Hey! This is not my first fanfic, but it is my first foray in to Hunger Games fanfiction. While I love the series, it always bugged me that we never heard about what happened to Johanna after the rebellion in Mockingjay. In reading fanfics, (several of them delicious and worth favoriting), I hadn't found one that really dealt with Johanna's trauma in detail. Here's my take on that.

DISCLAIMERS: I don't own the Johanna, Peeta, or Snow, not the Peacekeepers, or the Hunger Games. If I did my $24,000 in college loans would probably be paid for right now.

Also, this fic is rated M for several reasons: 1) Johanna's mouthy, even in her thoughts, and I won't be censoring her f-bombs. 2) This deals with her time in the Capitol during Mockingjay. I'm not going light on the torture/interrogation scenes, and my readers will quickly realize this fic is is/will be one of the most brutal things I've ever written. 3) There's a possibility of some juicy flashbacks/fantasies in future chapters. This is Miss Mason's story, after all.

When Johanna Mason opened her eyes, she saw nothing. Had they killed her already? She felt around her neck, though her wrist felt like lead. Of course not, Brainless. You still have a pulse. So she wasn't dead. Somehow that thought didn't reassure her much. If Johanna had survived, then what happened?

The memories of her last day in the arena hit her so hard that her head smacked against the concrete wall behind her. Beetee's wire. Wanting to bash Katniss Everdeen's head in. The moment where Johanna got her chance, sort of. Cutting the trackers out of both their arms. Luring Brutus and Enobaria away from the girl from District 12. Running into Peeta Mellark and Chaff. The fight with Brutus and Enobaria. Cannon fire. Hitting the ground as the force field exploded. The hovercraft in the air, lowering bit by bit.

Johanna swallowed hard as the headache set in. So. She made it out of the arena, alive, and by the feel of things, in one piece. What about Finnick? Bolts? Lover Boy? And most importantly…and annoyingly, Knocked-Up Girl?

Worry about her later, Brainless. Johanna couldn't hear anything but her own pulse. She was alone, wherever she was. It couldn't be the Stockyard; it at least had decent lighting. In all their hushed plans, no one had bothered to tell her what 13 looked like. You're not going to find out just sitting here.

When she felt around for a light switch, it dawned on her. Johanna's arms weren't just tired, they were chained.

On cue, the lights blared on above her, making her eyes water, and her headache pound inside her skull. Johanna quickly took in her cell, looking for any escape routes. There was the door, with bolts like the inside of a vault, and an eye scanner. On the opposite end of the room she saw a mirror, nearly the whole length of the wall, and probably two-way. At the corners of the ceiling, she saw two small white speakers. Besides those, Johanna didn't find a break in the concrete, except for the vents at the top of the walls, vents too small for even her to squeeze through.


"Greetings, Johanna. I hope you enjoyed your nap." President Snow's voice wafted out of the speakers like clouds of cheap perfume.

Her expression only wavered a second, before her victor's instinct kicked in. Johanna didn't win the 71st Hunger Games by letting them see everything. She ignored her pulse thrumming in her ear like water after a long swim. She ignored her thirst, and cramps in her arms and legs. She ignored even the nagging questions on Finnick, Beetee, Peeta, even Katniss, and focused on the one that would keep her alive. "What do you want, Snow?"

The chains on her wrists and ankles groaned as she turned to face the two-way mirror. It didn't matter if Snow was too afraid of her to enter the room himself; Johanna knew he'd be close by.

"I want you to tell me what happened to Katniss Everdeen."

Johanna relaxed ever so slightly. Good. Snow didn't know where she was, so that could only mean one thing: The rebel's favorite plaything got out of the arena too, and wasn't in Capitol custody, like her. "Who said I knew anything? The last thing I remember before walking up here is being picked up by your stupid hovercraft."

"I'm afraid you know more than you're telling us, Johanna Mason, so let me remind you why you will be answering my all of my questions in full."

She heard the hiss of the door lock opening, and the grind of the gears as someone pushed on the handle. Two peacekeepers walked into the room, halting at her sides. Goody. One of them carried in a chair, and the other grabbed her arms as the door hissed shut.


Within two seconds Johanna Mason found herself sitting against the back of this metallic chair, and in another three seconds her wrists and ankles were shackled to it. Fuck. Don't panic. Fuck, Fuck Fuck.

"Now, Miss Mason. Do you remember what happened to Katniss Everdeen?"

Johanna didn't have lift her head to see the tazer sticks in their hands in her peripheral vision. They were going to beat and shock her senseless if she didn't tell. So Johanna said the only thing she could say "Sure I do." She grinned. "They sent her right up you're a—"

The next thing out of her mouth was her own gut-wrenching scream as the guy on her right smacked the stick against her arm. Fucking warped chainsaws, that hurts.

To her disappointment, Snow's voice barely had any edge to it, like he had expected her to be difficult. "That's not an answer, Johanna." Game on, Mr. President.

"Did you forget?" Johanna laughed through gritted teeth. "You can't hurt me anymore." Never mind what her body told her now.

"I can't?" This time the tazers came at her from both sides. Her body began to shake.

Against her will, Johanna's scream ended in a whimper. "Fuck you." She managed to get out.

As the men in white rained their fists down on her and shocked her in places she had forgotten the existence of, Johanna relied on one thought to get her through. No matter what game Snow decided to play with her, she wouldn't let him win.

Finally, Snow called them off, not through the speakers, but through a buzz in their earpieces, and the breathing drones left her alone. Mr. Right handed his tazing pole to Mr. Left, and unfastened a rattled and sweating Johanna from the chair, and he pushed her down against the spattered concrete. She didn't even think of fighting him as he shackled her back to the floor. Johanna leaned her head against her arm, and focused on breathing, just breathing. Her body flinched involuntarily when the door hissed shut again, leaving her alone. Completely and utterly alone, until Snow got bored again.

"Johanna?" A soft voice came through the vents behind her. Okay, maybe they hadn't left her completely alone.

The girl in question tried to convince herself that he being here was a good thing. That she would have someone to talk to after the interrogations. Someone to remind her that not everyone in the world was out there to fuck up her life. Still, Johanna wouldn't have wished the Capitol treatment on anyone, especially him.

She meant to sound more biting and angry, but when the words came out, a weary sigh came with them. "Bread Boy, what in hell are you doing here?"

I hope you enjoyed (er…perhaps there's a better word …) reading this as I did writing it. It's been far too long (at least a year, I think) since I wrote anything fanfic-wise. I've been working on my original novel extensively, but it's nice to take a break and just write for kicks.

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