This chapter was preread and beta'd by the beautiful - **Shahula and Sunflower3759**

After dinner, we dance slowly by the fireplace.

"I have something for you," Edward whispers, reaching into his jeans pocket. "Close your eyes."

I do so, taking a deep breath.

He slips a ring on my left hand.

The finger.

I gasp and open my eyes.

Tears threaten to surface as I stare at the unusual design.

Two hearts, intertwined.

"It's a promise ring." Edward says softly, lifting my chin with his finger until our eyes meet. "I'm promising my love to you and that one day I'll replace this one with another." He raises my hand, placing a kiss on the ring.

His eyes hold nothing but truth and love.

I happily accept his token of devotion, fully trusting him with my heart and soul.

-The End-

Okay, so that's it for this one.

Thank you all for taking the journey with me.

It's been an exciting and eye-opening experience to writing something different.

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