New story…I'm just teeming with ideas. LOL. Anyhow, I'm just going with this story off the cuff to see where it goes in the first chapter. If it's good, I'll continue it. If not, we'll have to see. I'm delving back into the realm of vampires. But, Bella's the vamp this time. Without further ado…

Chapter Four

I walked out of Edward's bathroom and saw him putting dinner on the table. I could play the upset stomach card and try and get out of eating his food. But that would be rude. I just pray that there is no cream cheese. I may hurl.

"Everything okay, angel?" Edward asked as he saw me in the hallway.

"I'm good," I smiled. "What's for dinner?"

"Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans," he replied. "Based on your reaction with the cream cheese this morning, it seemed like a safe bet. It's my mom's secret recipe."

"I'm certain that it's delicious," I said as I sat down in the chair that Edward pulled out for me. He sat down next to me and served me with chicken, a small serving of mashed potatoes and green beans. I picked up the knife and fork and cut into the chicken. I kept my face impassive as I put the chicken into my mouth. Ugh. Tastes like greasy ash.

"How is it?" Edward asked.

"Very good. Tender," I answered, popping in another bite. This is not going to be pleasant to regurgitate.

"Bella, didn't you say that there was something that you needed to tell me?" Edward asked as he shoveled down his dinner.

"It's not important," I said.

"You're not sick, are you? You're so pale and skin is so cold," he frowned.

"It's a circulation disorder. I'm fine," I said as I patted his arm. "I've had it all my life but I've got it under control. I'm not going anywhere any time soon."

"Okay, good," he sighed. "I've had too many people in my life…shit, never mind."


"Too many people in my life have been taken from me and I don't want to lose someone else that I lo…care for," he said, blushing deeply. Moron! You almost said that you loved her! You've known her for two days, Masen. Can you be more an idiot? I bit my lip to not laugh at his inner-musings. He blushed a deeper crimson, filling my nose with his scent. I closed my eyes and clenched my fists underneath the table. To distract myself from his delectable scent, I forced some of mashed potatoes and green beans down my throat. They tasted worse than the damn chicken. Healthy ash. Blech.

"Edward, I may be pale and cold, but I'm perfectly healthy. Very strong immune system. It's been years since I've been sick," I said. Approximately fifty years. "You're stuck with me as long as you'll have me."

How about forever? "Good," Edward said with a relieved crooked grin. "Are you done?"

"I am," I said as I handed him my plate that was nearly empty. "It was wonderful, Edward. You're a talented cook."

"I'm okay. I can read a recipe," he chuckled. "Ask me to make something up? It ain't happening. Do you want some coffee?"

"No, I'm fine," I answered. "I'm going to use the restroom, okay?"

He nodded and he carried our plates to the sink. I scuttled to the bathroom and removed my contact lenses. I blinked a few times, enjoying the moments where my vision was not blocked. However, when I saw my reflection, I scowled. I hated my red eyes. I hated what I was. Even though I killed evil men and women, I still killed. "There's got to be a different way." Shaking my head, I popped in my contact lenses and made a mental note to research alternative diets for vampires when I got home.

When I was finished in the bathroom, I noticed that the dishes were cleared and Edward was sitting on the couch. He had his glass of wine along with mine on the cocktail table. "Want to watch a movie?"

"Sure," I said as I sat down on his couch, slipping my shoes off my feet. "What movie?"

"I'm thinking humor. With all of the drama with Emmett, I need to laugh. Bridesmaids is a favorite of my mom's," Edward said, his green eyes twinkling. He turned on the television and dimmed the lights. I curled around a pillow and watched the movie begin. "I don't bite, Bella."

"What?" I asked, arching a brow.

"You're so far away," he said as he wrapped his arm around my waist and dragging me closer to him. "Part of the fun of watching a movie is the cuddling."

"Really?" I smirked.

"Yep. Now, get comfy. I've been told that I'm a pretty good pillow, angel," he said as he held me to his chest. I pressed my ear to his chest, right above his heart. It was steady and strong, thrumming his blood through his body. I sighed quietly, nuzzling closer in his embrace. I didn't pay attention to the movie but to Edward. Since spending time with him, I had become desensitized from his mouth-watering scent. His heartbeat was my beacon in my dark existence.

Once the movie was over, Edward gazed down at me and caressed my cheek. I smiled softly at his tender touch. "Do you know how beautiful you are?" he murmured.

If I could blush, I would have. I, instead, ducked my head and laughed nervously. "Thank you," I whispered. "You're beautiful too, Edward."

"God, I'm an ogre compared to you," he snorted. "But, thank you, angel." His ears pinked up and he lowered his eyes. His lashes brushed his cheeks and he looked so forlorn. I sat up. I cupped his cheek, feeling the warmth of his skin permeate to my very center of my being. With a shuddering breath, he looked up at me. Once our eyes linked, something triggered in us and it was like magnets. We were drawn together. My lips met his in a soft kiss. Bella. My Bella, his mind pleaded.

The electricity that surrounded us was all encompassing. Edward's arms tightened around me. Had I been human, he would have squeezed me too tightly, but it felt perfect on my diamond hard skin. His tongue traced my lips as our mouths battled each other. I opened my mouth and slid my own tongue into his hot mouth. He couldn't put tongue in mine since my teeth were razor sharp. Plus, I didn't want to bite down and cause him to change. Yet.


Focus, Bella. You can't kiss him without keeping your full attention him. One false move and he's dead meat. I can crush his head with a snap of my fingers.

I pulled away as I felt my body lose control. We both were breathing heavily. Edward, out of necessity. Me, out of sheer excitement. "I'm sorry," I panted out.

"Bella, don't apologize," he said as he took my face in his hands, leaning his forehead against mine. "If you hadn't pulled away, I would have. I don't want you to think that I'm just trying to get you into bed. But, when I kiss you, I lose all of my…it's like the world falls away and it's just us, angel. You've bewitched me, Bella. And I wouldn't want it any other way."

"Me neither, Edward. For the first time in a long time, I'm happy," I said as stared into his evergreen eyes. "I care for you so much. I know it's fast, but…it's how I feel. I would do anything to protect you." And I will, Edward. We are bonded together.

"Isn't it the other way around? Shouldn't I protect you?" he laughed.

"You can try," I said with a wicked grin. "But, I can be pretty bad ass."

"Sure, angel," he said as he gathered me in his arms. The tone in his voice indicated that he really didn't believe me. I'll let him carry that thought until absolutely necessary. I just prayed that Edward would not have to see me as the vile predator I am.

We stayed huddled into each other's arms until Edward began nodding off. I all but pushed him to go to bed. He begged me to stay, but I was out of contact lenses. The ones I had in were going to be gone in moments and for certain I'd freak him out with my red eyes. Like the gentleman he is, Edward walked me out to my car and kissed me softly until I got weak in the knees. I was amazed how this human could make me so vulnerable but at the same time so strong. With him near me, I could do anything.

I pulled away from Edward's townhouse and my chest started constricting. Looking out my rearview mirror, I saw that Edward's hand went to his heart as he leaned heavily against his mailbox. I wanted to turn around and scoop him into my arms, keep him forever but I needed to go back to my condo. I needed more contact lenses. Or something to permanently change my eye color to not be red. Once I was out of Edward's subdivision and on the highway, I turned off my lights and floored it home.

I headed up to my condo and changed into some comfortable clothes. Before doing some research on alternative food sources, I decided to check my email. You never know…

I had the usual spam and junk in my email box. But one message caught my eye. It was from an Alice Cullen. Do I know an Alice Cullen? Is she a vampire? After running a virus scan of her message, I opened it up.

To: Isabella M. Swan
From: Alice Cullen
Re: Alternative Food Sources and Friendship?

Dear Isabella,

Or should I call you Bella? *Snorts* My name is Mary Alice Brandon Cullen. And before you freak out. Yes, I'm a vampire. You can check out my profile on the Volturi database. I'm like you and keep up to date with the census. Anyhow, you are looking for alternative food sources other than humans, correct?

I believe that me and my family can offer you some help. We live off the blood of animals. Deer, elk, moose, bears, mountain lions and any other indigenous wildlife. It's a more human-friendly option for vampires. It also allows us to create true relationships with members of our coven. Or as I mentioned before, my family.

Now, I'm guessing that you're probably curious as to how I knew that you wanted to change your eating habits? That's simple. I can see the future. *I'm awesome like that. My mate, Jasper, thinks it's so cool that I can see the future before it even happens.* I also can see that we will become great friends.

Changing your eating habits will be challenging. But, you and your own mate will benefit from your decision. *The handsome, bronze-haired God? Damn, girl! He's a hottie and a half…If I wasn't mated to Jazzy, I'd go after him.* If you feed often from the food sources in Michigan, Wisconsin and Northern Minnesota, you'll be sated. The taste will be more akin to what you ate for dinner tonight, but hot and it's, well, blood. Your outward appearance will also change. Mainly in your eyes. *No more contacts!* Your irises will change from a bright crimson to a deep ochre. It's a more 'human' shade of eye color than bright red, right?

Lastly, I do have some bad news for you. Your mate's friend, Emmett? He is changing as I type this. He's roughly halfway through it and Victoria will use him to hurt your mate. Edward, right? I know that it's a challenge to be close to Edward since he's your singer but you need to keep him close. Especially in the next three days. It'll be cloudy the next few days so you can 'stalk' him without sparkling like a damn disco ball. *I personally love that about being a vampire, but it is frustrating when you have places to go and people to protect. ARGH!*

Anyhow, I'm going to let you go. Feel free to call me anytime. Or email. Or hell, swing by Washington State if you're bored. Just kidding. I'd love to hear from you. And please, keep me apprised as to what happens with Emmett and Edward. The future is foggy as the result and I hope it's a positive outcome.


Alice Cullen

In signature, she included her phone number and two other numbers as well. I added them to my cell phone and turned to the Volturi database for her information.

Name: Mary Alice Brandon Cullen
Birthdate: Unknown
Vampire Birthdate: Unknown
Nationality: American
Sire: Unknown
Power: Ability to see the decided future
Current Location: Forks, Washington
Coven: Cullen Coven

Alice is one of the youngest members of the Cullen Coven which currently resides in Forks, Washington. She is mated to Jasper Whitlock who was turned in 1865 at the end of the Civil War in the United States and the beginning of the Southern Wars (sire is Maria Gonzalez). His power is empathic in nature. He can manipulate human and vampire emotions. The Cullens are what we classify as vegetarians. They feed on the blood of animals. The say that it allows them to bond with the members of the clan and with the neighboring humans.

The leader of the Cullen Coven is Carlisle Cullen who is a doctor. He was changed in the late 1600s during a vampire raid in his native England. His mate is Esme Cullen and she was changed by Carlisle in the mid twenties after breaking her back because she jumped off a cliff. She had recently lost her child. Rosalie Cullen was the next to join the clan after she was attacked in New York City. None of these vampires have extra abilities like Alice or her mate, Jasper.

If you are interested in adopting the vegetarian lifestyle, feel free to contact any of the Cullen Coven for further details.

At least Alice's profile had more information than Victoria's. I jotted down Carlisle's email address along with Jasper's as well. I was curious if this Jasper was the same as my Jasper. My sire. I think? He never said his last name. He just called himself Jasper.

I hadn't noticed that the sun had come up and I was shimmering like a drag queen in a sequined dress. I scowled as I hit the button to lower my shades in my condo. The clouds were low and I knew it was going to be a cloudy day. I was going to use that to my advantage and search for Emmett and Victoria. But, I wanted to get help from Alice.

I dialed her number and even before I held the phone to my ear, her tinkling voice rang through the tinny speaker of my phone. "Hello, Bella," she giggled.

"How did you know it was me?" I squeaked.

"I see the future, silly," she said. "I knew you were going to call me. And to answer your question, my Jazzy is your Jasper. He'd like to say hello."

I heard a faint rustling and Jasper's smooth drawl piped through my phone, "Hello, Bella. How are you?" he asked.

"I'm good," I answered. "How are you, Jasper?"

"So much better now that I have my Alice," he said, the smile in his voice evident. "She brought me to the light, darlin. And based off what she was yammering on all night, she's doing the same for you."

"Jasper, I never knew you were an empath," I said quietly.

"That's because I never told you, Bella. I tried to mask my gift but it was amplified by your sadness. As much as I wanted to stay with you and have you be with me, it was too much. I was happy when you left me after you controlled your bloodlust. Shortly after you wandered off on your own, I found my Alice. She was so bubbly and happy."

"I'm sorry that I hurt you, Jasper," I said sadly.

"You never hurt me, Bella," he chuckled. I growled. "Okay, just a bit when you first woke up, but your emotions were all over the place. Now, the main emotion I feel from you is loneliness."

"You can feel it through the phone?"

"Yes. But, Alice is bouncing like a jack rabbit squealing in gibberish. I think she's saying that you won't be lonely anymore but I don't speak gibberish," he chuckled. "Here's Ali."

"Bella, you won't be alone anymore," she tumbled out. "I see it. I see you joining our family along with your friend, Emmett and your mate, Edward."

"So, he is my mate?" I asked.

"Unequivocally. You're the closest you can be to being soul mates, Bella. Do you feel pain when you're not near him?" Alice asked. Her questioned deepened the ache in my chest. I moaned quietly, rubbing between my breasts. "I'll take that as a yes. He's probably feeling it too."

"But he's human, Alice," I whispered.

"Not for long," she whispered back. "Bella, I'm not going to divulge too much, but there will come a time where you will need to make a life or death decision regarding Edward. Change him or let him die."

"Alice, I can't change him. Take him away from his family," I cried as venom tears fell onto my cheeks.

"Would you rather he die?" Alice asked simply. I gasped and my dead heart fell to my toes. The pain amplified and I felt the room cave in around me. "That answers my question as well. Bella, he already suspects. And your true identity will be revealed to him soon. He will beg for you to change him. He cannot bear to be away from you and will choose being a vampire over his family so he can be with you. He loves you, sweetie. So much."

"I've heard his mind say it over and over again," I murmured. "I love him, too. But, how will he react to my being a vampire, Alice?"

"He'll be shocked because the manner in which you are revealed will be quite dramatic. His feelings will only become more amplified when he sees your true self. Not Bella, the vampire posing as a human. But Bella, the vampire."

"He won't be afraid?"

"Oh, he'll be afraid but his love for you will overcome that fear," Alice explained quietly. "It will also be your protection that will guide his love."

"Thank you, Alice," I said.

"Now, Jasper, Carlisle and I are planning on flying out to Chicago in a few days. Do you have any property away from a large population?"

"I have a cabin in the upper peninsula of Michigan," I answered.

"You may want to open that up, Bella. We're going to need it."


"Because, you're going to help Emmett there so he can learn the ways of being a vegetarian. You can control minds, correct?"

"Yes," I said, arching my brow.

"You will need to control Emmett when he attacks. We will be there too, hopefully. The timing will be tight, though. Anyhow, I'll let you go. Check in Wisconsin for Victoria and Emmett. There's a cabin in northern Wisconsin, near Eagle River, that may be where she's hiding him. Do not attack. Okay?"

"Why should I not attack?" I asked.

"You'll lose and will die," Alice said sadly. "I want to meet my newest sister. Call me any time!"

"Bye, Alice," I said, smiling at my new friend. I actually had a friend…

"Not a friend. You're my sister," Alice giggled before the call ended. I shook my head as my grin widened. Sister. Using Alice's clues, I discovered that Victoria had a cabin in northern Wisconsin, just outside of Eagle River. Or at least, a cabin under one of her known pseudonyms. By car, it was roughly a six hour drive up to Eagle River. I could run up there in four. Nodding, I changed into some clothes that would hide me in the underbrush and forests of Wisconsin. I'd drive to Green Bay and run the rest of the way.

I sent a quick text to Edward, saying that I had a number of errands to run today. I'd be unavailable by phone until this evening. He was obviously sad but made me promise to call him tonight once my errands were done. I responded with my own signature of x's and o's. He one-upped me, of course. I chuckled as I backed out my blue Aston Martin from my spot. Once I hit open highway, I floored it to Green Bay. Land of the Cheese Heads. In Green Bay, I hid my car in an abandoned campground before running up to Eagle River, with my cell phone and ID inside.

Eagle River is a small, touristy town on the chain of lakes that were interconnected. It was the beginning of the tourist season and families were heading up there for vacations and camping trips. If Emmett was unleashed up here, his presence will be known and most assuredly the Volturi will intervene. He will be disposed of.

I opened my mind to listen for Emmett or Victoria. I did catch a faint whiff of her sickly, sweet scent so I knew I was close. I darted to the location of where her cabin was located. It was about five miles north of Eagle River, far from the population and any kind of civilization. The screams were deafening, both mental and verbal. For certain, Emmett was here and he was changing.

It's burning. God, I'm going to die. Please! Let me die! His mind repeated over and over again.

I sniffed the air and found that Victoria hadn't been here for quite some time. But, my presence may change that. I just needed to check on Emmett. Ensure that she had just changed him and not maimed him in anyway.

I opened the door and was hit with Emmett's morphing scent. He was still pumping blood as his heart was working overtime but the venom was spreading through his system, changing his smell. Before, it was musky and bitter. Now, it had changed into something completely different. The musky scent was still there but now the bitterness was replaced with a sweet, candy-like smell. This was probably due to Victoria's venom coursing through his body.

I knew it was a long shot, but I had to implant something into Emmett's head. His brain had already been effected by the venom and was fully aware of his surroundings and unfortunately, the agonizing pain. Emmett, listen to me. You must not harm Edward. He's your friend. Your best friend. If you hurt him, you'll never forgive yourself. Get away from Victoria.

"NO! She's my maker," Emmett snarled, his changing eyes linking with mine.

I narrowed my eyes and focused my thoughts to him. She is a monster, Emmett. She killed you. Took you away from your family. Get. Away. From. Her. Find me. I'll protect you, Emmett. Teach you our ways.

He whimpered and buried his hands into his hair. His brain was torn. I recognized me and viewed me as someone safe. However, his loyalty was to Victoria since she created him with her venom. It's an odd bond that some vampires acquire with their sire. I never had it since I never knew who my sire was.

"Please, Emmett," I whispered. "For Edward…"

He snapped at me, glaring at me with wild, feral eyes. I hated to do this but I shocked his system with a mental jolt as I backed away. He was too far gone for me to reach. At least now. He was too connected with Victoria and his pain from his change was too much. However, he was intact. He wasn't maimed. Actually, his form was quite beautiful as a vampire. His muscles were huge and I could only imagine what he could do with his strength. He would need to hone his skills, though.

I was broken of my reverie by the mind of Victoria. That bitch, Marie, is here. She's going to take my plaything away. Fucking wench. She's going to die. I'll dance on her ashes.

"Emmett, I need to go," I murmured. Do not harm Edward. With a brush of my fingers through his hair, I ran out the back way and swooped around the property. Victoria was trailing me until I reached one of the lakes. I dove in and settled down in the center of the lake to wait her out. Her mental screams were loud in my brain but she eventually gave up and left me in my watery prison. I made the decision to swim in the lakes until I got to the southern-most point. I slipped out of the water and took off toward Green Bay.

As I was running, I stopped and opened my mind and nostrils. May as well try this new diet. See what it's all about. I listened for signs of life that weren't human. I was in the middle of a forest, I couldn't hear any human thought or voice. I did hear a faint pulsing to the east. Following the sound, I glided through the lush forest. After a few miles, I found two deer drinking from a small creek. Venom pooled in my mouth but it wasn't as mouthwatering as a human. At least I knew I could get a reaction from the animals.

I sighed and darted toward the deer. One took off while the other stood there, like a deer in headlights. God, I'm stupid. Wrapping my arms around the poor animal, I sunk my teeth into its hide. Warm, earthy and musky blood filled my mout and into my body. It was not an unpleasant flavor, but not all that appetizing, either.

"Now, I know what they mean about being 'vegetarian,'" I spat as I tossed the carcass onto the forest floor. "It sates you but leaves wanting more. I'll have to feed more often." I shrugged and left my meal on the ground to rot while I ran back to my car. I desperately wanted to get back to Edward. My presence in Victoria's cabin probably intensified her hatred of me and her need to kill my mate.

And that ain't going to happen.

A/N: And we meet Alice and Jasper. In case haven't figured it out, Jasper is NOT Bella's sire. He was just the one who found her while she was changing. Her sire will be revealed as the story continues. But, I guess that most of you can figure it out on your own. Anyhow, up next will be Emmett's return, Bella's reveal and more of the Cullens. Picture teasers are on my blog of Victoria's cabin along with Bella's home in the UP of Michigan. Last but not least, check out my facebook page. Link is in my profile…Leave me some!