Summary: Haymitch loved Maysilee, but they were Reaped. But when Maysilee's twin sister pretends to be Maysilee and goes in her place, will this be the end of Haymitch's troubles, or just the beginning?

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His Sweetheart

I have always watched Maysilee. I knew everything about her. I knew that her eyebrows would scrunch together when someone cursed. I knew that Maysilee would tap her foot three times when someone stepped on a crack on an odd day. I knew all about the little things she did, because I loved her. No one knew, except for my best friend, Abraham Everdeen.

So, on the day of the 50th Hunger Games, aka the 2nd Quarter Quell, I knew that Maysilee was not the one who walked on the stage. No, it was not her at all. Maysilee had an airy and day dreamed walk, where as the girl who strode to the stage had a hard and hunter-like walk. I knew automatically that it was not Maysilee Donner that had walked on the stage, but her twin sister, Madge.

I looked to Maysilee, who stood frozen in the crowd, clinging to Joyce Crave, the Apothecary's daughter. I look around the City Square. It is obvious that everyone knows that it is not Maysilee who is up there. They all know that it is Madge Donner.

I was shocked. The next girl to be called up is a young fourteen year old girl by the name of Janice Mellark. She steps to the stage, and I look to her brother. He stands next to Abe, who is patting his back. It is time to Reap the boys, and I hear Connor Rankin's name being called. He is a fragile boy. Every one in District 12 believes he is a homosexual. It creeps out a lot of the guys, but he is still mine and Abe's friend.

My name is drawn next. At first, it feels like it is someone else who has been called, yet when the boys surrounding me begin to turn, it has become clear that it is me being called.

"Come one up, Haymitch Abernathy!" Quill squeals. She is an annoying lady with large hazel eyes and a petite body. Unlike the rest of the Capitol, Quill's hair looks plain and normal. It is platinum blonde with light orange and blue streaks going through it.

When I reach the stage, we are all forced to shake hands.

"May the odds be ever in your favor!" Quill says in that stupid Capitol voice. We are soon rushed off to the Justice Building, and the first person to visit me is Abe.

He rushes to the room and hugs me. "Mate, are you okay?" he whispers.

"Yeah. I'm fine." I huff out. He pulls away and stares at me.

"Listen, mate, this isn't any normal Hunger Games. There is double the amount of tributes! But, ignore my negativity!" I let out a laugh.

"But, seriously, mate. You could win this! I mean, you're a bloody smart ass! Plus, your good with problems and after our hunting sessions, you should be alright with a knife!" Abe says optimistically. Abe pats me on the back. His words do comfort me.

"Of course I'll probably win, but what about Donner?" I whisper.

"Oh, shit, mate. Didn't think about that. Bloody hell, you're in some royal shit. I mean, not only are you vercing the love of your life, but you're vercing her sister!"

"Thanks, Abe. You're really comforting me,"

"Any time, mate! But remember, you're my brother! No matter what, we're brothers!" The Peace keepers enter and take Abe out.

Next to visit me is my mother. She cries and fusses over me, and I hate it. I hate to see her sad and depressed. It gives me nothing but grief. When she leaves, I expect that no one else will visit, but I am wrong. The next person to visit me is Maysilee Donner.

"Hi, Haymitch." She whispers. She looks absolutely beautiful, with her honey blonde hair, and her crystal blue eyes. She looked so sad, but she was beautiful.

"Hey, Maysilee." I whispered back. Her eyes widened in shock.

"You know Madge went up for me?" she gasped. I smiled a little.

"Yeah, May, you and I have known each other since we were ten. I think I know the difference between you and Madge."

"Yeah, I guess so," Maysilee drifts off into her own little world.

"She'll be fine, May. I promise to look after her." Maysilee walks closer to me, and cups my face with one of her hands.

"Thank you, Mitch, but you can't promise me that. You can't promise that she'll survive. I'll just have to pray and hope that the both of you don't suffer." Maysilee kisses me on the cheek and walks out the door.

My fingers brush against the spot her lips once were. I am left dumb founded. Maysilee doesn't believe that Madge will make it out alive. She thinks that we will die. I have no time to feel rejected, hurt or shocked.

Joyce is the last person to visit me. She is the most stunning girl in all of 12, and is often compared to an angel, but at this moment, she looks like she is ready to kill me.

"Haymitch. It's nice to meet you." She said, her voice as cold as ice.

"Same here Joyce. What rings you here?" I ask.

"I'm here about Madge. We all know that she's pretending to be Maysilee. We all know she has a better chance at winning this rather than Maysilee."

"You're point?"

"My point is, that as soon as you board that train, Madge is Maysilee. Do you understand? If anyone from the Capitol were to know, all of 12 will pay. Do you understand?"

"Yes. I understand." Joyce nods her head and sits on a plush chair. We sit in silence. I know she wants to say more. I want to say more to her too, but I don't know how to get the words out.

"And Haymitch," she whispers. Her face is no longer angry, but rather sad.


"Don't let her suffer. I know you'll want to win, and I have no right to demand that you make sure Madge wins, but please don't let her death be barbaric." She cries. Tears spilling from her eyes.

"You too? You don't think Madge can win by herself?" I sound disgusted. Her friends and family have no faith in her.

"I have no choice, Haymitch. I don't want to be torn up if, no, when it happens." Joyce storms out the room and I am left by myself.

We are rushed onto the train. There is no time to say goodbye to our homes.

"Well, this year will be very exciting!" Quill smiles. "You're mentor should be here soon. I think it is a very nice thing that the other district mentors are doing. I mean, they don't have to train you, but they do. Remember to thank her!" Quill says.

I roll my eyes. Everyone knows that the Capitol is paying off the other districts to mentor us, since 12 hasn't had a Victor in over 50 years.

"This year your mentor is Magnolia Smite. She is from District 4. Be very nice to her. She isn't exactly the youngest Victor." Quill stands up and walks off to her carriage.

Janice is fiddling with the hem of her dress, Connor is staring at the furniture with awe, and Madge is staring at me with intense eyes.

"We all know that you're not Maysilee." I state. Janice looks up with shocked eyes, where as Connor inches away from me.

"I know. And you all will keep this a secret." Madge hisses. Madge is nothing like her sister. They may be identical, yet they are polar opposites. Maysilee is calming, sweet, kind and a bit of a day-dreamer. Madge is a hunter. She is sullen, hostile and uncharismatic.

Quill saunters back into the room with an attractive older lady who must be Magnolia.

"All righty, this is Magnolia-"

"Mags, please." 'Mags' cuts in.

For the rest of the train ride, talk of surviving erupts in the room. I take an interest, and ask questions myself, but I never truly pay attention. I'm too focused on looking at Madge, who is watching me like a hawk. We stare at each other as we eat. There is obviously tension between us. I have no idea why we are like this, until she corners me after dinner.

"We have to sort put our allies." She states. I look at her with a confused look on my face.

"So, where are friends now?" I smirk.

"Of course we are. Why wouldn't we be?"

"Well, you verbally attacked me a few minutes ago," I laugh. Madge shakes her head. She walks off, and as she saunters away, I whistle. I am unable to control it. She looks hot.

Madge turns around and sticks her tongue at me. I will never understand girls.