A/N: I have always loved Goose Girl and have a great respect for Shannon Hale, so I have decided to write this piece. It will probably have between 5 - 7 chapters. It takes place throughout The Books Of Bayern. The point of view may change from time to time.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Books of Bayern unfortunately.

The Shepherdess

Let me tell you a story.

It may be my story or someone else's but I will tell it now and you will find out.

A princess' aunt once told a young royal a story. A story about how The Creator spoke the first word and all that lived on the earth awoke and opened their minds and mouths to say the word. She said that through many patterns of stars, they once all spoke to one another. However, over time, the languages were forgotten. The Aunt pauses here and reminds the little princess that as long as there is movement and harmony , there are words.

The aunt tells Anidori, for she is the princess, that some people are born with the first word of a language resting on their tongue; though it may take some time to taste it. There are three gifts, she said; the gift of animal-speaking, the gift of people-speaking, and the gift of nature speaking.

That year the aunt left.

However that is not the focus of my tale.

Across the lands of Bayern, Tira, and Kildenree, five babes entered the world with the first word of a language on their tongues.

The first was a baby princess with hair as golden as a beam of sunlight through an open window.

The second was a girl with hair as black as coal.

The third, also of noble birth, was a girl with hair as red and orange as fire.

The fourth, a girl with hair as brown as tree bark.

The fifth, a girl with hair brown that shined golden and auburn in the sun.

The first four had the first words of nature-speaking on their tongue.

The fifth did not. Her word was special, unique.

That babe had the word "protect" on her tongue.

That child was me.