is all done, angel, I'm taking you on a honeymoon you will never forget, Edward said as he wrapped his arms around my waist. "No interruptions. No sadistic sires. No psycho redheads. Just you, me and lots and lots of naked times."

"Yes, please," I whispered. He kissed me softly before letting me go to grab his jacket. He also swiped his wallet and new cell phone that I had purchased for him. It wasn't a touch screen so he could finally use it. When he got it and was able to handle it without breaking it, he was so giddy. He spent hours playing with his new Blackberry, reading the news and playing silly games he had downloaded.

I was putting finishing touches on my outfit when Edward came up behind me in the closet. "Okay, Bella, I need your help with the contacts," Edward said. "I never needed glasses or contacts when I was human and I don't know what to do."

"Well, you put them in but they'll disintegrate in about five hours," I said. "No worries about taking them out." I got a pair from my stash and handed them to Edward. He looked at them warily.

"Am I safe to assume that they don't help my vision?" he asked.

"Your assumption is correct. It'll be annoying because you'll see all of the imperfections in the contact. However, wearing these is much more amenable that having red eyes. Do you have sunglasses?" I asked.

"In my Volvo," he replied.

"Bring them with you. Just in case the contacts react with the venom in your eyes and they disintegrate quicker than five hours," I suggested as I opened the containers. "Don't move. I don't want to poke your eye out."

"Kay." He sat straight and didn't move an inch as I carefully put the contacts into his eyes. He blinked, wrinkling his nose once the contacts settled over his scarlet irises. "Now, I know what you're talking about. I can see all of the scratches on the lens."

"It's frustrating," I said as I popped in my own lenses.

"Why?" he asked as he ran his finger softly under my eyes.

"I'm with you, Edward. Your pain is my pain. Besides, my eyes are still a touch too orange," I said as I kissed his lips. "Come on. Let's have a date, Mr. Masen. Take your wife out."

"Gladly, Mrs. Masen," he said as he twined his fingers with mine. We headed downstairs and were greeted by our new, adoptive family. Edward was going to drive his Volvo with me, Carlisle and Esme. Alice and Jasper were following in my Ferrari and Kate and Garrett were running into town.

Edward walked to the car and he bit his lip before he opened the door to his car. The first time he opened a car door after his transformation into a vampire, he removed it from the vehicle. Jasper and I had to reattach the door since he was so upset with himself. I put my hand on his shoulder. You can do it, Edward. Slowly and gently, baby. He sighed and reached for the door. Carefully, he opened the door for me. "You did it!" I said as I kissed his lips. "And thank you for being such a gentleman."

"Nothing but the best for my wife," he mumbled against my mouth. He assisted me into the car, closing the door just as carefully as he had opened it. He helped Esme into the car as well. His mind was chanting don't break my car, don't break my car, don't break my car as he opened the door for her. I knew he was going to be fine. He was growing more comfortable with his strength. He had to think about it, to make a conscious effort, but it was becoming easier with each passing day.

Once he had got into the driver's seat, he turned over the Volvo. He groaned mentally at how loud the engine sounded to him. Being mindful of his strength, he put the car into gear and pulled away from the cabin. Carlisle gave Edward directions to the town located near my cabin. Edward drove slowly, as to not garner extra attention. However, I could feel his excitement at the possibility of driving at any speed he wanted without getting caught. He tapped his temple. Internal radar detector. I love it! Can I drive super fast on our way to Milwaukee?

Sure, baby, I giggled.

Woo hoo!

"Edward, when you get to town," Carlisle began, "park near the north side. There's a parking garage there. The shops around there are a more akin to what Alice likes with clothes and jewelry. There are also a couple of bookstores. Stay outside as often as you need to. If it becomes too much, indicate to Bella that you need to go."

"Okay," Edward said as he pulled into the northernmost parking garage. We all got out of the car and walked around the different stores.

"How are you doing?" Alice asked Edward.

"I'm fine," he replied, barely breathing. His hand was clamped around mine and he was holding on for dear life. His eyes were darting all over. I put a hand on his chest, above his unbeating heart. He frowned slightly. "Overwhelmed. Very overwhelmed. All of the mental voices plus their scents. It's a lot. I'm not going to lie."

Do you want me to shield you? I asked.

No. You may not be with me all of the time. I need to get used to this, hone my gift. Thank you, though, angel, he murmured mentally, giving me a tight grin.

"Do you need to go?" Carlisle asked, putting his hand on Edward's shoulder.

"No. I have to do this," Edward said sternly, steeling himself to continue walking. He stopped and took a breath. His hand tightened on mine but he calmed down as he allowed the different flavors permeate his senses. I could tell that behind the contact lenses, Edward's irises were black with imminent desire to feed from the humans. However, they quickly lightened to be red as he became more desensitized to the various scents surrounding him. "I'm good."

"Excellent," Alice chirped. "Bella, you get to come with me and Esme. Boys, take Edward."

"But…but…but…Alice," Edward whimpered. I want a date with my wife…

"You will be fine, Edward," Alice said as she focused a vision to him. His frown changed to an eager smirk. "You have your quest. Now, go and have fun with the boys." Edward snarled his lip at Alice before he kissed me.

Everything okay? I asked.

Peachy. I'll see you in a little bit. Stay close. I may need you, he said as he kissed me one more time before leaving with Carlisle and Jasper. I pressed my chest as the nagging ache I felt when Edward and I were separated became known.

"It's only temporary," Alice said as she looped her arm with mine. "He needs this. Edward is stronger than any one of us give him credit for. He's a month into this life and has yet to taste human blood. As I look into his future, I do not see him faltering, either. However, he also needs to know that he can do this without your buffer, Bella. Your shield unconsciously wraps around him whenever he becomes troubled or upset. He may not have you nearby all of the time and he needs to learn to cope."

"Will he be okay?" I asked, staring at Alice.

"Watch," she said as we walked into a trendy boutique. Her vision showed Edward in a store with Carlisle and Jasper. He was speaking with a salesman. Another vision showed Edward handing over one of his new credit cards, signing for a purchase, smiling radiantly. The vision dissipated and Alice walked to a rack of clothes.

"That's it?" I whimpered.

"I don't want to show you more since he's buying something for you," she smirked. "You are going to buy something for him. In the form of lingerie." I groaned as she thrust handfuls of lacy, see-through and sexy lingerie into my arms. "Go try them on. Esme, help me find some things to make Edward go wild!"

"I see some things that will make Carlisle go wild," Esme giggled as she picked up a purple peignoir with a matching thong. Alice's eyes glazed over and she wrinkled her nose. "Got assaulted with visions of your parents doing the dirty?"

"Yes, and I'm scarred," she deadpanned. "You go get your smexy stuff for your husband while I dress Bella for hers." I was shoved into a dressing room with a ton of lingerie. Without even seeing me, Alice told me that I was getting all of it because I looked hot. I zinged her for looking at my nearly naked body, even in the form of a vision. I changed back into my jeans and burgundy sweater, holding my newly acquired lingerie. I paid for my sexy booty and we walked to another shop for clothes.

We all got something from the shop. Alice got the most, though. She was carrying seven bags of dresses, shirts and sweaters. The salesgirl was brimming with excitement from the commission she just got in the form of Alice Cullen. An hour later, we ran into Kate and Garrett outside of a coffee shop. They were holding cups of coffee, going along with the ruse that they were human. Garrett looked like he was about to hurl because of the coffee smell. The guys were almost done with their shopping and said that they would meet us here. I was anxious to see Edward. I was nervous about his restraint. I was also excited to know if he succeeded. I wanted to see the look of joy on his face when I saw him, giving him the reinforcement that he so desired before heading to Milwaukee.

"Bella," I heard. Turning around, I saw my husband flanked by Jasper and Carlisle. His eyes were hidden by sunglasses but I could feel the pride radiating from him. I handed my bags to Esme and ran, at a human pace, into Edward's arms. I jumped up, wrapping my legs around his waist. I did it, Bella. I talked to a human. His face was buried in my neck and he was holding me tightly.

"I'm so proud of you, baby," I cooed against his neck. "I knew you could do it." I love you, Edward. So much.

I love you, too, angel, he purred mentally, kissing my jaw and moving his hands to my ass.

"Yeah, we need to get going," Alice rushed out. "The sun is going to make an appearance in about five minutes. We do not want to be the disco-ball family and well, Edward and Bella are very close to fucking in public."

"Definitely not!" we both barked at her. I hopped out of Edward's arms but he pulled me flush to his very prominent erection that poked me in the ass. I giggled, shooting him a seductive look. He arched a brow over his shades, thrusting his hips toward me, pressing his arousal further into my ass cheek. Yeah, we are, he added, laughing in my head. Alice grabbed my hand, dragging me away from my sexy husband and we headed back to our cars. As we were pulling away from the town, the sun poked through the clouds, causing our skin to glitter brightly inside of the vehicles.

xx A&M xx

Two days later, we closed up the cabin in Michigan and caravanned to a home in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin that was owned by Esme. Edward drove like a bat out of hell with Kate and Garrett in the car with us. Carlisle and Esme were driving the Ferrari and Alice and Jasper were going to swing by Chicago, picking up an additional vehicle from my arsenal of cars. Ironically enough, it was Esme's childhood home from when she was a human. It was a large home just off of Lake Michigan. When we pulled up to the house, we were shocked at the sheer size of it.

"Damn, Esme," Jasper breathed.

"My parents were quite well-off," she said coldly. "I was cared for by the best nannies. When I was nineteen, I was married off to an ogre of a man who liked to beat me for fun. I came crawling back here to get help from my parents and they slammed the door in my face. I hated them."

"If you hated them, why did you buy the home where you grew up?" Edward asked.

"To spite them. I completely gutted the place and redecorated it in a way that my mother would absolutely hate," she smirked.

"What happened to your husband?" Jasper asked.

"He was one of the few humans I ever drank," she replied, her face falling. "Carl, you tell them. I'm going to open up the house." She darted away and into the house.

"Come on, let's go for a hunt and I'll tell you what happened to Esme," Carlisle said. We took off to a nearby forest preserve. We drank our fill before meeting at a clearing just outside of the house. I was sitting on Edward's lap on a boulder. Kate and Garrett were on the ground, cuddled together. Jasper was leaning against a tree with his arm around Alice's waist. Carlisle sighed and ran his hand through his blonde hair. "I was living in Milwaukee at the time, working in one of the hospitals. Esme came in and she was battered beyond all recognition. Her jaw was broken, her nose was nearly shattered and her body was riddled with bruises and scratches. Despite all of that, I thought she was the most beautiful woman. I knew I had found my mate. Unfortunately, she was human and still married.

"I stayed in Milwaukee for several years, tending to Esme's beatings each time she came in. Her hazel eyes were becoming more and more vacant and dead each time I saw her. However, I knew she was comfortable with me because she told me about what her husband did to her. Each night, he'd beat her bloody. Each morning, he'd force himself on her. The times in between, she was locked in her room while the maids and butlers took care of their home.

"One night, after a particularly bad beating, Esme confessed to me that she was pregnant. She put her hand on her belly, trying to protect her little one from this monster that she was forced to marry. Shockingly, she managed to keep the baby to term. Unfortunately, due to the nature of her beatings, the baby was significantly handicapped. Her husband blamed her for their 'retarded' son and killed the little boy. Esme hated her husband for killing their son but abhorred herself more for allowing the beatings to happen the first place. Esme threw herself over a cliff, breaking her back and causing irreversible damage to her frail human body. When she was found, she was brought directly to the morgue. However, she was still alive."

"How was that possible?" Kate asked. "She threw herself off a cliff!"

"I believed it to be an act of God," Carlisle said quietly. "I heard her faint heartbeat as she lay on the slab in the morque. I gathered her in my arms, broken up that she had been dealt such a horrible deck of cards. But, I knew I couldn't let her die. She was my mate and I needed her. She needed me. I bit her and carried her back to my apartment. As she went through the change, I packed up my belongings and tendered my resignation at the hospital. I also went to her husband's home. Never in all of my life did I want to kill a human. I went there under the pretense of delivering the death certificate, but, I wanted to see the monster that could beat the love of my life within an inch of her soul and would kill an innocent child. However, I walked away after I handed him the certificate, running back to Esme in my apartment.

"I carried her nearly five hundred miles to a cabin in North Dakota, far away from humans. When she finally woke up, she was terrified. She saw me, the doctor who had patched her up five years, and didn't know what to think. I explained to her what I was and what I turned her into. She was so angry and lunged at me. I held her to my chest as she squirmed and begged for me to let her go. She begged me to let her die. However, I told her that I couldn't let the woman I loved die. She crumpled and sobbed. We sat on the ground of the cabin for three days as she sobbed for her broken life. I just held her, giving her my love and devotion.

"Once she calmed down, she realized her thirst and I took her out for her first hunt. She became more focused and we were able to talk. Our relationship, at first, was one of friendship. She was reticent to be with another man since her now ex-husband was such a cruel, sadistic monster. A year after she woke up, we shared our first kiss and she realized what I knew all along; that we were mates. We took things slowly, though. I had it ingrained in me to wait until marriage before making love. Unfortunately, I couldn't exactly take her to a church and ask a priest to marry us. Esme would have killed him in her newborn state. She was nowhere near as strong or restrained as you, Edward."

"I'm not strong. Just stubborn," Edward chuckled.

"I eventually asked Eleazar to perform our wedding ceremony and we bonded as mates soon afterward. Something clicked inside of Esme after we made love. She realized that she was never cared for by her ex-husband. A month after our wedding, Esme took off to Whitefish Bay. I followed soon behind her and I found her in old home, sucking her ex-husband dry. I pulled her away as she beat his corpse angrily. I understood why she did it. Hell, I wanted to do it. Instead, I set a fire, torching her former home and we headed to Denali with Eleazar, Carmen, Kate and Irina," Carlisle sighed.

"I remember when you came to join us," Kate said. "It was just before I met Garrett. Esme was so different when you lived with us for those few years."

"It took about ten years for Esme to get out of her depression. It also helped when I changed Rosalie. Esme had a child to care for," Carlisle chuckled. "Granted that child was a very bitter and upset twenty-year-old woman. Eventually, Esme became the warm woman you see now but I had to spend a great deal of time with her to reassure her that I would never hurt her. She meant far too much for me. She was my whole world and I'd do anything to make her happy."

"And you do make me happy," Esme said as she walked up to him, holding him tightly. "You showed me what unconditional love is. I'll forever be grateful, Carlisle. You saved me. I love you, so much."

"I love you, too," Carlisle murmured as he kissed her softly on the lips. A low rumbling growl emanated from Carlisle's chest and he picked up Esme, darting away from us.

"Dude, they are so going to have sex," Kate snorted.

"Really, you think?" Edward snarked. "They deserve it. I've never seen one man so devoted to his woman."

"Edward, look in the damn mirror," Garrett teased. "You would give you left nut for Bella."

"Okay, besides me," he laughed. I want to follow Carlisle's lead and take you upstairs to make love to you, Isabella.

"Fuck, with the lusty vibes," Jasper growled. "Go find a tree and fuck against it."

"Do I need to hurt you?" Edward deadpanned. "Remember, I'm a newborn and can now epically kick your southern ass. I've been trained in strong Kung Fu."

"Don't you dare touch my Jazzy," Alice said. Her eyes were narrowed at my husband. "I see a vision of you two fighting and it not ending well for either one of you. Jasper loses a leg and Edward, you lose something else. In the nether regions."

Edward cupped his dick, swallowing compulsively.

"Much better," Alice chirped. "No more fight."

"Alice, don't threaten my husband's manhood," I chided. "It's not nice. Besides, there was no vision of a fight. You're bullshitting us."

Alice glowered at me, sticking out her tongue. "You suck, Bella. Freaking mind reader."

"Why couldn't I see that?" Edward frowned.

"I'm blocking you," I said. "Sorry." I lifted my shield off him and he was able to see what I saw. He glared at Alice, who just smiled sweetly at him. Her smile faltered as Edward arched a brow.

"Ugh, fine," Alice grumbled.

"Excellent," Edward said. "Tomorrow night, Alice. Payback for being just downright cruel."

"What's tomorrow night?" I asked.

"You'll see," Edward said cryptically. His mind was a mess of binary code and show tunes being sung in Hebrew. I scowled at my husband as he did his own little sweet smile, kissing my nose. He and Alice were so in cahoots with each other. But what are they planning?

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