Entry: The Holy Corruption

I woke up and found myself in a forest, surrounded by piles of dead leaves and leaning trees. I slowly got myself up, the sores were still attacking my body with unbearable pain.

"Nevin?" I called out.

At once, Nevin appeared from behind some trees.

"Ah, you are okay!" He said.

"What happened?" I asked.

"You did not know? After He was defeated and you were unconscious, the Interdimensional Rift appeared. I took you and walked through the rift. It transported us to this forest, which I assume is part of Arad. Because I was also tired after the battle, I rested you up on a tree and decided to also rest close by. I was disturbed some time later and saw that you were waking up. But you were shivering a bit. You were gasping for breath and then you stood up and gripped your head in pain, it seemed."


"Yes. I was about to ask if something was wrong, but you suddenly transformed into a dark demon and started to eradicate everything around you. I tried to stop you, but I was afraid of killing you. Instead, I tried to slow you down and stop you from continuing. I was able to do so and you turned back to normal. However, I went behind the trees in case you turned back and I had to strike quickly."

"Then...when I woke up just now, that was after my rampage?"


I traveled to the spot behind me and saw the entire area. I have seen the barren wasteland that was Black Earth, and while this was not of equal level, the destruction was close behind.

"I...caused this?" I asked weakly. Nevin only gave a nod when I looked back to him.

I looked back to the battle with Him. Don't think I would be gone!, He said in the fight.

I felt a sudden sharp prick in my head and gripped my head, And you won't be the only one! You will be the first of many more to come.

I gasped heavily, but I was able to slow myself.

"Did you hear that?" I asked Nevin, who was still in readied position.

"I did not hear anything." He only said.

"I heard him...He must be a part of me."

"The Corrupt One? He was the cause?"

"It's very likely. He said that he would not be gone, so it can't be a coincidence that what happened so far was for an entirely different reason."

"Perhaps the book might be of some use?"

I checked for the book and opened it up. There were some new stanzas.

Lo and behold, the evil was done. Or so thee thought, for now two is one.

But Thou must not die, thou must not fall. For the evil shall spread, to all and all.

The darkness inside, conflicts with the light. The good must forever be kept in sight.

I closed it. It was true. We're one in the same. Answers, I needed answers. I could go back to Michael and ask him. That was what Nevin and I decided to do.

But along the way of getting out of the forest and going back to familiar lands, I transformed several more times, those times I was awake. The morphing was horrendous. I felt my skin puff up, tissues and muscles growing fast. My heartbeat increased in speed, the pulsing feeling of distress grew in relation. My mind was partly warped, as thoughts that I would never create came and went. The insanity and illusions covered my vision, and then a dark blackness that envelopes it all. Nevin was always there to stop me, but the urges in my new transformed body would always win out first. Plant life was but a dream now. I would always turn back, after time had passed and destruction occurred.

I knew that I could not see my friends yet. If I could so easily do this, then my friends would be in great danger by being around me. At one point, I looked in a puddle of water and saw my face. What a pale and sick creature it was. One side so hopeful, the other side a dark shadow of terribleness. One eye so full of deep blue, the other only the glowing red. I could not bare to see myself when I transformed. It must be terrible for Nevin. Who are you, this man who is so confused?

The internal struggle of light and dark punishes me always. Every hour, I feel the darkness increase and the light cower. I know now that light cannot exist without darkness. But where is the yang, that which compliments the yin? Where is the balance? There is no balance. All the time, I feel the darkness grow. Every time, I try to fight the transformation. Slayers, was this how they felt? If it is so, then I see the tribulation and feel it.

We get out of the forest and quickly head back to Aphelia Post. We quickly got to the Interdimensional Rift. But, my dear reader, I must stop for now, for this is where I must stop for now. I must stop writing and talk to Michael. If there is only one wish for me to have, it is the power to control this greater darkness, should the darkness ever drown my light. What is fate indeed, Corrupt One, what is fate indeed?

What is there really, for people like me?

I can only dream and hope to be free.

But we must suffer this unforeseen disruption.

How terrible it is, the Holy Corruption.