A Warm and Fuzzy Feeling


"Understand, ma cherie?" The acrid fog had already managed to work its way inside Waka's lungs, carefully weighing down the bones and burning his eyes with its demonic whispers. His breath, thankfully, hadn't caught in his throat as it had been doing so often for the last day or so but he sincerely hoped Amaterasu did understand what he was trying to say considering that most of his body wasn't going to function for much longer.

The gleaming white wolf stared at him for a moment, her ears flickering. She padded forwards, circling once- twice- and brushing her snowy fur against the one bit of skin that was exposed.

As much as he liked the wolf, Waka couldn't help but turn his head away. The fog had worked its way deeper into his system. Honestly, as soon as the wolf left, he was going to vanish directly into the gale shrine and gasp on top of the windmill for a while.

If divine wind even worked against whichever one of Yami's nutters was here.

Still, Amaterasu came to a halt before him, her tail wagging and dripping ink all over the bridge to the Aristocratic Quarter. He stared at her paws.

The tail swished into a brushstroke and...

Oh by the god's own name. Not this again.

There was a distinct... feeling rising in Waka's chest, the one that made his face flush red and glitter appear in the sides of his eyes, hands twitching in their grasp of his flute. The one which painted the wolf- the great goddess, the sun god, the mother of all that is good- as the cutest most fluffiest and huggable thing in eternity ever oh gracious.

"Get ahold of yourself," he muttered quietly, trying not to run over and pet Amaterasu, possibly telling her what a good girl she was in the mean time, "you are an adult. You do not need to go and pet the cuddly-wuddly doggy-"

She'd done it again! Those stupid sparkles, breaking through his concentration!

Oh, even on the best of days when he saw Amaterasu, all Waka usually wanted to do was go and play with her again, but in the middle of a cursed city?

The wolf circled him with her tail one more time, and he was about to rush forwards to just bury his face in her fur and say how much he missed her big dopey grin and idle around with that fluffy, brushy tail for hours-

"Quit starin' at the half-baked prophet furball!"

Waka had never been so happy that Issun existed in his entire life. The wolf brushed against him, fur still catching where his arm was exposed until she vanished into her next adventure.

It was just a shame that in the middle of Sei-An City, before he could vanish and clear out his lungs, Waka erupted into a coughing fit.

He could hear the demons laughing.