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Chapter Two

The day after I met Emmett and Edward, I paced around my condo. I think I almost put marks into my hardwood floors. My downstairs neighbors must adore me, pacing at all hours of the night. Fabulous. However, I was worried about Edward and Emmett. Probably more than I should be. As we were leaving the club, I could hear Victoria's mental screams of how she will get these two guys.

In some way.

I couldn't let that happen. I had to protect them. I needed to shield them from the evil that was emanating from Victoria. The visions that filled my head from her were violent, cruel and sadistic. These men were inherently good and should not be punished for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Victoria's thoughts, though, focused mainly on Edward. She wanted him. Once she saw him leave with me, Victoria's mind reeled and she was convinced he was her 'mate.'

I internally scoffed at her insistence that Edward was hers. He wasn't anybody's. Up until a few weeks ago, he was engaged to Tanya. Even then, he didn't belong to her. Based off his conversation with Emmett, the engagement was one of necessity. She was 'pregnant.' Right. And I have a beating heart.

Anyhow, I paced most of the day until my cell phone shrilled from the never used kitchen counter. I ran toward it and saw that it was Edward calling me. I squealed like a stupid, hormonal teenage girl before picking up the call. "Hello?"

"Um, hi. Is this Bella?" Edward asked shakily.

"Yes, it is," I smiled. For the first time today, I calmed down and was able to relax on my couch. "How are you doing, Edward?"

"I'm good. Taking a break," he chuckled. "I'm putting my townhouse on the market. I've spent most of the morning scouring every available surface with bleach and disinfectant."

"You're moving?" I asked, frowning slightly.

"Just into the city. I'm moving into a condo in Trump Tower. I've owned it for a few years but never really lived there," Edward explained. "I had a particularly nasty break up and I need to be rid of this place which reminded me of her. You know?"

Not really. "Yeah. That must suck," I sympathized. I'd never been in a relationship as a vampire. I don't remember my human life and I couldn't tell you if I was in a relationship then. "When are you going to move?"

"Probably by the end of the month," Edward explained.

"If you need any help, Edward," I offered, biting my lip. "I'm more than willing."

"Thank you, Bella. I appreciate it. Anyhow, I'm going out on a limb right now. I'm actually quite nervous since it's been nearly two and half years since I've had to do this, but, are you free tonight?"

"Yes, I'm available," I answered, a wide grin spreading over my face. "Why? Are you asking me out?"

"If you're going to say yes," Edward joked.

"Hmmm, let me think," I teased, tapping my lips. "I'd love to go out with you, Edward. What's the plan?"

"I was thinking about a picnic in Millennium Park while the Chicago Symphony Orchestra plays Mozart's Jupiter Symphony," Edward said quietly.

"That sounds heavenly," I breathed. It did. An evening with Edward. Yes, it would be a challenge since all I wanted to do was suck him dry but there was something more about him that just drew me in. Like a magnet. "Do you want to meet there or pick me up?"

"I can pick you up, but if you're not comfortable g-giving m-me y-your ad-address," he stuttered, "I understand."

"I trust you, Edward," I replied. I rattled off my address and I could hear the quiet scrape of the pen over the phone. "What time should I be ready for our date, Mr. Masen?"

"Six," Edward answered. "Is there anything you don't like, food-wise?"

Any food. I prefer blood, thanks. But, they don't sell it at the local Whole Foods. "I'm pretty flexible," I answered. "I'll see you in a few hours, Edward."

"I'm counting the minutes, Bella." He hung up the phone and I sprang into action. I showered and washed my hair. However, I didn't know what to do. These were the times where I wish I had someone to talk to. A woman. A friend. A confidante. I've been on my own in this life for so long that I don't know what to do. How do I get ready for a date?

"Think about this rationally. You're going to Millennium Park, on a picnic. A dress or a skirt won't work. Jeans? Yes. Jeans," I mused out loud. "God, I'm such a fucking moron. I'm talking to myself." I found a pair of dark-wash jeans and a purple peasant blouse. It was also supposed to be chilly, so I grabbed a beige blazer. I curled my hair and fastened it into a low ponytail. As I finished getting dressed, my phone rang in my condo. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was nearly six. Dear God, I spent three hours getting ready? Edward's here? "Hello?"

"Miss Swan, there's an Edward Masen here for you. Shall I send him up?"

Send him up, placing him a tiny confined space with a vampire who wants to drink him? Leave him in the lobby? Decisions, decisions…"I'll be right down," I blurted out.

"Yes, Miss Swan."

I grabbed my purse and took a few calming breaths. Contacts! I can't believe I almost forgot those. Darting to my bathroom, I grabbed four cases of brown contacts. I put a pair in and grabbed a pair of sunglasses, just in case. It was cloudy out but people wear sunglasses at night for some odd reason. I'd blend in. I rode down the elevator and got the lobby. Standing in the sleek room was a very nervous-looking Edward. His back was to me but I could tell that he was trembling slightly and his heart rate was accelerated. In one hand, he held a picnic basket and in the other a large bouquet of wild flowers.

"Edward?" I called out. He turned and his entire face lit up when he saw me. I relaxed when I saw that he was dressed similarly to me in jeans and a button shirt. I also was incredibly happy that he was okay. Victoria hadn't found him. "I didn't realize that you had your hands full."

"It's no big deal," he answered. "These are for you." He handed me the flowers. I took them and inhaled deeply.

"I need to put these into water," I murmured, looking up at him. "Come. Let's go up to my condo."

"Okay," he said. I nodded toward the elevator and we walked inside. I held my breath the entire ride up. If I drank in his scent in the tiny box, I'd drain him and I couldn't do that. I needed to keep him safe. Once we got out of the elevator, I buried my face again in the flowers and inhaled their fresh, floral scent. "I'm glad you like the flowers, Bella."

"They smell so good," I said. "I've never received flowers before. It's a treat."

"No flowers?" he frowned. "No man has ever gotten you flowers?"

"Nope. Then again, I've been focused on career and haven't had time to date," I lied smoothly. I have never been on a date before. At least, I don't remember if I had prior to my change.

"What about college? Or high school?" Edward pressed as we reached my door. "You didn't date then?"

"I was a bit of a nerd," I giggled, pushing the door open. "Braces, frizzy hair and flat chest."

"You were probably just as a beautiful then as you are now," Edward said as he leaned forward. The heat radiating from his skin was overwhelming. I swallowed down some venom and smiled tightly. I mumbled a quiet thank you and led us into my condo. Edward whistled lowly as he took in my place. "This is amazing, Bella."

"Thank you. This is my oasis, sanctuary from the real world," I whispered. I grabbed a vase from my cabinet and placed the flowers inside of it, filling it with water. "I have everything I need in this condo." Except for blood.

Edward placed the picnic basket on the kitchen counter. "Can I get a tour?" he asked, a slight blush covering his pale cheeks.

"Sure," I said. "Obviously this is the kitchen. Though, I don't eat much in here. I don't like to cook for just me. I eat out. A lot." Leading him through the condo, I showed him my home. He was the first human besides Jenks, my attorney to see inside of my condo. Or inside of my life.

Edward seemed to relish in each of the rooms I showed him. He asked a few questions regarding some of the older pieces I had in my condo, but I explained that they were treasures and investments that I found on eBay. In reality, I had acquired them during my travels as a nomadic vampire. But, Edward couldn't know that.

After my tour, Edward said that we needed to head to Millennium Park. Locking up my condo, we rode back down to the lobby. Since we were running out of time, we had to take a cab to the park. Edward paid the cabbie and we walked to the park. We reached the Pritzker Band Shell. Edward spread out a blanket and he sank to the ground gracefully. I joined him.

"You want anything to drink, Bella?" Edward asked.

"I'm fine for now," I answered. He reached inside of the basket and pulled out a bottle of water. "So, Edward. You said that you a computer guru/entrepreneur. However, you don't look very old. How old are you?"

"I'm twenty-five. I graduated high school in two years and college in three," he blushed.

"You had a college degree by the age of eighteen?" I squeaked. "That's amazing."

"Thank you," he said. "I've been doing what I'm doing for seven years. I love it. It's challenging and changes every day. What about you? How old are you? I don't want to be dating jailbait."

"I'm twenty-three," I said. I think. "I'm not jailbait. I'm legal and all that."

Edward laughed and began removing the food from the picnic basket. It was all finger foods. All easily hidden and I could appear to be nervously nibbling. "Where did you go to college, Bella?"

"I studied finance overseas. I managed to get a scholarship at Oxford," I answered. I had gone to Oxford for a brief time in the late sixties. "What about you?"

"I double majored in computer science and business at Northwestern University in Evanston. I also have a minor in music," he explained. "Tell me about your family, Bella."

"Unfortunately, I'm all alone," I said quietly, curling up. "My family is all dead."

"I'm so sorry," he said, his green eyes filling with remorse. I lifted my mental block and focused my mind to his thoughts. Such a beautiful girl shouldn't be alone. I wonder if she would let me in. I could see myself caring for her. I have this overwhelming connection to her. I want to be with her. Forever…fuck, that's not normal thinking.

"I've survived for a long time on my own," I said, looking out to the water of the lake. Too long, I mentally cried. This is the longest conversation I've had with another being since I left my sire.

"Clearly, you're not surviving," Edward said as he placed his hot hand on my shoulder. He had moved closer to me and gently cupped my chin. "You're crying."

I wiped my cheeks of my venom and pulled my shades down. With the venom tears, my contacts were disintegrating quickly. "I'm fine," I answered. "I need to use the restroom. I'll be right back, Edward."

"Okay," he said as he removed his hands from my body. She's so cold. So lonely. God, I just want to hold her. I got up and jogged to the closest bathroom to put in new contact lenses. All I wanted was for Edward to hold me. Kiss my fears away. But, he'd definitely know that I'm not like him. Besides, the chilly skin, lack of heartbeat and bright red eyes would freak him out.

I closed my eyes and I had a flashback from prior to my change. Just a brief flash.

"You will be mine, Isabella. You'll always be mine," snarled a dark, cold voice.

"Please, don't hurt me," I begged. Then I felt a sharp bite on my wrist.

I shook off the flashback and washed my hands in scalding hot water. I ran my fingers over the bite mark on my wrist. That was where I was bitten to become a vampire. I continued washing my hands in the sink. Perhaps it would warm my skin so I would appear more human. I walked back to the blanket where Edward was seated and joined him on the blanket. "Sorry about that. It just hits me out nowhere," I said quietly.

"It's okay, Bella," he said. "I lost my dad when I was seventeen and sometimes I just start crying like a baby."

"Edward, I'm so sorry," I said as I placed my hand onto his knee. "What happened?"

"Brain aneurysm," he said. He ducked his head, wiping his own cheeks with his long fingers. "It was sudden and unexpected. Caught my mother completely off guard."

"Has your mom remarried?" I asked.

"About three years ago. A nice guy named Richard," Edward explained.

"What did your dad do? And your mom?"

"My dad was a lawyer and my mom is an architect," Edward said as he lay down on his side, propping his head up with his hand. "She's since changed her focus and works in interior design. She loves taking something old and making it new. She's going to do it to my townhouse before I put it on the market. I am also having her redecorate my bedroom in my condo."

"What was your dad's name? Your mom?"

"I was named after my dad. Edward Masen, Jr.," Edward chuckled. "I hated my name growing up. Especially the nickname 'Eddie.' My ex-fiancée used to call me that and it was like nails on a chalkboard. Emmett calls me Eddie to get me riled up but it's in good fun. Anyhow, my mom's name is Elizabeth but goes by Betsy. What about you? What were your parents' names?"

"Charles and Renee Swan," I answered automatically, not thinking about the response. I blinked my eyes and smiled widely at the fact that I remembered it. "I was their only daughter."

"I'm still sorry that you lost your family, Bella," Edward soothed. He took my hand and held it between his large, soft and hot hands. "I know what it's like to lose a parent but to lose both of them is unfathomable." As he caressed my hand with his, the orchestra walked out onto the stage. Edward released my hand and I felt an immediate sense of loss. He took out some plates and served up the food. I thanked him for his generosity and picked at the meal he had made for me.

We sat in silence, listening to the music of the orchestra. Edward sipped his water while I deftly hid my food and pretended to eat the crackers, cheeses and veggies. Sometime during the second movement, Edward took our garbage to a nearby trash can. He sat down behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist while he put his legs on either side of my body. "Are you okay? You're chilled."

"I could use some warming up," I said as I leaned against him. He smiled and held me tightly. His heart pounded against my back. His scent surrounded me, causing my throat to burn but also my body reacted to him as well. I was aroused.

He placed his chin on my shoulder. "Better?"

"Yes, thank you," I answered, turning to look him. He was so close. Our noses were barely touching and his breath fanned over my skin. His green eyes dilated and his heart rate sped up minutely.

"Look out!" cried a young boy. We jumped apart and a soccer ball fell between my feet. "I'm sorry. I was playing with my sister and she has no control with the ball."

"That's okay, little man," Edward said with a smile. I threw it back to the boy. He blushed as he looked at me but darted away with a quiet thank you. "What a bummer."


"He stopped a potential very romantic moment," Edward cooed. His hand reached up and glided it along jaw. His pulse was stammering against skin and his face was flushed. "Bella? Can I kiss you?" I opened my mind and saw his inner thoughts of our mouths touching.

I nodded and turned in his arms. As much as I wanted him to be in charge, I had to control our kiss. Once false move and he'd be dead. I placed my hands on his cheeks, feeling the small amount of stubble growing on his skin. I gently traced his features, gliding my fingers along his jaw line, his nose, his eyebrows, and ending with his soft lips. I leaned in, inhaling his scent. Again, the burn in my throat was insistent but my arousal was more. Edward closed his eyes and he closed the gap between our mouths. Once our lips touched, my dead heart jumped. My entire being shifted and I knew that I could never be apart from Edward. In Victoria's mind, she believed he was her mate but in reality, he was mine.


His lips were soft and warm. I could feel the blood pump through his lips. His skin warmed under my touch while I moved my fingers to his insanely soft hair. Edward's tongue traced my bottom lip, begging for entrance. I was not ready for that. I couldn't allow his tongue inside of my mouth. With a low growl, Edward moved his mouth from mine and he kissed my jaw. His hot lips moved to my ear and he suckled on my lobe. I moaned quietly, sighing his name.

We broke apart and stared into each other's eyes. My contacts were gone but I knew my eyes were black with desire. "Edward," I began.

"Bella," he said at the same time. "Sorry…"

"Go ahead," I said breathlessly.

"Look, I know we just met but I feel this connection toward you," he said, taking my face in his hands. "I never felt this with my ex-fiancée. This connection."

"Me too, Edward," I said, looking down at his chest. "But before you say anything more, I need you to come back to my condo. I need to something to you. I'd rather do it in the comfort of my own home."

"Okay," Edward said, arching a brow. "You want to go now?"

"Yeah," I said, nervous butterflies attacking my stomach. Together, we packed up the picnic basket and left Millennium Park. I opened my mind to Edward and listened to his theories rambling through his brain.

I know that was something was up with her but no matter what; I need to be with her. As weird as it sounds, I love her. I barely know this girl and I love her.

What is it that she wants to tell me?

Is she secretly a man?

No. She's too soft looking. Too feminine.

Maybe she'll explain something about her temperature. She's always so cold. Even her kisses and lips are cold.

Is she sick? God, NO! I hope not. I can't lose another person I love…

"Edward, do you want to take a cab or walk?" I asked.

"Let's take a cab," Edward answered. We clambered into the taxi and I gave the driver my address. Edward laced his fingers with mine, in an effort to warm up my hands. His mind was still rifling through theories. One of his theories touched on my actual truth. But he dismissed it, proclaiming vampires were evil, cruel creatures.

However, I was evil and cruel.

A monster.

I killed people.

I want to kill him, but I can't. I won't.

We pulled up to my condo and Edward's cell phone shrilled from his pocket. He removed his hands from mine and checked the caller ID. "It's Emmett's mom," he muttered. "Hello?"

"Edward? Is Emmett with you?" she asked.

"No. I'm on a date, Ruth," Edward explained. "Why?"

"He was supposed to come over and fix my washing machine and he's not here. I've tried calling him but his cell phone has been disconnected," she said quietly, obviously scared for her son. I pushed my mind to try to hear her thoughts through the phone connection. However, I heard nothing. "Can you check his apartment, Edward?"

"Sure, Ruth. I'll do it on my way home," Edward explained.

"Let's go now, Edward. Perhaps there's something wrong," I said, wrapping my arm around his bicep.

"I don't want anything to happen to you, Bella," he said as he cupped my face.

"Please?" I begged.

"Okay," Edward sighed. "I'll call you soon, Ruth."

"Thank you, Edward. I appreciate it," Ruth said, her voice full of relief.

Edward gave the cabbie an address in Wrigleyville. We pulled up to a brownstone and Edward took out his keys. He asked the cabbie to keep the meter running since we were leaving the basket inside of the car. Using his keys, he entered the building and stood in front of me, protecting me. When we entered the hallway, I smelled her. Victoria. My hackles went up and I wanted to take point in front of Edward. Opening my mind, I searched for her thoughts. If she was here, she was masking her mind.

Edward reached a door and opened it with a separate key. What greeted us inside was a complete mess. The couches were torn to shreds and papers were strewn all over the floor. "Holy shit," Edward breathed.

We entered the apartment and the scent of fresh blood filled my nostrils. My eyes darkened and I stumbled. I grasped the door and it crumbled under my touch. Mixed in with the blood was Victoria's nauseatingly sweet scent. She had something to do with this. One of two things happened: Victoria killed Emmett or she changed him.

I seriously hoped it was the former and not the latter. A newborn Emmett would obliterate the entire city.

"Hello? I'd like to report a robbery and a missing person," Edward choked out. "My best friend, Emmett McCarty, is missing."

No. He's either dead or he's like me…

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