Author's note: This story will be a short one. Six chapters only.

The FRENCH version is already COMPLETE, but in order to avoid spoilers I'll publish it AFTER the English one. As English isn't my mother language, please, don't hesitate to tell me if you saw some mistakes and I'll correct them :)


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Chapter 1 - a dark message

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Wade passed his hand through his dark hair and realized that they were slightly wet with sweat. He sighed and closed his eyes, feeling the premise of a migraine assaulting him. He wasn't in a fight, yet. The evening was still young, and he was in the Nexus locker room with David Otunga, John Cena, and the two newbies Michael McGuilicutty and Husky Harris.

His actual stress had several factors. First, over the four Nexus with him, two of them probably wanted to skin him alive and the other two were too unaware of the global situation to be people he could count on in case of troubles. Secondly, he had a face-off tonight with Randy Orton and The Miz, and was trying to guess all the possible bad surprises this encounter might bring to him, and especially the many dark spots on the road which could play against him…

And thirdly, for someone as strict as he was about punctuality, the absence of Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel was almost throwing him into a fit of rage. The day before, Wade had heard that the two tag-team champions wanted to celebrate their victories through pubs and night-clubs. He had advised them against that idea, reminding them that usually after a heavy party night, they tended to be zombies in the morning and missed their flight. Heath had ensured him with a broad smile and a tap on his shoulder - a gesture that the One Man Rock Band was the only one who dared doing - that everything would be fine and that they would join them in time the next day.

Wade clenched his fists and sighed through his teeth. He turned towards the four remaining Nexuses, silently vowing to himself that - champions or not - when Slater and Gabriel would finally arrive, they would pay dearly. But just as he was about to start explaining his plans for the evening, he noticed that neither David Otunga nor John Cena were looking at him. They were rather focused on Otunga's cell phone.

"Whoa! You two!", Wade's voice clashed like thunder inside the locker room. "I hope I'm not making too much of a background noise, heh? Don't forget to warn me when I'm allowed to explain the plan, all right?"

David and John lifted their gazes towards him, but to his surprise they didn't looked unease, not even mocking. Those two hated each other with passion, yet they seemed to tolerate each other's presence whenever the topic was to drive him crazy. But this time, their face-expression was one of shock, and their paleness automatically brought an acid jolt in Wade's stomach.

"Ok, what's wrong again?". A thought had crossed Wade's mind that perhaps Otunga had just received a text message from the board of directors, meaning doom for the Nexus. But he also knew that if it truly was the case, John Cena would be now dancing around the room with a broad smile on his face.

"We got this message… it was apparently sent during the night", Otunga told with a flat voice, holding out his cell-phone to Wade. "But sit down before you read …"

Wade took David's phone but remained stood and read the said message. Husky and Michael, sitting nearby, saw his face suddenly becoming ashen and his eyes widening. His mouth half-opened, their leader moved his eyes to Otunga and Cena, finally whispering: "… tell me it's not true…!".

"What's the matter?", Husky asked, his curiosity fully awaken now. Wade turned a lost gaze towards the two newbies - a gaze so alien on his face that they almost screamed in terror.

"Heath is dead…"

"WHAT?", the two newbies shouted at once. Wade blinked and turned towards Otunga.

"Are you sure this isn't a joke?"

"Well…", the former #2 from NXT frowned, thinking. "The message comes from Justin's phone. They left the arena together yesterday evening… So it seems pretty real to me…"

Wade softly fell on the bench behind him, and quickly dialed Justin's number. During some long seconds, David, John, Husky and Michael were as silent and still as statues, their whole attention focused on their leader, whose clear eyes seemed lost in a face desperately expressionless.

After a few seconds, Wade hung up. "I directly fall on Justin's voice mail".

"Perhaps he doesn't want to talk to anyone", John started, wincing just after he was done talking. In another situation, such a trivial observation would have guaranteed him a sarcastic gibe from the Brit. But this time, Wade neither reacted nor answered. He just lowered his head and stared again at the message Justin had sent.

'Sorry. Won't reach the airport. Heath is dead'

For the first time since he had encountered the Nexus a few months earlier, John Cena felt a sparkle of sympathy for Wade Barrett.


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What happened to Heath? Where is Justin? How will Wade and the Nexuses deal with the situation? Come back here next week for another chapter, and discover perhaps what the bigger picture is for.