So, I decided to do this because I hate the fact that the creators of Ice Age toss Scrat around like they do and I know their never gonna give him his acorn so...I decided I would, because Scrat is my favorite character in Ice Age and I think he deserves that acorn, I mean, we've all seen what he's done to get it, am I right? So, blah blah, I don't own Ice Age, only Angie, so, just read, please.

Scrat's Happy Ending

Hopping along the frozen land Scrat spotted his acorn. Again. It was beyond him how it had made it this long but oh well. So he raced across the ice and was about three feet away when a human girl, by the name of Angie and the age of twelve, stepped out of the small cave she had been camping in. Scrat stopped and froze, maybe she would leave and he would finally get his acorn. But to his dismay the girl spotted the acorn and picked it up, examining it in her hand. Now as you could imagine this made Scrat pretty angry, as he had been fighting to get it for a few years now. So, when the Angie felt something clawing at her ankles she instinctively looked down.

There, at her ankles, was Scrat, yet again fighting for his treasure. Angie looked from Scrat, to the acorn, and back to Scrat, and then something clicked in her mind.

"Oh! You want the acorn." Asked Angie, peering down at Scrat. Scrat stopped clawing and looked up at Angie, then, with wide eyes, Scrat nodded.

"Okay, then, here." She lowered the acorn down so Scrat could take it from the palm of her hand. Scrat looked cautiously at Angie, as if to make sure she wasn't tricking him, the plucked the acorn out of her hand and ran over to an icy patch and started trying to dig a hole for the seed.

Angie watched and giggled at his fruitless efforts. "You're not gonna be able to bury it there!" Called Angie. Scrat looked up at her, curious. "Here, follow me!" Angie cried, the walked over to a small patch of dirt. Scat followed, still unsure of what the girl was doing. "You can bury it here." Angie told him once Scrat finally caught up. She pointed to the dirt with her booted foot and Scrat seemed to get her logic because he dug a small hole in the dirt, put the acorn in, and patted a wad of dirt over it, then he smiled gratefully at Angie.

"Is that all you wanted?" She asked. Scrat nodded and at that point he realized his only goal in life had been accomplished and he didn't know what to do so he let his tiny heart give out on him and he fell into a pile of snow.

Angie stood shocked for a moment, and then comprehended that that was probably his only goal in life and that his heart most likely just gave out on him. Normally, Angie would've taken a squirrel that she found dead or watched die home and put it into the dinner, but Angie felt slightly sorry for the poor animal and decided to bury him next to the acorn, just deep enough so that an animal wouldn't come by and dig him up. She smiled to herself, happy to have helped an animal, and went back into the cave.