*Dum! Dum! Duh! Duuuuum!*

Aaaaaaand here's what you all been waiting so long for!

The long awaited sequel to "Love RollerCoaster!" Which will contain much more drama, love, conflict, and ect. than the previous story before it!

So without further delay...


Couple's Retreat - Love Cabin: Prologue

[.In the bedroom of Sonic and Amy.]

6:15 a.m.

Early in the morning.

2 months later...

Still lying asleep among the many soft, white covers, Amy shifts in her sleep as Sonic's arm wrap around her pulling her snugly to him. Both sound asleep and enjoying each others warmth.

*Beeeeeeep!* Beeeeeeep!* Beeeeeeep!*

The alarm clock next to the bed continues to sound off until one of the occupants of the bed wake up. That occupant happens to be Amy. Her eyelids flicker open to reveal beautiful, yet tired green emerald eyes as she slowly picks herself up from her resting position. Her hand smashes on the blaring alarm clock which stops the noise.

"Ugh..." She runs her hands through her long, messy pink hair and yawns as she sits up against the pillows on the bed.

Morning already?

Her eyes land on the several packed bags and luggage sitting by their door. It's only a few bags, because most of their other things are already in the car when they loaded them in last night. On the nightstand next to her, besides the alarm clock, are two airplane tickets marked for an early flight today in the next few hours. Their destination to be 'Triple Creek River Lodge & Spa' Darby, Montana. They've planned to stay for at least a month or more since it's only the middle of November, so they would probably make it back in time for Christmas. Everyone planning to go has planned to meet up at the airport early in the morning, so they would be on time for the flight.

Yawning once more, Amy looks to her side seeing Sonic still asleep in his dreams.

That alarm clock didn't wake him up too!

I thought we BOTH agreed to wake up this early, so we could meet everyone else at the airport on time...

*sighs* We're going to be late again?

Frowning her nose, she pushes on his side to get him awake. "Sonic.. get up. It's time to get," She yawns again. "... to get dressed!"

Her efforts fail to get an even slight reaction from him making her growl lowly. Pushing his strong arms off of her, Amy gets up from the bed and places her hands on her hips. Even her getting up from the bed doesn't seem to faze him much. He only continues to snore and dream away as time ticks away.


"Sonic, wake up, gosh!"

"Five... more minutes... thanks, Ames..."

Five more minutes my ass!

Taking a pillow from her side, she smacks it right on Sonic's face. "WAKE UP, YOU BIG BLUE STUMP ON A LOG!"

Immediately, Sonic awakes in a heart beat and sits up in bed to let out a big yawn. Scratching the back of his head, his head turns to see Amy standing next to the bed with her arms folded.

"What was that for?" He asks sleepily as he falls back on the bed.

"The alarm rang! It's time to get up!" Amy tells him as rolls her eyes as she sees him lay back down.

"Remember, we have to be at the airport early to meet up with the others and to have our bags checked!"

Hearing and understanding her words, he slowly nods and mumbles out a response. "Mhm..." His eyes slowly shutter to a close, and he scratches his stomach.

Picking up the pillow again, she smacks him repeatedly in his face until he gets up from his resting place.

"Fine! FINE! I'M UP! HAPPY?" Sonic groans out as he sighs while stretching his arms out.

Smiling, she nods happily and tosses the pillow aside. "Yup, now let's get ready it's already fifteen minutes till seven!"

"Alright, alright.." He slowly shakes his sleepy head as she makes her away around the bed and straight for the bathroom. On her way, she flickers on the room light making Sonic cover his eyes from the sudden light. Groaning and watching her from behind, Sonic breathes deeply and gets up from the bed.

"Big nag..."

Nagging girlfriend. Nag.. Nag.. Nag!

That all she do...

Acting like she's my mother or something-

"NAG!" He accidentally lets the word slip from his mouth again and this time a bit louder for Amy to hear him.

Amy stops instantly as she steps one foot into the open bathroom. "What was that little nickname you gave me?"

"Oh, oh nothing, nothing!" Sonic says quickly to cover himself from any punishment he may receive for it.

"Mmm.. okay. You better be ready when I come out!" She slams the door as loud as she possibly could nearly making Sonic feel the vibration from across the room.

Good thing, I took a shower late last night! Who knows how long she'll take?

Just like last time...

Sighing in relief, Sonic stretches once more and heads for their shared walk-in closet. Inside, he finds the outfit he'd brought for the winter conditions that were fast approaching. When he finally exits the closet, he's wearing a clean white t-shirt, over that he slips on a Pop Homme long sleeve high cowl neck sweater, lace up zipper black leather boots, and ZYZ front pockets hooded thickening parka.

Feeling a bit too snugged, he unzips the jacket and leaves it open before yawning again while walking to the dresser. Pulling open a drawer, Sonic searches his way through his shirts and pants and finds what he's looking for. Smiling in achievement, he holds it up.

*Sighs* This ring again. Still haven't given it to her.

Maybe this trip is just what I need... what we need... so I can work up the nerve to ask her!

Yeah... this will be perfect.

Us two, snuggling by the fire, holding her close to me to warm us both up, sharing hot cocoa in our log cabin ALONE and with no interruptions.

I hold her hands as I look deeply into her eyes, pulling out the ring, and asking her those special three words...

Without even thinking about, the three words escape his lips. "Amy, will you marry me?"

"Will I what now?"

Sonic nearly jumps out of his skin as his hands fumbles to hide the leather box inside his jacket pocket, and turns around to face the woman

She still looks so beautiful to me after all this time...

Sure knows how to dress in the morning, even with it being so early!

The very look of her sends him on a daze and after a few, long seconds of staring, he shakes his head as he realizes that he may have made a mistake in his little slip up.

"I-I-I..." Sonic stutters a bit and nervously as Amy stares him down with her arms folded.

Dammit, me and my big mouth!

Maybe she didn't hear me... I can only hope...

Amy grabs her iPhone off it's charger on her dresser and checks it before looking back up to him for a correct answer. "You what? You asked me something didn't you?"

Sonic nods eagerly and with a nervous chuckle or two. "YES! I was just asking... Ummm..."

"Ummm what?" She laughs as she steps to him.

"W-Will y-you help with these bags!" He quickly blurts out as he goes to stand by them and pick them up.

Just by his weird behavior, Amy raises an eyebrow as she looks him up and down. "The bags?" She laughs a little and shakes her head as she takes her wool cap from laying on the dresser next.

"O-kay..? Weirdo..."

She smiles as she snugly places her cap over her pink hair and walks beside him to pick up a black traveling bag filled with her things.

"T-thanks.." He nervously says as he grabs the last two of the bags.

Amy only nods her head before asking. "Keys?" She holds out her hands to take them.

Digging in his pocket, he finds his car keys and tosses them to her.

"Thanks! Meet ya downstairs!" Amy says as she pecks him right on the cheek.

Sonic smiles at her gesture. "Meet you? I'm coming with you right now."

She stops, turns to him, and takes the bags from his possession. "Ummm.. No. You're making up the bed and straightening up the room while I go put these bags in the car and look around downstairs for anything that needs to be cleaned before we go!"

"Wait! Did I even agree to tha-" He starts to ask, but is immediately interrupted.

"Awe, you're such a sweetie! Thaaaaaank-you, baby!" Amy blatantly ignores his confusion and questioning by kissing him one last time on the cheek before running herself down the stairs and out the front door.

Looking back at their messy room, Sonic groans loudly and facepalms.

She always gets me with that now!

Yawning and facing the music of what he's assigned to do, Sonic cleans up their bedroom in about ten or fifteen minutes making it about twenty or thirty minutes until seven. In his pocket, he feels the leather box in his possession.

Guess I should take it with me...

Turning out the lights, Sonic heads downstairs and straight for the kitchen...

Need... something... to... keep me... AWAKE!

He looks through the fridge trying to look for something he could possibly warm up.

A hot drink?

A bagel?

Just anything will do!

Way in the back of the fridge, he spies a coffee cup filled with cold coffee. Thinking he could just warm it up in the microwave really fast, he moves his head in closer to see the coffee cup as his hand goes to reach for it.

Almost.. most.. there!

"Sonic, what are you doing?" Amy's voice startles him from behind as his head hits the top of the fridge making a big noise.

"OW!" Sonic nearly curses as he rubs the top of his head feeling slight pain.

She ignores the fact that he's just injured himself. "I know you're not looking for anything to eat."

Sonic growls lowly and continues to rub his semi-bruised head. "Yeah, thanks for asking if I was okay!"

"You're a big boy now, Sonic. I'm sure you can handle a simple hit on the head!" Amy rolls her eyes and laughs at him as she makes her way over to shut the fridge.

"Now, come on. We have to get going now."

"But I was just getting something to dri-"

"No buts!" Amy shakes her head and walks away to leave the kitchen expecting Sonic to follow after her. "Now, come on."

Sonic stands at the fridge looking quite agitated. "You come on!" He says sarcastically as he goes to open the fridge

She say that again, I'mma tell her something!


Sonic hastily shuts the refrigerator and squeaks out. "Coming!" Before slowly making his way for the door leaving the desired coffee behind.

Didn't mention that part about Stella before you left me in here...

I better be getting some damn coffee at that airport or on the plane!

[.Outside The House.]

Before walking out the door, Sonic checks to make sure the alarm is on and working. Now, stepping a foot out the door, he closes and locks it tight. He gives the door handle a quick jiggle to make sure it's secure.

Now that that's taken care of...

Turning around, Sonic is faced with Amy running straight for him and reaching down for his hand holding the house keys.

"Thank-you!" Amy snatches the keys from his grip and runs off toward a car parked in front of the house as her heels click on the hard cement.

"A little too quick this morning..." He mumbles as he zips his jacket up from the cold weather blowing this morning.

They have gotten Stella to watch their house while they were gone. House-sit is the word for it. Just up until a few days ago, they found out Stella lives in the neighbor about ten blocks from their house.

She's in her pajamas as she yawns waiting by her little white car.

"Hey. Stell! Sorry, you had to get up so late, because of this!" Amy apologizes to the tired girl before her and hands her the house keys.

"Oh, no!" Stella yawns as she stuffs the keys into the pockets of her robe. "It's no trouble at all. I have the day off from work today, so no harm done, dear!"

"O-h, okay! Thank-you so much for doing this for us." Amy nods respectively and turns to Sonic as he walks up.

"Ready to go, Sonic?"

Sonic nods sleepily. "Yeah, mhm. Hey, Stella. Good morning..."

"Good morning, Sonic, deary!" Stella replies back in a cheerful tone followed by a tired yawning. "You seem a bit tired there, aren't ya?"

He nods once as his eyes slowly close only to open again to yawn. "Yup..."

"You're sleepy again, already?" She frowns at him. "You can sleep more when we get on the plane."

"How about a I sleep a little in the car while you drive to the airport, where I will sleep a little on the plane?" Sonic suggest to Amy making her frown even lower this time.

Amy shakes her head and faces him with a glare. "Okay, who said I would do tha-"

"Thaaaaaaanks!" Sonic says before taking the car keys from her and heading for his car parked in the drive-way. Amy and Stella watch as he opens the passenger door and hops inside as he shuts the door. From inside, he starts up the car and leans back in his seat to rest.

Why that lazy blue-

"Have fun you two! I'm sure Jenny and Penny will miss you while you're gone Amy!" Stella gives her a quick hug from behind.

Amy smiles and hugs her back. "Thanks, Stella. I'll give you a call when we make it there. Until then, bye!"

"Byeee!" Stella southern accents sounds through the early morning wind as Amy walks in a fast pace toward the car.

In the car, Amy finds Sonic fast asleep in the passenger side as expected of him. Rolling her eyes, she looks behind her to see Stella still standing by her car in the front yard.

Guess she's waiting for us to leave before we do.

Amy sighs as she turns on the heat in the car to cool herself up and prepares to back up out of the driveway. In a matter of seconds, she's pulled out and by the rode. She quickly puts down her window and waves to Stella once more before pulling off down the street.

On the way to the airport, Amy's phone starts to ring making her answer it.

"Hey, Rouge..."

"What's up, girl? You on your way right now?" Rouge asks in an almost tired, but preppy voice.

"Yup, on the road now."

"What about Sonic?"

"Sleeping right beside me..."

Rouge takes a big laugh. "Ha! Knuckles was the same way until I used my womanly instincts to get some sense into him!"

"Oh, I see." Amy laughs to and wonders exactly what 'womanly instincts' she used to get him to stay awake for a while.

"Is everyone else is on their way too?"

"Mhm.. Me and Knuckles are already unloading our stuff in the airport parking lot, but we should be down when you get here. Cream and Tails just pulled in, and I believe the others are on their way too." Rouge laughs as she speaks to Knuckles in the background also.

Amy nods understandingly. "Oh, okay."

"HEYYYYY, BLAZE! WE'RE OVER HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Rouge suddenly screams into the phone causing Amy to nearly swerve off the road.

Gaining control of her car, Amy sighs deeply and looks over to see Sonic still asleep.

Heavy ass sleeper!

"Ay, Rouge. It seems you got your hands busy right now, and me too, since I almost crashed the car, so I'll see you guys when we get there!"

"Oh, sorry! See ya!" Rouge quickly hangs up the phone on her end making Amy do the same. Concentrating on the road now, the pink hedgehog yawns lightly and looks over to Sonic one last time.

Does nothing wake him up?

[.Long Island McArthur Airport.]

7:18 a.m.

In no time at all, Amy and Sonic make it to the airport. They meet up with Rouge, Knuckles, Cream, Tails, Blaze, and Silver inside as they have a porter transport most of their bags and luggage to have it checked and their flight tickets turned in Nothing was found to be anything of suspicion on amongst their stuff, so they were allowed through. Next, is the walk through the metal detector, but they would wait until everyone got there first to go through it. The woman, in a uniform that is clearly too tight for her, at the front desk hands their ticket stubs over...

"And there you are! You two have a nice, safe trip! The flight is scheduled to leave 8:15 on the dot!" The woman says happily and smiling a bit too much at the same time.

Amy nervously waves back as Sonic speaks to her. "Yeah, thanks! You have a a nice day too."

The woman slightly blushes a smiles once more at him making Amy pull him along away from her.

"A little too friendly there.."

"What? Noooo." Sonic says sarcastically.

She frowns at his tone of voice. "Sonic... I thought you were sleepy..."

"Who said I wasn't?" He asks her in an irritated tone as he feels her glares boring deep into the side of his face.

"Come on, you two. No fighting until we get there, okay?" They hear Rouge say all of sudden as they walk closer to them sitting in the waiting area among many other people waiting to board their planes.

Rouge is sitting with her legs crossed and handbag by her side in a V-neck long sleeve sweater dress that graciously shows off every bit of her womanly curves, black zip up knee high boots, and a short white hooded zipper thick coat laying on the bench behind her. Her short, white hair is curled into a bob that hugs around her slim face, and she wears a bit of make-up around her eyes and some on her cheeks.

"Awh, Rouge. You look so hot in the dress!" Amy compliments her friend as she checks out her outfit once more.

"And that hairstyle you're rocking is to die for!"

The white bat blushes lightly and shakes her head. "Thanks, girl! And might I say that you're looking mighty fine this morning too!"

"Ha, thank-you!"

Knuckles is leaning back in his seat with his arms crossed as he's wearing white Polo t-shirt, and a tan leather collar jacket, and pointed toe leather lace up buckle boots. He yawns as he looks up to see Amy and Sonic standing before the rest of them.

"Nice of ya'll to make it on time."

"Unlike some people I know..." Sonic and the red enchinda share of laugh as they both know who they're talking about.

Next, they see Tails has on a cotton long sleeve knitwear sweater with a light blue color, dark blue denim jeans, and black laced up men's boots. He's typing away on his laptop as the light emitting from the screen shines on his face and chest as he's sitting next to Knuckles on the other side.

"Hello." He yawns and covers his mouth as he does.

Cream, next to Rouge, waves the two over as she's seen in a cute an autumn Bateau knitted sweater, a dark grey skirt with silver designs on the hem, thin grey stockings, a knitted wool cap over her bunny ears and orange hair, and anklet boots with small silver and black studs over the top of them. Also, she has a couple of thin silver necklaces hanging around her neck and diamond studs in her ears.

"Hi, Amy! Sonic!"

"Hey, Cream!" Amy smiles to her.

Sonic yawns and nods his head. "Hi.."

Silver is there too, and gives them a heads up as they see he's in a simple black cotton hooded button sweatshirt grey coat, thick fitted pants with the bottoms rolled up above his Timberland boots. He's busy reading a men's magazine that he has happened to find in the seat next to him.

"Hey." He says without looking up and yawns right after.

Sonic and the rest of the guys had the right idea. "Yup..."


Blaze, on the other side of Rouge, is wearing a yellow high collar hedging twisted acrylic sweater dress with short sleeves and basic design, a few bracelets on each wrist, a white beret hat, and knee white high boots with a gold streak of color on the sides of them.

"Anyway, we're not fighting.." Amy shakes her head. "He's just being stupid."

Sonic nods with a sleepy smile. "Nope, not at all. She's the one being difficult since it's so early."

"What?" Amy asks as she lets go of his arm and as soon as she does, he makes his way to grab a seat next to Knuckles on the other side of the benches. He lays his head and yawns as he closes his eyes as he crosses both arms over his chest.

Rouge and the rest of the girls laugh and urge Amy to come and sit with them. "Come on over here, Amy!"

"Yeah! You see we aren't worried about those lazy boys, right?" Cream giggles as she scoots one over, so the pink hedgehog could have a place to sit.

With the guys...

Knuckles shakes his head. "You had that kinda morning too?" He whispers over to the blue hedgehog.

"Yup.. You too, huh?" Sonic asks in the same low voice.

Knuckles nods once, and Sonic does the exact same.

"Add me into that too." Tails says all of a sudden getting the two male's attention.

The three men all nod simultaneously with an equal thought in mind. "Some women..."

It's like nagging is in their nature.

Now, back with the girls...

"Haha, yeah!... So who's left?" Amy asks as she takes a sit between the three girls. "I'm ready to gooooooooo."

"Ummm.." Rouge thinks for a minute. "Jason, Sady..."

Cream waves her arms. "I see them walking over here now!"

Looking up, the girls see Jason and Sady walking together hand in hand as they pull along their luggage to the baggage check-in, and then go to get their ticker stubs from the front desk. Jason is dressed in a warm, snug dark blue cardigan with stripes on the sleeves, thick blue jeans. and basic white Nike kicks. Sady is wearing a thick blue dress reaching the bottom of her knees, a short white jacket with zippers, white thin gloves over her hands, and white suede boots.

"HEY, SADY!" The orange rabbit calls out to the couple getting most of everyone's attention on themselves.

Tails, too focused on his laptop at the moment, jumps at the sound of her loud voice and nearly drops it. "Could you be any louder?" He lowly mutters as they guys next to him chuckle. Fortunately, Cream doesn't hear his little comment.

From the front desk, Sady hears her name called and turns to see the girls and guys waiting for them. "Oh, hey, guys!"

Rouge smiles gingerly. "Oh, so that leaves Shadow, Christy, Julie-Su, Spike, Phoenix, Scourge, Manic, and Sonia!"

"Leave it to them to get here last..." Sonic says with a yawn as he stretches his arms and legs out in front of him.

"Hey, don't you, Shadow, and the rest of the guys live with you and Silver, Blaze?" Amy asks as she starts to think about it.

Blaze nods. "Yeah, but Shadow had to go pick up Christy, and the same goes for Phoenix and Julie-Su! I guess Spike just went along for the ride."

"Oh.." Amy yawns as she looks out the large window in behind them showing all of the planes preparing for the whole day ahead of them.

"That leaves Sonic's brothers and sister."

This will be one long trip...

"Well, they better hurry it up, because our plane is leaving in less than thirty minutes now." Blaze says aloud as the other agree.

"Hey, guys! Is everyone here yet?" Jason asks with a short yawn as he stuffs his cold hands into his warm pockets.

"Not, yet. But just about." Rouge tells him as she gets up from her seat to look toward the entrance of the airport to see Scourge, Manic, and Sonia walking in with their bags and luggage with them. Following them are Julie-Su with Phoenix by her side and Spike.

"We're hearrrrrrrrrrrrr!" Julie-Su yells in a loud voice making the people behind her cover their ears.

"Oh, we know you're here..." Amy laughs as she shakes her head with a deep smile.

"Finally." Rouge breathes a sigh of relief. "Now, there's only Shadow and Christy to worry about."

Checking her phone, Amy sees the time is ticking as their plane pulls into the terminal. "Mmm.." She decides to text him.

Amy: Where r u? Every1 is waiting 4 u guys.. :/

Shadow: Awe, that's soooo sweet of u guise xD

Amy: Seriously...

Shadow: I'm jus kiddn.. We're walkin toward the entrance right now. Jus got a lil side tracked is all

Amy: how

Shadow: I was sleepi & still am

Amy: Jus lik the other guys...

Shadow: But I still made it! -.-

Amy: Gud, boy :)

She slips her phone into her handbag and gets up from her seat to stretch. "Shadow and Sady are coming up now! We can go ahead and go through the metal detectors, and they'll catch up!"

"Alright! Let's get going!" Cream stands up from her seat with a bit of a jump to it making the girls giggle at her enthusiasm.

"Get up, guys! Time to get on aboard!" Rouge yells at Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails getting a startled reaction out of them. She snaps her fingers in their faces getting their eyes to dart open.

Both groaning in complaint, Sonic and Knuckles get up to stretch and yawn tiredly. "We're up! Damn.."

Everyone gets up from their seats as Sonia, Scourge, and Manic meet up with them as they head for the metal detector up ahead. They wouldn't let anyone on board a plane unless you step through one and are completely cleared of any time of metal object. There are a few people ahead of them as they stand in line waiting for their turn...

"I hope this wont take long.." Sonic complains as she stands next to Amy in front of Knuckles and Rouge. Up ahead, Cream and Tails are already past the metal detector, following Sonia, Scourge, Manic, Julie-Su, Phoenix, Spike, Sady, and Jason since they got their before them.

Sonic, Amy, Rouge, and Knuckles stayed behind just a bit longer, so Shadow and Christy will find them faster.

"It shouldn't, so just be patient. You're in such a hurry!" Amy scolds him as she folds her arms.

Rolling his eyes, he ignores her little saying. "Don't you mean you're the one in a hurry?"

"I would stop talking right now, if I were you." He hears her say sharply under her breath.

"Mhm.." Sonic decides to keep his mouth shut and hears running footsteps behind him. "Ah, there they go."

"Good. Now, everyone's present!" Rouge squeals as she quickly texts on her phone to tell the others.

Amy, Rouge, and Knuckles turn to see Shadow and Christy skipping their way through the line and straight up to them. Shadow is sporting a white and silver Polo top with the collars turned up, leather biker gloves, leather jacket with black, red, and white stripes, black jeans with silver fading on the pants leg, black and white laced Supras shoes. Sady is showing off herself in short, two tone skirt, a soft felt sweater like shirt with a pinkish tint, a white floral designed jacket, and knee high grey boots. She's dyed her hair to a dark brown with blonde highlights throughout it. They girls have become really close friends since meeting one another.

"Ooh, I love you're new hair color Christy!" Amy hugs around the girl's neck.

Christy smiles and hugs back. "Thanks, Amy! And I loooooveee you're outfit and hairstyle!"

"Awe, Thanks!" Hey, Sheldon!" Amy hugs him also and in a tight hug.

Sonic eyes the two nosily until Amy lets go of him and moves to talk with Christy as they wait in line.


"Hello." The two exchange short words due to their tired conditions.

Sonic nods and folds his arms as he looks on ahead. "You tired too?"

"Yup." Shadow answers him as he tries to hold back a yawn or two.

As the girls talk while walking a little behind them, Shadow happens to reach into his pocket and feels something strange. "What the-"

"Uh oh."

"Huh?" Sonic hears him and watches as the red and black hedgehog pulls out a genuine silver knife out of his pocket.

What the hell!

"All you can say is 'uh oh'? Why the HELL do you have a KNIFE with you?" Sonic asks frantically as they get closer and closer to going through the metal detector.

Shadow shakes his head as he conceals the weapon in his hand. "I don't... I just forgot to check my pockets this morning!"

Sonic looks ahead to see two security guards standing on each side the metal detector checking people a little more thoroughly as they walk through. "Well, you better do something with that before we all get detained!"

"Detained? What are you talking about?" Amy asks as she hears the both of them whispering in front of them.

"Yeah, what are you two talking about? Christy asks also as she walks a little faster to stand next to the guys with Amy.

Sonic laughs nervously and places a hand behind his head. "Oh, oh.. nothing! Haha..."

"Yeah, what he said." Shadow quickly covers for him as he hides the knife behind his back and under his gloves.

"Mmm..." The two girls both look at one another and then back at the guys. "Are you sure? Because-"

"AHH! SONIC!" Amy feels and so does Christy.


Sonic and Shadow look at the two strange as they girls jump forward to cover their behinds. "What are you-"

"One or both of you slapped my ass!" Amy yells at them both.

"I was pinched.. and hard..." Christy blushes brightly as does Amy next to her. "You guys are such pervs..."

"What? No, we didn't! Well, I don't know about Sonic, but I'm for sure didn't do anything you guys are saying." Shadow tells them in a hurry.

Sonic glares at him. "What makes you think I had anything to do with this?"

"There's a whole lot of reason that would take too long to explain.." Shadow says with a smirk and a slight chuckle making Sonic frown.

Sonic shakes his head again and looks to Amy's angry, blushed face. "Okay, I had nothing to do with-"

"If it wasn't you two, then who was it?" Amy and Christy ask in loud, flustered voices at once.

"How are we supposed to kno-"

Behind them, they hear laughing coming from a few guys waiting in line. There are five in total of the guys together, but three of them stand out the most. The first one on the left is dark brown fox with white tips on the end of his long ears, seducing aqua eyes, The one on the right looks just like him except for the dark green eyes instead of aqua, and no white on the tips of his ears. The two guys were twins. One of the guys called their names as Jake and Blake.

The one in the middle, supposedly the leader, is a tall black and white wolf with deep blue eyes, tan skin, and well-toned body. He's wearing a black and blue fitted shirt, baggy dark jeans with platinum zippers and belt, black and white colored Van shoes. His ears are pierced three times each and a silver dog chain hangs around his neck...

"Ha! Good one Gabe!" One of the fellas say behind the three.

"As always!" Jake comments with a chuckle.

The black and white wolf smiles back at him and gets a surprised look on his face as Amy and Christy glare back at him.

"May I help you two ladies with something?" Gabe asks innocently and with a grin.

Amy growls as she pushes her way through Shadow and Sonic to get to the guy. "So it was YOU! You got a lotta nerve, you little pervert!"

Christy nods with the same angry tone. "Yeah!"

"Pervert? Me?" Gabe shakes his head and takes Amy by the hand. "I would never do that to such gorgeous girls as yourselves. Excuse my poor manners, but my name is Gabe. What's your-"

She snatches her hand back. "I don't give a two shits what the hell your name is, and I doubt you give a damn about my fucking name!"

"Oh, I know what your name is little Miss Victoria's Secret Angel.." Gabe says in a smooth voice as he slips his arms around Amy's waist and pulls her to him unwillingly.

"A little feisty, aren't ya?" He whisper close to her ear making Amy extremely uncomfortable.

"Ah! Get off me, you fucking creep!"

"Let her go!" Christy screams at him.

Gabe only rolls his eyes. "Or what? Her boyfriend will beat me up? Ha, that's a joke!"

"OH, you'll be sorry.." Amy growls in a low voice making him laugh. "SO I WOULDN'T BE LAUGHING RIGHT NOW!" By now, most of everyone in line is looking at them due to the loud noise.

"Oh, and why is that?" The wolf asks curiously.

"Cause of me." Sonic, finally stepping in, forcefully pushes Gabe away to grab Amy pulling her to his side. Her arms wrap around him for protection from the guy.

"Oh, it's Mr. Pretty boy to the rescue! Two of em!" Gabe laughs as his friends behind him do the same. "We got blue Papa Smurf here and the and the black and red Avenger as his sidekick!"

"The fuck-"

Sonic and Shadow nearly step to the guys, but Amy and Christy stop them immediately.

Christy tugs on Shadow's arm."It's okay! Don't worry about them! Me and Amy are fine!"

"Yeah! Look, we're almost through the metal detectors, so forget them!" Amy nods nervously as she points ahead as Rouge and Knuckles, completely oblivious to what just happened, walking through the metal detector.

"Besides, you don't want airport security detaining us for a stupid fight over nothing.."

Shadow and Sonic gives one another a look. "Right..."

Oh, that reminds me.. Gotta do something about this knife!

"Ha, so weak to be stopped by women!" They hear the wolf comment only making them more angry.

As Gabe turns around to his friends to gloat, Shadow sneakingly slips his knife into the guy's pocket.

This will be interesting to watch...

Within a few minutes, Amy, Sonic, Sady, and Shadow make it through the metal detector without any troubles and meet up with the rest of the guys.

"We're all here, right?" Rouge asks aloud.

"YEAH!" Nearly everyone of them answers her back.

Rouge smiles sheepishly. "Cool, lets go. We only have like ten minutes till the plane takes off!" She tells them all as they follow behind her and Knuckles leading the way.

Amy and Sady start to walk, but stop to see Sonic and Shadow looking back at the metal detectors.

"Come on you two!"

"Yeah, or we'll leave without you!"

Sonic and Shadow nod as they continue to watch as Gabe sets the metal detectors off. The security guards surround him to check his pockets.


"TERRORIST!" A woman yells mistakenly from the back of the line making a big deal out of it. "TERRORISSSSSSST!"

Gabe shakes his head. "WHAT? THAT'S NOT MINE-"


"GET HIM!" Two security guards jump him pushing him hard to the ground with a large thud. His friends are also jumped by other security personnel. Sonic and Shadow share a big laugh as Gabe and his friends are taken away into custody for questioning. As he's pulled away, he shoots a hateful glare toward the two.

'I know it was you two!' He mouths the sentence in their direction as he's taken away.

I'll get them for this, just they wait...

"WHAT are you too staring at!" Amy yells at Sonic and Shadow from behind.

Christy helps pull the boys along. "Yeah, we have to get moving! Everyone else is already-"

Flight for Darby, Montana. Now calling for the final passengers to board.

Leaving in less than... 3 minutes!

"Oh, crap! Let's hurry up before we get left!"

[.On the Airplane.]

On the plane, everyone is in first class as they take their seats in their assigned location. Blaze and Silver are already at their seats as the others pass them. Silver is busy with trying to stuff his carry-on bag into the bunker space above them with the other things Blaze stuffed inside. She's sitting by the window with a pillow behind her head and her face looking out the window.

"I'm telling you it wont fit..." The lavender cat sighs.

Silver shakes his head. "Well, I'm making it fit!" He pushes with all his might to fit his bag inside and somehow, manages to get it inside and shuts the door of it tight.

"See! I told you!" Silver says with a big smile on his face making Blaze roll her eyes. Just as soon as he sits down, the small door pops open and out falls his bag, along with a few other things, onto his head and spilling onto the floor.


"I told you.." Blaze sighs once more as she closes her eyes to sleep a little. "Now, pick it all up!"

Scattered across the plane, everyone gets into their seats and settle themselves in along with the rest of the passengers of the plane. Some of them in the back, the middle, and in the front as well.

Up ahead...

Amy and Sonic are seated in the middle. She takes the seat in the middle while Sonic grabs the one on the outside near the aisle.

"Finally, I can sleep!"

"That was all you were thinking about doing since we got on here." Amy says as he lays his head back.

He doesn't respond very much only with a slight 'mhm'.

Amy curses under her breath as she lets out a soft yawn.

Maybe that isn't such a bad idea...

"Hello, ma'am and sir! I'm sure hope you are comfortably and enjoy your flight! May I get you something to drink?" A female stewardess stands next to them and smiles brightly dressed in a standard blue and white uniform. A clean, pressed white shirt, blue jacket with the airplane's emblem on the side, blue heels, and a neat little hat.

"Oh! Yes, and thank-you. I'll take a glass of apple juice please, and Sonic, what about..." Amy groans as she sees Sonic fast asleep and snoring.


The stewardess has a laugh herself as Amy rolls her eyes. "Just get him a cup of coffee or something."

"Right away, ma'am!" The stewardess leaves to go get their drinks from the back room.

Amy falls back in her comfy seat and folds her arms as Christy and Shadow walk up behind them to get the seats behind them.

"Hey, Amy! Looks like we're seated together! Can you show me where the bathroom is on here, since you've flown before?" Christy asks.

"Sure! Come on!" Amy scoots her way in front of Sonic to get to Chrsity, and they leave.

Watching them go, Shadow smiles as he sees Sonic still asleep, so he kicks the back of his seat to jerk him awake.

"Hey, Theodore. I couldn't help to see that you were asleep there!"

Sonic growls under his breath. "Yeah... not anymore thanks to you.."

"It was my pleasure." Shadow chuckles as he takes his seat behind him. The two grow quite as they wait for Amy and Sady to return.

Getting a bit bored, Shadow pulls out his iPod as his eyes look up to see a young woman holding a toddlers hand.

Please don't sit behind me

Please don't sit behind me

Please don't-

The woman and young boy sit behind him making him groan aloud. "Now, you stay here, Billy. Mommy's going to the bathroom really fast, okay?"

"Okay, mommy."

Awh, shit!

Hearing Shadow, Sonic speaks up. "What's going on with you back there?"

"Ah, I got stuck with a kid sitting behind me." Shadow complains.


Shadow raises an eyebrow and turns around in his seat to see the kid staring angrily back up at him.

"You got a problem with us kids?" The boy asks angrily. He looks to be around five or six years old to Shadow.

"Actually, I do. Got a problem with that, kid?" Shadow asks angrily and with a smirk on his face.

"You know, mister? I was going to sit quietly and play with my coloring book for this entire flight, but for the next few hours, you're my biotch!"

Shadow's eyes grow wide. "Wait, what did you just sa-"

The boy starts to kick the back of Shadow's seat and fuss loudly getting him irritated.


Little brat!

"Make a face at em!" Sonic laughs as he turns around in his seat. "That'll get him to cut it out."

"A scary face, huh?" Shadow thinks about and smiles deviously. Pulling the scariest and horrifying face that he can pull, he scares the little boy back into his seat.

"Haha, just like that!" Sonic laughs as he starts to make a face at the boy next.

"WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING!" Amy and Christy yell at them.

"Umm.." Shadow stutters as he pulls his face backs to normal. "It was him!"

Sonic points in his direction. "Me? What about you!"

"What are you doing to my boy?" The young woman races back to her young son and grabs him into her arms. "Are you alright, Billy?"

"M-mommy! I was so scared..." Billy cries a bit. "Those two mean men made scary faces at me!" He gives an evil smile in Sonic's and Shadow's direction.

Why that little-

"WELL, I NEVER!" The woman takes up her child onto her hip and goes to find another seat elsewhere leaving Amy and Christy to deal with Sonic and Shadow.

Oh, hell!

Well, there goes a peaceful morning...

The rest of the trip goes smoothly for everyone. Well, expect for Sonic and Shadow of course that is. And the plane makes it to Montana in almost less than a day...

Finally, we're here...

[.Bert Mooney Airport.]

Darby, Montana...

Everyone on board the plane quickly exits to go grab their luggage from baggage claim. With much luck, all of the guys and girls get all their bags and head for the outside where rented cars were waiting for them out front. Amy, Sonic, Christy, and Shadow in one car. Blaze, Silver, Tails, and Cream in another. Julie-Su, Phoenix, and Spike in the next one. Rouge, Knuckles, Sady, and Jason in another. And finally, Sonia, Scourge, and Manic in the last.

Just before they begin their next part of the trip, Rouge hands a map to each one of the drivers: Amy, Blaze, Julie-Su, and Sonia.

"We'll drive for a few hours, and stop.." Rouge points to a red x on each of their maps. "At this gas station to fuel back up, got it?"


Let's get driving, because it's freezing out here!

About two hours later...

[.Gas Station.]

"Yay, let's get some snacks!" Scourge yells out as he hops out of the car and straight for the gas station store.

Manic gives him a high five. "You know it!"

"Gotta stretch my legs." Tails says as he stretches both his arms and his legs out. He and the a few other of guys follow behind them into the store leaving the girls to fill up the car.

Sonia rolls her eyes and yells after them. "Why don't you pay for the gas while you're in there?"

"Yeah, yeah!" She hears Scourge say as he enters the establishment.

Sonia lets out a 'ugh' as she shivers from the cold weather. Around them, a a few inches of snow have already fallen giving it a snow-white Christmasy look. The scene is absolutely peaceful to the eyes.

"It looks beautiful out here.."

"I know right!" Julie-Su says excitedly as she prepares to put gas into her car.

In Amy's car...

Christy and her look into the back seat to see Sonic and Shadow still sleeping.

"How are they still-"

"-sleeping?" Amy finishes her with a shared laugh between the two.

"You think we should wake them?" Christy asks curiously.

Amy thinks for a second. "Yeah!"

Christy's hands reaches to shakes them awake, but Amy stops her. "what?"

"Wait! I got a better idea..."


The two boys wake up in a hurry as their heads hit the top of the car. Amy and Christy are in tears as they laugh at the two for waking up so ugly like that. Even the rest of the girls outside the car saw what happened and were laughing at them.

"Oh, real nice.." Sonic says as he rubs the top of his head.

Shadow does the same as he tries to keep his composure. "Was that really necessary?"

"Yup!" Amy and Christy say at once with a giggle.

Outside, Silver is walking back from the gas station with his hands full of chips, sodas, and candy. The very sight, gets everyone into a group laugh as Blaze goes to help him up.

Soon, everyone gets settled and back on the road onto their destination. And within a couple more hours, they make it to the couple's retreat...

[.Triple Creek River Lodge & Spa.]

Triple Creek is a service-driven, adults-only property located in Montana's Bitterroot Mountains. The 600-acre landscape has over 23 plush log cabins, each outfitted with cozy touches like wood-burning fireplaces, hot tubs, and locally woven woolens. Itineraries are tailored to guests' interests and can include dinners at the chef's table, wine tastings, and helicopter tours...

Everyone parks their cars in a place marked for it. Their cars among many others. Before getting their bags and luggage out of their trucks, they all decide to get their cabin numbers and other information.

As they all walk up to the entrance, they see a blonde female hedgehog dressed in a particularly skimpy blue shorts, yellow top, and clean white shoes. She has short, curly blonde hair with a blue hair clip on the side of her hair, and bright blue eyes to match.

"Isn't she cold?" Cream asks quietly.

Tails shrugs. "Maybe she's immune.."

As soon as they all walk under the tall structure of the building, they can see why she's dressed like that. A steam of warm air is blowing down on top of them keeping the air warm in front of the building.

"Hello! My name is Staci, and I'll be your tour guide for your entire stay here at Triple Creek River Lodge & Spa!"

"Oh, thanks!" Rouge quickly says to her. The others behind her do the same to greet the young girl.

Staci smiles accordingly and points their way inside. "You can go ahead and step on inside, where you will receive your cabin number at the front desk!"

Without delay, everyone smiles as they make their way inside the warm, welcoming resort...

"Hey, does she remind you of anyone?"

Amy asks as she looks back at the girl in front of the building. Staci smiles and waves back at them giving her an uneasy feeling.

"Who?" Sonic asks as she hugs close to him.

"That Staci girl we just met!" Amy asks frantically.

Sonic looks back at Staci to see her still smiling and waving at them. "Oh. No, why? Does she to you?"

She seems nice tho...

Amy looks down. "O-oh... no, I don't think so. It was just a feeling I had.. it's probably nothing!"

She looks SO familiar... I just can't put my finger on it... Mmm..

Ah, oh well!

Probably doesn't matter anyway...

Amy shakes the feeling away as they all make it to the front desk to check in.

Back at the entrance...

Staci stops her nice demeanor and continues to watch the group. "Mmm.. The blue one.. he seems kinda hot.. I like him.."

But the girl with him... The pink one.

I recognize her from the Victoria Secret Ads!

"Ugh, I wish my boyfriend was here.. He should be here soon, but maybe I can play with this other boy in the meantime..." She frowns, but then smiles mischievously as she fails to notice some more people walking up to her.

Yeah, maybe I can do that to pass the time along more quickly-

"Hello, miss!"

Staci is startled as a few more couples walk up to her as the previous group did. "O-oh, I'm sorry. Welcome to..." She gives the same welcoming to them and leads them inside.

Guess I'll have to think about him later.. I gotta job to do!


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