Harry Potter and the Moral Dilemma

Harry Potter and the Moral Dilemma Chapter One

The House in Hogsmeade

Harry woke up on a nice quiet July morning in his room. It wasn't his usual room in Griffyndor Tower at Hogwarts or even his bedroom at the Dursleys where he had gone to live when he was a year old after his parents were killed by Lord Voldemort. It was a room of a small house in Hogsmeade the wizards village near Hogwarts as Harry had decided with a little help from Albus Dumbledore the Headmaster of Hogwarts to purchase the house. It wasn't a problem for his parents had left him a vault full of wizard money at their bank Gringotts in Diagon Alley after their death. He quickly placed his dressing robe on and went out into the hall. The first thing he saw was the nicely dressed House Elf Dobby an elf which once had served Lucius Malfoy prior to Harry a few years before freeing Dobby by handing Mr. Malfoy an old diary of Voldemort's in one of his socks. Malfoy had removed the sock and tossed it away only for Dobby to catch it. During the year at Hogwarts these days Dobby worked in the kitchen at the school but Dumbledore had loaned Dobby to him over the summer.

"So Harry what can I get you for breakfast?" Dobby asked.

"Cook's choice. Either that or check with that silly animagus who lives by the hearth," Harry said referring to his godfather Sirius Black a wizard who spent a lot of time as a Labrador Retriever. His next stop was his bathroom so he could grab a bath. His bathroom was occupied by a bespectacled ghost with Dark hair.

"Myrtle, what brings you here?" He asked the ghost who normally haunted a girls bathroom in Hogwarts and was the unofficial guard to the entrance to a very secret chamber there.

"I decided to visit you Harry. It wasn't easy since your house isn't exactly tied into the lake by Hogwarts," Myrtle said.

"Well you mind if I have privacy for my bath," Harry asked,

"Sure, I'll visit with Dobby in the Kitchen. Oh by the way Peeves is thinking of visiting you at some point," Myrtle said before heading for the s trap of his toilet. Harry meanwhile grimaced at the thought of what Hogwarts resident poltergeist would do.

After he got dressed in his Muggle clothes and wizard's robes he headed for the kitchen where two Owls were waiting for him. One was his own Snow Owl Hedwig and the other was a small squat owl named Pigwidgeon. Hedwig had his copy of the Daily Prophet and Pigwidgeon had a message from Ron Weasley. Sirius while Harry was looking at the message from Ron had walked in and transformed back into his Human form so he could have breakfast.


Ginny and I are going to be going to Diagon Alley this morning to get some books. If you can get away meet us at the Leaky Cauldron at 11:00. We are coming alone since dad and Percy have to work at the Ministry, Fred and George are busy with their Joke shop and Mom is off visiting Charlie but just for the day.


Harry quickly wrote a reply on a scrap of parchment and sent it off with Ron's owl. He then sat down to a huge wizard's breakfast. Just as he was heading for the living room he saw a couple bricks heading his way.

Harry attempted a banishing charm on the bricks but wasn't quick enough as a third brick was thrown his way. He managed to duck though but just barely.

"Peeves, would you like me to send the Bloody Baron an owl telling him what you are doing?" Harry asked referring to the Ghost of Slytherin Tower where his enemy Draco Malfoy lived.

"Not really Harry, I'm kind of on thin Ice with the ghost population at Hogwarts and I was hoping to hide out here at least until the new term opens up," Peeves said.

Harry spent most of the morning reluctantly playing dodge ball with Peeves prior to looking at his watch and grabbing the Floo Powder and throwing it on the Fire. He then stepped through and said.

"Diagon Alley."

Harry Potter and the Moral Dilemma Chapter 2 Rendezvous at Diagon Alley.

Harry arrived at a small bar in London. Sitting at a table nearby were two red heads one a tall Male of about seventeen and the other a little bit younger girl. Harry walked over just as a Brown haired girl also walked over. The two redheads were Ron and Ginny Weasley and the brown haired girl was Ron and Harry's classmate Hermione Granger.

"Was I ever glad to get away for a few hours," Harry said.

"Why is that?" Hermione asked.

"Well right now I have a slightly banished and uninvited house guest who decided to play dodge ball. Thank god Professor Dumbledore got me special permission to use magic over the summer otherwise I'd be out cold right now," Harry said.

"Let me guess Peeves," Hermione said.

"Of course. First thing I threatened to send the Bloody Baron an owl after he threw bricks at me," Harry said.

"Have you seen Hagrid at all?" Ron asked referring to the gamekeeper at Hogwarts.

"He was by last week. Thank god Peeves wasn't around then," Harry said.

"How do you think Moaning Myrtle is doing?" Ginny asked.

"Last I knew she was going to bug Dobby while he was cooking breakfast. She somehow traveled from her bathroom stall at Hogwarts to my house. Myrtle I don't care if she stops by. Sir Nick or even the Fat Friar can even visit but Peeves is another story," Harry said making reference to the Tower ghosts for Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.

"Ginny, you did get the key to the Vault from mom didn't you?" Ron asked.

"No I thought you were going to," Ginny said.

"Ginny, it was your job," Ron said.

"Your parents probably don't have enough in there anyway so why worry about it," a voice said as it went by. Harry turned around and saw Draco and his two goons Crabbe and Goyle.

"Draco, go flush your head in Myrtle's toilet," Hermione said.

Draco feeling insulted headed off with the other two on his tail.

"Funny thing is I think Draco was right," Ron admitted. He didn't like the fact that his parents were so poor.

"Well I better be getting to Gringotts," Harry said.

"I'll come as well I have to exchange some money," Hermione said since her parents were both non users of magic so her money was in the form of Pounds and a few Euros.

Harry left Hermione at the front counter and went off with a Gringotts goblin to his private vault were he grabbed about 2000 Galleons, an equal number of Sickles, and about 900 knuts. He then went with the Goblin back to the surface where he met up with Hermione.

"All set Harry?" Hermione wondered.

"You bet Hermione. I doubt Ron and Ginny will have anything to be worried about. I have a plan," Harry said.

Their next stop was Flourish and Blotts which was the bookstore where they bought their books every year. When they walked in Ron already had a copy of the Standard Books of Spells Grade 7 and the other books they needed. Ginny was looking at a battered old copy of the Standard Books of Spells Grade 6. Harry though picked up a copy in mint condition after slipping up behind her.

"That looks like an older edition anyway," Harry said referring to the copy in Ginny's hands.

"Harry, My parents can't afford that good a condition," Ginny complained.

"So without the key to their vault you can't use their money as it is," Harry said. "I want to ensure that you Ginny are ready. Hey we Gryffindors have to stick together."

They then headed for the counter where Harry called Ron over.

"Ring up all three stacks," Harry said.

"All three Mr. Potter," the Cashier said.

"All three," Harry said.

"Harry, I can't make you do this," Ron said.

"Who ever said you were. I don't like seeing my friends in a bind," Harry said. "Besides I helped your family out before." This last bit was a reference to when Harry gave Ginny the free set of Gilderoy Lockhart books her first year at Hogwarts that the Famous Wizard had given him preferring to buy his own set. "Plus this makes us a little more even," Harry said thinking of the number of times their family had rescued him from Life with his Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia.

"It's not like we can pay you back right away," Ron said.

"Who said I was going to make you pay me back," Harry said.

Hermione simply stayed out of the way as she paid for her own books.

AS they left the bookstore Harry headed for the Stationery Store.

"I'm almost out of Parchment and ink," He said.

Harry walked out of there ten minutes later with ten fifty foot rolls of parchment, five bottles of ink and fifteen quills.

"Think you have enough Parchment?" Hermione asked as he handed three rolls each to Ron and Ginny. "Oh." She added once she saw what he was up to.

They hung around the Alley for a while. Ron and Ginny were a little uncomfortable with Harry's generosity but they didn't complain too much since otherwise they'd be first years up the lake without Hagrid. As they were arriving by the Fireplace Ron said. "Thanks at least for helping us out. You didn't have to we probably could have put them on some sort of account at the shops."

"Hey don't mention it," Harry said before he returned to his house only to get his face smashed with a couch cushion by Peeves.

"Hey Harry glad your back. Want to play more dodgeball?" Peeves asked.

"Peeves why don't you swing by Three Broomsticks for a little while or go bug Filch," Harry said referring to the caretaker at Hogwarts who most definitely wasn't a member of Peeve's fan club.

"I'm not welcome in Three Broomsticks and Filch along with Mrs. Norris are on a bit of a warpath right now," Peeves said.

"I wonder why," Harry said the sarcasm showing in his voice.

He then saw a flicker of movement in his fireplace. Looking over he saw Ron exit.

"Harry, my parents were wondering if you wanted to come over to the Burrow for dinner," Ron said as another cushion made a beeline for him Ron though was successful is using a banishing charm on it.

"Good work I tried to use it on the Bricks this morning only I wasn't real successful," Harry said.

Dobby walked out right then.

"Hey Wheezy, what brings you by?" He asked.

"I was delivering an invitation to Harry. It seemed quicker to come personally then to send an owl," Ron said.

"Dobby, take the night off," Harry said slipping a couple Galleons and a small handful of Sickles to the house elf.

"Whoa he doesn't get that much out of the school," Ron said.

"I pay him what I feel he is worth," Harry said.

Half an hour later Harry left his robes behind and used the Floo Powder to return to the Burrow with Ron. Ron's Older Brother Percy was just Apparating in from work when they arrived.

"Hey Harry, how is the bachelor life?" He asked.

"Good. Can't really complain," Harry said. "Of course Peeves decided to pay me a visit and so far hasn't left. In fact Ron and I both got nailed by cushions he threw."

"Did Filch and Mrs. Norris finally get him kicked out orsomething?" Percy asked.

"I think it is close," Harry said. "He mentioned how he was on thin ice with the other ghosts. He is hoping to stay with me at least until September when the new term starts."

"Knowing Peeves I hope he doesn't stay that long," Ginny said as she walked out.

"Ginny, did you and Ron have any trouble buying your books?" Percy asked.

"Harry helped us out," Ron said. "Not that he had to but he did."

"He was the last of the big spenders," Mrs. Weasley said as she walked in.

WE interrupt this fanfic for a quick Author's Note. Last of the Big Spenders is something that I know Americans use to refer to someone who is spending money left and right. This certainly described Harry while at Diagon Alley since he paid for his friends stuff in addition to his own. Now back to your regularly scheduled fanfic.

"Yeah it was helpful, we kind of forgot to get the key to the vault from mom," Ron said.

"In looking at the books it would have been tight as it is," Mrs. Weasley said. "I had Ron invite Harry to dinner as a way of paying him back."

"Not that I was expecting payback of course," Harry said.

"We even had a run in with Draco Malfoy and his goons," Ginny said.

"Oh man What I can't figure out is how he managed not to get expelled. How many O.W.L.'s did he get.

"I think four," Ron said. "Harry and I managed to get ten and Harry has come close to getting expelled almost as many times as Malfoy."

"I know. I think Dumbledore bailed me out most of those times. Hard to believe Hagrid ended up expelled though," Harry said.

"Yeah but that was Fifty five years ago. History in other words. Besides you solved the mystery that lead to his expulsion by uncovering who really committed the crime," Percy said.

"Yeah throwing the rule book aside once again and narrowly missing getting expelled myself," Harry said.

"You have to remember I was worried while down in the chamber that I was going to end up expelled all because of what You-Know-Who made me do," Ginny said.

"Yet neither one of us did get expelled," Harry said. "I'm surprised Hermione isn't here."

"We had no way to get an invitation to her since her fireplace is a Muggle Fireplace and there wasn't enough time to send an owl," Mrs. Weasley said.

Just as Dinner was almost ready Mr. Weasley apparated in.

"Harry Potter. This is a surprise," Mr. Weasley said.

"I wasn't expecting to get a last minute dinner invitation. Thankfully my cook hadn't started dinner so I gave him the night off," Harry said.

"One of the house elves at Hogwarts is helping you for the summer isn't he," Mrs. Weasley said.

"Yes Dobby in fact. If Lucius Malfoy only knew," Harry said.

"I'm still working on catching him at something," Mr. Weasley said.

"Arthur, Why worry about it. Malfoy most likely knows you are after him. He isn't about to slip up," Mrs. Weasley said.

"At least we managed to get him good a few years ago after Draco let his mouth run away with him to a ministry informant," Mr. Weasley said.

"How did the informant get the info as it is?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

"It was luck. Harry and I were after something else when we got ahold of the info," Ron said.

"I thought you two and Draco didn't get along," Mrs. Weasley said. "Isn't he always picking on Hermione because her parents are Muggles?"

"Yeah but he didn't know it was us," Harry said.

"Were you using Harry's invisibility cloak or something?" Ginny asked.

"No actually we were using some Polyjuice Potion so that we looked like Crabbe and Goyle since at the time we thought he was behind the attacks," Ron said.

"Why was that?" Mr. Weasley asked.

"It was during the whole fiasco with the Chamber of Secrets when Ron and I were second years and Ginny was a first year. Since only students born to Muggle parents were being attacked and Draco was always against Muggle born wizards being at Hogwarts we thought he might have been the Heir of Slytherin," Harry said. "In the end though it was You-Know-Who acting through Ginny that was behind it all."

"Who do you think will be teaching Defense of the Dark Arts this year?" Ginny asked.

"Who knows. WE go through more teachers of that class then any class out there. Take into consideration McGonagall still teaches Transfiguration. Flitwick is still teaching Charms, Snape is still the Potions Master, Sprout is still teaching Herbology, and Prof. Binns is still teaching History of Magic. Defense of the Dark Arts is the only Core Course that has had different teachers every year," Ron said.

"Yet all you learn is the Fundamentals. I probably learn more everytime I have to tangle with You-Know-Who then I learn in class," Harry said.

"Heck you could almost after you finish up come back and teach the class. You certainly have enough hands on knowledge certainly more then someone like Prof. Lockhart was my first year," Ginny said.

"Lupin the following year was my favorite," Harry said.

After dinner was over Ginny invited Harry upstairs. They eventually reached her room.

"Here you are only a Floo Powder away and yet today is the first time I've seen you since last term," Ginny said.

"I was enjoying my vacation. Besides Sirius and I had a lot of catching up to do," Harry said. "Besides you could always have taken the Floo Network to Hogsmeade and visited me. Ron did even if it was only to give Peeves and extra target while he was delivering the dinner invitation. Heck if Peeves and Myrtle can feel comfortable dropping by uninvited especially Peeves then why should it be a problem for you," Harry said.

"I know but Sirius kind of scares me after all he did spend time in Azkaban. OK so they caught the real killer only for him to escape," Ginny said. "Besides I don't really like traveling using the Floo Powder. I can't wait until I get authorization to Apparate then I won't have to relay on the stupid Floo Powder."

"I still remember the first time I used it and I ended up down Knockturn Alley. Thank god Hagrid came around," Harry said.

"Harry, toward the end of last term were you serious when you said you loved me?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah I was," Harry said as he turned pink.

"Why me when you could have had your pick of girls. What about that former Ravenclaw Seeker Cho?" Ginny asked.

"She wasn't exactly my type and I think of Hermione as a friend. Yet you are more then a friend," Harry said.

"Looking forward to your final season as Gryffindor's seeker?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah I am kind of. It's strange I have seniority over everyone else on the team even the other seventh years since I ended up on the team as a first year. There again I was worried I was going to end up expelled," Harry said.

"You are one of the best seekers Gryffindor ever had. From what Fred and George told me you didn't even let a run away Nimbus Two Thousand get in your way," Ginny said.

"That was because Professor Quirrell had tried to take control of it. Hermione setting Snape on Fire though wasn't bad even if he was trying to save me from Quirrell," Harry said.

"Which broom do you prefer the Firebolt that Sirius gave you or your old Nimbus?" Ginny asked.

"My Firebolt has always been useful but My Nimbus 2000 saw me through some pretty good things like one good example is the five minute Quidditch match against Hufflepuff. The best part is Snape was the referee and didn't have time to do too much damage to Gryffindor's point total," Harry said.

"Yeah but didn't you, Hermione, and Neville later lose 150 points?" Ginny ask.

"We got them back though," Harry said. "At the last minute but we did."

Harry and Ginny continued to chat for an hour before he returned to his house. That morning he slept in late and headed right for the Bath. He was already in the bathtub when Myrtle popped out of the sink and sat down.

"Morning Myrtle," Harry said. "What's the scoop at Hogwarts?"

"Don't know I stayed in your water tank last night," Myrtle said. "I figured Filch needed a vacation from my bathroom flooding all the time."

"I think he does. Unfortunately I have a feeling he'll get a vacation from Peeves and I won't," Harry said.

Harry was in the tub a good forty minutes before climbing out. Myrtle quickly leaped into the drain. Dobby of course had a another Huge breakfast already on the table when he walked in.