I know it says 'Quest for Camelot' but this story is really about The Disney/other animator Princesses/Heroins and Kayley is just the main character. This is a story about a spy agency that has all girl agents. It's not Yuri at all, the princes work at a different place. Also none of the people are OC's so if you don't know them, it's just that you don't know them. and some of the character might be a bit OOC, it's just cause I haven't actually seen all these movies.

Disclaimer: I don't really have time to tell you everything I don't own, so I'll just tell you that the plot is mine. That's about it.

I can't spell and hate grammar, so please don't mind it if you can understand it.

Kayley didn't think much, if fact all she really thought was she had to run faster. Well, she also was wondering who was chasing her in the first, but running faster was also top of the list. She first noticed she was being watch about two weeks ago, but up until now they stayed well away.

"Stupid Kayley, you should have been more careful!" Kayley thought as she ran, her brown pony-tail whipping around behind her, "Oh whatever, just run"

Kaykey knew something was up where her taxi turned the wrong way, and then Kayley realized that she knew the driver. She pulled up the lock on the door right then and jumped out and she hadn't stopped running yet. Kayley knew she was still being fallowed, she could hear someone behind her. Kayley was sure that she saw someone fallowing too if she looked back. Why did she have to live so far in the country?

"I wouldn't move if I were you." looking in front of her Kayley saw someone had a spear pointed at her head. The wielder was glaring at her with blue eyes, a real warrior princess glare. gulping Kayley took in the person in front of her. The girl had long white hair that went down to her hip and bangs the reached her shoulders at the side of her face and normal bangs over her forehead, and it looked like she cut her hair with a kitchen knife. She also had blue face paint on the left side of her face under her eye.

"Get up!" the person who had been chasing Kayley commanded. Kayley stood and looked over her shoulder at the other girl with them. She was native american with long sleek black hair that reached her hips but she didn't have bangs. She had a spear also, but her's was only held loosly in her hand.

"Poca! Kida! Quit it, you both knew why we're here." a third person said. Kayley saw a Greek girl with long brown hair pulled up into a pony-tail and she had purple eyes. She had no visible weapon, but she did have her hands on her hips and was glaring at the other two.

"All of you, stop scaring her! You all remember when this happened to you!" the forth and final person said. She had straw-berry blonde (1) hair piled up on top of her head and blue eyes. The last girl held her out for Kayley smiling warmly.

"W-who are you!" Kayley demanded glaring and trying not to stutter.

"We can't tell you here, you'll have to come with us. I'm sorry." the straw-berry blonde said

"No way in hell!" Kayley said wishing she hadn't been surrounded

"Then we'll take you by force." the white haired one said shrugging

"Kida no!" Kayley heard the straw-berry blonde say before Kayley was knocked unconscious.

"oh the dear is waking up." Kayley heard a voice say, opening her eyes she saw she was in an all white room lying on a bed with a chair by her bed. Sitting on the chair was an old lady smiling warmly at her.

"How are you dear? Kida shouldn't have done that, but she's rather impulsive." the lady said giggling. She had black hair pulled into a bun on top of her head, a pointy nose, and she looked short. She also seemed nice, she kept giggling and asking if Kayley felt alright.

"Who are you?" Kayley asked the woman

"Oh dear me, I forgot. My name is Minnie, I'm in charge around here." Minnie answered smilling sweetly.

"Where is here?" Kayley asked narrowing her eyes.

"Well I can't tell you too much dearie. But we do want you to join us."

"Where is here?" Kayley demanded again.

"Oh it's a secret brach of the government, a intelligence branch." Minnie said

"Intel... YOU'RE A SPY!" Kayley yelled as what Minnie has said sunk in

"Secret agents, yes. and we've been watching you, and we would like it if you joined us here." Minnie said smiling sweetly

"and if I say no?" Kayley asked wanting the answer but not wanting to anger the spy.

"We earse your memory and leave you in some random place wondering how you got there." The girl from earlier, Poca, said from the corner.

"Wh-who are you guys?" Kayley asked

"Eilonwy, will you take Kayley out and show her around, answer her questions please." Minnie said as the door opened

"Sure Minnie!" A girl about thirteen said as she stepped into the room. The girl had long (did everyone have long hair?) straw-berry blonde hair and blue eyes, she also wasn't wearing shoes.

"You go with Eilomwy, dear. She'll show you around and answer your question." Minnie said to Kayley

"Ok, so you've seen pretty much everything, any questions?" Eilonwy said suddenly turn around to look at Kayley

"No, well just one." Kayley said smiling at the girl.

"Just one?" Eilonwy asked a bit disapointed

"You've been answering my questions all afternoon." Kayley pointed out.

"Fine, what's your question?"

"Are you really a spy?"

"Kinda sorta." Eilonwy replied blushing, "Because of my age I can't actually go on missions and stuff, and people wouldn't believe me if I like tried to arrest somebody. But other then that, yeah I'm a spy."

"But if someone believed you, could you actually arrest someone?"

"If they're doing something wrong, then yeah." Eilonwy said nodding

"Cool..." Kayley breathed

"Um... Kayley, are you going to join us? We sorts need an answer soon." Eilonwy said looking away from her.

"About that, I need to talk to Minnie." Kayley answered not looking at Eilonwy either.

"I understand perfectly, Kayley. I'll let everyone know right away." Minnie said with her ever present understanding smile.

"Thank you." Kayley said smiling at the mousy lady in front of her.

(1) Cindrella, I'm going with her original look

Sorry about leaving it on the cliff-hanger, but I finally understand why people do that. It's really is a good way to end a chapter. If you know of a princess/heroin you'd like to see let me know, I'll either: promise you she'll show up later, or look her up and then promise you she'll show later. Also I know not everyone is a princess or Disney, but for simplicity's sake I'm just going to call them all a Disney Princess, kay?