Note: Yeah, this was supposed to come much later but well…I just got too excited to do this so here it is. I know I haven't even started Agents of SHIELD or Hulk or Thor but they will come…soon. Or I might do origin arcs for them. This is going to be a HUGE project where every arc is like a Marvel event and features many of the superheroes in the Infinite Marvel Universe. The roster will be ever changing so even in just an issue it could change, so always expect change…and this will probably be the slowest thing to come out just because it is so huge.

Cover- Thanos grinning evilly, holding his fist up which is covered in the Infinity Gauntlet.


Day 1: And There Came A Day Unlike Any Other…

The Mayans were right, the Apocalypse began on December 21, 2012. It took a total of five days for the Earth to be destroyed.

I don't know how the Mayans predicted it…maybe they did just run out of space on a rock. But they were right…

This is how the World ended.

This is how the Avengers were born.

December 21, 2012, About 6 AM Eastern Earth Time

Xandar, the Home of the Nova Corps

The entire planet was ravaged, literally falling apart. Two figures stood facing each other.

The first looked more monster than human with gray-purple skin and a gigantic physique, easily eight feet tall. The monster-man wore blue and gold robes with black boots and a black hood covered most of the monster-man's face. A single golden gauntlet was attached to his hand; two gems glowed brightly on the knuckles of the index and pinky finger of the gauntlet. The index finger gem was bright yellow and the pinky finger gem glowed a shimmering orange.

The other looked exactly like a human, but it was hard to tell because he wore a full body suit and a helmet that covered most of his head. He wore the traditional suit of a Nova Centurion Prime. The suit was golden and navy; three gold circles were in an upside-down triangle formation (the top two did not connect) on the chest area of the suit. The helmet shined gold and a red star was exactly in-between where human eyebrows are. A single purple gem was melded into his hand.

Suddenly, the monstrous man sped forward and grabbed the Nova Prime by the neck.

"Now, Rhomann Dey, tell me where the others are!" The monster commanded while only gentling strangling the man.

"To think…that the traitor was you, Thanos," Rhomann Dey gasped for breath, "You were my friend."

"Answer my question you…you…" The monster-man sighed, "…my old friend, please tell me where they are. We are still friends. As long as you hand over the Space Gem and tell me where the others are, I will let you live. Rhomann, please," Thanos looked into the Nova Prime's kind eyes. He wasn't lying. Thanos still thought of Rhomann Dey as his best friend. He was the only person who had never treated The Titan badly for his malformed appearance.

"Why did you do it? Why did you kill her? Why are you doing any of this? And how did you find her?" Rhomann still avoided Thanos' question.

Thanos looked to the ground, anger starting to arise, "You know why I did it. I did it for her. For Death. I plan on giving her the most wonderful gift anyone has given her: the annihilation of the majority of the Universe's inhabitants. The remaining few will be our slaves… or trusted advisors. Please, Rhomann, help me assemble The Gauntlet. Help me earn her love," Thanos looked up from the ground, forcing his anger to subside…for now.

"You killed Gamora, a hero, warrior, and savior, for Death? You wiped out all life on fifteen planets, including the entirety of the Universe's peace-keepers: The Nova Corps, for her? Thanos, dear friend, how do you expect me to help you? You abandoned your comrades, friends and family for something as terrible - but necessary - as Death…"

Thanos couldn't hide his anger any longer, "Death is better than you or anyone in the Universe! You are the Head of the Infinity Watch, so you are the one person in the entire Universe who knows the names and faces of the entire Watch! Tell me where the other three are! This is your last opportunity: help me or die!"

Thanos gripped Rhomann's neck to the point it almost broke. Rhomann had to rely on his suit's life support capabilities to keep him from falling unconscious.

"Before I decide, tell me this. How did you know where Gamora was? How did you know who she was?" The head of the Nova Corps mumbled.

Thanos seethed, "Gamora…she was easy to find. That day we visited the planet of Sakaar, in order to put a stop to the alien slave trade, we came across her, an ex-gladiator-slave, who had also been attempting to free the planet. You introduced me to her. It only took getting to know her...personally to discover her secret. And it only took a simple assassination to end her and take the Time Gem."

"Poor Gamora," Rhomann heaved, "I'm sorry, old friend, but I've not been entirely honest with you…"

"What?" Thanos replied incredulously, "What are you talking about?"

"I'm not the leader of The Infinity Watch. I was entrusted with hiding the true leader's identity and only knew of both your identity because of how loudly you proclaimed what you were. Whenever you visited a planet you demanded to be treated like a king because of your being a part of The Watch. Most of the Universe knows who you are."

"How…you…why…?" Thanos struggled to find the right words, "You must still know who the leader is. After all, you were entrusted with hiding its identity," He loosened his grip on Rhomann's neck just enough for Rhomann to finally be able to focus.

"I'm sorry, but first and foremost I am neither your friend not a simple man. I am leader of the Nova Corps and member of the Infinity Watch and it is my job and purpose to stop you from destroying yourself and the Universe!" Nova blasted Thanos with golden energy. Rhomann knew that it would only stun Thanos for a second but that was all he needed.

"Worldmind, initiate lightspeed. Set course for the home of Adam Warlock on the planet Earth."

He blasted off in a burst of golden light.

Thanos regained focus in a matter of seconds but when he opened his eyes Rhomann was gone.

He smashed the ground, "AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHH!"

"Do not fret, my love," Thanos suddenly heard a deep, dark and chilling whisper. It was clearly feminine.

"Death...is that you?" Thanos asked, suddenly very aware of his surroundings.

A shadowy hooded figure of a woman appeared before Thanos, "Indeed."

"Oh, my lady, my love…" Thanos tried to embrace the shadowy figure but fell right through it, "Wha-?"

"I am just a projection. You will not get to see or touch my real form until you give me what you've promised…" Death stated cruelly.

"Yes, my love, I will…I will track Rhomann Dey and rip the truth of the other Watchmen out of his corpse!" Thanos declared.

Death smiled "Good...You will be a good king..."

The compliment made Thanos swell with pride.

"I will go at once," Thanos marched off, pulling out a slim silver device from his pocket as he did. He slid his finger over it and whispered the words, "Nova Prime," to it. Suddenly a hologram appeared with coordinates of where the Nova Prime currently was and where he was heading.


And Thanos clenched his fist and muttered, "I will get there before he does and track the energy signatures of the other gems to find their owners…"

Thanos continued to his ship, and ordered his ship's computer, "Activate a Worm Hole to Earth. Proceed immediately…"

Times Square, New York, 6:30 AM

Explosions burst high above Times Square in New York City.

Iron Man sped through the sky followed by his partner, War Machine. Trailing just behind them was the Crimson Dynamo, who was unleashing every missile, projectile, bullet, energy thingy and…well, you get the point…every weapon in his arsenal, at the two.

"You will die, Stark! And so will your stupid sidekick!" The Russian man, Anton Vanko screamed through the speakers in his armor.

"Yeah, the whole 'you will die, Stark' gets old. Can you supervillains ever come up with any new lines or threats? Seriously? I mean, c'mon the…" Anthony "Tony" Stark was interrupted by a missile connecting with the back of his armor.

An explosion enveloped him and James "Rhodey" Rhodes screamed, "No!"

Suddenly, Iron Man burst from the smoke, not a single dent in his armor, "You really think a stupid missile would stop me…? Because trust me, the U.S. army has tried it…and it's never worked. I made this armor and it is…" Tony was interrupted yet again by being hit by a missile.

He sped out of the smoke in less than a second and shouted, "Really? Can you not let me finish anything? I was going to say…Invincible, damnit. You first have to wake me up at six AM-six AM!- and then won't even let me finish my f#$%ing sentences!" Tony immediately caught up to Rhodey.

"Stop having a tantrum, Tony, we have to end this," Rhodey told his best friend.

"Fine by me. I want to go home and sleep," Tony yawned.

"Die, Stark! You will pay for…" Anton Vanko began.

"Will you shut up?" Tony shouted and turned his helmet/head to Rhodey, "So, what's the plan?"

"Maneuver 16B," Rhodey said.

"Yeah…I don't know what that means," Tony said.

"It means put on the brakes, wait for him to fly over us and shoot him with everything you've got!" Rhodey could not believe the arrogance of the man...

"Jesus Christ, Rhodey, that's all you had to say and I would've understood," Tony said, completely serious.

"And he's supposed to be the smart one…" Rhodey sighed as the two Iron Men activated the air powered, reverse repulsor breaks.

The two stopped flying suddenly and The Crimson Dynamo sped over them, "What the hell?" The Russian man exclaimed.

Tony told his armor's computer, "JARVIS, activate the Uni-Beam, full power."

"Yes, sir," JARVIS responded.

The circular center of Tony's armor began to glow as Rhodey's extremely large machine gun, rocket launcher, and every other gun he'd had attached to the War Machine suit activated.

"Lock and load, b$%^h," Tony said as a large repulsor blast burst from his chest. Rhodey began firing everything he had.

The Crimson Dynamo armor could only take a few seconds of pummeling before it deactivated, "NOOOOOO!" Anton screamed as the armor began to plummet through the sky.

Iron Man, Tony, raced down and caught him and flew slowly to the ground to be greeted by three S.W.A.T. cars.

"He's all yours, officers," Tony dropped the man.

All of the S.W.A.T. team and police officers looked at each other, unsure of what to do with the supervillain despite it being almost two years since Iron Man first appeared.

Iron Man hovered back up to Rhodey, "The good guys win again, huh?"

However, War Machine paid no attention to his partner. No, he was staring straight into the sky at a quickly growing black hole…

"What the hell is that?" War Machine muttered.

"What are you…" Iron Man followed his friend's gaze, "Oh my God, that's a f#$%ing Einstein-Rosen Bridge…"

"A what?" War Machine asked.

"A wormhole, for you lesser minded people," Iron Man said as an extremely large space-ship came through it. The ship was a polished black, made of a fleeting metal that appeared to be flawless.

A large walkway opened at the bottom of the ship. Thanos strut out of the ship like royalty and when he reached the end of the walkway, he began to float slowly towards the two Iron Men.

"Um…" Iron Man began, "Mr. Hulk-Alien-Thing, sir, on behalf of the Military of the United States of America…"

"You don't work with the military…you've refused S.H.I.E.L.D.'s invitations multiple times," Rhodey interrupted him.

"Shut up," Tony whispered, "On behalf of the U.S. military I ask you to please go through customs to enter our country…and the world."

"What the hell, Tony? You're asking some freaky powerful-looking alien to go through customs? Are you trying to get killed?" Rhodey turned his helmet-head to Thanos.

"Listen, whoever you are get the hell off our planet right now!" Rhodey, War Machine, commanded, his machine gun cocked.

"Who are you, stupid Earthling, to tell me what to do?" Thanos growled. He hovered down right in front of War Machine and Iron Man.

"Me, sir? I'm James Rhodes, Lieutenant in the U.S. military and the superhero War Machine," Rhodey stated calmly.

"War Machine? You look more like a Trash Can to me…" Thanos insulted the African-American man.

"Ooohh…you got dissed by an alien," Tony tried to lighten the obviously serious mood.

"Shut up, Tony." Rhodey growled.

Thanos cracked his knuckles, "My name is Thanos, The Mad Titan. I single-handedly have destroyed fifteen planets in three different Solar Systems and killed over sixty-one billion puny mortals like you. Get out of my way now, or you'll be number sixty-one billion and one."

"Wrong answer," War Machine activated his uni-beam, completely enveloping Thanos in the repulsor blast. He kept blasting him with it for about ten seconds until his armor couldn't sustain that amount of power being used.

Smoke cleared and Thanos was still floating there, unscathed.

"No... that was the wrong answer," Thanos punched War Machine in his arc reactor power core. It exploded and War Machine fell to the ground.

"Rhodey!" Tony flew down after his friend.

Rhodey's helmet had completely fallen off and the chest part of the armor was ripped to shreds.

Dark crimson blood quickly arose from his chest. Tony's helmet, on mental command, slid down into his armor (like in the movies) exposing his face. Tears glistened in his eyes.

"Rhodey…" Tony didn't know what to say.

"Tony…" Rhodey muttered, "Leave. You can't beat this guy alone. He's too strong. You need to join the government's Initiative…live to fight with other heroes another day, Tony. Live to fight another day…" All color was seeping from Rhodey's face.

"Don't talk like that, it'll be fine…I…we are going to kick that alien-Thanos-person's a$$…together…" Tony forced his tears back. This couldn't be the end.

"Heh…yeah, right. This guy kicks way more ass than Iron Man and his stupid side-kick War Machine…" Rhodey's eyes started to slide back into his head.

"You're not my sidekick," Tony demanded.

Rhodey shook his head, "Tony, listen to me now...you don't have to work alone...you don't have to do everything alooonnneee..." Rhodey eyes completely slid backwards. Tony still forced the tears back, but they threatened to come bursting out at any moment. He shut Rhodey's two open eyes and stood up and faced Thanos.

"Now, you see what happens when you cross me, mortal. You're inefficient, dated technology cannot match my power. So, do you wish to follow your friend's footsteps and die now? Although you soon will anyway…Everyone will die..." Thanos shouted from high in the sky.

Tony felt his helmet quickly slide around his head, "You're dead."

S.H.I.E.L.D. Base, Fifteen Miles Away

"What the hell is that thing?" Nick Fury exclaimed.

A S.H.I.E.L.D. operative, Maria Hill, quickly ran up to him, "Sir, from our video coverage we know the thing claims it's name is Thanos. And sir…"

"Yes?" Fury growled.

"It…he just killed James Rhodes, War Machine, sir."

"What?" Fury sighed in disbelief, "Get anyone and everyone down there, now…and send Cap too."

"Yes, sir. And, Director Fury, the Fantastic Four are also already on their way," Hill stated while pulling out a cell-phone-looking device and typing into it, "All personnel, head to Times Square immediately."

"Good, because we're going to need everything we've got to take that son of a b%^&* down."

Times Square

Iron Man activated his repulsor boots and blasted into the air.

He lifted his hands up and began to fire as much concussive blasts as he could at the large alien.

Thanos simply ignored the blasts and lifted the Infinity Gauntlet up. The orange Time Gem glowed brightly and Tony froze completely in mid-air, blasts and all.

"Stupid, human. I have the ability to control all of time and reality," Thanos lifted Iron Man's frozen body up and the Time Gem stopped shining.

Thanos ripped the helmet off Tony's head and examined the man as he began to squirm.

Tony spit on Thanos and shouted, "Kill me already, you stupid ugly freak!"

Thanos growled at the insult, "Death is too good for you, annoying man. You will live to see the day I destroy your stupid world…"

Thanos ripped the chest part of the suit off of Tony, including the Arc Reactor and he let go of Tony.

"That is, if you can survive the fall."

Tony plummeted through the air. He closed his eyes and thought, surprisingly calm, Even if I somehow survive this fall, without my Arc Reactor I'm going to die...I'm going to see Rhodey again...my mother...my father...

Suddenly he felt the Arc Reactor forming in his chest, "What the hell?" Tony said.

He looked up; Thanos was grinning, "You don't get to die that easily, mortal."

And then Tony's arm began to burn.

"Ow!" Tony shouted and he looked up to see Johnny Storm, The Human Torch, holding on to him.

"The correct response is, 'thank you, Mr. Storm for saving my stupid life.'" Johnny grinned at Tony.

"Wait, did you come…"

Johnny grinned wider, "Alone? Nah, I'm never alone."

Tony followed Johnny's gaze and saw the rest of The Fantastic Four who seemed to be floating in mid-air. Tony almost immediately realized that they were standing on one of Susan Storm's invisible force fields.

Johnny flew Tony over to the rest of his team.

"Listen, can one of you…"

Reed Richards, a semi-decent friend of Tony's and a brilliant scientist interrupted, "Don't worry about this. Go home. Have a funeral for your friend. Party and get drunk. This is a cosmic threat and we are the experts on cosmic threats."

Tony sighed but reluctantly agreed to this. He was flown to the ground to be greeted by a small black car, a man in the suit standing in the front.

"Agent Coulson…" Tony regretted ever stepping foot on the ground.

"Mr. Stark, please come with me."

"I don't know if…"

Agent Coulson interrupted Tony, "We have your armor. We need you. You need us. The world needs you and us. Come on."

"I…" Tony didn't know how to respond to the barrage of info he'd just been given, "Wait…you have my armor? How the hell do you have my armor?"

Agent Coulson simply pushed Tony into the car.

"Damn, I guess I need new security codes…" Tony muttered as the car began to speed away.

High above the ground, the Fantastic Four were attacking Thanos, "It's clobberin' time!"

The Thing jumped off the Invisible Woman's, Susan Storm's, force field. Right as he was about to reach Thanos he slowed down.

"How the hell?" The Thing exclaimed.

Thanos held up his armored hand, "Time Gem. I control time." Thanos punched Ben Grimm, The Thing, straight into the ground.

The Thing tried to get up but fell back to the ground, only alive because of his small invulnerability.

"Damn, he clobbered me."

"Ben!" Reed shouted as his friend fell back to the ground.

"That's it…Susan, Field Goal," Reed commanded as he stretched himself into a ball. Suddenly he was hit by an…invisible foot!

He flew through the air towards Thanos, but as soon as he came close red energy erupted from Thanos' eyes, heat vision, and launched Reed towards the ground. Luckily, Susan reacted quickly and created a force field to catch him.

"Gotcha!" Susan grinned.

"Thanks, hon," Reed grinned back at his wife.

Suddenly, Johnny burst through the air, "Sis, makes those bullet-ball things!" He said.

Susan understood what her little brother was trying to say and she created and "shot" small, bullet-like force fields. Johnny then shot fire at them and set them on fire.

"And that's a real heater!" Johnny joked as his sister just frowned.

Thanos easily evaded all four fire-bullets and his eyes began to glow red again.

"Pests," he growled.

"No, Johnny!" Susan jumped off her hovering force field and tackled her brother out of the air and harms way.

They began to plummet to the ground but luckily Johnny's instincts kicked in and he yelled, "Flame on!" He burst into flames and caught his sister.

"That's two saves in one day!" Johnny smiled.

"Not now Johnny," Susan replied, jumping from Johnny's arms onto an invisible force field.

Reed in the meantime was standing on one of Susan's force fields, trying to decide how to stop Thanos.

"No…that won't work…" Reed thought out loud.

"You all have annoyed me long enough. It's time to die!" Thanos began firing an extremely large heat blast from his eyes to the unsuspecting Reed.

"No, Reed!" Susan jumped after Reed.

She tried to tackle him out of the air but his body automatically stretched to keep him from moving, "Oh, damn." He said.

Susan barely managed to move the force field in time to keep them from getting blown to smithereens.

"Reed, stop thinking and do something!" Susan screamed as Johnny tried pelting Thanos with fireballs, which he easily evaded.

Thanos quickly maneuvered to Johnny grabbed his leg and dislocated it, "AAGGHH!" Johnny screamed.

Thanos then tossed him to the ground and Sue caught him with force field and set him gently on the ground.

"You dislocated my leg you b$%^&!" Johnny screamed as Sue caught him.

"I really am getting tired of this," Thanos growled and he activated the Time Gem.

Susan and Reed were frozen in place and Thanos shot a burst of heat vision larger than any he had before.

"Sis!" Johnny screamed, trying to get up.

"Stretch!" The barely conscious Ben Grimm shouted.

The two spouses were enveloped in red and when the smoke cleared there was…nothing.

"NOOOOO!" Johnny burst into flames, "You're going to die you…"

Johnny was interrupted by a dozen S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopters that circled around Thanos.

"Son, please back down, I'm sorry for your loss, but you need to back down," Captain America shouted from one of the helicopters.

"Why the hell should I…" Johnny was interrupted again, but this time by Thanos,

"How many of you do I have to kill before you'll let me go in peace," Thanos directed his question to the recently arrived Steve Rogers, "Must I show my full power on you stupid Earthlings before you understand you have no chance?"

"Listen, uh…Thanos, correct? You must immediately leave this planet or pay the consequences. You have killed three good Americans and made us evacuate the entire city of New York. But we will give you full amnesty if you leave immediately," Steve Rogers, Captain America, commanded.

"Fine, I supposed I must show you my power…" Thanos lifted his gauntleted hand up and the yellow gem glowed brightly.

Suddenly, all of the helicopters disappeared and all the men in them began to fall.

"No!" The suddenly active Johnny Storm burst through the sky trying to catch anyone he could.

"Not today, Earthling," Thanos said, and Johnny suddenly 'flamed off.'

"Damnit!" Johnny began to fall with the rest of the soldiers.

And suddenly Johnny was caught by a metal covered hand…

"Iron Man?" Johnny looked up to see Tony Stark flying through the sky, holding onto him.

"I thought I should repay the favor," Tony said through the armor, "Now it's time to save an icon."

Tony burst through the sky, swerving to dodge all the flying people.

"What are you doing? People are dying!" Johnny screamed.

"I only have two hands…I regret it just as much as you do but I can only save one other person…" Tony found the falling body of Steve Rogers and grabbed ahold of him.

"What the hell are you doing? Save somebody other than me!" Steve screamed.

"Just shut up and thank me for saving your a$$" Tony shouted as he flew the two men to the ground, next to the unconscious Ben Grimm.

Bodies fell all around the four and Johnny fainted. Tony and Steve both tried to catch the falling bodies, but to no success.

"We need to go," Iron Man said.

Steve looked up at Thanos with hatred, "Yes we do. Take me to Fury," Steve ordered Iron Man.

And immediately Tony grabbed Steve and flew him away, leaving the two unconscious Fantastic Four members to be picked up by the police.

High above them Thanos shouted loud enough for everyone in a twenty mile radius to hear, "Leader of the Infinity Watch, come forth! Face your doom!"

Cap and Iron Man arrived at the S.H.I.E.L.D. base in less than two minutes and weaved their way through its long hallways, Tony 'desuiting' all the while. As soon as Steve Rogers entered the main room he hurried up to the African American head of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury, and grabbed his collar.

"What the hell is that thing?" Steve growled.

Fury did not react when Captain America grabbed his shirt and explained, "We have no idea. Now put me down Captain. That's an order."

Steve reluctantly let go of Fury, "What are you going to do about it?"

"What do you think? It's time to assemble a team. It's time to assemble the Avengers."


Thor was beating down The Wrecker when the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopter flew overhead. The super villain was unconscious by the time it landed and Thor grimaced as he turned to the vehicle.

The doors slid open and the God of Thunder was surprised, but happy, to see Steve Rogers walk out of the vehicle dressed in his costume. He was not surprised and extremely unhappy to see Nick Fury stroll out after the American Icon. And yet again he was surprised and uneased when Iron Man walked out after them, his helmet held in his right hand.

"To what do I owe the pleasure, Captain?" Thor ignored the two other men.

"Thor, the World is in danger…"

"Yes, I know. I've seen the…what do you mortals call it?...the News? That alien monstrosity calling himself Thanos." Thor interrupted Steve.

"Yes. Thankfully for now at least, Thanos has disappeared. He appears to have vanished into thin air when a recently identified man named Adam Warlock flew up to him." Tony grimaced at the name Adam Warlock, and Nick Fury tried to interrupt.


"Please be quiet, Fury, I'll deal with this." Steve angrily told Fury.


"Shut up!" Thor shouted and thunder boomed overhead.

Steve put a hand on Thor's shoulders, "Thor, Thanos is bound to come back. We need your help. Will you join the Avengers?"

Thor sighed and pushed Steve's hand away, "I'm sorry, friend, but no. I shall not be your government's lap dog…I will still protect Midgard, but I'm afraid not with you. And I'm sure that I can deal with this threat alone, anyway."

"Please, Thor," Tony interrupted, "I felt the same way just hours before, but then my best friend died at the hands of this monster. Neither I, nor the Fantastic Four could even touch him. We need everyone we can get to stop this guy. Join us."

"I…" Thor looked into Captain America's and Iron Man's pleading eyes, "You've fought by my side many a time, Captain, and I know you to be a good man. I will join you…"

"Great," Fury said.

"…But only if you agree to this…"

"What is it?" Fury demanded.

Thor grinned, "Take out the trash, Fury." Thor pointed to the Wrecker and flew to the helicopter.

"Stupid God of Thunder," Fury muttered as he signaled for multiple S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives to come deal with the large super villain's body.


"How many more recruits are coming?" Steve asked Fury.

"We have a few more who agreed to come and I plan on even offering a few villains from the Raft a chance…"

"Fury, you can't just let known villains free into the world?" Tony exclaimed.

"I can if they're going to save it."

"That's...whatever," Tony sighed and Thor asked, "Who exactly is this Adam Warlock person? Why did that monster disappear with him?"

Tony interrupted Fury before he even began, "Warlock was a…" (He's Adam Warlock, and if you're reading this you should know him! For his official origin check out Infinite Iron Man because it's going to happen sometime-ish...)

"I still do not understand what he has to do with the monster," Thor sat back in his chair.

"Neither do we…" Fury sighed as his phone rang.

He picked it up, "Yes, alright. Let them in."

He hung up the phone and Cap asked, "Who was that?"

"That was Agent Maria Hill…the others have arrived."

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