I've needed motivation to work on all of my Captain America/OC ideas…and 'Avenger's was just the inspiration that I needed. So, here is a story with a Captain America/OC story line, a Thor/OC/Tony story line, and a Hawkeye/OC/Loki storyline. By the way: go see 'Avengers'…you won't be sorry that you did and you'll prolly love it as much as me. This is based off of the movie and the comics, so a lot of it is stuff that I am throwing together because I don't want to spoil people.

Also, you are going to have to take the ages on faith—it's hard to stay as true as I want to the comics there because this movie is set in the present even though the comics weren't, so in order to make things make sense with Captain America and Howard Stark, I had to make him an old man when he had kids and I had to make Tony 42, which I guess works since in the comics he was in his late 30's, so whatever.

Dedicated to Joy, who is so in love with Loki it is perfect.

WARNINGS: Language, Sex, Innuendo, Violence, Blood, Angst



"You are insufferable and I wish you would leave me alone!" Angel Stark yelled at her older brother, Tony. "Jarvis, slam the door for me."

"As you wish, Angela," Jarvis responded, letting her door slam.

Tony made a face. "That was very mature!"

"Wow, coming from Tony Stark, I'm going to ignore that," Angel responded, shaking her head. "You remind me so much of Dad, I want to punch you in the throat!"

"You just can't take a joke!" Tony said, opening up the door of the bedroom he was letting her stay in currently.

Angela Veronica Stark, or Angel as people called her, looked up at her brother as she went over a S.H.I.E.L.D. mission log and glared at him. It had nothing to do with anything that had actually been talking about—it had to do with the fact that when left alone together for long periods of time, the Stark siblings went at it and never backed down. Tony was 10 years older than his little sister and was already in college when she started Kindergarten, so what they had in common was…well, practically nothing.

While Tony slept with practically anything with legs until pursuing a romantic relationship with Pepper Potts, his assistant, Angel was still a virgin at 30 and incredibly picky about the men that she dated. What they did have in common, however, was their snarky attitudes, their ability to banter and make jokes at the wrong time, and their stubborn attitudes. The two loved each other very much, but they were never seen being affectionate to each other, so no one would know that.

"How old are you? 7?" Angel asked him.

"Asks the 4 year-old," Tony responded, and then out of nowhere he started to laugh.

Angel rolled her eyes, but she smiled too. "Wow, we were just acting like children. That's not even a little okay, Ed."

"It's really not, V," Tony responded, calling his sister affectionately by a nickname of her middle name as she did to him—it was all part of showing each other that they cared. "You have a meeting, I have a meeting…how's the Cap?"

"Adjusting…slowly…" Angel told him, shrugging a little bit. "I feel really bad for him. This is a really hard thing to adjust to."

They were talking about Steven Grant Rogers of course, or Captain America as some called him. Angel had been assigned to him to try and help him to assimilate into this world and it was a rather slow going process no matter what she said. Steve was still dwelling a bit on the past that he had left behind and Angel wished that there was some way that she could help him through it, but she knew that this was also a really hard situation to adjust to.

"Well, after checking on him, go get yourself laid," Tonty said, heading out of the room and getting a shoe thrown at his back. "Ow! Yeah…you're 4."

"Says the 7 year old."


Sharon Jeanette Carver's place inside of S.H.I.E.L.D. was something that she was incredibly proud of. These 27 years of her life had been spent trying to do her job to the best of her abilities and also trying to actually have a life even though she thought that the time was ticking down on that—Sharon was newly 30 and still had yet to have a relationship last longer than 11 months and was currently single and the prospect of kids was looking pretty non-existent. Still, she had my work to fall back on.

"Is Angel coming in?" Clinton Barton, or Clint or Hawkeye as he was called asked her.

Sharon looked up at him and smiled. "Yeah, after she checks in on Cap."

Her smile was that of incredible tenderness as she looked at Clint with a soft, affectionate look in her eyes. She had always had a thing for Clint and he liked her too, but they didn't have time for romance right now and he wasn't making a move so she wasn't either. Besides, these days she was starting to think that Natasha Romanov, or Black Widow, and Clint had a thing going. That bothered her more than she would admit to anyone but her best friends Angel Stark and Adrienne Mett—or Andy—but she was trying to just roll with the punches.

"How is he holding up?" Clint asked her, taking a seat across from her.

Sharon had been going over some fighting scenarios because that she was interested and she closed the file and gave Clint her full and undivided attention. Smiling at her because Clint was fond of her company, he crossed one leg over the other and leaned forward a little to let her know that he was invested in the conversation. That just made Sharon smile some more and then she straightened out a little bit and fixed her hair with a swish of her hand.

"He's working on it. It helps that Angel's there for him." Sharon said with shrug. "We were all strangers to him, but now he's grown accustomed to seeing her and he likes being able to see her when she visits him. Sometimes he really doesn't want to see her though."

Clint nodded slowly. "Understandable—he's going through a lot. So, what about those files you got there?"

"Just some strategies to try," Sharon waved it off and moved to stand. "You could help me teach them to the others if you want to…"

Perhaps it was a play to get to hang out with Clint some and get to spar with him and in general be near him and get to touch him without it being weird, but it would also be helpful. Clint was one of the few that didn't wonder constantly what it was that Sharon was good for and that was probably part of her attraction to him—even though she knew he had no idea what it was that she could do. She, Angel and Andy had a habit of trying to simply act like agents even though they were mutants…it was just that only Nick Fury and Natasha knew that.

They were very secretive about their powers and they liked to get people to like them before letting them into their circle of trust…if they let anyone in. Now, Sharon was kind of looking Clint up and down as he looked over the files she had been looking over, looking like she was just kind of waiting for an answer when he looked back at her. He nodded, however, and Sharon felt her eyes light up at the idea of getting to work with him.

"Yeah, I'll help you," Clint said with a grin on his face. "Let's get to it…where's Andy?"


"Oh my God—can't you guys do anything right?" Andy exclaimed, grunting a little bit. "If I didn't already feel like I was getting paid enough, I would ask for a raise."

As much as Adrienne Mett enjoyed her job training the new recruits, today she felt spent and she felt like they couldn't shot a damn weapon to save their lives. She ended up sending them off and scowling a little bit, rubbing her temples and heading down a corridor until a very familiar face stopped her: Tony Stark. She'd met him before of course because she and Sharon had been Angel's friend for years, but she was weary of Tony just as Angel was because he made it impossible for her to get things done.

"If it isn't Anthony Stark," Andy said, putting her hands on her hips. "If you're here to disrupt my life, I suggest you turn around and go out the way you came because I'm not in the mood today."

"Oh, but torturing you always brightens up my day," Tony teased, moving to tousle her hair and getting punched in the gut. "I really need to start spending time with less hostile women."

Angel laughed as she came down the corridor. "Thank you for punching him. Trust me, he deserved it. Now, he's here because he's being a pain in my ass, but I have to get to Steve, so…"

"Angel!" Sharon called out.

The corridor was suddenly getting a little more crowded and so Andy moved to push Tony to continue down it, but he stuck there for a moment or two just to annoy her. The sexual tension between the two was kind of astounding, but they hated each other too much to even consider it…in fact Angel and Sharon were pretty certain that should Tony ever try anything with her then he would surely regret it. Besides, Andy could take him—that they were sure of, Ironman or not.

"Clint and I are going to run through some scenarios," Sharon explained, pulling her blonde hair back into a ponytail.

Andy nodded at that. "Awesome—you can help me run the newbies through them because they suck. I'm trying to be supportive, but I'm afraid to let them have weapons."

"It can't be that bad, this is S.H.I.E.L.D. after all." Angel laughed, taking Tony by the arm. "We're heading out, but good luck. Dinner tonight?"

"Dinner tonight," Andy and Sharon chorused.

"And no, Tony, you aren't invited," Angel said as he opened up his mouth. "For the love of God, go do something with Pepper tonight."

Note: This is just the beginning—it won't be as slow as it goes on. Feedback is always appreciated!