John walks into Rodi's and the first thing that catches his eyes is a flash of red. He looks down and sees that the flash of that wonderful red hair is attached to a gorgeous woman. Before John's mind could catch up with his feet he was standing right behind the sexy woman who was bent over lining up her pool stick.

Natalie feels someone basically on top of her but she does not have a feeling of anger instead she feels a rush of longing run through her body. She stops lining up the pool stick and turns around to see the most handsome and sexy man she had ever laid eyes on. All she could do was stare at the man with the intense blue eyes.

John stared at the woman with striking blue eyes and made his mouth moved. "Hi I am John McBain and I am new here." He flashes her one of his most charming smiles; damn she is beautiful and sexy.

The woman finally found her tongue. "Nice to meet you I am Natalie Buchanan and if you like I can show you around town." Natalie gives him a sexy grin.

"Sure I would like that, so how about I order us a couple of drinks?" John leads Natalie to a booth and watches how her dress raises a little as she sits down.

"I actually get free drinks here; my uncle Bo owns this place." Natalie knew her dress had rose up a little but she liked how John was looking at her legs so she waited a second till she pulled her dress down.

"Oh of course you said Buchanan duh I should have connected the dots." Natalie looks at him with a curious expression. "I am the new detective for LPD and Bo told me he has a niece that works as a forensic scientist and was trying to be a cop." John mental shakes himself for not picking up on the connection right away.

"Oh so you are the new detective and FBI agent that have come to help our little crime ridden town." "I guess we both need a little course in learning how to better connect the dots."

The pair shares a laugh and some hair falls in Natalie's face. John before he can stop himself moves her hair out of her eyes and back into place. He waits for her reaction.

Natalie smiles an inviting smile and tells him "thank you." What am I doing throwing myself all over some guy I just met.

"No problem." Wow this woman has some sort of effect on me that no woman not even with my ex-girlfriend Caitlyn.

"Can I guess what you like to drink?"

"Okay give it a shot." John smiles at her.

Natalie looks at him and says "a whiskey straight but the whiskey has to be Irish whiskey." "Am I right?" She signals for the waitress.

"Yes you are but I like vodka, gin, and a nice cold beer." He cannot help but smile at her answer. "Can I guess what you drink?"

"Sure it is only fair go right ahead." Natalie looks at John.

"A long island ice tea but you also like vodka, whiskey, apple martinis, and a nice cold beer." He looks her in the eyes.

"Correct give this man a prize." Natalie flips her hair, "so since we seem to know each other so well and will be working together how about we turn drinks into dinner?"

"You read my mind; along with dinner how about we exchange numbers and let me take you out on an official date?" John moves hair out of his eyes.

The waitress comes over before Natalie can answer and stares at John.

"Gigi this is John McBain the new lead detective at the LPD and my date for Saturday night." She had just answered John's question.

"Hey John I am Gigi Buchanan, Natalie's sister in law and one of her best friends." "What can I get you?" She cannot help but to smile at this gorgeous man.

"How about you give Natalie and me two glasses of Whiskey, a bucket of beers, and two glasses of long island ice tea." He looks at Natalie for her approval.

"Good job McBain; seems as though I have found my soul mate," Natalie jokes. When John grabs his phone to see who is texting him; Natalie mouths to Gigi I really think I have found my soul mate. Gigi mouths back yes you have he is super sexy and glances at John before she walks away to get the pair their drinks.

John notices the interaction and smiles. For some reason he felt as though the women were right and smiles down at Natalie as she watches him type on his phone. He decided to answer her question before she asked. "My brother Michael is moving back here and wanted to know if I had arrived here yet."

"Oh when did your brother live here?"