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"Max!" my best friend, nudge, squealed running up to me. She lives right behind our house. I wonder why she is here her mom is not one to greet new neighbors. If you can even call that thing a mom. "Your parents asked me if I knew where you went. I did not even know what they were talking about. They explained it all and I was like zomg do you know where she is. Then they looked at me as if I had two heads and said that was why they called. I ran right over but since you live right in front of me, it did not take long. We were all so worried and anyway that would have been odd if I did have two heads I would look like a giraffe but they do not have to heads. Hey that was just like the one time on family feud where Harvey asked her to name a bug with no legs and she said a millipede but they have a thousand legs. EW did you read about that one person who found a bug in their soup. I really want some cambells soup right now." She finished in one breath. I do not mind her excessive talking though she can talk for me to and now fang. Fang. Why could that boy make my heart stop?

"Calm, nudge, calm." I signed slowly making fun of her and do not give me that look because that is what best friends are for.

"Woof." She barked imitating a dog. I smiled and then turned to my family that looked relieved and then noticed that fang went over to his parents and iggy.

"I am so glad that your okay!" my dad exclaimed racing over to hug me. My sister gave me a look that said we would talk later; Angel and gazzy just thought I went for a run like usual. I did not blame him or her either because I ran every morning and night for an hour not to mention at soccer practice. I also run to get things off my mind, to clear my head, or when I am angry and trying to refrain from punching something…or someone.

"So you and fang." My mom suggested winking breaking me out of my thoughts. I rolled my eyes to hide the blush that was forming.

"Val you know max is too young to date especially after what happened with Sam." My dad cut in. yet again I rolled my eyes but otherwise did not say anything. "Anyway Dave where do you want to have the bbq my house or yours?" It did not matter because we live in houses that look exactly the same and had the same yard but the houses around them did not I always wondered why ours matches. Our house is three stories has an in ground pool and we have a river leading into the lake that we sometimes swim in. our yards are 7.5 acres large. Let's just say we never get bored.

"It doesn't matter." Mr. Venom shouted back. They decided to do it here. By now, we all made our way to the picnic table and were sitting there and talking when Mr. Venom walked up. "It's getting hot out don't you want to swim?" he questioned. Immediately nudge and angel shot up, screaming yes and went to get their bathing suits on while Ella and me exclaimed, "hell yea!" Well I signed enthusiastically.

"Language." Our dad scolded.

"English." We retorted.

"Great minds think alike."

"And then there are ours." I finished. Mr. Venom chuckled as the boys left to get the suits quietly.

"Excuse my daughters they do that a lot." My mom said exasperated. Ella then left to. I was now the only one standing with officer venom because my mom's were cooking and my dad was getting the grill started. Out of nowhere, I reached out and gave officer venom a hug. "Thanks," I signed "for everything." "No problem max it was a pleasure meeting you and having you glare at me for calling you Maxine." He said leaving me blushing out of embarrassment since he saw that right after he saved me I glared at him for something as simple as that. I walked away to get my bikini on. I opened the door and raced up the two flights of steps to get my swimsuit. What to wear what to wear I thought looking through my walk in closet. Finally, I decided on black swim shorts and a black bikini top, which had flames on it with matching black sandals. I have been hanging out with fang to much already I scolded myself. I cursed since my heart stopped yet again at the mention of him. I do not like him like that, he is just a friend, I tried convincing myself. Key word: tried.

I looked over when I heard a knock at my door and saw a timid nudge looking at me with sad eyes. It killed me seeing our enthusiastic nudge look like somebody just kicked her puppy. If she had a puppy.

"Max do you think that… that maybe I could borrow one of your bathing suits. My mom said-that buying me a bathing suit-would be spending-the money she needs for- drugs." She managed to get out between sobs. I ran over to her and pulled her into a hug.

"Of course you can you never need to ask and you can always live with us we have extra rooms and plenty of money." I told her. "My parents all ready said it was okay."

"That offer still stands?" she asked with questioning eyes. I nodded giving my hands a break. Yep nudges mom is an addict nudge always stayed with her hoping she had changed but I think that the hope had been fading for a while now and she had finally given up. Ella, my parents, angel, gazzy, and I already knew so she would probably only need to tell the venoms. I guess she would not have to tell them but it would start to look suspicious with her living here. I slowly got up and went to my closet getting out nudges favorite turquoise bikini and handing it to her.

"Thanks and yea I think I will stay her if it okay with you guys matter how hard I try my mom will never care about me." I wanted to tell her that was not true but there is no point in lying to her. Ella decided that would be the right moment to barge in so she did. We looked over and saw Ella emerging from my bathroom. You might be wondering why she was coming out of there and here is your answer. Ella's and my room are connected by the bathroom that we share. Cue the oohh.

"Hey nudge what you doing here?"

"Getting a bathing suit and to say that I would like to accept your offer and stay here and become a part of this family." She said getting more and more excited with every word. Ella ran over and we all started to happy dance. It was odd. The being happy part. "And you can't fight the tears that aint coming all the moment the truth in your lies." My mind recited automatically finding another similarity in my life to fangs and my song. Fang.

"We got to get back to fa…" I started than thought better of it. "Everyone."

Although in my head I knew that, I meant fang not everyone. Right now as long as everyone was safe and together then all I wanted to be is by fang. I started cursing mentally I could not fall for fang. Not so soon at least.

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