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Please, please forgive me

But I won't be home again

Maybe one day, you'll wake up

And, barely conscious, you'll say to no one
"Isn't something missing?"


Koya Sakagami tapped her pencil on her desk as her ninth period math teacher droned on about something she didn't really care about. She looked up at the clock. Ten minutes left. She could manage this. In just ten minutes, she would be out the door and on her way to the flat she shared with her girlfriend, Yamato. The two of them had once made up a unit known as Zero. Koya was the fighter who could manipulate words as spells, and Yamato was the sacrifice that took the damage delivered by the other unit they'd fight. That was only up until about two months ago. Yamato's ability to feel pain had come back, for reasons they had yet to discover, and her name-a zero with a line through it-had faded. Koya had stopped the battle between themselves and a young boy named Ritsuka, and his fighter; Soubi. As a result, she and Yamato were no longer a Zero pair and couldn't fight ever again. That didn't stop Koya from using a spell to heat up the room, or close a window Yamato left open on occasion.

"Sakagami-chan!" The teacher called.

Koya stood up. "Hai, sensei?" She wondered.

"Perhaps you could stop daydreaming enough to solve the problem on the board?"

Koya looked at the board for a minute. "Six, sensei?"

"No." He answered. "You'd know if you weren't daydreaming."

People laughed. The girl next to Koya, who she used to live down the road from, offered her a look of sympathy.

"…8, sensei?" Koya tried to correct herself.

"No." He shook his head. "Would you like one more time? Three strikes and you're out."

"You're outta here!" One of the boys called, waving his arm over his head.

People laughed at him.

"Five." The girl next to Koya mouthed, hiding her moving pink-painted lips behind her hand.


"Very good." Sensei said. "But it would have been better if Shima-chan didn't help you."

The girl flushed. "Sorry, sensei." She bowed her head.

"You can sit, Koya."

Koya did as told, flushing madly. She could take being in a spell battle, but the one thing she hated was talking in front of people. It wasn't something she was good at. She could talk in front of Nagisa-sensei, the head of the Zero project, back in the day. But that was all behind her and Yamato now. Koya had destroyed her cell phone and the two of them decided to start their lives over. Neither had wanted to switch schools, since they were juniors already, so that was the same. They'd moved to a new apartment complex together and hadn't had any contact with Nagisa-sensei or other fighting units, since.

The school bell rang. "Alright, that's it for today." Sensei told the class. "Sayonara, class."

The students stood as a unit. "Sayonara, Sensei." They spoke, bowing.

Once Sensei left the room, the students scrambled to get ready to go. It was, after all, a Friday.

"That was embarrassing!" The girl next to Koya said. "I thought he was going to give you detention or something!"

"Teachers never give me detention." Koya informed softly, putting her notebook away into her black backpack.

"Lucky." Another girl commented. She also lived near Koya's old house before the move.

"I feel like going to a café today." The girl with the painted lips said.

"Good idea, Tsubaki!" The other girl said, running a hand through her long, tangled red locks.

"You in, Sakagami?" Tsubaki wondered.

"I'm busy." Koya responded. "Sorry."

"You're always busy." The other girl accused.

"Leave her alone, Hikari." Tsubaki ordered. "Are you sure you can't come with?"

Koya paused. "I guess I could…for a little bit…"

It would take Yamato time to get home, anyway, and she'd probably go somewhere with her classmates.

"Alright, Sakagami finally gets out into the real world with people her own age!" Hikari clapped her hands together. "So let's get going. There's a nice place down the road."

"I need to make a call first."

"We'll be in the hall." Tsubaki and Hikari left together, chatting about the new place.

Koya sighed and pulled out her new cell phone. She dialed a number she had memorized.

"Hello, Koya!" Yamato's cheery voice answered the phone. "Why are you calling me?"

"I'm going to a café with some classmates." Koya said. "If you don't mind."

They weren't a unit anymore, but Yamato would always be her sacrifice. And fighters did what sacrifices commanded.

"I don't mind." Yamato answered. "I was actually going to let you know I was going to go to a manga café with classmates. I promised them I'd go a while ago, but Nagisa-sensei interrupted us."

Koya nodded. She remembered. They'd run into one another with their respective classmates by the bus stop that all high schoolers used. Nagisa-sensei had conference called the two of them to tell them to go after Agatsuma Soubi.

"Okay." Koya said. "I'll see you at home."

"I'm sure you will." Yamato giggled. The sound was heavenly to Koya's ears. "I love you~" She sang.

"You too." Koya hung up before Yamato could complain that she hadn't said 'I love' as well.

Koya put her phone back in the pocket of her navy school uniform skirt and picked up her backpack. If she kept Hikari and Tsubaki waiting too long, they'd get annoyed and never let her hear the end of it.