I've decided to try something new.

Disclaimer - I do not own Twilight or its characters, the plot is all mine.

This will be a high-school story with some underage drinking, language, and OOC behavior - *some angst*

Thank you to my beautiful beta - *Sunflower3759* -

I'm shaking as I exit the plane.

Deep breaths don't even help ease my nerves.

My stomach twists in knots.

My dad hugs me when I'm within his reach.

"I missed you, Bells. I'm sorry how things went down."

I'm wondering if he's the only one that did.

"Me too, Dad."

I bite my thumb nail as we wait for my luggage.

"Did you have a good time in Phoenix?"

"Yeah, it was nice spending time with mom again."

He nods but stays silent, pulling my bags from the carousel.

"You ready to go home?"

Nothing terrifies me more.

The unknown drives me crazy.

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