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Couple's Retreat: Love Cabin - Delusional

Several minutes after discovering that Amy and the mysterious policeman are gone, Dr. Lupe alerts Sonic and his friends of the disappearance via phone call. After the frantic call, she waits by her office door for their arrival. In a matter of seconds, she hears the sounds of running coming from up the hall. She looks up to see Sonic and a few of his friends. Apparently, the girls had stayed behind to finish cleaning, and will be coming a bit later...


"Sonic, calm-" Scourge tries to calm his bother down.

"CALM DOWN? HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO CALM DOWN WHEN AMY'S MISSING!?" It seems that his brothers and his friends have been trying to calm him down the moment he got the phone call.

"I'm sorry.. so sorry. I don't know what happened exactly." Dr. Lupe begins to explain, but she then stops. She's quite embarrassed that this happened under her watch.

"You don't know what happened? How the hell is that even POSSIBLE? You were here with her! You were supposed to be keeping an eye on her!"

Even Shadow is just as, if not more, angry as Sonic. "Yes, I too, find it hard to believe that such a thing could happen right under your nose!"

"Sonic and Shadow, hold on a second! We all know that your both incredibly frustrated and angry, but yelling at Dr. Lupe is not helping. Let's hear her out first and then decide what to do." This time it's Tails trying to be the voice of reason to calm Sonic and his dark counterpart down. Thankfully, his words of advice reach the both of them.


Sonic took a step back and breathed in deeply. It's clear that he's angry, upset, and downright confused. He just saw Amy sleeping peacefully inside of Dr. Lupe's office almost an hour ago, and now, she's gone! He wants answers, and he wants them now. However, he realizes that yelling and cursing at Dr. Lupe would solve nothing.

"Look, I'm sorry for yelling like that. I didn't mean it. It was just my anger talking." He apologizes.

Shadow shrugs his shoulders. "Yeah, me as well."

Dr. Lupe takes no offense to their outburst. "Your actions were justified. You both have a right to be upset. All of you do, so don't apologize for your natural reactions to this terrible circumstance."

"Yeah, so can you please explain what happened?"

"Of course! Now, I don't know exactly what happened, but I think I have an idea.." Dr. Lupe sighs and shakes her head as she folds her arms across her chest.

"Right after you left, Dr. Hunchkin dropped by and held me up outside of my office. She was acting very strange too. While we were talking, a policeman came by. He said he wanted to question her about the incident, but I told him that she was still resting. However, he insisted saying it wouldn't take long at all. Against my better judgement, I let him inside without my supervision. I was about to follow in after him, until Dr. Hunchkin trapped me into our conversation again. After a few more minutes, she suddenly up and left and said that she had to go. I thought it was even stranger of her, but I didn't think nothing of it. After she was gone, I went back into my office and found both that man and Amy gone.."

"Dr. Hunchkin? What the hell was she even doing here?" Sonic asks her next.

"Well.. that's the thing. There's something I probably should have told all of you before." Dr. Lupe takes a deep breath and sighs. "Dr. Hunchkin is the ex wife of the man who attacked Amy."


"Yes, let me explain things further, so you can understand a bit more clearly. Me and Dr. Hunchkin used to be friends at some point in time. During that time, she shared with me her life story. The man who attacked Amy is her ex husband, Victor. He's suffered from several mental issues since he was a kid. In fact, he still does from the looks of it. Out of all his mental issues, his dangerous obsessions and attachments to individuals is his worst. So much worse, that he would stalk and follow women everywhere they went, break into their houses, and look through their trash!

Their relationship started off as a professional one. As a psychologist, she was supposed to help him through his problems. Instead, she made his condition much worse, because she abused her position as his doctor. As time went on, their relationship turned romantic one when he began obsessing over her. She thought that by becoming the object of his obsession, she could control and keep it. However, one day.. that all changed when he saw Amy on one of her Victoria's Secret ads. She said he slowly he began to ignore her.

He wouldn't speak to her anymore. He would always be flipping through the T.V. trying to find Victoria's Secret commercial, searching the internet and the company website, cutting out her photos in magazines, and writing dozens of fan letters. Soon, he served Dr. Hunchkin divorce papers and left her. Now, I believe that she holds much hate for Amy for taking him away from her even though it's clearly not her fault! So much so that she may have helped Victor kidnap her! However, I don't know how Victor could have possibly escaped the police and manage to get an uniform. If he's as really dangerous as I think, he's already done the unthinkable. There's no telling what else he might do to anyone who may get between him and Amy!

I know Dr. Hunchkin is still deeply upset and angry, but I didn't know she's this angry to do something like this!"

"It took several guys to take him down before.. there's no telling how strong he is or what he'll do." Tails says as he recalls the earlier incident.

"That's what I'm afraid of." Dr. Lupe sadly admits.

As Sonic takes all of the information in, he feels rage and fury build up inside of him. He feels his skin getting extremely hot to the touch, and he's visually turning a slight red color. All he wants to do now and is find Amy and that prick who kidnapped.



That fucking asshole took you away from me!

Not again... not again!


Don't worry, I'll get you and our baby back.. no matter what..

Without speaking to his friends or the doctor, Sonic turns his back and starts to walk away down the hall in the opposite direction that they had come.

"Sonic, where are you going? We need to think of a plan!" Scourge and Manic stop him immediately. "We can't just go about this without one."

"Yeah, he couldn't have gotten far with Amy, so he must still be around here somewhere." Tails tells him.

"I'm going to pay that doctor an overdue visit! She's knows something, and I'm going to get it out of her. In the meantime, you guys call girls and then the police and see what's going on! He got that uniform some way or another!"

"On it!"

"Theodore, hold up!" Shadow jogs up behind him. "I'm coming with you."

"Then keep up, Sheldon."

"I'm coming as well! I want to do everything in my power to help recover Amy and the baby safely." Dr. Lupe locks her medical office and follows the two hedgehogs while the others went to inform the girls.

[Dr. Hunchkin's Office]

"Are you fucking serious?"

"It's serious all right."

Sonic and Shadow are referring to the sign hanging on Dr. Hunchkin's door.

"Unavailable. Come back later."

"She's never hung up a sign before." Dr. Lupe comments as she begins to knock on the door with her first. "LINDA! OPEN UP!"

There's no response, and so she knocks harder and longer. "Dammit! Where the hell is she?"

"Let me try." Shadow moves the doctor aside. By 'accident,' the force of his knocking removes Dr. Hunchkin's door from its hinges. It falls forward and lands on the floor of the empty office. Unfortunately for them, the doctor really isn't there. They all walk in to check and find no one.

"Shit, nothing. Where the hell could she be?"

"I don't know.. but this is so unusual of her.. she's hiding something. I know... she's involved." Dr. Lupe says as she looks around and sees a smashed picture on Dr. Hunchkin's desk. It's her and Victor's wedding photo. "Where ever she is, it can't be good."


Amy, where the hell did he take you!?

[Unknown Location]


W-what happened?

I remember... the baby shower... and.. and then-

That awful, AWFUL man attacking me!

Feeling restless, Amy tosses and turns on a soft, quilted bed. She's been sleeping for a fairly long time. She's finally starting to wake up now. However, the effects of the drug administered by Dr. Lupe is causing her body to feel more drowsy and tired than it normally would.

"My head is pounding! And I feel so heavy.."

Amy complains as she rubs her head while sitting up on the bed. Slowly, her eyes opened to find herself in a large bedroom that looks similar to her and Sonic's cabin. Looking down at her clothes, she realizes she's still in her dress from earlier.

"Geez... how long was I out? I'm still in this dress too."

The clock next to the bed reads, "10:03 p.m."

Amy signs and rubs her sleepy eyes. With her eyes fully alert, she begins to notices something strange about the room she's in. Although the room looks like her and Sonic's, there are some differences. There are several large suitcases next to the closet, the pictures on the wall are different, and there are several personal items that she's sure that neither she nor Sonic own. Even though her vision is still fairly blurry, she can still make out everything around her.

W-where am I? What happened?

Is this.. our cabin? Our room?

After the baby shower.. I remember Dr. Lupe taking me to her office..

And giving me something.. a shot?

"This will help you calm down and rest, Amy. It wont hurt a bit."

I... fell asleep on her medical office, but... I'm here now?

"Maybe Sonic carried me back to our room?" Amy could only think of that explanation, because it's the only one that makes sense. She remembers waking up before, but doesn't recall anything specific. She remembers a voice calling out to her and that's it.

What doesn't make since, however, is how different their bedroom looks now. There are things that don't belong to either of them. On top of that, as Amy gets up from the bed to look around, she notices that her stuff isn't where she left them. It's nowhere to be found.

"W-what the hell?"

What's going on?

This is our room isn't it?

Did Sonic really carry me back to our cabin?

He did didn't he?

"Maybe... he just cleaned up or something? Or maybe we're cutting this trip short?" Hoping that this is the case, Amy nods her head as she goes to open the closet. Unfortunately for her, she finds none of her or Sonic's clothes.

"No... way. How could that be?" Amy whispers as she slowly backs away from the closet. She looks to the dresser and finds none of her or Sonic's personal items there. Even in the bathroom, she finds none of their stuff there. She suddenly feels scared and confused. Her heart begins to beat faster and faster. In denial, she places her hand over her mouth and shakes her head.

What could be the meaning to this?

There has to be an explanation for this!

There has to be!

He could have packed?

But those aren't our suitcases!

"Aaaaaghhh! I remember waking up in Dr. Lupe's office once and... seeing someone, but who? The only one I can think of is Sonic! Or maybe Shadow?"

Wait.. what's that noise?

I-It came from outside the door..

What.. w-who could it be?

From outside of the bedroom, Amy can suddenly hear noises that sound like cooking. "Sonic?"

Unsure of what could be waiting for her outside of the door, she carefully turns the doorknob and quietly pushes open the door. Outside of the bedroom, the living room is also different than she remembers. In fact, everything that she sees is completely unusual. The wall photos are different, the sofa is sitting in a different position, and there is a large clock sitting by the fireplace. Several terrible thoughts begin to run through her mind as she begins to walk toward the kitchen where the noise is coming from.


Please.. let this be you..

Please... I know there is an explanation for all of this!

Heart racing and small beads of sweat rolling down her face, Amy slowly creeps up to the kitchen door. She's careful not to make a single sound. Inside, she sees a blue figure, with his back turned, standing over a cutting board. He seems to be cutting food up on a chopping board. The smell of food drifts out of the kitchen and fills her nostrils.

So it is Sonic..

I was worrying for nothing!

Kiyaaahh, and that food actually smells good..

Amy breathes a sigh of relief as she feels a big weight lift off her shoulders. "Sonic.. you have no idea how glad I am to see you!"

"Huh?" The blue figure turns around at the sound of her voice. Immediately, his appearance catches her off guard. A swift, cold chill runs down Amy's spine making her stop dead in her tracks.


No, no, NO!

That's not Sonic!


"My precious, precious angel..."

"V-victor!?" The blue uniform he has on confused her eyes into believing that he was Sonic. Victor's full frame is clearly visual now that he's faced her. He has a creepy smile on his face that makes Amy entire body frozen with complete fear. She's unable to say a word or move her body as he slowly walks toward her.

"Now now, my precious, little angel, my name is Victor, remember? Not Sonic... Anyway, how was your sleep? I'm making you something to eat. Do you like vegetable chicken stir fry? It's my specialty."


H-how even?





Millions of explanations run through her mind, but neither of them are good. Suddenly, she remembers waking up in Dr. Lupe's office and seeing the same figure above her sleepy frame as she lay in bed. Earlier, she couldn't remember, but seeing the blue uniform triggers her memory.

"Sonic? It's... you.."

"Yeah, the doctor said you are all better now, so.. let's go. I'll carry you, alright, angel?"

S-So he..

He... He.. he...



At first, Amy remains stone cold. It's as if her feet are trapped in quick sand. Frozen with shock and fear, her body feels numb to the core making her unable to move.

W-why.. is my body not moving!

I feel frozen...

I can't move! I'm too scared!

Run.. I've got.. t-t-to RUN!

"Amy? My angel, are you feeling okay? You look like you've just seen a ghost." Victor asks as he's getting closer and closer to her.


"STAY AWAY FROM ME!" Amy is finally able to step back away from his approaching figure once she spies a large kitchen knife in his hand. It's sharp and caked in red tomato juice. The very sight sends cold shivers throughout her entire body, and it's enough to finally make her snap out of it.

She quickly turns on her heels and makes a break for the front door to escape. Somehow, she makes it there and is able to get a firm grip on the door handle. However, before she's able to turn it, she feels a force pull her back, turn her around, and slam her back hard against the door. The sudden impact hurts Amy greatly and makes her hiss in absolute pain. A sharp pain shoots up and down her spine making the pain even worse. When it happens, she squeezes her eyes shut to avoid his gaze.


The anger in his voice makes her flinch, and he forces her to open her eyes to see the anger in his. The sight terrifies her, because she's never seen such an evil look in her life. One that are so engrossed in rage and disdain. One that's all directed at her.

"Why would you run away from me like that!? After all I've done for you!" He scorns her and her actions toward him. He's actually surprised that she would run from him like that.

"W-what? What are.. y-you talking about!?"

"What am I talking about?" Victor laughs maniacally. "Why everything, my angel! I drove all the way here just to be with you! When I first saw you on T.V. some time ago, I thought you were the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life. Since then, I've never missed an advertisement or T.V. appearance you've done! I recorded them and re-watch them everyday just to see your pretty face and your angel like body. I have photos of you taped on all of the walls at my house! I brought all of the bras and panties you've modeled and hang on my walls too! I smell each and every one of them hoping to get a whiff of your perfect scent. I even have a life size doll of you that I made of you! It's.. all in your likeness. I-I-I masturbate to you every night before I go to bed. I.. I love you! So much so that I even divorced Dr. Hunchkin just to be with you!"


Wait! Dr. Hunchkin is his ex-wife!?

Is.. is that why she hates me so much?

"Now, after so long.. we're finally together. You, me, and our baby. I can't wait till it's born.. than we can be a happy family..."

"W-what!? No... this isn't your baby! It's mine and Soni... aaaggghhh!"

At the sound of Sonic's name again, Victor presses himself against Amy and holds up the kitchen knife to her face. Instantly, Amy covers her belly in an attempt to keep her baby safe from whatever he's about to do to her.

"Don't you dare say his name! I'm the baby's father! NOT HIM!" He angrily screams in her face. "MY SEED IS INSIDE OF YOU, NOT HIS! I AM THE FATHER! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!?"

No... what the hell is he talking about?

Is he really this delusional?

One minute he's all creepily lovey dovey and now.. he looks like he wants to.. k-k-kill me..

Amy says nothing, but she doesn't have to. Tears begin to flow down her cheek as she silently cries to herself. She's finally close enough to see there is actual blood on his clothes, and she can smell its thick stink. It's clear that he's done more than enough to be able kidnap her, and there's no telling how far he's going to go to keep her.

"Why are you crying, Precious?"

A-as if you don't know!

"Please don't cry, my Angel.. I hate to see you like this." Victor goes from angry to sympathetic in a matter of seconds once she starts to cry. In his own twisted way, he uses the opposite side of the knife to wipe away Amy's tears. This only makes Amy cry even more and more intensely.

"Please don't cry.. I promise I'll never leave you again. No one will ever take you away from me."


"N-no... please, just l-l-let me go.."

"I can't do that, Precious. I can't. I wont. I refuse! I'll never let you escape me ever again!"


"Never.. we're going to be so happy together, Angel. I just know we will!"


Will I ever escape this nightmare?

Sonic.. guys.. please help me!



"Forever and ever."

"No man is happy without a delusion of some kind. Delusions are as necessary to our happiness as realities."

-Christian Nestell Bovee


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