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Aang and Katara zoom through the tunnels while getting closer to the light at the end. Aang and his penguin slide in a spiral along the tunnel's smooth surface.

As they reach the end of the tunnel, he loses his balance and falls off the penguin. He tries to recover in mid-air with a graceful airbending move, but he collides with Katara before he has a chance.

Aang and Katara roll out of the tunnel together and land in the snow.

The penguins recover from the accident and slowly waddle away.

Aang is on his back in the snow. His body created a large imprint after the fall. Katara is lying on top of Aang and rubbing her head.

AANG (laughing): Sorry about that landing.

KATARA: Don't worry about it. That was the most fun I've had in a long time.

Katara slowly starts to lift herself off of Aang, but her left foot is buried in a deep patch of snow. She looks back towards it and wiggles her leg to try to free it.

Aang looks up at Katara and blushes as if he has just realized that there is a pretty girl on top of him. He takes a few seconds to gaze at her sweet face while she continues to struggle with her foot.

A bulge starts to form between Aang's legs, but Katara doesn't notice it. Her layered clothing is too thick to notice it brushing up against her.

Aang tilts his head to the side as much as he can to get a better look at Katara's predicament.

AANG (laughing): How did you manage to do that?

Katara grunts in frustration and tries to move her leg while she's still on top of Aang.

KATARA: I don't know.

After a few more seconds of struggling, Katara pulls her foot out of the snow with one hard yank.

KATARA: That's better.

As Katara straightens up, she stumbles, and she keeps herself steady by placing her hands on Aang. One hand lands on his crotch. Katara gasps as she feels the noticeable erection. She blushes, and her eyes grow wide. She immediately pulls her hand back and quickly gets up off of Aang.

Aang sits up and pulls himself out of the imprint he made in the snow. He brushes himself off.

Katara fumbles with her gloves and stutters softly.

KATARA: I… uh…

Aang smiles and shows no signs of noticing Katara's unfortunate slip. He turns around and looks up.

AANG: Whoa… What is that?

Katara finishes brushing herself off and walks over to his side.

KATARA: A Fire Navy ship, and a very bad memory for my people…

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