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Story Summary: In the aftermath of her divorce, a heartbroken Bella Swan looks for danger to give meaning to her life. If only her hot ex-husband would stay out of the picture. ExB AH

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Outtake One: Ah, Mrs. Bishop. I do love that woman. Here's how Edward found out that Bella had moved.

I knew who would know where Bella was. Hat in hand, I sucked up my pride and knocked on our batty neighbor Mrs. Bishop's green wooden door. I could see her sitting at her kitchen table smirking at me, so I leaned on her doorbell instead. She answered in her own sweet time, making me wait five minutes before she bothered to open the door. She had this yappy five pound lap dog that seemed to think it was a pit bull barking his head off. Like the owner, that dog detested me.

"Shoo! Get away from the door, Sweetness." For a terrifying second I feared she addressed me. Then I noticed the elderly woman pushed the dog back with her slippered foot.

"Good afternoon, Mrs. Bishop."

A lit cigarette dangled like a victim from her thin lips. "What do you want?" She opened her screen door and flicked ashes on the ground at my feet. She got straight to the point and gazed at me like I was something foul she'd stepped on that stuck to the bottom of her shoe.

"I went over to the house to see Bella and the cars are there but the house is empty."

"Really," she had extra sarcasm dripping from that word. "You don't say. Took you long enough, smartypants." Her voice broke. "She's gone."

"What do you mean gone? Her cars are still there."

"She left months ago, Edward. Your family finally drove that poor child right out of town people were so mean to her."

"Do you know where she went?" I was doing my best not to panic.

"Nope. She didn't tell me." I didn't believe her.

"Do you have any way of contacting her?"

"Nope. She didn't tell me that, either. Think she wanted a clean break. Don't blame her." She stamped out her cigarette.

"This is unlike her."

"How would you know?" she barked and pointed a finger at my chest."You haven't been around her in months."

"Thank you, Mrs. Bishop. I'll see what I can do to find–."

She slammed the door in my face.

Rubbing my nose as I walked back to my car, I said, "That woman is Satan with a handbag."

Outtake Two: I had a plot line in the original draft that was all about Bella's parents being alive – Changed my mind. They are deader than a doornail in this story.

Bella had gone to visit her birth parents' graves. She claimed to barely remember them, so I wasn't sure what drove her to visit. She wasn't particularly religious. I walked into the living room and found Dad sitting on the couch reading a journal.

"Dad, what do you know about Bella's birth parents?"

His face because cautious. "What do you mean? They were both doctors."

"Really? What kind?"

"Bella's mother was an obstetrician and a good one. Her father was a pathologist."

"How did you and Mom get to be Bella's godparents?"

"They literally wandered into church one day and said they'd like to have their child baptized. Father Patrick told them that they would have to take classes and pick godparents and they looked desolate. They didn't mind the classes, but they said they knew no one in town. Your mother and I stepped forward and volunteered. You should have seen Bella. She was such a beauty even at that age."

"So did you become close to them?"

"No. We invited them over from time to time. The Swans didn't really become close to anyone. Why do you ask?"

"I got curious."

"Bad things usually result from that, Edward."

"I started poking around looking for pictures of them. Bella doesn't have anything but their passport photos."

"What did you find?"

"It wasn't what I found. It's what I didn't find. They don't exist on paper. Before the year they came here."

Outtake Three: I thought I needed to come up with a way to show that Esme and Jasper and Carlisle tried to reach Bella too. I ended up cutting this for space.

We got back to Mom and Dad's house to find mother ranting. Dad was at his office catching up on work.
"My baby needs me. I don't care what that man said, I'm going to see her."
Jasper said, "I'll go with her. You still need to get your clothes from the house. Maybe Bella's home by now."

When we got to the house there was a moving van there, and the door was open. Eleazar was supervising a group of men who carried my clothes out of the house.

"Edward said the locks were changed. How did you get in?" Esme asked.

"Locksmith is my third cousin." Eleazar grinned. "You boys surprise me. You're slow learners. Step inside the truck. Make sure I've got the things you want."

I said, "I only wanted my clothes."

Eleazar insisted, "Step inside the truck and make sure. Jasper and Esme, too."

He had about six beefy guys who were all strangers to me working as movers.

Mother, Jasper, Eleazar and I walked up the ramp into the truck. Someone had put portable lanterns inside giving it light. Eleazar slammed the door down.
I was so distracted, in my worry about Bella, that I never saw it coming.

Three men held me down as three more advanced on my brother.
We were so close together in this truck, and Eleazar stood right by my mother. I weighed my options. If they hit me, I was going to fight back.

Two men grabbed Jasper by the arms while a third hit him in the face.
Jasper used the arms of the men at his sides as support and kicked the man standing in front of him in the face. His attacker fell to the truck's floor and started howling.

"Eleazar, what the fuck!" Jasper said.

"Stop this right now." Mother yanked on Eleazar's arm. He ignored her.

Eleazar waved his hand at the man on the floor and said, "You have unfinished business."

The man took to his feet slowly and said, "Yes, sir." Limping he went over to my brother and hit him harder.

"What the heck are you doing?" I bellowed, struggling against the arms as Jasper took a nasty hit to the kidneys.

Eleazar said to me, "You had a reason to be here. They did not." He pointed to mother and my brother. "Esme needs to understand that she broke the rules. Jasper, you came here because she insisted, didn't you?" My brother said nothing. He wasn't going to tattle on Mother. Two more minutes passed with them hitting him. They had to hold me back because I tried to get in there and stop it.

Mother was sobbing. "Stop it, Eleazar. Stop it!" she whimpered.

"Do you understand this lesson?" He asked her.
Weakly, she nodded.

He leaned over her and asked, "Or do I need to start on your other son, Esme?"

"What do you want?" she sobbed. "Bella lost the baby. She needs us."

"I want you to go back to your house and get on with your life and do what you were told. You don't need to question why I order you to do something. Just shut up, stop whining, and do it."

"Why Bella?" Mother pressed, "You know she's so sensitive. She needs us."

"This isn't about Bella, although, if you all would stop smothering her and let the girl grow up, she might actually make something out of herself. This is about you doing what you're told and knowing your place. All of you," Eleazar yelled. Mother cringed back from him.

At his gesture, the men on either side of me released my arms. Eleazar turned to me. "Do we have all you need?"

I didn't bother to look at the clothes hanging on racks. "Yes. It's fine."

"Good, I have an apartment on the other side of town I can put you in." He almost for a moment sounded like the old Eleazar. The one I loved and respected.

"No, thanks." I kept my voice neutral. "I'll stay with Mom and Dad right now."

"Whatever." He said to one of his men, "Rigo, drive them home, will you? Be sure to be careful with the cargo."

Jasper lay on the truck's floor, moaning. I knelt by his side to assess the damage. "He needs the hospital," I said.

Eleazar said, "Fine with me. He got into a car accident on his way over to check on Bella, understand?"

"Yes, I understand."

Eleazar said to Mother, "Your boys will be just fine. You come along and let me drive you home, Miss Esme." He held out an arm in a courtly gesture.

Eleazar raised the metal door to the back of the truck, long enough to let in the weak winter light. His men filed out, leaving me alone with my brother. Eleazar shut us in without a word.

Jasper clapped a hand on my back. "Killing him might be worth it in the end."
Or I could do better and put him behind bars.

I held Jasper against me as the truck started to move.

"We're in serious, shit, Edward," Jasper wheezed.

He was hospitalized for two days. During that time, I kept waiting for my phone to ring. Waiting for it to be Bella. For me to sit there dying while the call went to my answering machine. Yet, she didn't call once.