A/N: This is an idea of what Happens to Amy after She does some serious growing

A/N: This is an idea of what Happens to Amy after She does some serious growing.

Harry Potter and the Moral Dilemma Chapter 16

Prologue to Amy's Time at Hogwarts..

Eleven Years Later:

"Happy Birthday Amy," Amy's near constant companion said as the Reddish Brown haired girl was waking up one morning.

"Thanks Myrtle," Amy said trying to stiffle a yawn while grabbing her robe.

She then walked downstairs to find her Dark haired father reading the paper.

"Dad, haven't you ever heard of combs?" Amy asked since her dad's hair was messier then anything she had seen before.

"Vernon and Petunia used to always give me a hard time over my hair," he said.

"Dad, how come I've never met your family just Mom's huge family?" Amy wondered.

"Amy, trust me you don't want to meet the Dursley's. I doubt they have changed in Twelve years," Harry said.

"It's been that long since you've seen them," Amy said.

"Not since I took the time to buy the house here in Hogsmeade with Professor Dumbledore's help," Harry said.

"Do they even know about me?" Amy wondered.

"I doubt it," Harry said as his wife walked in.

"Morning Harry. Happy Birthday Amy," Ginny said.

"Thanks mum," Amy said. "Looking forward to my starting at Hogwarts this fall?"

"The house will be awfully quiet without you around," Ginny admitted.

AN owl happened to fly in the window right then. The Potters took a look at the envelope and started to worry.

"Harry, this has the Hogwarts Seal on it," Ginny said handing it to her husband

"Is it my letter already?" Amy wondered.

"No it's addressed to me," Harry said.

Hogwarts School of Withcraft and Wizardry

Headmistress Minerva McGonagall

"McGonagall is Headmistress now whoa," Ginny said. "I wonder who her deputy is."

Dear Mr. Potter

I hope you noticed my soon to be new position. I'm sending this letter to you for a reason. Harry, if you are interested I'd like to offer you a very special position. No I'm not offering you the job of Professor of Transfiguration. Professor Hermione Finch-Fletchley will be taking that position. The job I have in mind for you has a lot of responsibility beyond just teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts. Figuring you would stick around for while unlike a lot of other professors in that position I'd like to offer you a couple other duties. A is the role of Head of Gryffindor House and B the job of being my Deputy.

Sincerely Yours

Professor Minerva McGonagall

Headmistress Designate

"Ugh," Amy said.

"Amy, this afternoon what say we at least go into Diagon Alley and get most of your things. We won't buy your books yet but we will get your robes, wand, other supplies," Harry said.

"What about a Nimbus 2009 or even better a Firebolt 7," Amy said.

"Amy, once I take up this position I want to make a couple things clear. A you won't get any special breaks from me for rule breaking and so forth. Your infractions few as hopefully they will be will still cost your house points. First Years aren't allowed broomsticks unless the circumstances are really exceptional," Harry warned her.

"Rats," Amy said turning her back on her father and crossing her arms in front of her.

"You thinking of actually taking the job," Ginny said.

"Ginny, right now I could use a good challenge," Harry said. "Judging by the high turnover rate for that job it should qualify."

A short time after breakfast Amy was sitting on her bed her legs pulled up close to her chest when Myrtle floated in.

"Man Amy you look glumer then ever," Myrtle commented.

"Dad received an owl from Professor McGonagall today. It seems that once again the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts job is open. She offered it to dad and sweetened the deal by offering him the roles of both Deputy Headmaster and as the head of Gryffindor House. Well that leaves Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw as my list of what houses I'd prefer to be in," Amy said.

"How come Slytherin isn't on the list?" Myrtle wondered.

"I doubt I could be that sleazy and evil," Amy said. "To think I was looking forward to upholding the family tradition of living in Gryffindor until dad got that owl."

"Amy, I doubt it will be as bad as you think," Myrtle said.

"Myrtle, I hope you are right but just in case leave a bathroom stall available for me," Amy said.

"Oh boy I hope Peeves doesn't do something real nasty when he realizes we're back," Myrtle said.

"We are back. What do you mean Myrtle?" Amy wondered.

"Amy, let me just say this when you were a baby you were a bigger celebrity around Gryffindor then your dad," Myrtle said.

"Is there a Birthday Girl in the house?" A voice boomed from downstairs.

"That voice is way too close to the ground to be Uncle Hagrid's. besides he would have shook the house while approaching. I bet it's Sirius," Amy said. Right then there was a knock on her bedroom door.

"Amy, Sirius and Remus are here," Ginny called through the door.

"Myrtle, is the moon full or not tonight?" Amy wondered.

"Waning Crescent why?" Myrtle wondered.

"Think Lupin is here with Sirius. I wanted to make sure I would be safe around him," Amy said.

"You should be the next full moon isn't for probably a couple weeks since after Waning Crescent is New Moon," Myrtle pointed out.

Amy though headed downstairs where she found the two guests sitting in the living room.

"Happy Birthday Amy," the darker haired of the two said.

"Thanks Sirius," Amy responded.

"Amy everytime I see you I notice you much of James is in you," Remus commented.

"Thanks Remus, I think," Amy said.

"Amy, if James and Lilly were still Alive I'm sure they would be proud of their little granddaughter. You have grown into quite a little witch," Remus said.

"Yet dad won't buy me a broomstick," Amy said.

"From what I heard he is just getting into his new role quite nicely. Let's face it he has a lot to try not to live up to," Remus said. "How would it look if the new deputy headmaster's daughter was able to have a broom as a first year."

"Yeah he has to see if he can last longer then one year," Sirius commented. "Something not even Moony here could pull off."

"Sirius, be glad I don't use you for biting practice," Remus commented. "Amy, I'm sure your father will do just fine."

"Somehow Uncle Remus I think you are right," Amy said. "Not that it will make it any easier for me to get into the occasional mischief making."

Lunch was served right after that. Once Lunch was over Harry called Amy over.

"Ready to go shopping?" Harry wondered.

"You bet dad," Amy said. They then went to the fireplace and used the floo powder to travel to the Leaky Cauldron.

"Up Neville," Harry asked the new Barkeep old Tom having passed away a couple years before.

"Hey Harry, I heard a rumor Dumbledore is retiring. You hear anything about that in Hogsmeade?" Neville asked his former classmate.

"Neville old buddy. You are looking at the soon to be New Deputy Headmaster at Hogwarts," Harry said.

"I can just picture you teaching Transfiguration," Neville joked.

"Believe it or not Hermione is going to be teaching Transfiguration. McGonagall pegged me for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Of course I'll be head of Gryffindor," Harry said.

"Amy, looking forward to living in your dad's house?" Neville asked as he set a Big mug of Hot Chocolate on the Bar for her with extra whipped cream.

"I was until dad became head of it," Amy said. "Some birthday present."

"Amy, at least your dad will be right there if you need him. Not everyone can spend time with their parents while at school," Neville commented.

"So what good is that Mr. Longbottom if I can't take advantage of it," Amy said.

"Easy Kiddo you're not supposed to," Neville commented.

After Amy finished her birthday present from her dad's former classmate they headed for the courtyard so they could go into the actual Alley. Soon as they entered the alley Amy made a beeline for Weasley's Wizard Wheezies.

"Afternoon Uncle Gred, Uncle Forge," Amy said teasing her uncles.

The two red headed clowns gave her a quick look.

"Oh Hi Amy. Happy birthday," Fred Weasley said.

"Thanks Uncle Fred. I happened to be in the neighborhood and figured on stopping by," Amy said.

"Where are your parents hiding?" George Weasley asked a sinister look on his face.

"Mom is at home with the Wrecking crew and Dad will probably be along eventually," Amy said.

"Is your dad having the house torn down or something?" George wondered.

"No the other wrecking crew. The dog and the wolf," Amy said.

"Oh I get it now," Fred commented as the door opened and rang the bell to show Harry entering.

"I should have known," Harry said. "Amy, I got some money from Gringotts for our shopping."

"Well we better get started," Amy said.

"Amy, I heard the Cleansweep 17's are pretty good," George hollered out as they left the Joke Shop and headed for Madame Malkin's shop.

"So what kind of Robes are you after today Mr. Potter?" Madame Malkin asked.

"Actually Madame Malkin I figured we would get a head start on buying my daughter her stuff for school," Harry said.

"That you are after all it is only the middle of May. Most kids won't be in until July if not August," Madame Malkin said as She had Amy get up on a Stool while she grabbed a Black Robe with the Hogwarts Crest on it. She did a bunch of pinning and wand work. She worked fast getting three sets of plain black work robes. A Black Pointed Hat. A Pair of Light Plum dress robes, and two cloaks One black with silver buttons and a greenish colored one.

"So where to next?" Amy wondered.

"Well I suppose we should go to the Apothecary and get some potion making stuff. I'm running low on wormroot and Spider Legs as it is," Harry said.

While at the Apothecary Harry bought the necessary Potion ingredients that were listed at the front of the Beginners Potionry section of A Hogwarts Guide to Potionry by Virginia W Potter for Amy. Amy already had a copy of the book mainly for reference on a stand at home suitably autographed. He also bought her dragon hide gloves there. AS they were walking past Ollivander's Wand Shop to head for the shop where they were going to buy her Scales, Telescope, Cauldron, and phials.

"Why hello there Mr. Potter. How is the old Holly and Phoenix feather doing?" Ollivander asked.

"Still doing good Mr. Ollivander," I'm a might busy right now but I will be stopping by your shop soon," Harry promised.

"Dad, what did he mean by the old Holly and Phoenix feather?" Amy asked as they entered the Cauldron shop.

"He was referring to my wand. Mr. Ollivander is the finest wand maker around. My wand came from his shop, My parents wands came from there. I have a feeling that your mother's might be from there as well," Harry said.

"Did You know who get his wand there when he started at Hogwarts?" Amy asked.

"As a matter of fact he did. Main reason I know this is He mentioned how the phoenix that supplied the tail feather for my wand also supplied the phoenix tail feather in Voldemort's wand. I later learned that it was Professor Dumbledore's phoenix Fawkes that supplied the feathers. Only two feathers were donated by Fawkes. Voldemort got one of them and I the other," Harry said.

Amy was always surprised how bravely her father said the name of the infamous dark wizard that had killed his parents.

They then went into the cauldron shop.

"Why Harry Potter, how is everything in Hogsmeade?" the owner asked.

"It's doing good. Came here to pick up a few things," Harry said.

"I imagine your daughter will be starting Hogwarts soon," the owner commented.

"This coming year," Harry said.

"So what brings you by today?" the owner inquired.

"Figured I would pick up most of Amy's things today before the rush. How is your supply of Pewter standard size 2 cauldrons?" Harry wondered.

"I happen to have a few on hand. I tend to keep a limited supply of those on hand during the year but The main stock of them won't be here until end of next month in preparation for the new term," The owner said. "I also have some real nice Waterford Crystal phials that just came in last week. Just so you know The real nice student telescopes are out of stock right now."

"WE will pick up the telescope later this summer when we buy her actual books," Harry said as he gathered up the proper cauldron. HE decided to skip the Waterford Crystal phials in favor of glass ones. The Waterford were just too expensive. Amy meanwhile had been glancing at portable heating sources for her cauldron.

"Amy, if you can get your Aunt Hermione sometime to show you how to make firejars. I remember she was always good at that," Harry said.

"I know Myrtle told me about the time she turned one of the stalls in Myrtle's bathroom into a secret potion factory," Amy said.

Soon as they left the Cauldron shop they slipped quietly into Ollivander's Shop.

"I knew you wouldn't be able to stay away," Olllivander gloated.

"Well I figured on saving your shop for last," Harry said.

"Since yours is doing good I imagine you are here so this little one can be wanded up," Ollivander said holding one hand out to lightly grasp Amy's chin. Amy pulled away.

"I will be needing a wand before September," Amy said.

Ollivander immediately started taking all sorts of measurements.

"You mainly want one for Charm work, Transfiguration, or what?" Ollivander wondered.

"Well I'd kind of prefer a general purpose wand," Amy said. "After all I'm not too familiar with Charms or transfiguration as of yet."

He then brought out a wand for her to try.

"Birch wood and Unicorn Hair 11 ΒΌ inches regular shaft," Ollivander said.

"You selling a wand to a young witch or a 9 wood to a muggle?" Harry joked.

The wand fizzled as did Harry's joke.

The next wand Amy tried was Fir and Dragon heart string. That too fizzled. After a few tries Amy found a thirteen inch walnut and unicorn hair super flexible that did the trick.

"Ollivander is one warped individual," Amy commented after they left the shop.

"I always thought so myself," Harry said.

They then returned to the Leaky Cauldron said goodbye to Neville and headed back to the house. By this time Ginny's parents had arrived. Also sitting in the living room was a Blond haired girl about Amy's age. In fact the two girls were best friends with Amy being older then her friend by a few weeks.

"Hi Sarah, Grandma, Grandpa," Amy said.

"How was Diagon Alley?" Sarah wondered.

"It was good. I even have my potion ingredients for Hogwarts come next year," Amy said.

"I hope you have everything," Ginny said.

"All I lack are my books and a telescope. The guy at the Cauldron shop was out of the student telescopes," Amy said.

"It wouldn't surprise me if you already have one of the books," Mrs. Weasley said.

"Which one A Hogwarts Guide to Potionry or A Hogwarts Guide to Beginning and Intermediate Transfiguration?" Amy asked referencing two best selling books that tended to be reference materials for most Hogwarts students even if the instructor didn't actually use the book in class.

"I took the time to use the list you provided in the first chapter of the beginners section to the Potionry guide," Harry said since Ginny had written the two books.

"She should be all set then," Ginny said.

Shortly before the crew sat down to dinner Two more people floo powdered in One was a somewhat tall female with Bushy Brown Hair and the other one was a curly haired male.

"So what's up gang," the female asked.

"Oh Hi Aunt Hermione Uncle Justin," Amy said.

"How's the old birthday going kid?" Justin asked.

Amy glared at Justin Finch-Fletchley the only non Gryffindor in the room among the actual graduates since Amy and Sarah hadn't even started and Myrtle didn't live long enough to graduate.

"It's done good so far," Amy said. "I'm even close to being ready for School this coming fall."

Any idea who our professors will be when we start next fall?" Sarah wondered.

"Well I think Sinistra still teaches Astronomy, and Snape might still be the Potions Master unfortunately. Last I knew Flitwick was still teaching Charms and Sprout Herbology," Hermione said. "I'll be teaching Transfiguration. I'm not sure who the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor will be."

Harry casually raised his hand.

"Aunt Hermione, any idea what textbook you will use?" Amy wondered.

"It's a toss up. Emeric Switch is a good author of Transfiguration textbooks In fact Professor McGonagall chose the series of books by Emeric Switch. I'll probably use A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration but recommend that students buy The Hogwart's Guide to Beginning and Intermediate Transfiguration.

"Believe it or not I have a copy of that book upstairs. Same as the Potionry Guide," Amy said.

"I'm not surprised. You mom put a lot of work into the Potionry Guide when she was expecting you," Hermione said.

Over the next Month and a half Harry got ready for his new role at Hogwarts. Mid July he took a day off from getting ready for the New Year and went back into Diagon Alley with Amy. Sarah's parents also went in that day.

"Amy, you have the List of books needed?" Harry asked.

"Yes it's right here," Amy said handing him the piece of parchment he had brought home the night before.

Required Books for First Year Students

The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1) by Miranda Goshawk

A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot

Magical Theory by Aldabert Waffling

A Beginners' Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch

One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by Phyllida Spore

Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger

The next three books were the ones for Harry's class

Recommended Textbooks for All Students

A Hogwarts Guide to Potionry by Virginia W Potter

A Hogwarts Guide to Beginning and Intermediate Transfiguration by Virginia W Potter

"Well there aren't too many books you need," Harry said. "You have the Virginia Potter books already."

They headed for Flourish and Blotts first. Sarah was in there talking to Carly Wood and Emily Johnson. Carly had Dark Brown hair and a slight olivey skin and Emily had a medium Dark Complexion that her mom a former teammate of Harry's had supplied even though Emily's father had a much lighter skin. Both girls were also going into their first year at Hogwarts.

"Amy, you familiar with the lady who wrote those two recommended text books?" Carly wondered.

"Carly, didn't you realize that the author of those two books is my mom," Amy asked her.

"No I didn't. I guess you already have them then," Carly said.

"Yeah I do. My mom even supplied Sarah with a copy. She is kind of mad that her books aren't required since she used the Curriculum at Hogwarts for each year to assemble the two books. Professor Finch-Fletchley though did mention how she might occassionally assign something out of the Potter Book," Amy said.

"Well your mom's books are a little expensive so I think I'll skip," Carly said.

Emily decided to buy the Hogwarts Transfiguration Guide but not the Potionry Guide.

After they left the Bookstore they headed back to the Cauldron shop to buy her telescope.

"Dad, since you and mom will be right there do you really think I need an owl. After all with you there I'll have ready access to Hedwig," Amy wondered.

"You do have a point," Harry said. "Ready to head to the Burrow Tomorrow?" Harry wondered.

"It will be neat seeing Grandma and Grandpa. Of course it means I'll have to take the train with the other students," Amy said.

"You'll manage I'm sure," Harry said.

They then headed for the House.

"See anyone you knew at Diagon Alley?" Ginny wondered.

"Carly Wood and Emily Johnson," Amy said.

"Did they pick up all their books?" Ginny wondered as she was putting together small bundles of books. Amy just had to glance at the titles to see her mom was putting together bundles of Hogwarts Guides.

"Carly decided that it wasn't worth buying your books but Emily picked up the Transfiguration guide," Amy said.

"Shouldn't be too much of a problem," Ginny said.

Before she went to bed that night she noticed her mother taking a quill to the books in one of the bundles.

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