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Entry One

I've changed my name to Carmen. Maria is so common, so it was time for a new me. Buying fake papers was easy. I met a possible candidate for husband number two at the country club. His friend Carlisle is more my type, but he seems taken with some insipid socialite named Esme. She thinks she's better than everyone else. Wasn't hard seducing Eleazar and getting pregnant. We eloped and I drank some herbs and got rid of the kid that I didn't need anymore. Being pregnant is repulsive, anyway.

Entry Two

He had the gall to cheat on me. Me. His wife. First, he called out Esme's name when we were having sex. I kicked him out of the bedroom. The next week, I found sores on my body and went to a doctor in another town who told me I had syphilis. Since he deserved to suffer and hates doctors, I didn't tell Eleazar what he had.

Entry Three

When Eleazar complained about having a rash, I told him that it was his eczema and like the idiot he is, he totally bought that explanation. I confronted him about the cheating and he tried to deny it at first. Eventually he caved. He was cheating on me with some child named Lauren who claimed to be pregnant with his baby.

Entry Four

I made him kill Lauren while I watched. Kicking her corpse wasn't as satisfying as I thought it would be.

Entry Five

I divorced Eleazar to teach him a lesson. I wonder how long it will take him to die from syphilis. I hope it's long, drawn out, and painful. This will be fun to watch. I told him that if he ever slept with Esme I'd make him kill her slowly.

Entry Six

I can't have him being with Esme. That would be intolerable. The whole town would laugh at me. We might not be married anymore, but he's still mine. I've convinced him we are still the best of friends. I told him Bella was far prettier than Esme to get him fixated on someone else. Besides, that works perfect for me. He can lust after Bella all he wants, but if he ever made a move on her everyone would know and the Cullens would kill him. I caught him staring at a picture of her and Esme so I had it painted for him. Carlisle is my soul mate I realized today. All my efforts go to being one with him. So the Cullens have to go.

Eleazar's weakness is how the people in this backwater view his family. He's obsessed with trying to make up for his drunk of a mother who everyone shunned when she married a rich Mexican and was dumb enough to give him a kid. It wasn't hard to work on his envy of Carlisle to show how unfair it was that the town looked up to the Cullens when he was every bit as good, or how he wouldn't have been invited to events if it weren't for his connection to Carlisle. I nursed that resentment like a mother would a favorite child.

Entry Seven

You can never have enough money. I convinced Eleazar that we need to go into black market drugs. It's a profitable business, and we can easily sell the drugs in third world countries. I hired a thug from Europe named Vrabek that came highly recommended. Aro and Cicy have the perfect piece of land that no one ever goes by. We tried to get them to sell it and when they refused, we offered them a partnership. When that didn't work we just killed them. The Cullens fell into place like the spineless worms that they are - excepting Carlisle, of course. He went along because it gets rid of Esme. He hasn't said a word, but I know things like this. Just threatening their precious Bella made them do whatever we asked. That, and the film of Aro and Cicy dying. Eleazar's condition is getting worse. He's starting to forget things, but he hides it well. He had to give up racquetball a long time ago because he doesn't have a good sense of balance anymore. I've been drugging him with amphetamines ground up in a smoothie to give him energy. Once I get enough money, I'll kill him. Then Carlisle and I can be together forever. I went to their family plot in the cemetery and poured gasoline over Esme's Mother's grave and set it on fire. I know Carlisle would approve. He doesn't look at me when he is around me. Nor do we talk. He's so good at acting.

Entry Eight

Eleazar is backing away from keeping the Cullens from Bella. I can tell the Cullens are getting to him. He's been telling me that he blames himself for her and Edward divorcing and he never meant for her to get hurt. Stupid girl went off to Africa and got herself shot which didn't surprise me one bit. What did surprise me was the media turning her into some kind of warrior princess and devoting airtime to her. I sent Liam over to visit her with chocolates. Imagine my surprise when Liam went to visit her again with chocolates and died from poisoning. Wonder who wants her dead and why? She's a pathetic wallflower. I can't imagine why anyone would show any interest in her besides Edward, but that smart alec is socially stunted.