It was a warm and beautiful day in Flanoir. Yes, about 80 degress. Efreet just felt like fucking shit up, ok? Do we all agree? Yes? PERFECT.

Sheena was skipping along the streets like a little schoolgirl and singing a happy songs. She decided to loot a random hose and opened the door with her massive breasts. Zelos was inside trying on dresses.

"Am I pretty girl?" Zelos asked.

"YES YOU ARE" Sheena's breasts answered in a very deep voice. Deeper than Yuri's voice. But Yuri wasn't there at the moment. He was off in Katz Korner having manly sex with Luke.

Back to Flanoir. Regal had planted a tree with his abs which grew into a palm tree. Genis grew on the said palm tree.

"Lookit me I'm a coconut!" Genis said with angry smiles. He fell off the tree and hit Lloyd int eh head.

"OW DAMN COCONUT" Lloyd yelled.

He picked up the Genis-coconut with his swords and spun it in circles. This was impressive to Colette and Emil who shouldn't be there but he was.

Then Presea dug a hole with her axe blade and gasped loudly. "I found food!"

Sheena drop kicked her. "That's not food that's Corrine!"

Corrine jumped out of the hole with her three legs. Because she was a zombie. Wait no. Corrine was a boy. Then HE jumped out of the hole with three legs because HE was a zombie.

"Oh hey thar Corrinne," Undi-knee said casually.

"Corrine! You're alive!" Sheena cried happy tears.

"No, I'm mashed potatoes," Corrine replied.

Just like that she he WHATEVER THAT ADORABLE THING'S GENDER IS turned into a huge pile of mashed potatoes. Yuan swept down and picked up the mashed potatoes before putting them on his head.

"Oh, Yuan, I…" Zelos swooned.

Kratos and his belts swooped in behind Yuan. His wings were on his ass cheeks now instead of his back. Because.

"Away with ye, my loverly!" he said passionately.

Then Mithos exploded into gay rainbows because Genis walked past him. It was colorful.

The end.