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Kayley couldn't believe her ears. It was too much. Her roommate, for one day, was an undercover agent sent to spy on her? Te man who attacked them in the night was linked to her father? Garret's house and was trashed and his roommate gone? Just make it stop!

"What do you mean? Kidnapped?" Garret snarled glaring at Minnie, well toward Minnie.

"We think that he may have been caught up in some illegal work." Aurora told him, "We'd been watching him. A couple days ago, right after you left with Kayley, he disappeared. We're trying everything to find him with everything we have." Garret slammed his hands on Minnie's desk, nearly knocking over her glass.

"He was always doing something illegal. I was always doing something illegal. there are thousands of people who do illegal things. Why were you watching Al!" Garret demanded angrily. Kayley grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the desk, trying to calm him down.

"Aladdin was... Aladdin was in the wrong place at the wrong time, we were watching to make sure he was safe" Fairy Godmother replied, "Apparently we didn't know how much danger he was in."

"So it's your fault! You guys were supposed to keep him safe, from who knows what, and you failed!" Garret was furious, Aladdin was his best friend. And if he had been there maybe Al wouldn't be in trouble.

"We have a lead, but I'm not sure how good it is. Aladdin was being watched by an old agent, but the night Aladdin disappeared she was also kidnapped. We've just gotten a lock on whereabouts. We were about to sent out a squad to rescue her, and she will probably have info on Aladdin." Minnie explained her smile never faltering. The door swung open, in the door way was a Russian girl with brown hair tied up. "ah, Anya, perfect timing. I would like you to meet Kayley and Garret. They will be joining you on your mission." Minnie told the girl

"Fine, but we have to leave now, the copper is waiting." Anya told them, bowing to Minnie and Fairy Godmother she left the room. Kayley grabbed garret's hand and they fallowed the girl.

They didn't say a word until they got to the copter pan, where a helicopter was wait for them. Climbing Kayley saw a handsome man in the driver's seat, he also had brown hair and a slightly crooked nose. Anya sat in the seat next to him without a word.

"So your name's Anya uh?" Garret asked still grumpy from when he yelled at Minnie. The girl didn't turn around when she answered.

"Anastasia, but please call me Anya. This id Dimitri, he's helping us." Anya replied kindly. The man waved to them also without turning around. They had already flown so far that when Kayley looked out the window she didn't anything but woods. "We're going to find an girl who was supposed to be watching the missing person." Garret growled at the mention of his friend, "Aladdin, and we believe she will have information on his whereabouts."

"Where will we find the agent? How will we get her out? Who took her?" Kayley asked, babbling in nervousness. This was real, she had people who could die if she messed up.

"Don't know. Don't know. and Don't know." Dimitri answered her questions, making Anastasia smile at his bad joke. "We'll tell you when we get there, so don't ask." Kayley bit her lip, she wasn't sure she could do this anymore. Garret sensing her nervousness picked up her hand.

"We'll be fine." Garret whispered to her, Kayley smiled and thanked him resting her head on his shoulder.

Hours later Dimitri told them to be ready to jump, and Anya handed Kayley parachutes.

"Jump! What do you mean jump?" Kayley asked in shock, she had never agreed to jump out of a helicopter. Anya already had her's on.

"Me and you will be jumping in and will go find Jasmine first. The boys will find a place to park and then meet us inside. Just like a the movies." Anya explained calmly. Except Kayley doubted breaking into a place that held a kidnapped secret agent was anything like going to see a movie. Kayley slowly put her parachute on, while Garret and Dimitri talked over their plan.

"And you are sure you can keep up?" Dimitri asked Garret not unkindly, "Cause if I have to watch out for the both of us this could end badly."

"I'll be fine, trust me I've broken into a lot of places." Garret told him.

"Ok, just watch me, when I pull my chute you pull yours, ok?" Anastasia told Kayley as she made sure Kayley put the parachute on right. Kayley nodded, biting her lip she waited for Anya to jump. Anya was gone in an instant.

"Wish me luck Garret." Kayley whispered as she jumped, she didn't hear Garret fulfill her wish. She was in midair, falling, hoping she knew what she was doing.

PU: Anya or Anastasia was from Anastasia, along with Dimitri. And Someone asked me to use them and I did, so yeah.

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